WAYNIE - We have had a member working on this family and believe they found his father to be a JOHN SYLVESTER SELLERS born in Sonestown, PA - I am sending a copy to them also, in case they are not an active member now.
And they stated Stanton was born in Columbia Co, PA
and we have no info there - yet -
I believe if we had a 1900 NY census you should probably find him living with parents.
We have 1880 -
Your Library may have or can order one in - Check your local genealogy department - phone library for info.

PLEASE Send copy of First letter you receive to us-

Which Child do you connect to? who married? and went where?
THIS helps others down the road - Thanks, marie, iowa

Waynie2@aol.com wrote:

Dear Mari
I recently viewed the Sellers Gen. site and am interested in finding some
family history myself.Could you please let me know if there is anything on;

Joseph Sellers Born; unknown Death; unknown
Married; Lena Wade
Place; New York
Children;Florence, Stella, Josephine (Ursula) , Beatrice, David, approx. 7
others names unknown
Relations; Stanton Sellers
                William Wade  (Waterloo New York)

Please conact me if you find anything at Waynie2@aol.com

WAYNIE - We have a member working on this family NOW
CAN you Send us the Child You Connect =
who married=
and kids
and where went=

ALL info helps PROVE families -
THANKS, marie, iowa


     Mari/Jo Ann
I'll try my best with what I have;
Lena Francis Stinton (my grandmother) was born on January 16 1901 in
Her parents were Lillian E.Presbury Stinton and Edward Stinton. Lillian
married ? Wade and had two children, William and Ina Wade.  Lillians
name was Emma Covert and her stepfather was possably Abraham Covert
On November 30th 1919 Lena Stinton married Stanton Sellers from Geneva N.Y.
They were married in Waterloo N.Y. Rev. T.M. Huff of Seneca Falls N.Y.
preformed the service.(also have witness's and partial guest list which
include;Bianco's, Lillian E.Wade,Mr and Mrs Abraham Covert, Frances
Milliman,Ester Sellers,Earl Sellers William Wade, Ina Wade Anita May King,
Edna Jean King..)
Lena and Stanton Sellers had 5 children; Stanton, Geraldine, Dorthey,
Florence. Stanton died shortly after the birth of Florence.
On November 4th 1927 Lena (Stinton) Sellers married Stantons brother Joseph
Sellers in Waterloo N.Y.
Josephs parents were John Sellers (Pa.) and Clara Kyle (notice spelling
Lena and Joseph had 7 children; Stella, unknown sex deceased, Rosemary,
JOSEPHINE URSULA JEAN (my mother), Georgia, Beatrice, David.
 Joseph Sellers died july 6th 1958.
In 1968 Lena moved to ILL.
Lillian Presbury Stinton Wade (Lena's mom) died March 1955.
Edward Stinton(Lenas dad) died November 1932, Then Lillian married ? Wade.
? Wade (Lenas stepfather) died March 1952
Ted Crawford( Ina Wade's husband )died November 1965
Last but not least;
Lena Francis Stinton Sellers Sellers died on July 18th 1980

If this is any help to Jo Ann, please let me know. I will also send a copy
this to her.