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This is probably more than what you need, but here is the documented direct
male line for William Sellars(dna test participant) going back 4
generations. It is not known who the father of the elder William Sellars(b.
abt. 1817) was so I have also provided as much information as I presently
have on the subject.

William SELLARS (Richard William, William Raymond, John David, William,
unknown) -- baby boomer.

Richard William SELLARS(William Raymond, John David, William, unknown) --
born January 19, 1913 in Walla Walla, Washington. Father.

William Raymond SELLARS (John David, William, unknown) -- born July 24, 1886
in Rich Hill, Missouri, and died October 15, 1965 in Spokane, Washington.

John David SELLARS (William, unknown) born August 20, 1846 in
Crawfordsville, Indiana, and died July 10, 1915 at the Soldiers Home in
Orting, Pierce County, Washington. Great Grandfather.

William SELLARS (father unknown -- believed to be James or Isaac or one of
their brothers) born April 14, 1816 in Ohio and died November 5, 1893 in
Montgomery County, Indiana. GG Grandfather.


During the early to mid 1800's, there lived in Union Township
(Crawfordsville), Montgomery County, Indiana, a man named WILLIAM SELLERS.
This man and his wife Jane McGILLARD produced at four sons who they named
James, John, William, and Isaac. Exactly who the parents of WILLIAM SELLERS
were, we cannot be sure of. So far, we have only few records which mention
him. The first record is of his marriage on May 27, 1841 to JANE McGILLARD
in Montgomery County, Indiana. A genealogy of the McGILLARD family,
indicates his wife Jane was born May 9, 1824 in Ohio and that her family
originally came to Montgomery County, Indiana in about 1826/27. Cemetery
records for Montgomery county show a William and Jane Sellars both buried in
Oakhill cemetery of Union Township. These records indicate William Sellars
was born April 14, 1816 and died November 5, 1893. The same cemetery
database confirms Jane Sellars was born May 9, 1824 and indicates she died
April 24, 1853.

The second and third records we have concerning "WILLIAM SELLERS" are found
in the 1850 and 1860 census' for Union Township, Montgomery County, Indiana.
The 1850 census (page 436) shows his age as 33 which would indicate he was
born about 1817. The 1850 census also indicates he was born in Ohio. The
1860 census, taken ten years later, indicates his age is 44 and that he was
born in Indiana. The 1860 census is most likely wrong about his place of
birth. However, it does support the idea that he was born about 1816/17.

From these three records, it is reasonable to conclude that "WILLIAM
SELLERS" was born about 1816/17 in either Ohio and came to Indian before
1841. The next piece of the puzzle then becomes answering the question of
who his ancestors were.

The 1850 census records for Union Township, Montgomery County, Indiana
provides the following head of household names for all SELLARS/ERS families
living in Union Township(an area of about 100 square miles per the USGENWEB
site). The name spellings are from my direct transcriptions.

IRA S. SALLARS age 36(born about 1813), in Butler Co, Ohio, page 372,
ISAAC SALLARS age 63(born about 1787), in Pennsylvania, page 372, married
JOHN M. SELLAR, age 23 (born about 1827) in Kentucky, page 374, married
JAMES SELLAR, age 55(born about 1795), in Kentucky, page 374, married to
WILLIAM SELLARS age 33(born about 1816), in Ohio, page 436, married to JANE

I believe, the JAMES SELLAR(age 55) and ISAAC SALLARS(age 63) shown above
were cousins who, separately migrated with their families to Union
Township, Montgomery County, Indiana in the 1820's and mid 1830's
respectively. Other documents indicate IRA S. SALLARSage 36) was tISAAC's
son and JOHN M. SELLAR (age 23) was JAMES's son.

I also believe, that the JAMES SELLAR(age 55) and ISAAC SALLARS(age 63)
shown above were descendants of a SAMUEL SELLERS who, with his brother
GEORGE SELLERS, came to America from England in 1684, with WILLIAM PENN to
settle in Darby Township, Pennsylvania. However, this is a separate story
for another day.

A Biography of JAMES M. SELLER, says he was born at Harrison County,
Kentucky on January 31, 1795 and died in Indiana on December 24, 1874. His
parents were JOHN SELLER and Elizabeth Finley. He may have lived near
Dayton, Ohio for awhile. In 1820, he married Mary D. Johnson. In October
1823 they migrated from Kentucky to Montgomery County, Indiana. It is said
that they came in a wagon and were 17 days on the road -- traveling about 10
miles a day through forests and swamps without roads. The country was new
and undeveloped in those days and the trip was no doubt very difficult.

The 1840 census for Montgomery County, Indiana lists only one SELLARS/ERS
family living in Union Township:

2 males 10-15 years old (prob. John and Thomas or Marshal)
3 males 15-20 years old (prob. William, and Thomas or Marshal)
1 male 40-50 years old
1 female 10-15 years old
0 females 15-20 years old
1 female 40-50 years old

I can't remember right now where I came up with the following information,
but here are the names of JAMES SELLERS children listed above:

William A. Sellar, Sept 20, 1823 in Harrison Co, Ky. He was married. Oct
10, 1844 to Elizabeth Wilson, who was b. Nov 24, 1824 in Miami Co, Ohio.
Thomas P. Sellar, b: 1826, medical student
Marshal H. Sellar, Oct. 26 1826, farmer
John M. Sellar, b: 1827, farmer
Elizabeth J. Sellar, b: 1830
Eliphalet D. Sellar, (male) b: 1830)

Following are the available details from 1850 Federal Census for Union
Township of Montgomery County, Indiana.

Ira S. 36 Farmer Ohio (note indicates presence in Ohio in 1814)
Nancy 25 Ohio
Emily 9 Indiana
James M. 5 Indiana
Anna M. 3 Indiana
Nathaniel 6/12 Indiana

Isaac 63 Farmer Pennsylvania
Anna 54 New Jersey
Jonathan 18 Ohio (note - indicates presence in Ohio in 1832/33)
Sarah 15 Indiana (note - indicates presence in Indiana about 1835)
David 14 Indiana

John M. 23 Farmer Kentucky (note - indicates presence in Kentucky in
Harriet J. 26 Kentucky
Henry C. 2 Indiana
Robert M. 1 Indiana

James 55 Farmer Kentucky
Mary D. 50 Kentucky
Thomas P. 24 Med. Student Kentucky (note - indicates presence in Kentucky
in 1826)
Marshall H. 23 Farmer Kentucky
Elizabeth J. 20 Indiana (note indicates presence in Indiana in 1830)
Eliphalet D. 20 Farmer Indiana

John 23 clerk Kentucky

William 33 carpenter Ohio (note - indicates presence in Ohio in
Jane 26 Indiana
James 7 Indiana
John 5 Indiana
William 2 Indiana

Another tantalizing piece of information can be found on Page 9 of the 1830
Federal Census for Butler County, Ohio. It shows an ISAAC SELLERS who is
very likely the same ISAAC SELLERS who later appears in the 1850 Federal
Census for Montgomery County, Indiana shown above. Here is a transcript of
the 1830 Ohio Census record:

1 male age 0 to 5 (this would be James Sanford shown below)
1 male age 5 to 10 (this would be Isaac Jr. shown below)
1 male age 10 to 15 (does not correspond to any of the names below)
1 male age 15 to 20 (this would be Ira S. shown below)
1 male age 40 to 50
2 females age 0 to 5 (does not correspond to any of the below names)
1 female age 5 to 10 (does not correspond to any of the below names)
1 female age 15 to 20 (this would be Anna shown below)
1 female age 30 to 40

ISAAC SELLERS will dated 1 June 1853; probated 12 June 1857 indicates his
date of death was May 1857 and the following children: Sons: Ira S. Sellers
of Iowa; Jonathan; David; Isaac; James.
Daughters: Sarah Laverty, late Martin; Eliza Farmer; Ann Byrd.

Documented children of ISAAC SELLARS and ANNA SLAYBACK are as follows:

IRA S.(ISAAC) born 1 Dec. 1813 at Butler Co., Ohio. Married Nancy Williams
on 13 Sep. 1840 in Cass County, Indiana.

ANNA (ISAAC) born about 1815 at Butler Co. Ohio and died 2 Jul 1891 at
Munden, Republic Co. Kansas. Married to M. Jacob Byrd.

ISAAC Jr.(ISAAC) born 9 Nov. 1821 at Butler Co., Ohio and died 20 Dec. 1897.
Buried in Munden, Republic Co., Kansas, Ida Cemetery.

JAMES Sanford Sr.(ISAAC) born 2 Mar. 1828 at Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH
and died 29 Aug. 1889 at Albion, Republic Co., Kansas. Buried in Munden,
Republic Co., Kansas, Ida Cemetery. Married to Elizabeth G. McMillian 23
Mar. 1854 at Vandalia, Jasper Co. Iowa.

JONATHAN(ISAAC) born 1 Dec. 1831 probably at Hamilton Twn., Butler Co., Ohio
and died 14 Apr. 1912 at Harlington Texas. Buried in Munden, Republic Co.,
Kansas, Ida Cemetery.

SARAH(ISAAC) born 7 Apr. 1834 probably at Montgomery Co. IN and died 4 April
1895. Buried in Munden, Republic Co., Kansas, Ida Cemetery. Married Ambrose
Surface 9 Oct. 1851.

DAVID(ISAAC) born about 1 Mar. 1836 at Montgomery Co., Indiana and died 24
Aug. 1861 at Montgomery Co. Indiana.


It is extremely likely -- mainly due to name, proximity, place of birth, and
relationships of the other parties -- that my WILLIAM SELLARS (born 1816 in
Ohio) was related to the other SELLER/ARS families shown in the 1850 census
for Montgomery County, Indiana. Records from the late 1700's to early
1800's indicate the common migration route from Pennsylvania first went to
Kentucky then Ohio (or Tennessee) and then to Indiana.

Whether or not ISAAC SELLERS(b. 1787) or JAMES SELLERS (b. 1795) is the
father of WILLIAM SELLARS (born 1816 in Ohio) remains to be proven. If one
accepts the three are related, then he would either be a son or nephew. It
is very doubtful if he was a son of JAMES SELLARS(b. 1795) as this fellow
was a fairly prominent man of his time and there is no mention of WILLIAM(b.
1816) being his son. If he was the son of ISAAC then he would have to have
been estranged as he was not mentioned in ISAAC's will.

One strong possibility is that he is a nephew of one of these men and was
perhaps taken in at a young age when his own father and/or mother died.

The 1840 Montgomery County, Indiana census record for JAMES SELLERS has a
couple of older boys who can't be accounted for from other records. It is
possible WILLIAM(b. 1816) is one of them. In 1830, he would have been about
14 years old. In any case, if he is a nephew of JAMES, then his father
would be one of JAMES's brothers who were: Nathan, Joseph, William, and
John. Their father's name was Nathaniel. Nathaniel's sons JOSEPH, WILLIAM,
and NATHAN SELLERS were among the early pioneers who settled in Preble
County, Ohio in about 1806 (based on History of Preble County). Some
sources say the brothers may have originally left their families in Kentucky
when they first came to Ohio and then went back for them in about 1810.

Assuming the 1830 Federal Census record for Butler County, Ohio is for the
same ISAAC SELLERS who later migrated to Indiana, then the unidentified male
child (age 10 to 15) shown on that record could possibly be our WILLIAM
SELLARS (born 1816 in Ohio). In this case, WILLIAM's father would then
probably be one of ISAAC SELLERS(b. 1787) brothers. If this is true, then
the two best candidates would be: JONATHAN SELLERS born about 1776 at
Woodford, Kentucky or JOHN SELLERS born about 1791 at Harrison County,

In any case, that is the best I have for now regarding the origin of my
GGGrandfather Willam who was born during the year of our Lord, 1816.

William Sellars

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WILLIAM, welcome and thank you for helping.

can you send me a small name, age, place chart =
dad or granddad name, age, place born, lived, died
and on back just to Proven.

thank you, marie, iowa
my brothers looks like this =
Robert Willard Sellers, 1940 Dec Co., Ia
James Willard Sellers, 1911 Dec Co.,  Ia, father
Jay Wilton Sellers, 1881 Dec Co.,  Ia, grandfather
John Sellers, 1841 Madison Co.,  In , Ggrandfather
Monos T. Sellers, 1785 Va, GGgrandfather

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The following person joined your project by using its join code:
William Sellars
Group: Sellers
Kit Number: 36092
Test: Y-DNA12
e-mail: william@discoveryvision.com

Family Tree DNA



will send a copy of this to JAMES/JIM. haven't talked with him for so long, he may not know we have the dna tests.
He has been very helpful searching these KY/PA SELLERS, etc
some of the info he has shared with us =

Thanks for helping. marie, iowa

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Definitely do try to recruit JAMES/JIM. Let me know if I can be of any
help. So far I've not had any luck identifying anyone researching this line
other than immediate close cousins -- and they pretty much rely on my work.



DOUG, thanks.
I believe they are now doing a 'fund drive' on SELLERS HALL.

or Delaware Co, Pa , usgenweb has a link to it also.

Hope James/Jim contacts us/you. I did Not get a return on his email, so it sounds like it is still good.

best wishes, marie, iowa

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It certainly appears that James/Jim's Sellars line is related to mine. It
certainly would be worth confirming with a DNA test from him.

You've probably seen this, but here is a website with info on Sellers Hall
and some information about the first Sellars/Sellers who came here in 1683/4
with William Penn.

I think there is a very good chance that Jim and my line originated with
these guys.



MAY 3, 2005

Hi Everyone,

I'll try and help anyway I can to help find a connection with the various
Sellers in your e-mail. I really would not like to participate in the DNA
project at this time as I know little about this and really doubt the accuracy
for relatives that died so long ago. You'll have to excuse my ignorance on the
subject for now.

I can comment on a few of the names mentioned in your e-mail.

I doubt your William Sellers (b. 1816, m. McGillard) is a son of James M.
"Seller" (as that branch spelled it even today) as he already had a son named
William born in 1823 and later married a different woman.

The Jonathan Sellers (my ancestor) of Woodford Co., KY and John Seller of
Harrison Co., KY were cousins. Jonathan's line is well established through the
estate records of his father Isaac, which listed three generations of the
family from his father Isaac Sellers to Jonathan Sellers through Lewis Sellers
(my line) plus all the other siblings and their descendants. Isaac Sellers
came from Pennsylvania to Woodford Co., KY then to Harrison Co., KY where he
died. His son Jonathan returned to Woodford, married and then moved to Laurel
Co., KY. He was killed during the War of 1812 in Michigan (1813).

The John Sellers born 1791 was in fact John Finley "Seller," son of John and
Sarah Finley Seller. He married his cousin Rebecca Sellers and they
eventually moved to Greencastle, IN. John Finley Seller was a brother to James M.

The other Sellers you mention from Montgomery Co., IN I haven't seen before
I can't say for certain if they are related or not.

There were a lot of assumptions in the e-mail and would be hesitant to say
any of it is accurate regarding relationships. It is possible that there are
several unrelated Sellers living in Montgomery Co., IN. Let me know how I
can help.

Jim Sellars

JIM, thanks.

please read thro some of the dna info and results on some of our SELLERS .
We need KY Sellers results. and when and if you feel comfortable with it
helping, use our group rate, ca $100. You brush a swab inside your mouth
and put in a ziploc and mail in.
members = names and families
results = results of those members

DOUG has just joined our group and will enjoy reading your info on our KY
I will also send him a link to Butler and Hamilton Co., OH which may be
where we are and unproven where we came from!

Thanks again and best wishes, marie, iowa