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Marie, Ran across your information on Hall Family and have several questions. The article stated that John Hall (1740 - 1808) of Burke Co., NC was married to the following women: 1. Elizabeth Ann Rochester 2. Mary Price 3. Fenwell Shanks My own research shows where a John Hall did mary Elizabeth Rochester in Maryland, but I believe the above John married a Williams. I never found where my John (above) married a Mary Price. We do agree on his marrying Fenwell Shanks. Oh yes, it seems John's first wife, whoever she might have been, was the mother to his children. And finally, this John seems to have been the son of Joshua Hall and Ann Spicer of Baltimore. I look forward to hearing from you with whatever clarification you can give. Walter Hall


WALTER, which page did you extract this info? It was probably shared by a HALL/SELLERS family member, but, don't know if they are active now. WE need sources of Proof on many of our families and WE appreciate your questions. I am sending thro our SELLERS group = THEY are more informed/documented. I collect the info/documents they send and share with families connected that Share their families with us. I do see ONE place this MARY PRICE is listed = John HALL married 1st Mary Price, 14 Aug 1757 in Baltimore Co, MD. children by second wife Elizabeth Williamson I/WE do NOT have copy of this document. NEED AND after that, WE need to Prove if Same JOHN HALL! WHICH child do YOU connect to and where did they go, etc. THIS is very important for tracing/proving families. PLEASE SHARE and Thank You for Caring to document. marie, iowa



Marie & Walter, I'm sending an attachment of the information I have in a family group record on the Squire John Hall family, so you can have my notes. Don Godfrey