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Inez Adeline Sellers was born November 5, 1901 in Bakersfield, CA and died February 17, 1987 in Brady, TX.  She was married to Lawrence Corwin Seamands, born June 27, 1895 and died June 1979, son of John Letcher Seamands and Jennie Capehart.  They had two children Shirley (my Grandmother) and Donald. She later remarried.  If anybody can give me any information on her parents side of the family and/or any siblings I would greatly appreciate it.  I would be happy to share any more information I have. 

Thank you, William F.

WILLIAM, thanks.
These families will have OBITS in = Your family has? or you can obtain.

INEZ ADELINE SELLERS should be on an 1910 and maybe 1920 census?
married when/where=
first or ANY kids born when /where =

DO you have your family info = probably proven and may save on the searching, etc?

OR start with census /marriages/deaths, etc and FOLLOW THRO.

marie, iowa

Thanks for your advice Marie.  I've found a little more information on her side of the family.  I actually have a scrapbook that was hers and later my grandmother's that had a little more info in it than I originally searched for.
I've tried searching the census records for that era with no help but there was some information that I found at a rootsweb site that I found useful.  So far I have found that she's the granddaughter of George W. Sellers born either 1837 or 1839 in Warren Co., OH and died on 23 Feb 1927 in San Jose, CA.  I have an obit for him that says he was 88 years old when he died but other records I've found have placed him a couple years older.

aug 4, 2003


The obit I have for George W. Sellers reads as follows:


Sellers-In San Jose, Calif. February 23, 1927, George W. Sellers, Devoted

  husband of the late Rachel Sellers, dearly beloved father of Albert Sellers

  of Maquoketa, Ia; Mrs. H. M. Carr of Council Bluffs, Ia.; B. T., J. M. and C. H.

  Sellers of San Jose, a native of Ohio, aged 88 years, 8 months, 26 days.

      Friends are invited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Thursday), February

  24, 1927, at 2:30 o'clock p. m. from the new funeral chapel of Thomas

  Monohan, 174 West San Carlos Street, where services will be held.

      Internment Oak Hill Cemetery.


Inez Adeline Seller's father is C. H. (Christopher H. Sellers).  I do not have an

obit for either Christopher H. or Inez.  The only one I have in Inez's scrap book

is for George W. 


A letter signed by C. H. Sellers to Inez about George's death reads exactly

as follows:


                                                                San Jose Calif. Feby 24th, 1927


Dear Children:-


                Just a few lines to let you know that we laid father to his

last rest to-day.  He died very easy, and knew us up to the last.

                During his last day he set up in a chair most all of the day.  At

5 o'clock, ate a hearty dinner, topped it off with Ice Cream & Cake, and

said that he enjoyed it.  Went to bed shortly after, and slept good 

until 1 O'Clock in the morning.  he called Ben at that time, and asked

for a glass of water, after drinking he told Ben he has better stick 

around as he might need him.  Ben set a chair close to the bed, at 1:30,

things were agin very quiet, and going to the bed found he had passed


                John was working in Ryde, and got home at two yesterday

afternoon.  We had simple service at Monahans Chapel, no Music, but

we put him away nice, beside Mother, and Brother George at Oax Hill.

                Ben is not very well, but believe a good rest is what he needs

as father was a big care to him.  Your Uncle Albert, at Maquoketa, Ia.

was very low but he must be better as we have not heard from there for

the last two weeks.  The rest of the bunch is as mean as ever,

Gladys is improving both in health, and meaness.  How kids as this is

the first letter I have written sence you went away you will excuse

the errors.  Father remembered you folks to the last.  On Sunday last 

he wanted to know how you and Larry was, and when you would be home

again, and if little Shirly was growing alright, Give her a hug and kiss

for me will close love to all


                             Your loving father  




George W. Sellers & Rachel ?

  Christopher H. Sellers & ?

    Inez Adeline Sellers & Lawrence Corwin Seamands


George W. Sellers children as I understand it is as follows:

Christopher H. Sellers (C. H. Sellers in the obit.)

Albert C. Sellers (Albert Sellers of Maquoketa, Ia in the obit)

Gracie M. Sellers (She would have been H. M. Carr in the obit.)

Benjamin T. Sellers (B. T. Sellers in the obit.)

John M. Sellers (J. M. Sellers in the obit.)

Mary E. Sellers (Not in the obit)

Eva F. Sellers (Not in the obit)

George G. Sellers (Not in the obit)


I don't know why Mary, Eva and George are not mentioned.  It

could be a mistake from resources I have found.


Christopher H. Sellers had Inez and a younger son named George from what I've gathered

from my Grandmother but she doesn't know much more than that.


I know that C. H. and Inez's husband, Lawrence had some business ventures

together but this is all the information I have to date.



William F.

Aug 2003



AUG 2003


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I've been doing some research on my Grandmother's side of the family.

I notice that Sellers are actually descended from the surname Zeller.

One being a Johann Heinrich Zeller; Born 17 AUG 1704 in Motgers, Hesse,

Germany and the other being a Jacob Zeller; Born 1696 in Zurich,

Switzerland.  Would anybody have any information as to weather these two

Zellers are related or is just a coincidence that the two would both

eventually have most of their descendants end up with the last name of

Sellers?  Any information would greatly be appreciated.


William Forest


WILLIAM, don't know if we have Proven connections.

Our SELLERS members may have more info/documents.


PLEASE send your Proven family info and you will probably receive more help and proof on what has been proven.


THANKS for sharing SELLERS, all spellings. marie, iowa


 Hi cousin Mike ;), et. al.

Thanks for writing. I've just recently began to explore this side of my
family and most of the information I've found is just from what others have
conjectured. I don't really know if it's factual or not, but from what I've
observed of what others have posted most are in compliance as to the origin
of the name.

I, too, am apparently a descendant of Johann Heinrich's line.

Johann Heinrich Zeller & Anna Maria Fechter
  Johan Peter Zeller(s)(some have spelled it both ways) & Maria Magdalene ?
    John Sellers & Henrietta Smith
      John Sellers & Mary Woodruff
        George Washington Sellers & Rachel Wells
          Christopher H. Sellers & ? (still trying to find out)
            Inez Adeline Sellers & Lawrence Corwin Seamands
              Shirley Eleanor Seamands & Joseph Marshall Van Bibber
                Karen Roie Van Bibber & Charles H. Forest, Jr.
                  William J. Forest

I wish I had better resources but my own family records that I have from
Inez Seller's scrap book goes back as far as George Washington Sellers and
his wife Rachel Wells. I can give information about this line but none
as far as factual information goes.

BTW, noticed your family tree on the rootweb site when I wrote my previous
message along with a Jim Sellars' family tree located at
As far as his information being factual, I don't really know.

Hope this clears up some of my (and other's?) conjecturing. ;)

Now, a previous posting I tried to make about my 3rd great grandfather,
George W. Sellers,
to Marie that didn't get posted on the "L" list because my email settings
were wrong :P