WILL 2-10- 1845- probated 3-17-1848  PREBLE CO, OHIO=


6 children=








           "Linda Foster" <lkf@voyager.net>

Subject: William Sellers (1771-1848) bible

To all interested:  The following is the handwritten info, found in
William's, deer-skinned covered bible.


"William Sellers, his book - William Sellers, his Bible, bought of David
McDill in   the year 1808.
  Celia Amanda Sellers  born July 18, 1818
  Jane Hunter                born Feb. 17, 1820
  H.H. Wilson                born Nov. 3, 1809 "

In one of the leave the of of the Bible was a $80.00 bill #54813 - on the
number side is this information --"This Bill entitles the bearer to receive
thirty Spanish milled Dollars. or the value there of in Gold or Silver,
according to a Resolution Passed by Congress h Sept. 26, 1778. "  On  the
opposite side it has: "Printed by Hall and Sellers, 1778"


"Nathan Douglas Sellers - born June 6, 1797
Susanna Sellers - born July 5, 1802
  Married Tuesday Sept. 22, 1818

1.  The first child, a girl born Jan 14, 1820  Died Jan 16, 1820
2.  Fanna Maria Sellers  born July 31, 1821
3.  Felix Perry Sellers  born May 2, 1824 "


"Tally Sellers - born Sept. 13, 1818
Racheal Sellers - born May 20, 1821 - Died april 1, 1823
Alfred Perry Sellers - born Nov. 28, 1824  (John& Nancy Sellers' son, my addition-lf)
John Sellers - born Aug 23, 1826"


"Jacob L. Swihart born Oct. 22, 1804        William A. Swihart born Oct. 30,1832
Mary Swihart born July 6, 1809                 Frances M. Swihart born Aug.8, 1834 ?
Nancy M. Swihart born April 16, 1830        Sarah Katherine Swihart born March 30,1836"


"Mary Summore born July 21, 1790
  1.  Betsy Crawford born Dec. 13, 1793
  2.  Sally Crawford born Dec. 13, 1795
  3.  John --Crawford born Jan 14, 1798
  4.  A boy not named died Feb. 9, 1802
  5.  William Allen Crawford born Feb. 7, 1800
  6.  Polley Crawford born Jan. 14, 1806
  7.  Nancy Crawford born April 29, 1808
  8.  James Sellers Crawford born June 1, 1810
  9.  Harvey Crawford born march 8, 1813
 10._________ Crawford born April 19, 1816"


"William Sellers born July 2, 1771
 William Sellers died Jan. 13 1848  Funeral sermon by James Newel
 Sarah Sellers born Oct. 9, 1778-Sarah Sellers died Feb 28, 1855
  Nathan Douglas Sellers born Jun 6, 1797
  Rebekah Crawford Sellers born march 29, 1799, died Nov. 27, 1799
  Nancy Sellers, born Feb. 4, 1801
  John How Sellers, born Jan 17, 1803, died Feb. 22, 1847
   Patty Sellers, born July 6, 1809
   Peggy Sellers, born Sept. 2, 1811
   Sely Amanda Sellers born July 28, 1818
  Jane Hunter born Feb 17, 1820 "

On a loose leaf of paper ini the Bible I also Found this written:-
  "In memory of T.S. Swiheart who died Feb. 19, 1836 at age____. and was
heven     completed"

The account book is interesting reading as far as prices go,  Examples:
"One day of Butchering  .50                      1/2 bushel Potatoes    .18
 Mending shoes             .37 1/2                1/2 day hauling Wood  .50"
 1/2 day hauling Wood   . 50"

A small hard back account book has also been handed down with the Bible.
This is the fly leaf. " Nathan D. Sellers - book bought Eaton, Ohio
                             March the 29th, 1833 - Price 43 3/4"

On the back of the first Page is also written:
 "Calvin Turner - page   17                     Margaret Stephens   "   11
  Adam Swihart     "     19                      Mary Roberts
            Crawford    "     5                      John H. Sellers
  Thomas Kenton          7                      David Showalter
  Harvey W. Wilson       9                      Christopher Wysong       7

           "Linda Foster" <lkf@voyager.net>
    William Sellers, my ancestor was born July
2, 1771 and died Jan 13, 1848. HIS BROTHER, NATHAN,was born probably 1762
and died July 23, 1824.  But, I also have a notation that he could have been
born in 1753 and died in 1826.   This info came from a deceased cousin, Leo
Alexander, of Goshen, IN.  William Sellers's bible is in the possession of
the family of Mina Green, South Bend, IN.  One of her sons has it, but I
don't know who because one died and it was probably given to someone else in
the family.  I have never seen it myself. It also states that William's
dates are 1771-1848, so you can't get anymore accurate than that.  My
apologies again.  Linda Foster

I'm beginning to wonder also, about William D.'s birth year as I am having
difficulty in finding information from genweb sites regarding the
whereabouts of William David Sellers, descendant of Nathaniel David Sellers,
during this time span and his birth date and place.  My close cousin Linda
Sellers Foster has the William David Sellers of our descendant being born in
1762, so even at this, he would have married at 13 by the 1775 date.
Perhaps we need to band together and thoroughly research if there are more
than one William David Sellers or even perhaps another Nathaniel David
Sellers that lived in the Chester/Cumberland Co... These counties are
separated by three others in between.  The Lurgan Twp that no longer exists
was located in the NE area of what is now Franklin Co. , yet trying to
research this area can be difficult for the novice, or anyone uninformed of
other possibilities.  I have no proof that Nathaniel David Sellers had any
connection with the Hall and Sellers business, so maybe occupationally, we
may have looked up the wrong tree...  In fact, my information dead ends with
Nathaniel David Sellers, having only a birth date of 1720, possibly in
Scotland or Ireland.  No proof there.  I have posted messages on the
Scotland and Ireland genweb sites with no reply in several months.  My
speculation (sorry Marie, I know this isn't fact), is that Nathaniel came
through Philadelphia, or from the Chesapeake Bay area, and secondly that
William David was born at an earlier date based on the age of Nathaniel when
William was born,  IF Nathaniel David's 1720-ish birth year is accurate.
Even though it's annoying and time consuming to those wanting instant
answers, (Especially myself), the need for accuracy is important.  Seems
like the Sellers families are difficult to follow sometimes with the
repetitious names from generation to generation... especially the line I
come from...  I apologize if I've contributed to the confusion, but maybe
working together on this area we can clear up just one area of confusion.
My acquired information shows that William David moved west in the 1780's,
so any activity or business beyond that era with the Hall and Sellers
Printing Co would have to be another William Sellers and not the one
discussed above.

All the Best,

The information regarding Wm Sellers that Linda Sellers Foster was referring
to was a William David Sellers, b. Jul 2, 1771 in Lurgan Twp. Cumberland Co.
PA.  This information was gleaned from the Sellers Letters and McAdams
Pioneers and Court Records,  KY and found from Joyce Wilson's research.
This William Sellers will would be found in Ohio records as he died near
Dayton OH in Preble Co. not in Philadelphia.  I have a copy of his will as a
.jpg file.  The print is not very legible, but with careful observation, one
can make out the wording.  I do not know the connection this William David
Sellers son of Nathan David Sellers (1720-1789) had with the Hall and
Sellers Printer's as my research hasn't gone that far.  Just hoping to
clarify a little of what our cousin was trying to share...  I have found
that this Lurgan Twp. part of Cumberland Co. PA no longer exists, but the
twp. was transferred to neighboring Franklin Co.  in the early 1800's
according to the genweb site of PA counties.
From  Margaret?

The same information from James Sellers lll is listed on your web site under
Cumberland County, PA. concerning Nathan Sellers.  My only confusion is that
James has Nathan Sellers married to SARAH FINLEY, ca, 1775 and has WILLIAM
SELLERS married to SARAH CRAWFORD, 1795. Louis Diehl and Jim both have this
William being born July 2, 1771 so the marriage date of 1775 could not be
correct. I am not very good at this but since my roots trace back to these
same beginnings, "Samuel Sellers" brother of Nathanial Sellers these names
rang a bell for me.   Margaret

will send some links to pages that may help or with documents we have.
Sometimes, ages are estimated by oldest child or bought land. Best proof we

I estimated his age at ca 1770 as his son Nathan D. was born ca 1798 and he
voted on a petition in 1789 Bourbon (don't have the age to sign a petition
and that could help us prove more accurate. IF you find, please Send.
HE could be on the 1788 KY TAX list  as WM SEULER along with NATHAN SELLERS.
I don't think I saw an OH land grant? did you? He may have owned land later.

WE don't have much on him, except will extraction, naming his kids.
Voted in Bourbon,KY in 1789
son Nathan D.  was born 1798 KY
Listed as a brother of Nathan and Joseph in Preble Co, Oh

IF you would like to add info to this page, like kids marriages and where
they went, would probably help others on this family also.

I believe this family is probably covered in chart by JAMES SELLERS and
others may have charts also.
I  sorry, didn't take time to look up and read.

CLICK on each hi lited name-

(this should have a link to his Sellers chart on some of these families)

I hope some of these links help.

LEWIS, do we have a page for you = names , ages and places of your SELLERS
so others can find you?
It helps on people doing searches! Doesn't have to be big or fancy. So we
can link/hi lite it, so others can find.
marie, iowa
EARLY KY page =
YES, LOUIS, we do have your family info. Thanks, I should have looked first.
marie, iowa


   This William Sellers was the son of Nathaniel Sellers of Cumberland County, PA. He
came to Kentucky with his father and family in 1780 and settled near Harrodsburg.
After the Rev War he lived in Garrard and then Bourbon County, KY. About 1809 he
moved to Preble County, OH where he died.

Jim Sellars

           "Linda Foster" <lkf@voyager.net>

griff,  This is an aftertought.  Wabash Co., isn't far from you.  That is
where Sarah Crawford Sellers, Nathan Douglas Sellers and others are buried.
It is a small church cemetary outside of Liberty Mills, which is just off of
State Road 13.  Have you been there?  Louis and I have been there many
times.  Linda

From: <Jsellars3@aol.com>
To: <SELLERS-L@rootsweb.com>
Sent: Thursday, May 10, 2001 9:50 AM
Subject: Re: William Sellers (1771-1848) bible

> Hi Carla and Linda,
> I'm interested in your Mary Sellers Swihart descendants. I can't remember
if we ever exchanged information or not.
> And, Linda I'm interested in your line too. I can send you a chart of the
descendants of Samuel and Nathaniel Sellers of Cumberland County, PA if you
like. I have probably 1,000 descendants listed of these two men. Thanks.
> Jim Sellars

           Re: Pleasant Union cemetary, Liberty Mills, IN

           "Louis Diehl" <ladntpka@tln.net>

Maybe I can help, I've been there a gazillion times in the past 6 months...
>From US 30, turn right onto St Rd 13 at Pierceton.  You will travel south
about 10 mi thru the little town of Sidney.  Then you will come upon a Truck
dealership on the left (east) side and the sign saying Liberty Mills... Turn
left and you will come to a 4 way stop in town... Turn right and you will
travel along a short piece of river and about a half mi (?) further you will
start to go up a small little curve in the road to the right.  There will be
a road that meets from the left at a weird angle, and it's easy to miss if
you're not familiar.  Turn left.  Take that road to the T and you will be at
the cemetery.  Most of the Sellers are in the front two rows at and slightly
to the left (north) of the T intersection.  There are Sellers at the south
end too.    Nathan D's is in the second row back and the stone is a white
limestone pillar.  Perhaps it still has an artifical floral arrangement at
it's base.  Hope this helps.

Cousin Louis

From: Marcia Philbrick <mphilbrick@mail.galaxyispc.com>
To: <SELLERS-L@rootsweb.com>
Sent: Sunday, July 01, 2001 9:34 AM

 I was recently forwarded the "William Sellers bible" message by a very
 thoughtful fellow researcher. Since I am a CRAWFORD researcher who has
been  collecting SELLERS info to try and locate my CRAWFORD family, I have some
 questions regarding relationships this bible appears to confirm

 The entries for the Crawford children at the end of Revelations appear to
 be the children of James and Martha (Knight) Crawford. James and Martha
 were married 12 March 1793 in Lincoln County, Kentucky. The marriage bond
 was signed by Nathan Douglas and James Crawford.

 James Crawford* may have been a witness for the consent given by Rebekah
Crawford to the marriage of Mary Crawford to James Sellers in Dec. 1791.
He  also may have witnessed the consent of Rebekah Crawford to the marriage of
 Sarah Crawford to William Sellers in 1796. Both of these consents were
 given in Lincoln County, KY.

 James and Martha migrated from Kentucky to Preble County, Ohio. A land
 entry was recorded for James Crawford in Preble County in 1807. James and
 Martha and most of their children and families then migrated to Warren
 County, Indiana in 1829.

 I have the following children and birth dates for James and Martha

 Elizabeth Jane Crawford born 13 Dec 1793
 Sarah Crawford born 30 Oct 1795
 Mary Polly Crawford born bt 1797-1799
 Celinda Crawford born bt 1799-1800
 William Allen Crawford born 21 Jul 1803
 John Douglas Crawford born 1805
 Nancy Crawford born 1809
 James S. Crawford born about 1810
 Rebecca Crawford born 1811
 Harvey Harrison Crawford born 8 March 1813

 It's obvious in light of the bible record, that I need to go back and
check  my sources for birth information. However, I believe that the children
 listed above are the same children identified the in bible record.

 Does the bible record support the following conclusions?
 1. The William Sellers in the Lincoln Co., KY marriage record is the same
 William Sellers, owner of the bible
 2. Sarah Crawford was the wife of William Sellers
 3. Sarah Crawford was possibly the sister of James Crawford (husband of
 Martha Knight)

 Also, was William Sellers living in Preble County, Ohio? If so, during
what  time period?

 *NOTE: There were several James Crawfords living in that area of Kentucky
 between 1790 and 1800. I am not descended from James and Martha but from
 James and Sally (Duggins) Crawford who followed the same migration path.
 Henry Duggins (son of Sally, stepson of James Crawford) married Jane
 Sellers, daughter of Nathan Sellers.

 Marcia Philbrick
 Genealogy from the Heartland

Marcia,  I am the one that submitted the handwritten info on the William
Sellers bible.  It is good to know that someone else is interested in the
Crawford/Sellers relationships.  Let's keep in touch.  To answer your
questions, I came to the conclusion in my research that:

1. William Sellers in Lincoln Co. Ky  is the same William of the bible.
2.  Sarah Crawford m. William in Lincoln  Co, 2/21/17953.
3.  Sarah is dau. of James Sr. Crawford and wife, "Rebekah.  They also had a
     son, Isaac ( I have no more info on him).
4.  I have James Jr. m. Martha McKnight in 1793.  The DIFFERENT DATES
     I have for their children (and I had eleven listed) are:
     a. Sarah (Sally) b. 11/31/1795
     b. Mary Polly b. 1/14/1806
     c. an unnamed boy b. between 1800 & 1802
     d.  John b. Jan 14, 1798
     e.  Nancy b. 4/29/1808
      f.  James Sellers b. 6/1/1810 (or 1816?)
      g. Rebekah b. 2/7/1800
      h. unnamed or not sure of sex, b. 4/19/1816  (see f = James)
NOTE:  William Allen Crawford m. Leticia Snodgrass, who was the dau. of
Elizabeth Sellers Snodgrass.  Elizabeth was the dau. of William Sellers'
brother, Nathan 91762-1824)

William Sellers was on 1800 KY tax lists.  Married in Lincoln Co. KY in
1795. Moved to Preble Co., OH in 1805 with brothers.  Was on the1st grand
jury of court of common please in Preble Co. In 1812, volunteered to fight
Indians. (War of 1812).

On James Jr. Crawford,  I have b. 4/17/1772 in PA.  M. 9/17/1799 to Sally
Duggin.  D. 7/5/1854 in Preble Co., OH.  Buried at Mound Hill Cemetary in
Eaton, Oh.  Sally Duggin b. 2/25/1770, d. 5/2/1856.  They had a son, Nelson
G. b. 10/17/1808.  m. 9/3/1833 to Martha Smith.  Moved to Warren Co., IN in
1829.  Children were:Martha, William C., Washington, Mary, Sarah, Corlia
            "Linda Foster" <lkf@voyager.net>

FEB 16, 2003
Has anyone found a marriage record for Jane Sellers, daughter of William
David Sellers and Sarah Crawford. She supposedly married a Hunter. All of
her siblings were married in Preble County, Ohio.

Is this possibly the same Jane Hunter who married Benjamin Duggins 12 Mar
1843 in Preble County, Ohio?

Marcia Philbrick