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  Subject:  James Martin Wood, KY.

Surname: Wood, Allison, Sellers

My g-grandfather James Martin Wood, b. 23 Sept 1858 either Bracken or
Co. KY, d. 15 Aug 1927, Carlisle, Nicholas Co., KY. He married about 1881,
Effie Lillian Allison, b. 06 Feb 1866, Blue Lick Springs, Nicholas Co.,
KY. Could his parents be John J. Wood and Mariah C. Sellers?Any help would
be greatly appreciated.


WILLIAM, sending this thro our SELLERS discussion group. Perhaps, they
can help.

Do you have a copy of obit or death certificate.
Copy of Marriage license,certificate may give some names.
They both should be on the 1860/70 and 1880 CENSUS with their parents.
ANY help appreciated.
marie, iowa

WILLIAM, Thanks, I'm anxious to know who this MARIAH C. SELLERS is that was wife of JOHN J. WOODS.
Do you know where info came from and ANYTHING about them?
Any Kids names - Where died?

Otherwise , can you send me the names of some of the kids and ages of your JAMES WOOD and EFFIE ALLISON and Where born or married?

We have some Nicholas Co, KY info, mostly on SELLERS and who they married. We have a SELLERS/VAUGHN marriage from Bracken Co, to Nicholas Co, KY about 1840?
AND we haven't proven all of her brothers/sisters kids yet.

ANY help will be appreciated! IF WE KNOW the county, we have some census we can read and see if we can find JOHN and MARIAH WOODS.
THANKS, marie, iowa

Evehmartin@aol.com wrote:

I have just started to work on the Wood-Sellers line so do not have any
official documents as yet. Just thought someone might be working on this line.



        Sun, 5 Nov 2000 18:44:21 EST

Sorry to have taken so long to answer but have been getting things ready to
leave for the holidays.  It's a lot warmer in Phoenix.

I am real interested in talking to you and see if our lines mesh.  Will get
back with you after the New Year when we return home.


    Sorry about the delay in answering your request--we have been out of
town for some time.  Just returned.
    We haven't been working on this part of our family very long but this is
what we have to date.  Mariah C. (Catherine) Sellers has been difficult to
trace, in part because she was referred to as Katherine rather than Mariah C.
in James Martin Woods death certificate.
    We believe she was born about 1841 in Pendleton Co., KY, to John Sellers
( b. abt 1814 in KY) and Sally (Sarah)________ (b. abt 1817 in KY).  We refer
                      Pendleton Co., KY, Census of 1850
(Pendleton Co. is located adjacent to Bracken and Nicholas counties, where
there were several families of both Sellers' and Woods)
294-294-p. 370B   John Sellers               36           b. KY
                              Sally (Sarah)          33                "
                              Cleven                    14               "
                              Nancy                     12              "
                              Catherine                  9  (fits well with
data in 1860 census--her
names must have been Mariah

Cathering, the Mariah C. of the 1860
                              Martha Ann               6               KY

                              John J.                      2
KY  (probably John J., Jr.)

                        The 1860 Census of Pendleton Co. shows the following:
1736-1700-p. 682    John Wood        22                b. KY  (abt 1838)
                                 Mariah C.      19                     "
(abt 1841)
                                 James M.        2                     "
                                       (James Martin Wood, my
great-grandfather on my
                                          mother's side of the family)
                                  Sarah C.         2/12                 KY
     As we locate additional info about Mariah C. Sellers, we'll be happy to
     James M. Wood's death certificate indicated that his parents were Jno.
Wood and Katherine Sellers.  We cold find no Catherine (Katherine) in either
Bracken or Nicholas counties who could fit the age bracket of grandpa James
Wood's mother; however, the Catherine of the 1850 census does agree in age
with that of Mariah C. of the 1860 census.  James Martin Wood's birth date,
23 Sep 1857/8 does agree with family records.

                           The Family of James M. Wood and Effie L. Allison
James Martin Wood (1857/8-1927)-----m. abt 1881-----Effie Lee Allison
            Children:  Leonard Thompson Wood (1882-1976), m. Leslie Rowland
                           Minnie Catherine Wood (1883-1928), m. Brady Ormes.
                           Carrie May Wood (1885-1975), m. Ralph Smalley
                           Betty Thomas Wood (1894-1971), m. Hubert Ormes.
We hope this helps some.   We'd appreciate any info you turn up.
Happy New Year!

WILLIAM , Thank You. We have some info on this family at =

A copy of their marriage license may show parents or bondsman?
Do we know John Woods 1838 parents? or his middle name?
I hope the above page info helps and if anyone has this marriage bond,
would appreciate.
marie,  iowa

Thank you.  We tried that web address and this is not my family.  Couldn't
access the second address.


WILLIAM, thanks,
I thought I only sent the ONE web page, which was PENDLETON CO, KY =

DID I add on another, if so, please send me a copy of it and will check
it out.

SO, THIS IS NOT your FAMILY, of Catherine? =
#294 John SELLERS 36 Ky (civil war file?)married 12-11,1834 Bracken
Co,Ky Sarah Fields, John Sellers and Levin Fields, sec
        Sally 33 Ky
        Eleven 14 Ky (civil war file?-could show where born/mothers
        Nancy 12 Ky
        Catherine 9 Ky
        Martha Ann 6 Ky
         John J. 2 Ky
         Wm LEE 29 Ky
This is the census copy I included in the info on the above page.
We link your email to the counties/states you prove to and if someone
finds you on a search and contacts you, Please send us a copy to add to
our info.

Thanks, marie, iowa

WILLIAM, Thanks, just an aol server error or? Works fine here. But,
thats what I needed, marie, iowa

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> Marie,
> I was trying to open it on the AOL searcher but when I went to Yahoo I
> got it
> open.
> http://showcase.netins.net/web/sellerfamily/kypendle.htm
> William