Vincent Edward Summers <vsummers@NRAO.EDU>

Will do.  But I am a distant relation of his, and might be interested
in the Sellers discussion group also.  Is it a maillist?  I have a
couple of my own.  One on the Original 13 Settlers of Germantown
(thanks to Robert for my Klinken info), and one general purpose
sort of group.


William De Sallowe, Heir m. Aydayne
  Issue: John Sallow
John Sallow m. ?
  Issue: William Selow (Selar) b. bef. 1510
William Selow (Selar) m. ?
  Issue: Thomas Selow (Selor) (Saylowe) b. abt. 1500 d. abt. 1558
Thomas Selow (Selor) (Saylowe) m. Margery
  Issue: John Sellers (Selow) (Selors) b. abt. 1525 d. 1601 Longstone
John Sellers (Selow) (Selors) spouseless relationship
  Issue: Thomas Sellers of Cricia b. 1550 d. bef. 1610
Thomas Sellers of Cricia m. Margery
  Issue:  Robert Sellers
          Grace Sallowe
          Elizabeth Sallowe
          George Sallowe
          Edmund Sallowe
          John Sallowe
Robert Sellers b. abt. 1580 Belper, Derbyshire, ENG d. Feb 1618/19
Robert Sellers m. Mary Francis on 1607 at All Saints Church, Derbys
  and she died Sept. 30, 1620.
  Issue: Thomas Sellers b. abt. 1607 Duffield, Derbyshire
  d. Sept. 6, 1671 Belper, Derbyshire.
Thomas Sellers m. Elizabeth Lombe, who died 1671
  Issue:  Samuel Sellers b. bef. Feb. 3, 1654/55
          Sarah Sellers
          George Sellers
          Mary Sellers
          John Sellers
Samuel Sellers, b. bef. Feb. 3, 1654/55 in Belper, Derbyshire, ENG
    d. Sept. 22, 1732, Upper Darby Twp., Chester, PA
Samuel Sellers married Anna Gibbons on June 13, 1684 at Darby MMH
    she died Nov. 19, 1742
Issue: Sarah Sellers         b. Feb. 13, 1684/85
       Mary Sellers             Oct. 13, 1687
       Samuel Sellers, Jr.      Mar. 12, 1689/90
       Anna S. Sellers                   1693
       George Sellers                    1695
       Elizabeth Sellers                 1699
       John Sellers            Sept. 19, 1728
Samuel Sellers, Jr., b. Mar. 12, 1689/90 Darby PA, d. June 3, 1773,
    Darby PA
Samuel Sellers m. Sarah Smith on August 28, 1712, Darby MMH
    b. March 12, 1689/90 d. May 24, 1773
Issue: Samuel Sellers b. 1715
       Hannah S. Lloyd Sellers b. 1717
       John Sellers b. 1717
       Elizabeth S. Sellers b. 1719
       Mary S. Sellers b. Oct. 6, 1723
       Joseph Sellers b. Apr. 15, 1726
       John Sellers m. 1728
Joseph Sellers b. April 15, 1726, d. Dec. 12, 1790 both Darby PA
Joseph Sellers m. Hannah Paschall on Mar. 13, 1750/51 Darby MMH
Issue: Sarah Sellers
Sarah Sellers m. Isaac Kite, Jr.

There is the main line, not considering offshoots or 2nd or 3rd


VINCE - Thanks - Have you extracted any info on Joseph SELLERS and
Hannah PASCHALL? There was an estate of Joseph SELLERS, Sarah Sellers
Adm in 1808 - We don't show a copy of it - ANYONE have?
and a church note of a daughter Sarah
and a church note on Wilmington, DE

I don't believe we have KITES in any of the SELLERS extractions we have
made -
We will Link Your Page to these counties and hope someone finds you -

These sites and their Links have  most of our info - Also - you
mentioned you have a page or mailing list on Germantown, PA - advise to
this list - marie, iowa

VINCE - it would be nice to have Sarah SELLERS and Isaac KITES kids
names and ages and who married and where went = Thanks, marie, iowa

Isaac Kite, Jr.
b. December 24, 1754 Blockley Twp., Philadelphia, PA
d. September 23, 1823 Blockley Twp., Philadelphia, PA

m. abt. 1784 Blockley Twp.,Philadelphia, PA
Sarah Sellers
b. February 28, 1760 Darby, Chester County, PA
d. September 2, 1826 Blockley Twp., Philadelphia, PA


Hannah Kite b. August 24, 1784
Mary Pearce Kite b. March 30, 1787
Isaac Kite III b. August 20, 1789
Joseph Sellers Kite b. March 9, 1792
William Kite b. November 11, 1797
Benjamin Kite b. August 6, 1799
Paschall Kite b. March 20, 1803


This is a great, and very active group.  One that I am proud to
have sent my data to, and to have received much assistance.  I
am now getting about 150 emails a day, and must cut back somewhere,
so, until I amass more data to send to you folks, I am going to
temporarily leave you.

I will be back!


Joseph SELLERS estate of 1808, Sarah SELLERS, adm - we need a copy of this
should tell us who his kids are!
In our misc SELLERS info = Joseph Sellers, son of Samuel, born 4th month
15th,1726, ; died after 1790, a mem. by Lewis S. KITE, a descendant
"died Dec 12th, 1790" married Hannah PASCHALL
Also a note stating that Joseph SELLERS/married Hannah PASCHALL moved
away-. We
do show a Joseph SELLERS in 1790 BedfordCo, PA - Where were your KITE kids
marie, iowa

Thanks for sending the email.  I have printed it out to send to Bob.


HANNAH KITE, late of Blockley
4-1-1793-5--1793, W-403
Nephews and Neices =
HANNAH MARY and ISAAC (children of son ISAAC)
JOSEPH, ELIZABETH and ISAAC (children of Anthony KITE)

Yes, Thanks. Almost ironic to see those Summers names in there.
Sure they are not connected, but you would never know it.


VINCE SUMMERS  - Our feelings are with you - I remember the many
letters/querys you wrote for ROBERT HARDIE - in his search for SELLERS.
YOU will have many great memories and feelings of helping him.
marie, iowa

        Vincent Edward Summers <>


Robert James Hardie, Sr., died December 3, 1999, bringing sadness to
his friends, and ending the life of one of genealogy's friends.  His
surnames of primary interest?  Kite, Hare, Sellers, Jardin, Warner,
Tunes, and many others.

He suffered much.  Parkinson's disease.  Arthritis.  Pernicious
Anemia.  A son suffered schizophrenia.  The son took his own life.
His beloved wife died.  At the end, he was receiving sustenance in
his wheel chair, through a feeding tube.  Yet he never gave up.  He
loved life.  He loved genealogy...

He did genealogy the old-fashioned way.  Document searching at the
various libraries and institutions.  He fought genealogical error.
He researched ever since the mid 1930's, until at least a month before
his death.

He aided and assisted me greatly, showing me the connections I had to
his line, through Adele Annie Kite... a name I had only heard of
before.  He was 81 when I met him!  He was 82 when he died.  He was
the *cause* of the development of the email list I began, The Original
13 Settlers of Germantown (PA).

I sensed he had died.  Then, within a week, the notice came... One of
his last joys was to hold his great-granddaughter in his arms.

I will miss him.  My Kite page is his Kite page.  He never got to go
online.  He left that up to me.  Here it is...

His self-intended resting place is St. Paul's Cemetery, Ardmore,
Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

Yes indeed.  And if anyone wants to see his SELLERS, they are at:

            Vincent Edward Summers <>

             "lunaloba" <>

            Dear Vince,

What a beautiful tribute to an inspiring man. It is a measure of his
character that he meant so much to you. Thank you for telling us of his
accomplishments, his life and his death.

Cindy McLaughlin