william pellerin <>

Seeking info on the schooner 'Six Brothers' that sailed to
Trinity Bay on 25 May 1883 to load wood for the winter
season. It was never heard from again. No wreckage or bodies
were ever found. My ggreatfather was a crew member. His name
was William Sellers Wheeler. His son, my grandfather was
John James Wheeler who was a crew member on the schooner
'Viking'. It sailed on 25 March 1883. It blew up at sea. A
crew member by the name of Clayton Leroy King, radio
operator, the first operator to send a SOS wrote, published
a book titled 'THE VIKINGS LAST CRUISE' in 1935. Looking for
a copy of this book. The list of the crew may be included.
Any held is appreciated and say Thanks in advance. Bill in