I have some information on my great-great-grandfather Joseph Samuel Sellers
born 11/ 24/1840 died 9/5/1920 in Alabama.  His father was Cornelius Sellers
born 1815 in NC and died 1871 in AL.  His father was Samuel Sellers born 1788died 1857 in AL and mother was Sarah Stanland born 1786 NC.  Samuel's father
was Elisha Sellers born 1744 died in Va. 1801 in NC.  His father was William
Sellers of Tarboro, origin unknown.  This is from a family bible, of which I
have photocopies.  Is this of interest? Can you connect with any of these?
 Do you have any additional info on these?  - Wes Edwards


Thanks for contributing!

I WOULD appreciate a copy of the BIBLE PAGE and info from when/where
BIBLE was made /published (front page?) 

showing ELISHA SELLERS 1744 born VIRGINIA-
this would be VERY IMPORTANT and we must PROVE - 
this may be a way- 
PROVE who wrote , etc

marie, iowa

12871 - 285th STREET
MASON CITY, IOWA 50401-9118

The information I have was compiled by Joseph William Reddoch of New Orleans,
a grandson of Joseph Samuel Sellers.  I have a photocopy of my mothers
booklet.  It contains a photocopy of 1a) Elisha's  Will form the Dept of
Archives and History in Raleigh,NC, 1) A typed 'personally copied" version of
the bible of Samuel Sellers and Sarah Stanland Sellers in possession of Mrs.
Rob't H. Faulk (nee Cura Belle Sellers) of Clio, AL in 1972. 2) 3 pages of
births, deaths, marriages of Cornelius Sellers son of Samuel Sellers and
Sarah Stanland Sellers 3) Marriage Certificate and 3 pages of births, deaths,
marriages from bible of Joseph Samuel Sellers and C. Lucinda Carter, 4) A
copy of a contribution to the Sellers Folder, Dept of Archives and History,
Montg'y, AL by Coornelia Sellers Bean, great granddaughter of Elisha and Mary
Willis detailing some heirlooms and family history and 5) A re-typed letter
from W.W. Sellers of Dillon, SC dated Dec. 8, 1899. 
He grandson of Benjamin
Sellers, who was the son of William sellers of Tar River, NC.  This letter
(or perhaps a copy) was in possession of Mrs. Florence Sellers Walton of New
Orleans.  This WW Sellers is also a soource in "History of Marion Co., SC
form its earliest to the Present, 1901"  The R.L . Bryan Co., 1902.,
Columbia, SC.  He is referred to as WW Sellers, Esq of the Marion Co. Bar.
                                  I do not have copies of the first page of
bibles in 2 and 3, 

WES - thanks -
I am MAINLY interested in a copy of the page that shows ELISHA SELLERS
1744 born VIRGINIA -
We can prove some SELLERS in NC with land ca 1745-
BUT, sure they came from over the line in VIRGINA and MAY have been
called VA then!

I need to make some Master charts on these names - so we can LINK
to children easier-
Most info is under SELLERS SURNAMES - under BENJAMAIN and JORDON and I
am sorry, links are not all attached -
IF you go back to Sellers Surnames and click on another name, will give
MORE info-
BUT, in the long run, WANT to be able to do from Benjamin and Jordon's
pages - 
I have read and have copies of most of the documents proving this family
AND several other articles written on same-
PA archives film on corrections-

THERE is a copy of the letter WM SELLERS 1818 wrote his son JOHN?
which I have extracts,(from a SELLERS Letter) BUT NOT copy -so I do NOT
use info-
wonder if that is the one you mention- SUPPOSE to say, he THINKS
granddad was = OR stated HOW?
BOOK of Marion Co, SC does NOT show copy of letter or this info-

WOULD YOU CHECK your letter dated 1899 of WM SELLERS  and see if same
and ADVISE EXACT wording?=
I read this many years ago, BUT, always curious as to how the original
letter WAS written-
THE court documents stand for themselves and census and tax records and
MANY land deeds in BRUNWICK CO - 

WE want to make as CLEAR and PROVEN as we can-
marie, iowa

To add to my earlier post which was prematurely sent.    J. Reddoch's
footnotes indicate that the source showing Elisha Sellers and his 2d wife (of
3) name unknown was the father of Samuel Sellers  is the Bean information in
the Dept of Archives and History in Montg'y.
you like me to copy all of the above?  What was the connection Pat Greatho...
had?  Do you know of anyone else who can give me further information on this
line or any maternal lines?  -Wes
WES, Samuel is also proved as son/heir of ELISHA SELLERS on his division
of property in ca 1813 - NOT in the WILL, BUT, when land in the will is
divided between the heirs -
SEND what you can -
AND I'll try and make these names/pages on the WEB page a little easier
to link to- I try and add/link everyones name/page that is working on
that family - I am sure it is NOT up-to-date-
marie, iowa
Marie,   I must confess I have a hard time understanding your short-hand.
Please excuse any response which results from my misinterpreting your comments.
I am sending you the information outlined earlier.  I do not believe I have a
document of Elisha's birth in 1744.  Tarboro was in Edgecomb Co. which was
claimed in the early 1700's by both Va. and N.C.
I am interested in the documents you have proving this family in Edgecomb Co.
Please let me know what they are and how I might obtain copies.  (Note, surname
= last name or family name and Christian name = first name).    Are Benjamin and
Jordan the focus of your interest or the entire Web sites interest?         The
letter of W.W. Sellers does focus on Benjamin and Jordan (the grandfather and
father of W.W. Sellers).  It is addressed to Thomas B. Sellers of New Orleans a
son of Joseph Samuel Sellers of Alabama (my line).  - Wes
WES, I understand what you are saying! I know what I'm talking about,
expecting YOU to! sorry-
Documentation is wills/land deeds, etc and I BELIEVE you can kinda
follow by going to SELLERS WEB PAGE
and go down to SELLERS surnames (second list of Surnames)
GO TO = ELISHA 1740,read and you may have to go BACK to same surnames as
they may NOT be linked to next person,  sorry (someday!)
GO TO = JORDON 1740 and same
GO TO BENJAMIN 1740 and same
that's the best I can do right now - INFO is there - 
marie, iowa
        Ernest Sellers <73174.1247@CompuServe.COM>
        "INTERNET:mari@netins.net" <mari@netins.net>
Wes Edwards,  from Ernest Sellers, 105 N. Ohio Ave, Live Oak, Fl 32060
Pg 323 of book "Some Descendents of William Sellers Who Was In Tarboro, N.C., In
1750" states "...Samuel Sellers was the son of Isham and Eunice Vann(also
spelled Unis Vann) or his second wife Lydia Barr.  The idendity of the mother
was not found.  Samuel was the grandson of William Sellers; the great grandson
of William Sellers of Tarboro, N.C.   Samuel was one of eight sons and five
daughters of Isham Sellers and his two wives.  Samuel Sellers wife was
Alice--last name unknown.
        Samuel Sellers was known to have lived in the Chesterfield district of
South Carolina, from whence he migrated to Wilcox County, Alabama, about 1828.
        Samuel and his wife Alice were the parents of twelve sons and two
daughters, namely:  Huey, Daniel, Gamaliel, Luther, Hosea, Cornelius, Matthew,
William (1807-1861), Calvin Cook (1811-1852), three sons whose names are
unknown, Harriet (1821-1897), Sarah.  An 1850 Wilcox county census shows a
Samuel Sellers as being 62 and born in North Carolina..."
I would appreciate receiving a photocopy of your bible entry.  Thanks, Ernest

        Benjamin 1740
        29 Jul 97 14:24:25 EDT
        Wes Edwards <103177.1601@CompuServe.COM>
        Marie <mari@netins.net>
On this page at your Web site you present that the line from William of Tarboro
runs to Benjamin who has a son Benjamin who has a son Jordan who has a son Wm W.
Sellers.  This is contrary to the accounts of Wm. W. Sellers in the book
"History of Marion Co., SC" by Wm. W. Sellers and a similar account by him in
the letter to Thomas B. Sellers which I have sent you.   - Wes