Is any one researching Sellers from Frederick Co. MD or Rowan or Catham
NC?  I would like to hear from anyone researching Sellers in these

I am looking for any information on a Mary Jane or "Jean" SELLERS who
William SPURGIN probably in Frederick Co. MD or Rowan Co. NC circa 1753.

Vicki (Thompson) Tavares

VICKI - Thanks - We have No proven chart-
We have had about 6 inquiries and NO one has or can prove a connection to
We have some census info on same
No one has sent SPURGIN  War info-
No one has sent CANADA info on same -
some SELLERS connected or lived close? - May Not have been connected to

May have connected to SPURGINS -

VICKI - Can you SHARE any Info that would help connect/link these
We have Maryland info - Was she born MD or IRELAND?
Have You done a Spurgin Search?
or working on SELLERS?

ANY info appreciated - Sometimes Others must help Us before We Can Help
You -
marie, iowa

> Hi Marie and Sherry,
> Thanks for the information.  I have my Spurgin line well documented.  It
> this elusive Mary Jane "Jean" Sellers I'm so interested in.  Was just
> that someone on the Sellers list might know something about her.
> Vicki
> In a message dated 3/4/99 7:17:05 PM, writes:
> << VICKI and MARIE,
>      There is a GEDCOM of this Spurgeon/Spurgin family online.  I
> know because one of my Wakefield cousins from Shelby Co IL is
> descended from the family, and I found it for him online a long time
> ago--he did not have it. There was no info, however, on the Sellers
> woman.  I noted it as another Sellers curiousity, since the
> Wakefields were in Shelby Co IL.  No known encounter with any
> Sellers/Wakefield outside of Shelby IL.

VICKI - Thanks - do you have the names of the kids of Wm Spurgen and Mary
SELLERS? We have a possible John who went to Sullivan Co, Tn.- perhaps to
returned to NC.
and a Wm and Samuel SPURGEN that may be his sons.
DID any of these kids go to Canada/Nova Scotia? Our Iowa list shows some
SPURGENS from Canada/NovaScotia here in ? - Do you know of any that came
back to
the States? marie, iowa

             Re: Sellers/Spurgin MD>NC
        Hi Marie,

Sorry for the delay in responding to you.  I never seem to have enough time
to spend on my love of genealogy.

Yes, I have all the children of William Spurgin by his first wife who is
suppose to be Mary Jane or Jean Sellers and to his second wife Ann Bedsaul.
Col. William Spurgin removed to Ontario Canada as he was a Loyalist and
his lands after the Rev. War.  The John Spurgin you mentioned (Col.
& Mary Jane Seller's son) is my ancestor and he moved to Sullivan Co. TN.
do not believe he ever returned to NC.  Col. William Spurgin and his second
wife Ann had 4 children.  I do not know when or if they ever returned to

VICKI - Thank You - We need to keep adding info to the SPURGIN'S-

We need this info posted back to before they were married - on our County
Pages -
I have looked some up,
But, didn't know if correct Spurgin=

CAN You connect these SPURGEN/SPURGINS to =
What Years/Where  in NC? =

Perhaps , it would help Us connect our SELLERS before these dates?

Was this SPURGIN an immigrant or his father? = when/where?
IF MaryJane/Jean SELLERS was an immigrant, born Ireland ca-----=
Her Parents and perhaps her should be on a ship list =
I haven't looked up possibilities, have you?

Did Your info show where JOHN SPURGIN in Sullivan Co, Tn was born?
I thought I had seen some info in county papers, with documentation - ??

Tonite I only see a Benjamin H SPURGIN, 1855 Shelby Co, Tn

Have You done any research on SPURGIN'S in Canada and where other kids
HISTORIES could be written in these towns/counties/states=

I do have the Iowa list - Not much help - just names and counties - that
from Canada/Nova Scotia=
connected to a
David Taylor SPURGEON/SPURGIN  born 1850 IN/married 1881 IA to Delilah Bele
/died 1925 AR
also Connected to =
JOSEPH SPURGEON/SPURGIN  born 1790 NC, died 1851 IN,
married 1826 RACHAEL HAWN
also Connected to =
William SPURGEON/SPURGIN born  1829 IN/died 1916 IA  , marr 1850 IN,
person doing this research in 1990? = ERMON WOOD, DES MOINES, IA

WE Need More of These SPURGEON kids - They Are there - WE haven;t followed
up or
sent info=
thanks for sharing -
marie, iowa

VICKI and ALL - This was posted on the SPURGEN list - Do we have two
Do we have a MARY JANE/JEAN SELLERS married before?
Has Anyone followed up?
Also was a SPURGEN family list - but, I never could connect to it - wrong #

One William Spurgeon of Rowan Co., NC was married to Jane Welborn born in
Baltimore Co.,
MD on Jan 28, 1732 and died on Aug 3, 1803 Rowan Co., NC. William Spurgeon
was a
Tory and
Jane was a spy . Quite a couple. William fled to Canada and married again
and had
a second family.
I read somewhere that a ship took them to England and then they went to
Children of his
By Jane Welborn ( the daughter of William Welborn, SR. and Ann Crabtree,)
first wife are:
John, Margaret, Mary, William, Jr., Jeannete/Jennete, Joseph , Elizabeth,
Josiah, Jesse
By 2nd wife Ann BeSual in Canada are Aaron, Samuel, Anne, Sarah. Some of
children are
found in the midwest in 1850. Migrated from Canada.
Hope this helps.
Carolyn Wellborn Haskins
MARY JANE JEAN SELLERS/was listed in a Loyalist? in a WOMANS article and
her family
of SPURGINS -? IF SO, we need proof/copy of document=?

DOES ANYONE have the extractions of this article and sources?
DOES ANYONE have the name/number to obtain same?
PLEASE send -
Thanks, marie, iowa