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I am descended from Kelly Sellers, son of Elisha Sellers of Brunswick Co, NC. All the information I have on the Sellers has come from the findings of L. Berlyn Lancaster of Supply, NC. If you have ever seen her booklet you know how difficult it is to follow from one generation to the next. I am very confused as to exactly how this family line falls from one generation to the next. I have entries for 3 Elisha Sellers and I'm not at all sure they are different people. Is there a source that shows them with their proper connection?

Also, in your note you mentioned that the Brunswick Co. wills were available. Are you meaning they are available on-line or on someone's web site? I sure hope so because I would love to get my records straightened out.

Thank you for your time.


grandson Elisha-
the only ELISHA SELLERS that has been found here that was born before
180l when the will was written is ELISHA SELLERS 1795/+1870
father of H.K. SELLERS 1818-
AND they must have quit writing wills!
In 1819 ELISHA 1795 had land which laid next to THOMAS SELLERS
1768/+1850 which is EXEC, and son named in the will of ELISHA 1740/1801-
1841 Thomas Sellers 1768 had land adjacent to Elisha's corner -
In 1800 Thomas Sellers 1768 had 3 sons born 1784 - 1790 and 3 males born
There is NO wording in the deeds that says next to my father,etc -
There could be newer deeds, that give indications of where original
grant was - like the EDGECOMBE CO deeds do -
I don't believe THOMAS SELLERS 1768 had a will or wife Sarah -
WOULD you send me your connection to HANSON KELLY SELLERS and some
childrens names and where yours went- can post to your page and it DOES
HELP others connect to people with names/dates.
marie, iowa

         Jerry&Virgina Phillips <>
My information on the Sellers is all taken from the book by L. Berlyn
Lancaster, "My Family".  The book is loaded with names but very few dates.
I tried to decipher what I could, i.e. parents - children - etc.  I'm sure I
have lots of names that don't hook up correctly.  For what it is worth, here
Descendants of Kelly Sellers
1  Kelly Sellers  b: in ,,NC
        +Harriett Sellers
        2  Washington Sellers  b: in ,Brunswick Co, NC
            +Arnetta V. Stallings  b: February 15, 1865  d: March 02, 1920
            3  Minnie Layton Stallings  b: October 06, 1880 in Supply,
Brunswick Co, NC  d: May 28, 1941 in Supply, Brunswick Co, NC
                +Gilbert Brown  b: June 08, 1874 in Supply, Brunswick Co, NC
d: March 27, 1947 in Supply, Brunswick Co, NC  m: May 07, 1911
                    4   Virginia Estelle Brown  b: April 10, 1912 in
Southport, Brunswick Co, NC  d: November 07, 1986 in Baltimore City, MD
                        +Estel Thomas Longworth  b: June 28, 1911 in
Middlesboro, Bell Co, KY        d: September 09, 1960 in Baltimore City, MD     m:
February 21, 1946 in Conway,,SC
                    4   Wilbur Brown
                          +Louise Wood
                    4    Milton Brown
                          +Fannie Williams
                    4    Newland B. Brown   d.  young
            3   Bessie Stallings
                    +Carl Hewett
                    4    Alice Hewett
                          +Vance Hedgecock
                    4    Lina Hewett
                    4    Natalee Hewett
            3   Milie Sellers
                    +John W. Sellers
                    4  James Sellers
                          +Eunice Tipton
                    4  John Dewey Sellers       
                           +Reba Evans
                    4  Riley Sellers
                            + Ellen Warrener
                    4  Roland Sellers
                            +Bell Odum
                    4  Warren Sellers
                            + Polly Lewis
            3   Hancy Sellers
                    +Fred Fulford
            *2nd Wife of Washington Sellers:
             +Clementine Hewett  b: in ,Brunswick Co, NC
            3   Annie Florence Sellers
                    +Eugene Parker
                    4  Grace Parker
                         +Leslie Harold
                    4   Margaret Parker
                    4   Emma Parker
                          +Murdic Holden
                    4  Juanita Parker
                           +James Dillon
            3   Oliver B. Sellers
            3   Dora Sellers
                    +William Phelps
                    4  Geneva Phelps
                            +John Sing
                    4  Elbert Phelps
                            +Anzie Gertie Fulford
                    4  Lansing Phelps
                            +Dola Hewett
                    4  Ethel Phelps
                           +Herbert T. Sellers
            3   Bell Sellers
                    +Norwood Clemmons
                    4  Lilly Clemmons
                            +Lawrence Robinson
                    4  Cretia Clemmons
                            +Floyd Evans
                    4   Vera Clemmons
                            +Clyde Simmons
                    4   Opie Clemmons
                            +Earl Sellers
            3   Ada Sellers
                    +Lucian Phelps
                    4   Homer Phelps
                    4   Ruby Phelps
                    4    Hetty Phelps
                    4   Tebo
            3   Berta Sellers
                    + Henry Hewett
                    4   Sarah Clementine Hewett
                    4   Alton Hewett
                    4   Iredell Hewett
                    4   Ethel Hewett
                    4   Coyet Hewett
                    4   Dempsey L. Hewett
            3   Grover R. Sellers
                    +Rebecka Jones
                    4   Grover Sellers Jr.
                    4   John W. Sellers
                    4   Lucille Sellers
            3   Edgar E. Sellers
                    +Lizzie Clemmons
                    4   David Sellers
                    4   Hateridge Sellers
                    4   Vernie Sellers
                    4   Edgar E. Sellers Jr.
                    4   Viona Sellers
                    4   Alpha Sellers
                    4   Rufus Sellers
            3   Maggie Sellers
                    +T. F. Cumbee
            3           W. Jarvis Sellers
                   +Linnie A. Sellers
        2   Jefferson Sellers  b: in ,Brunswick Co, NC
             +Caroline Hewett
            3   Jefferson Ray Sellers
                    +Elizabeth Ann Phelps
                    4   Dona Sellers
                            +Sam Clemmons
                    4   Orbie Sellers  b: in ,Brunswick Co, NC
                            +Annie Bell
                    4   Maomi Sellers
                            +Sarkis Babson
                    4   Stella Lee Sellers
                            +Willie Varnum
                            *2nd Husband of Stella Lee Sellers:
                    *2nd Wife of Jefferson Ray Sellers:
                    +Alice Muse
        2   Simpronius Sellers
            +Martha J. Hewett
            3   Lelia Jane Sellers
                +Craven Ledrew Sellers  b: August 07, 1889 in ,Brunswick Co,
NC  d: June 16, 1960 in ,Brunswick Co, NC
        2   Lorenzi Sellers
            +Amanda Simmons
            3   Rosa Sellers
                +Tom Clemmons
            3   Hattie Sellers
                 +Tom Kirby
                    4   Janie Kirby
                        +Preston Parker
                    4   Horace Kirby
                         +Ray Rivenbark Smith
            3   Roxanie Sellers
                    +Oliver Simmons
                    4   Gertie Simmons
                           +Joe Phelps
                    4     Janie Simmons
                           +Bob Phelps
                    4   Olive Simmons
                          +Vance Phelps
                    4    Bruce Simmons
                           +Lola Long
                    4    Ethel Simmons
                           *2nd Husband of Ethel Simmons:
                           +Bill Hinson
            3   Roena Sellers
                    +John Swain
                    4   Alma Swain
                          +Annie Fryer
                    4   Rockwell Swain
                           +Lyda Danford
                    4    Rudolph Swain
                            +Mary White
                    4   Leon Swain
            3    Cora Sellers
                    +Ephriam Dale
                    *2nd Husband of Cora Sellers:
            3   Ida Sellers
                    +Frank Lana
                    *2nd Husband of Ida Sellers:
                    +Tom Clemmons
        2   Lucinda Sellers
            +Robert Caison
            3   Lettie Caison
                +John Atkins
            3   Mattie Caison
                +Duff Atkins
            3   Georgia Caison
                +Roland Stone
                    4    Jesse Stone
                    4    Roy Stone
                    4    Wilton Stone
            3   Ben Kelly Caison
                    +Retha Dare Sellers
        2   Adaline Sellers
            +John Julius Hewett
            3   Becky Hewett
                +Whitt Arnold
                4   Fred Arnold
                4   John Arnold
                    +Madge Cook
                    *2nd Wife of John Arnold:
                    +Myrtie Atkinson
            3   John Julius Hewett II  b: January 27, 1872      d: October 17, 1948     
                +Ida Brown  b: October 06, 1877 d: September 24, 1966
                4   Lennell Weston Hewett  b: June 11, 1907
                     +Aline B. Lancaster
                4   Murphy Hewett  b: June 03, 1909
                    +Effie Hewett
                    *2nd Wife of Murphy Hewett:
                    +Viola Hewett
                4   Dennis Hewett  b: September 17, 1912        d: April 20, 1990
                    +Mary Louise Lennon 
                    *2nd Wife of Dennis Hewett:
                    +Mildred Spittel
                4   Ivey Hewett  b: January 19, 1917
                4   Infant
        2   Fanny Sellers
            +David DeVaun
            3   Bertha DeVaun
            +William Grissom
            3   Ollie DeVaun
                +Dan Bender
            3   Charles Y. DeVaun
                +Janie Russ
                4   Ida Leta DeVaun
                4   Miram Elease DeVaun
                4   Charles Y. DeVaun Jr
                4   Fanny Reba DeVaun
        2   Emler Sellers
        2   Marinda Sellers             b: in ,Brunswick Co, NC                        The truth is out there...
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        Jerry&Virgina Phillips <>
That's what it looks to me.  Beryln's book didn't give any other surname.
I am moving in about 9 days so will be losing my email account until I get
relocated (OK to MD).  I will be dropping out for a while but will hook back
up when I can.  I would like to learn more info on Kelly.  His son
Washington Sellers married my great-grandmother Arnetta Stallings after she
had 3 children, which all carry the Stallings name.  I can't prove a blood
relationship.  But since he became her husband, he is all I have to go on.
What do you do in situations like that?

WE will work on this more - YOU may need to go back to counties/etc to
pick up - I try and LINK back to counties/names-
Harriett 60 nc
Marinda A. 27 nc
Lanora F. 22 nc
Simpsoneus? 20male NC
Lucinda DANIELS 25 nc, dau
Mary E. Daniels 5nc gd
SCCWJ Clementine 34 nc
Annie F 11 nc
Oliver B. 9 nc
Lizzie D. 6 nc
Lanora B. 5 nc
Mary M. 3 nc
Wash L. 2 nc
-- 2/12 nc male
AS we post this info and WHEN someone sends in chart and we can ADD a
link - it should help.
THANKS, marie, iowa

AUG 7, 2004

Hello.  I am new to this list and am interested in William Thomas

Stallings of Brunswick Co., NC.

He was a Confederate soldier during the Civil War.  His wife's name was

Penina.  I used to

have a good bit of information on him and the family but lost my digital

data due to a computer

upgrade that made it impossible for me to read my back-up tape. I am

beginning my search

anew and am anxious to meet new relatives who can help me fill in the gaps.



    Virginia Phillips, gggd to WTS