WOOD CO, WV deaths/cemetaries
Deaths:  Lulie SELLERS d 15 Sep 1879 Steele District, age 1y 3m, d/o
William & Mary Sellers, b Steele District, informant-father
Wadesville Cemetery:
Teresa Ann SELLERS 1952-1952
Georgia H SELLERS 1883-1962
John G SELLERS 1881-____
Kevin Ray SELLERS Born & Died 1961
Pleasant Home Cemetery:
George Alvin SELLERS s/o J P & A M  1926-1929
Grace Marie SELLERS d/o J P & A M  1929-1931
Clifford H SELLERS 1888-1945
Olive A SELLERS  1885-1963
Sellers Cemetery:
Carrie Sellers w/o E F  1881-1962
E F Seppers 1859-1923
Infant Sellers d/o E F & Carrie d 10/27/1914
Ira Francis Sellers s/o E F & Carrie 10/22/1911-3/28/1913
George L Sellers 12/3/1887-10/1/1905
Peter Sellers 11/4/1831-5/12/1899
Nancy M Sellers 10/17/1825-7/28/1902
John Leonard Sellers  d 8/1/1885 age 22y8m2d
William Sellers 5/6/1854-11/27/1928
Mary Jane Sellers w/o Wm 7/4/1858-11/16/1925
Lulu B Sellers d/o Wm & Mary d 9/15/1879 age 1y 2m
Minerva Sellers w/o George 3/27/1860-3/4/1909
George Sellers 3/3/1855-10/30/1905
Evergreen South Cemetery:
H Kenneth Sellers  1918-1939
Carroll F Sellers  1925-1960
Anna M Sellers  1884-1957
Peter F Sellers  1886-1953
IOOF Cemetery (Parkersburg Memorial Gardens)
Charles E Sellers  1879-1947
Letha C Sellers  1882-1958
Orville D Sellers  1906-1932
Arlington/Evergreen North Cemetery:
Charles R Sellers 1908-1962
John D Sellers  1884-1959
Laura I Sellers  1886-1963
Mt Olivet Cemetery:
Robert A Sellers  1924-1957
James P Sellers  1901-1952
Ada M Sellers  1898-____
Eva May Sellers  1902-____
William Homer Sellers  1899-1948
Elmer J Sellers  1905-1969
Leona May Sellers  1906-1965 


05/14/1886 HOWELL,Harriet A.,37,b MonroeCoOH,d/o G. & E. Sellers;w/o


John/Sellers Sex: Male Death Date: 1885 , SON OF PETER AND NANCY, INFO BY SALLIE, WIFE