File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by (ROBERT SHOBE)
                       Rockingham County, Virginia
          Edited by Prof. William J. Hinke and Charles E. Kemper
     This record is one of the oldest and most important German record
books to be found in the upper part of the Shenandoah Valley.  It
contains much historical and genealogical information about the early
German Reformed and Lutheran settlers in Rockingham county, which cannot
be found anywhere else.  It gives us the for the first time the name of
the earliest Reformed minister who preached in that region, the Rev. I.
C. van Gemuenden.  He ministered to the congregation from February,
1762, to December, 1763.  His name shows that he was either born in
Holland or of Dutch descent.  Unfortunately nothing else is known of him
at the present.
     The Reformed elders in 1762 were Jacob Perschinger (baptism No.
37), John Hetterich (No. 44), and George Zimmermann (No. 45).  One of
the Lutheran elders was Charles Risch (No. 44).
     The first church, mentioned in April, 1762, was located near the
mill-race of Mr. Herrmann (Nos. 40 and 64).  The congregation also had a
school in 1762, because the Lutheran schoolmaster, Gottfried Christian
Leuthmanns Leonhardt, is mentioned (No. 43) in that year.
     The second church was dedicated on October 31, 1769, by the
Lutheran pastor, the Rev. John Schwarbach.  On October 31, 1769, and
agreement was signed by forty-five persons, according to which the
church to be a union church of Reformed and Lutheran people.  The second
church was located near the Stony Creek.
     The third church was dedicated, according to a later record, on May
27, 1804.  This building was occupied jointly by the Reformed and
Lutherans till recently, when the Reformed people separated and erected
a new church, known as "Brown Memorial Reformed Church", in honor of one
of their former pastors.  It is located at McGaheysville, Va.
     The record now published belongs to the Reformed congregation,
although it contains many Lutheran entries.  It is a folio volume of 156
pages, many of which have remained blank.  It contains mostly baptismal
entries, 316 in all, together with some communicant lists, extending
from 1792-1797, and a few marriage and burial records.  The original
copy of the agreement of 1769 is still in existence.  It is prefaced to
the record as a fitting introduction.
     In translating the record the English form was substituted for the
German in the case of the baptismal or Christian names, but the various
spellings of the surnames or family names have been carefully retained. 
All the baptismal entries were copied at a later time into the second
record book.  The spellings of the second record are occasionally aded
in square brackets, wilhe the present form of the family names is added
in round brackets by Mr. Chas. E. Kemper, of Washington, D. C.
     In the name of the Triune God and with the consent of the whole 
congregation, we have commenced to build a new house of God, and it is,
by the help of Gold, so far finished that the whole world may see it.
     We have established it as a union church, in the use of which the
Lutherans and their descendants as well as the Reformed and their
descendants shall have equal share.  But since it is necessary to keep
in repair the church and the schoolhouse and support the minister and
the schoolmaster, therefore we have drawn up this writing that each
member sign his name to the same and thereby certify that he will
support the minister and schoolmaster and help to keep in repair the
church and the school as far as lies in his ability.  Should, however,
one or another withdraw himself from such Christian work (which we would
not suppose a Christian would do) we have unitedly concluded that such a
one shall not be looked upon as a member of our congreation, but he
shall pay for the baptism of a child 2 s. 6 d., which shall go into the
treasury of the church; for the confirmation of a child 5 s., which
shall be paid to the minister as his fee; and  further should such a one
come to the table of the Lord and partake of the Holy Communion, he
hsall pay 5 s., which shall go into the treasury of the church; and
finally if such a one desires burial in our graveyard he shall pay 5 s.,
which shall also be paid into the treasury of the church.
     In confirmation of which we have drawn up this document, and signed
it with our several signatures.
     Done in Augusta county, at the Peaked Mountain and the Stony Creek,
on October 31st, Anno Domini 1769.
     The present elders:    
George Mallo, Sr.                    Nicholas Mildeberger (Miltenberger)
    his                              Frederick Ermentraut (Armentrout)
John X Heterich (Hedrich)
Phillip Ermentraut (Armentrout)      Jacob Kropf (Croop)
Henry Ermentraut                     Jacob Niclas (Nicholas)
Daniel Kropf                         George Zimmermann
Peter Mueller, Sr.                   Christian Geiger
    his                              Augustin Preisch, Jr.
Adam O Hetrich
   mark                              Conrad Preisch
Augustin Preisch (Price)             Jacob kissling (Kisling)
Jacob Traut (Trout)                  Matthew Kirsch
George Schilinger                    John Bens (Pence)
Anthony Oehler (Eiler)               Adam Herman (Harman)
John Mann                                       his
                                     Christopher X Hau
Alwinus Boyer                                  mark
Charles Risch (Rush)                 Peter Euler (Eiler)
Henry Kohler                         William Michel (Michael)
William Long                         Jacob Risch
Jacob Bercke (Pirkey)                John Ermentraut
       his                           Conrad Loevenstein
Jacob J. E. Ergenbrecht
      mark                           John Schaefer (Shaver)
John Risch                           Christopher Erementraut 
Jacob Ergebrecht (Argenbright)
John Mildeburger
John Hausman (Housemann)
George Mallo, Jr.
Jacob Lingel
Peter Niclas (Nichols)
Martin Schneider (Snyder)
Jacob Pens (Pence)
                            BAPTISMAL RECORDS
        Parents                  Children                Sponsors
Henry Wilhelm and wife   (1) Michael William,     Michael Bauer (Bowers)
Anna Elisabeth           born June 25, 1745;      and wife Catharine 
                         bapt. December 20 [note
(ditto)                  (2) George Henry         John George Scherp
                         William, born April 8,   (Shepp?) and wife
                         1747; bapt. July 21      Marie 
Augustine Preiss         (3) Susanna, born May    John Ernst Scherp and
(Price) and wife Anna    9, 1750; bapt. Aug. 15,  wife Anna Margaret 
Elisabeth nee Scherp     1753 
(ditto)                  (4) Conrad, born         Conrad Wahl and
                         December 24, 1752;       Chjristina Herman 
                         bapt. Aug. 15, 1753 
(ditto)                  (5) Augustine, born      Matthew Kirsch (Kebab)
                         December 24, 1754;       and wife Anna Margaret
                         bapt. October 1, 1756 
(ditto)                  (6) Elisabeth, born      Parents 
                         Sept. 8, 1757; bapt.
                         Oct 15 
(ditto)                  (7) John Frederick,      Frederick Ermentraut
                         born Sept. 24, 1759;     and wife Catharine  
                         bapt. June 19, 1763 
(ditto)                  (8) Anna Catharine,      Daniel Preiss and wife
                         born May 4, 1763; bapt.  Anna Catharine 
                         June 19, 1763 
(ditto)                  (9) Maria Catharine,     Frederick Ermentraut
                         born May 12, 1765;       and wife Catharine 
                         bapt. June 18 
Valentine Metzger and    (10) George Valentin,    Charles Risch (Rush)
wife Anna Elisabeth      born Jan. 21, 1762;      and wife Maria
                         bapt. June 18            Elisabeth 
Christopher Ermentraut   (11) Elisabeth, born     Elisabeth Ermentraut 
(Armentrout) and wife    Feb. 20, 1761; bapt.
Susanna                  March 4 
(ditto)                  (12) Anna Maria, born    Anna Maria Gallet 
                         Feb. 16, 1762; bapt.
                         March 7 
George Erementraut and   (13) John Frederick,     John Frederick
wife Barbara             born December --, 1764;  Ermentraut 
                         bapt. February 10 
(ditto)                  (14) Catharine Barbara,  John Ermentraut and
                         born July 24, 1769;      Barbara Miller 
                         bapt. August 13 
Henry Preiss (Price)     (15) Henry David, born   Henry Ermentraut and
and wife Magdalene       March 14, 1759; bapt.    wife Magdalene 
                         August 13 
(ditto)                  (16) Adam, born July     George Adam Mann and
                         10, 1760; bapt. July 16  Elisabeth Herrmann 
John Nicolaus and wife   (17) Jacob, born July    Jacob Betach 
Margaret, nee Lorentz    15, 1724 
    Jacob Nicolaus (Nicholas) married Barbara Zeller, daughter of Henry
Zeller (Sellers), on December 7, 1752.  They had the following children:
        Parents                  Children                 Sponsor
Jacob Nicholaus          (18) A son, born July
(Nicholas), and wife     20, 1753; died without
Barbara                  baptism for want of a
                         mainster, on July 29 
(ditto)                  (19) Anna Maria, born    Henry Zeller and wife
                         September 8, 1754        Anna Maria 
(ditto)                  (20) John, born          John Zeller, son of
                         February 6, 1756         Henry Zeller 
(ditto)                  (21) John Henry, born    John Henry Zeller and
                         December 6, 1757         wife Anna Maria 
(ditto)                  (22) Anna Catharine,     Anna Catharine Preiss,
                         born February 29, 1760   wife of Daniel Preiss 
(ditto)                  (23) Peter, born April   Peter Mueller (Miller)
                         5, 1762                  and wife Anna Maria 
(ditto)                  (24) Susanna, born Jan.  Jacob Argebrech
                         25, 1764                 (Argenbright) and his
(ditto)                  (25) Anna Barbara, born  Henry Zeller and his
                         April 22, 1766           wife 
(ditto)                  (26) Elisabeth, born     John Zeller and his
                         February 9, 1768         wife 
(ditto)                  (27) Jacob, born         Peter Mueller and his
                         December 1, 1769         wife 
(ditto)                  (28) Margaret, born      Peter Meller and his
                         January 1, 1772          wife 
(ditto)                  (29) Anna Elisabeth,     Anna Elisabeth R(isch)
                         born January 4, 1774 
John Caspar Vogt and     (30) Sarah, born Nov.    Peter Funck (Funk) and
wife Elisabeth           28, 1761; bapt. March 7  wife Catharine and
                                                  daughter Margaret 
Peter Hermann (Harman)   (31) Elisabeth, born     George Adam Mann and
and wife Margaret nee    May 6, 1763              wife Maria Elisabeth 
(ditto)                  (32) Philippina, born    Theobald Hermann and
                         ----                     wife Sarah 
(ditto)                  (33) George charles,     George Bernhard Mann
                         born Dec. 11, 1761;      and wife Anna Margaret
                         bapt. March 6, 1762 
(ditto)                  (34) Maria Elisabeth,    George Adam Mann and
                         born May 6, 1763; bapt.  wife Elisabeth 
                         June 17, 1763 
     A (AD) 1762.  At the "Pinquit" (Peaked) Mountain and the South
"Chanithor" (Shenandoah), in Virginia, the following children were
baptized on Saturday, February 27th [note 2]:
        Parents                  Children                Sponsors
Christian Kroph          (35) Jacob, age 26       John Jacob Nicolaus
(Croop) and wife         years                    and wife Anna Barbara 
Rosina, nee Kipp
(ditto)                  (36) Daniel, age 24      Jacob Arkebrech
                         years                    (Argenbright) and wife
(ditto)                  (37) Margaret, age 18    I.C. Van Gemuenden,
                         years                    the Reformed minister
                                                  at this place, and
                                                  wife, M.A. Van
                                                  Germuenden, also Jacob
                                                  Perschinger, Reformed
                                                  elder, and wife Maria
Ludwig Friedal           (38) John Jacob, bapt.   John jacob Mann and
(Friddle) and wife       April 24 (1762)          wife Barbara 
John Jacob Nicolaus      (39) Peter, born April   Peter Mueller (Miller)
and wife Barbara nee     5, 1762; bapt. April     and wife Maria
Zeller                   25, 1762                 Margaret 
    The following children were baptized in "Agoste" (Augusta) County at
the "Pinquit Moundyn" (Peaked Mountain), towards the South "Chanithor"
(Shenandoah), in this church at the Mill Creek, or in their homes:
        Parents                  Children                Sponsors
Henry Lang (Long) and    (40) Anna Catharine;     Anna Catharine Wentz,
wife Anna Catharine,     bapt. April 25 (1762)    widow of Valentine
nee Wentz                                         Wentz 
Conrad Biedefisch        (41) John Cristian,      Parents 
(Peterfish) and wife     bapt. July 2 
Catharine nee Roth
Christian Eberhardt      (42) Catharine, bapt.    Widow Catharine Wentz 
and wife Maria Sophia,   July 2 
nee Carl
Jacob Hammer and wife    (43) Anna Maria, bapt.   Gottfried Christian
Fredericka Rosina, nee   July 2                   Leuthmanns Leonhardt,
Leuthmanns Leonhard                               the Lutheran
                                                  schoolmaster and wife
                                                  Anna Maria
John Hetterich           (44) John William,       Carl Risch (Rush),
(Hedrick), Reformed      bapt. August 29          Lutheran elder and
elder and wife                                    wife Maria Elisabeth
Susanna, nee Hornung
George Zimmermann,       (45) Barbara, bapt.      Parents
Reformed elder and       August 29
wife Anna, nee,
Jacob Mueller and wife   (46) Anna Maria, bapt.   Charles Mann and wife
Maria Barbara, nee       Aug. 29                  Anna Maria
Frederick Stoll          (47) Esther, bapt.       Parents
(Stull) and wife         August 29
Charlotte, nee Ritter
William Manger           (48) Henry William,      Nicholas Mildenberger
(Munger) and wife        bapt. December 5         and wife Barbara
Susanna, nee Brodbeck
     A (AD) 1763, the following children were baptized in this church at
the "Pinquit Moundyn", in Virginia, on Wednesday, August 3rd, after the
        Parents                  Children                Sponsors
Charles Risch and wife   (49) John Peter          Peter Mueller and wife
Maria Elisabeth, nee                              Maria Margaret
Jacob Bentz (Pence)      (50) Anna Maria          Anna Maria Nicolaus,
and wife Catherine,                               single
nee Perschinger
Peter Mueller (Miller)   (51) Jacob, born April   Jacob Croop and wife
and wife Margaret        17, 1765; bapt. June 18  Barbara
Frederick Ermentraut     (52) Augustin, born      Augustin Preisch and
and wife Catharine       January 22, 1765; bapt.  wife Elisabeth
                         May 18
(ditto)                  (53) John Henry, born    Charles Hetterich,
                         May 8; bapt. June 19,    single
Jacob Argebrecht and     (54) Jacob, born Aug.    Jacob Nicolaus and
wife Susanna             26, 1762; bapt.          wife Barbara
                         February 14, 1763
(ditto)                  (55) John George, born   George Mallo and wife
                         Jan 13, 1765; bapt. Jan  Barbara
William Manger and       (56) John Charles, born  Charles Roesch and
wife Susanna             Nov. --, 1764; bapt.     wife Elisabeth
                         Feb. 10, 1765
Henry ermentraut and     (57) . . . . . . . . .   Frederick Ermentraut
wife Magdalene                                    and wife Catharine
(ditto)                  (58) . . . . . . . . .   Elisabeth Ermentraut
                         born Sept. 1, 1769;
                         bapt. Oct. 7, 1769
Valentine metzger and    (59) Jacob, born April   Jacob Argebrecht and
wife Mary Elisabeth      16, 1764; bapt. May 20   wife Susanna
---- Witmann             (60) Elisabeth           Caspar Vogt nd wife
Charles Hederich and     (61) John Jacob, born    Jacob Conrad
wife Barbara             April 11, 1765; bapt.
                         June 18
George Adam Mann and     (62) Magdalene, born     Philip Willems and
wife Maria Elisabeth     March 11, 1765; bapt.    Gertrude Schell, both
                         June 18                  single
Jacob Cropp and wife     (63) John, born March    John Argebrecht and
Anna Barbara             9, 1765; bapt. June 18   Catharine Vogt
     A (AD) 1763, the following children were baptized in the province
of Virginia, at the "Pinquit Moundyn", in the church near Mr. Hermann's
        Parents                  Children                Sponsors
Matthew Deiss (Dice)     (64) Anna Elisabeth,     Philip Herrber
and wife Eva             bapt. August 28, 1763    (Harper), senior elder
Catharine, nee Herrber                            of the Upper tract,
                                                  and wife Anna
Martin Herrloss and      (65) Anna Maria          Christopher Kisseling
wife Catharine, nee      Christina, bapt. Oct.    (Kisling) and wife
Lingel                   10                       Christina
Peter ueller and wife    (66) Anna Barbara, born  Jacob Nicolaus and
Maria Margaret, nee      Sept. 23; bapt. Dec 5    wife Barbara
George Mann and wife     (67) George, born Oct.   Jacob Mann and wife
Elisabeth, nee Hermann   9; bapt. Dec. 5          Barbara
John Caspar Vogt and     (68) John Caspar, bapt.  Jacob Arkebrecht,
wife Elisabeth, nee,     Dec. 5                   Peter Mueller,
Wilkes                                            Catharine Margaret
George Ermentraudt and   (69) Mary Margaret,      Anna Elisabeth
wife Barbara             bapt. December 5         Ermentraudt, her
Jacob Bentz and wife     (70) Anna Maria, born    Jacob Nicolaus and
Catharine                Feb. 28, 1763l bapt.     wife Barbara and
                         Aug. 29                  daughter Anna Maria
(ditto)                  (71) George, born        George Bentz and Sarah
                         August 18, 1764; bapt.   Bentz
                         Oct 15
Jacob Mueller and wife   (72) Catharine Barbara,  John Votsch and wife
Elisabeth                born Dec. 28, 1764;      Catharine
                         bapt. Feb. 10, 1765
George Mallo and wife    (73) Anna Elisabeth,     Charles Roesch (Rush)
Anna Barbara             born Jan. 12, 1765;      and wife Elisabeth.
                         bapt. Feb. 10
(ditto)                  (74) Michael, born Jan.  Michael Mallo and
                         29, 1757                 Barbara Ebermann
(ditto)                  (75) Catharine, born     George Foltz (Fultz)
                         August 12, 1758          and wife Catharine
(ditto)                  (76) Anna Maria, born    Daniel Krob and Anna
                         Feb. 19, 1763            Mary Ergenbrecht
(ditto)                  (77) John, born 17768;   John Risch and
                         bapt. on the 23d of the  Catharine Miller
Jacob Herrmann           (78) John Adam           George Mann and Anna
(Harman) and wife Anna   Herrmann, born March 4,  Maria Herrmann
Christina                1755
(ditto)                  (79) Anna Maria, born    George Mann and Anna
                         May 3, 1757              Maria Herrmann
(ditto)                  (80) Henry, born August  Theobald Hermann and
                         4, 1759                  wife Sarah
(ditto)                  (81) Elisabeth, born     Augustine Breiss
                         Oct. 4, 1761             (Price) and wife
(ditto)                  (82) Anna Catharine,     Anna Catharine Hermann
                         born March, 1763
(ditto)                  (83) Jacob, born March   George Mallo and wife
                         9, 1766                  Barbara
     On October 23, 1768, the Lutheran and Reformed Union Church at the
"Bicket Maundy", in Augusta County, was dedicated by the Rev. Mr.
Schwarbach, Evangelical Lutheran pastor at the present time [note 3].
        Parents                  Children                 Sponsor
Frederick Stoll          (84) Daughter, batp.     John Clemens and
(Stull) and wife         Feb. 14, 1770            Christina Pesor
George Adam Mann and     (85) John, bapt. July    John Mann and wife
wife Elisabeth           20, 1771                 Susanna
     On October 8, 1776, Rev. Jacob Frank baptized [note 4]:
        Parents                  Children                Sponsors
David Magert and wife    (86) Anna Catharine,     Paul Lingel and Anna
Susanna                  born April 16            Catherine
John Hartman and         (87) John George, born   Paul Lingel and Anna
Christina                Aug. 1                   Catherine
     On October 8th (1776):
        Parents                  Children                Sponsors
Daniel Grub and          (88) Mary Catharine,     Peter Miller and wife
Elisabeth                born December 15, 1775   Anna Maria
George Schaeffer         (89) John Philip, born   Charles Risch and
(Shaver) and Maria       Dec. 29, 1775            Maria Elisabeth
Henry Moll and           (90) Adam, born Dec.     Adam Herman and
Margaret                 22, 1775                 Catharine Malvina
Martin Finder and        (91) Barbara, born Feb.  Jacob Grub and Barbara
Barbara                  24, 1776
Daniel Preiss and        (92) Sarah, born August  Matthias Schuler
Catharine                20, 1776                 (Shuler) and Elisabeth
Philip Lingel and        (93) John, born          John Hartman and
Barbara                  February 10, 1776        Christina
John Manger (Munger)     (94) John, born June 2,  John Heller and
and Anna                 1776                     Elisabeth
George Conrad and        (95) Philip, born March  Peter Brummer and
Catharine                8, 1776                  Catharine
John Heller and          (96) Anna Maria, born    John Adam Heller and
Elisabeth                Sept. 7, 1776            Barbara
Peter Ermentraut and     (97) Jacob, born August  Jacob Argebrecht
Catharine                12, 1776                 (Argenbright) and
Philip Ermentraut and    (98) Catherine, born     Frederick Ermentraut
Eva                      August 23, 1776          and Catharine
Adam Heller and Anna     (99) Elisabeth, born     John Heller and
Barbara                  March 15, 1776           Elizabeth
Theobald Schramm and     (100) Catherine, born    Michael Traut (Trout)
Anna                     March 5, 1776            and Catherine Kohler
George Lehmann and       (101) Jonathan, born     Leonard Miller and
Elisabeth                March 2, 1776            Catharine
Christian Geiger and     (102) Adam, born July    Leonard Miller and
Margaret                 30, 1776                 Catharine
Lewis [Ludwig]           (103) John Michael,      Charles Fey and
Reinhardt and            born Sept. 18, 1776      Dorothy
Michael Koehler          (104) John, born Feb.    John Beyer and Eva
(Kaylor) and Elisabeth   2, 1776
John Ermentraut and      (105) Anna Maria, born   Peter Miller and Anna
Catherine                April 6, 1776            Maria
Sebastian Nadler and     (106) Christian, born    Conrad Bietefisch
Sophia                   Jan 20, 1776             (Peterfish) and
Peter Miller and         (107) Anna Maria, born   Anthony Oehler and
Elisabeth                Feb. 20, 1776            Catherine
Heinrich Noll (Null)     (108) Adam
and Margaret
John Risch and Anna      (109) Catherine, born    Catherine Winkhaus and
Maria                    July 17, 1776            Michael Traudt
Lewis Koeller and        (110) John Philip, born  John Tanner and
Gertrude                 April 8, 1776            Catherine
John Tanner and          (111) Catherine, born    Catherine Miller
Catherine                ----
Peter Runckel and        (112) Margaret, born     Mathias Kersch and
Margaret                 April 4, 1776            Margaret
Conrad Fotsch and        (113) David, born June   David Fotsch (Fox)
Maria Magdalene          25, 1776
Henry Demuth and         (114) Jacob, born ----   Jacob Julius and ----
August Preisch and       (115) Elisabeth, born    Augustin Preisch and
Mary                     July 27, 1776            Elisabeth
     [This is the last baptism entered by Rev. Jacob Frank.]
John Beyer and Eva       (116) Barbara, born      Grandparents
                         March 17, 1775; bapt.
                         April 18, 1775
     Anthony Oehler (Eiler) married Anna Catherine Elisa Smith, in the
year 1753, on September 4th [note 5]:
        Parents                  Children                 Sponsor
(Anton Oehler)           (117) Annar Margaret,    Michael Bitner and
                         born june 12, 1755       Anna Margaret
(ditto)                  (118) John, born March   John Bretz and Elisa
                         30, 1757                 Schmit
(ditto)                  (119) Anna Barbara,      Anna Barbara Schmit
                         born Nov. 15 1759
(ditto)                  (120) Anna Catherine,    Philip Fischborn
                         born Jan. 25, 1762       (Fishburn) and Anna
(ditto)                  (121) John George, born  John George Schmit,
                         June 30, 1764            Anna Margaret Amet (?)
(ditto)                  (122) Anna Susanna,      Philip Armbrister and
                         born Feb 11, 1766        Christina
(ditto)                  (123) Anna Maria, born   John Peter Mueller and
                         Sept. 20, 1769           Anna Maria
(ditto)                  (124) Magdalene, born    Magdalene Ermentraut.
                         Sept. 21, 1772; bapt.
                         Oct. 25
     On June 16, 1783, the following children were baptized in the
"Pickit Mountain" church by Rev. Mr. Schmidt [note 6].
        Parents                  Children                Sponsors
Adam Pence and           (125) Elisabeth, born    Elisabth Ergebrecht
Margaret                 April 23
Abraham Roo [Ruh] and    (126) Mary Magdalene,    Anna Maria Zeller
Margaret                 born Apr 3               (Sellers)
Martin Schneider and     (127) Mary Elisabeth,    Jacob Lingel and
Mary                     born Apr 25              Catherine
William Hini [Heine]     (128) Mary Margaret,     Martin Schneider
and Margaret             born Dec. 24, 1778       (Snyder) and Mary
John Boyer [Beyer] and   (129) Mary Margaret,     Matthies Kirsch and
Eva                      born June 1, 1781;       Anna Margaret
                         bapt. July 13, 1781
George Zimmermann, Sr.   (130) Salome, born Aug
and Anna                 22, 1771; bapt. July
                         13, 1783
(ditto)                  (131) William, born May
                         28, 1775; bapt. July
                         13, 1783
(ditto)                  (132) Henry, born May
                         12, 1778; bapt. July
                         13, 1783
John Risch and Anna      (133) Sarah, born March  Peter Nicolas, Jr.
Maria                    10; bapt. June 16, 1783
     Baptized June 16, 1793, by Rev. Mr. Schmidt.
        Parents                  Children                Sponsors
Augustin prisch and      (134) Barbara, born      Barbara Miller
Margaret                 Dec. 7, 1782
Frederick Prisch and     (135) Anna Maria, born   Anna Maria Prisch and
Catherine                Feb. 8                   Michael Mallo
Lewis Ronckel and        (136) Frederick, born    Frederick Hene and
Catherine                Feb. 15                  wife
Conrad Brisch and        (137) Michael, born      Michael Mallo
Elisabeth                Feb. 16
Lewis Becker (Baker)     (138) George, born Feb.  George Ergebrecht and
and Anna Maria           8                        Elisabeth Herman
George Weber and         (139) George, born Oct.  Parents
Catherine                23, 1782
Garret Berry and Mary    (140) Elisabeth, born    Augustin Prisch, Jr.,
                         April 13                 and wife
Jacob Kissling and       (141) Christina, born    Christine Baer (Bear)
Barbara                  June 5
Peter Stein and          (142) Catherine, born    Charles Schmidt and
Elisabeth                April 22                 Catherine Ermentraut
     On April 25, 1784, the following children were baptized in this
church by Rev. Mr. Schmidt.
        Parents                  Children                Sponsors
Charles Schmidt and      (143) Zachariah, born    Frederick Miller and
Anna Maria [note 7]      Feb. 24, 1784            Elisabeth Herman
Augustin Prisch, Jr.     (144) Margaret, born     John Risch and Anna
and Margaret             March 16                 Maria
George Mallo, Jr. and    (145) John Peter, born   Peter Prisch and
Catherine                Jan. 30                  Elisabeth Mallo
Henry Venus and          (146) Anna Margaret,     Jacob Herman and wife
Margaret                 born Feb. 23
John Bright [Brett]      (147) Anna Margaret,     Augustin Prisch, Jr.,
and Catherine            born Jan. 26             and wife
Christian Geiger and     (148) John, born April   Jacob Ergebright, Jr.s
Margaret                 10                       and Elisabeth
Jacob Hermann and        (149) Elisabeth, born    Widow Reiss
Elisabeth                Oct. 7, 1783 
Henry Pence and          (150) Barbara, born      Adam Pens and Margaret
Susanna                  Sept. 22, 1783
     On June 6, 1784, the following children were baptized by Rev. Mr.
        Parents                  Children                Sponsors
John Barki [Birke] and   (151) Catherine, born    Her grandmother
Sarah                    May 4                    Catherine Pens
George Pens and          (152) Anna Barbara,      Parents
Margaret                 born July 29, 1783
George Adam Mann and     (153) David, born March  John Beyer and Eva
Elisabeth                10
     On June 27, 1784, the following children were baptized by Rev. Mr.
        Parents                  Children                Sponsors
John Mildeberger and     (154) William, born May  Parents
Anna                     25, 1784
Henry Kock (Cook) and    (155) Jacob, born May    William Trarbach
Magdalene                25, 1784                 (Trobaugh) and wife
George Risch and Mary    (156) Mary Juliana,      Grandmother
                         born Sept. 1, 1784;
                         bapt. Nov. 2
Martin Schneider and     (157) Catherine, born    Parents
Mary                     Oct. 5, 1784; bapt.
                         Nov. 2
     On April 20, 1785, the following children were baptized in this
church by Rev. Mr. Schmidt.
        Parents                  Children                Sponsors
Peter Niclas and Anna    (158) Anna Barbara,      Her grandmother Anna
Elisabeth                born Feb. 12             Barbara Niclas
Conrad Prisch and        (159) Augustin, born     Augustine Prisch and
Elisabeth                March 5, 1785            Anna Margaret
Frederick Prisch         (160) Sarah, born March  George Mallo and Anna
(Preuss) and Anna        31, 1785                 Catherine
Peter Miller and Anna    (161) Anna Maria, born   Grandmother
Barbara                  June 13 1785
     On September 11, 1785, the following children were baptized by Rev.
Gottlieb Abraham Deschler [note 8]:
        Parents                  Children                Sponsors
William Michel and       (162) John Frederick,    John Frederick Michel
Elisabeth                born Aug. 27, 1785       (Michael) and
James Frazor and         (163) Elisabeth, born    Margaret Hoffman
Elisabeth                June 13, 1785
John Boyer and Eva       (164) John George, born  John George Koehler
                         July 18                  and Mary Elisabeth
     On October 25, 1785, was baptized by Rev. Gottlieb Abraham
        Parents                  Children                Sponsors
Abraham Ruh and          (165) Jacob, born        John Weinberg and Anna
Margaret                 August 10                Maria
     On December 25, 1785, was baptized by Rev. Gottlieb Abraham
        Parents                  Children                Sponsors
Charles Schmidt and      (166) John Jacob, born   John Jacob Ergebrecht,
Anna Maria               Nov. 14, 1785            Jr., Anna Catherine
     On August 20, 1786,  were baptized by the Reformed minister,
Frederick Henry Giese [note 9]:
        Parents                  Children                Sponsors
George Mallo and         (167) John, born June    John Pentz and Marie
Catherine                4, 1786                  Catherine Preiss
Peter Miller and Anna    (168) John, born August  John Risch and Anna
Barbara                  2                        Maria
George Kugler and        (169) Barbara, born      Jacob kissling
Elisabeth                June 4, 1786             (Kisling) and Anna
Jacob Kilssling and      (170) John Henry, born   Jacob Baer, Jr.
Barbara                  January 3
     On September 10, 1786, were by Rev.  Mr. Ronckel [note 10]:
        Parents                  Children                Sponsors
Michael Mallo and        (171) Anna Barbara,      Grandparents
Christina                Aug. 25, 1786
Augustin Prisch, Jr.     (172) Anna Maria, born   Anna Maria Prisch
and Margaret             July 5
     On November 19, 1786, was baptized by Rev. John Jacob Weymar [note
        Parents                  Children                Sponsors
Conrad Prisch and        (173) Elisabeth, born    Peter Preisch and
Elisabeth                Sept. 11 1786            Elisabeth Hermann
     On May 4, 1788, was baptized by Rev. Christian Streit [note 12]:
        Parents                  Children                Sponsors
Charles Schmidt and      (174) Anna Maria, born   John Risch (Rush) and
Anna Maria               Sept. 13, 1787           Anna Maria
Henry Miller and Anna    (175) Elisabeth, born    Grandmother Miller
Maria                    Feb. 22, 1788
Peter Nicholas and       (176) Jacob, born Sept.  Jacob Nicholas
Juliana                  9, 1787
Peter Miller and         (177) Elisabeth, born    Elisabeth Nicholas
Barbara                  Jan. 30, 1788
Henry Nicholas and       (178) Anna Barbaram      Grandmother Nicholas
Magdalene                born Feb. 27, 1788
William Kaul and Anna    (179) Christian, born    Parents
Barbara                  Dec. 22, 1787
Christopher Hau and      (180) Anna Catherine,    George Mallo, Jr. and
Elisabeth                born Oct. 10, 1787       Anna Catherine
Adam Pens and Margaret   (181) George, born Jan.  George Pens, Jr.,
                         16, 1788                 single
Augustin Prisch and      (182) Juliana, born      Peter Nicholas and
Margaret                 Dec. 15, 1787            Juliana
     Baptized on October 19, 1788, by Rev. Jacob Weymar:
        Parents                  Children                Sponsors
Peter Nicholas and       (183) Anna Maria, born   John Risch and Anna
Juliana                  Oct. 9, 1788             Maria
     Baptized on June 7, 1789, by Rev. Jacob Weymar:
        Parents                  Children                Sponsors
Wm. Jackson and          (184) Sarh, born July    Christian Geiger and
Margaret                 19, 1787                 Margaret
(ditto)                  (185) George Charles,    Charles Schmidt and
                         born Dec. 28, 1788       Anna Maria
Conrad Prisch and        (186) Frederick, born    Frederick Prisch and
Elisabeth                July 27, 1788            Catherine
George Mallo and Anna    (187) Elisabeth, born    Augustin Prisch and
Catherine                Dec, 30, 1788            wife.
Martin Schneider and     (188) Maria Barbara,     George Kirsch and
Anna Maria               born Oct. 19, 1788       Margaret Lingel
Jacob Kissling and       (189) Anna Maria, born   Martin Schneider and
Barbara                  Sept. 6, 1788            wife
Christian Geiger and     (190) Anna Maria, born   Henry Pens and Susanna
Margaret                 March 28, 1789
Wm. Michael and          (191) Jacob, born May    Jacob Mann
Elisabeth                23, 1789
Jonas Hene and           (192) Elisabeth, born    Catherine Hene
Christina                May 18, 1789
     Baptized on Nov. 22, 1789, by Rev. Wm. Carpenter [note 13]:
        Parents                  Children                Sponsors
Charles Schmidt and      (193) George Michael,    George Mallo, Sr., and
Anna Maria               born Sept., 29, 1789     Anna Barbara
John Risch and Anna      (194) Barbara, born      Peter Miller and
Maria                    Nov. 12, 1789            Barbara
Peter Miller and wife    (195) Margaret, born
                         March 18, 1790; bapt.
                         Oct 1, 1791
Christopher Wetzel and   (196) Anna Maria, born
wife                     April 25, 1791; bapt.
                         July 19
John Risch and wife      (197) Daughter,, born
                         Jan. 15, 1791; bapt.
                         Oct 16, 1791
     This baptismal rgister was written by me, Peter Ahl [note 14], and
begun March 1, 1792.
        Parents                  Children                Sponsors
George Mallo and wife    (198) George, born July  George Heyne
                         31, 1791; bapt. Feb.
                         19, 1792
Christopher Hau          (199) John George, born  John George Ermentraut
                         Oct. 2, 1791; bapt.
                         April 8, (1792)
Frederick Preiss         (200) Elisabeth, born    John Mann and
                         March 9, 1791; bapt.     Catherine Koehler
                         April 8
Francis Reiner           (201) John Matthias,     Matthias Kirsch
                         born Jan. 31, 1792;
                         bapt. April 8
Christopher Menner       (202) Elisabeth, born    Frederick Preiss
                         Dec. 19, 1791; bapt.
                         April 8
Adam Schillinger         (203) John George, born  John George Mann
                         Feb. 27, 1791; Bapt.
                         April 8
Christian Geiger         (204) John Peter, born   Jacob Argenbrecht
                         Nov. 22, 1791; bapt.
                         April 8
Peter Preiss             (205) Michael, born May  William Michel
                         11, 1792; bapt, June 4
Conrad Preiss            (206) Anna Maria, born   Peter Preiss (Price)
                         Jan. 5; bapt. June 17,   and wife
Henry Kissling           (207) Christina, born    Christian Hartmann
                         June 7, 1791; bapt.
                         June 18, 1792
Peter Ahl                (208) Catherine, born    George Mallo and
                         June 5; bapt. June 24,   Catherine
George Wagner            (209) John George, born  George Mallo and wife
                         June 14, 1792; bapt.
                         July 22
Peter Preiss (Price)     (210) Henry, born Nov.   Henry Mueller and wife
                         29, 1790; bapt. Dec. 12
John Ermentraut          (211) Mary Catherine,    Catherine Ermentraut
(Armentrout)             born July 4; bapt. Aug.
Henry Miller             (212) Sarah, born 1791;  George Mallo
                         bapt. Sept. 21
Jacob Kissling           (213) Anna, born 1792;   Jacob Miller
                         bapt. Feb 26
Jacob Hellendahl         (214) Catherine, born    Catherine Herman
[Helmenthal]             1792; bapt. July 20
Christian Luecke         (215) John Henry, born   William Hettrich
                         May 26, 1792; bapt.
                         Dec. 2
John Ruesch              (216) Anna Elisabeth,    Anna Elisabeth Niclas
                         born Oct. 11, 1792;
                         bapt. Jan. 26, 1793
Martin Schneyder         (217) John Matthias,     Matthias Kirsch
(Snyder)                 born Jan. 4; Bapt. Jan.
                         26, 1793
Peter Mueller            (218) Catherine, born    John Ermentraut and
                         Dec. 26, 1792; bapt.     wife
                         Feb. 24, (1793)
Augustin Ermentraut      (219) John George, born  John George Ermentraut
                         April 26, 1793; bapt.
                         May 12 (1793)
John Fey and Susanna     (220) Abraham, born      Parents
                         Oct. 29, 1792; bapt.
                         June 23, 1793
Peter Neu and Juliana    (221) Eva, born Oct.     Maria Kissling
                         30, 1792; bapt. June
                         23, 1793
John Hardman and Anna    (222) Sarah, born June   Peter Neu and Juliana
Maria                    2, 1793; bapt. June 23,
Jonas Hoehn              (223) John Jacob, born   John Jacob Kirsch
                         July 1, 1793; bapt.
                         July 22, 1793
John Beyer               (224) John, born May 2;  Martin Schneider and
                         bapt. Aug. 18, 1793      wife
Frederick Preuss         (225) John George, born  George Mallo
                         Dec. 13, 1792; bapt.
                         Feb. 3, 1794
Conrad Preuss            (226) John peter, born   Peter Preuss
                         Dec. 5, 1792; bapt.
                         Feb. 3, 1794
Francis Reinert          (227) Eva Catherine,     Eva Catherine Hauel
                         born Sept. 20, 1793;
                         bapt. March 2, 1794
Peter Preuss             (228) Peter, born April  Frederick Preuss
                         2, 1794; bapt. June 24,
George Wagner            (229) John, born Feb.    Peter Preuss
                         28, 1794; bapt. June
                         29, 1794
Augustin Preuss          (230) Christina, born    John Weyberg
                         July 2, 1793; bapt.
                         July 20, 1794
Frederick Geiger         (231) Anna Elisabeth,    Christian Lucke and
                         born Dec. 1, 1794;       wife Elisabeth
                         bapt. Feb. 19, 1795
Philip Reyer             (232) John, born Dec.    John Reyer (Royer) and
                         8, 1794; bapt. Feb. 19,  wife Elisabeth
John Ruesch              (233) John, born Nov.    Ditto
                         30, 1794; bapt. March
                         8, 1795
Peter Miller             (234) John Peter, born   Peter Nicholas and
                         Aug. 3, 1794; bapt.      wife
                         Aug. 12, 1794 
     On March 6, 1796, the following children were baptized in this
church at the Peaked Mountain by Rev. V. G. C. Stochus [note 15]:
        Parents                  Children                Sponsors
George Wagner            (235) Elizabeth, born    Martin Schneider and
                         Oct. 22, 1795            wife
Edward Hatfield          (236) Isaac, born Oct.   Martin Schneider and
                         28, 1795                 wife
Francis Reinert          (237) Sally, born Sept.  George Mallow
                         8, 1795
Frederick Ermentraut     (238) Christian, born    Frederick Geiger
                         Jan. 1, 1796
     On the last of March, 1796:
        Parents                  Children                Sponsors
Peter Miller             (239) Anne Elisabeth,    Anna Elisabeth (?)
                         born Feb. 8, 1796
Henry Koenig             (240) Anna Maria, born   Anna Maria Argebrecht
                         Feb. 15
Christian Lichy          (241) Elisabeth, born    Peter Nicolaus
[Luecke]                 Feb. 23
Gottfried Spilky         (242) Mary Elisabeth,    (?)
                         born Dec. 28, 1795
Christopher Werbel       (243) Christopher, born  Christopher Ermentraut
[Wirbel]                 Feb. 28; bapt. March     and wife
Jacob Heyl               (244) Jacob, born April  Christopher Werbel and
                         3; bapt. April 17        wife
Jacob Heyl               (245) Barbara, born      Catherine Sprenckelsen
                         March 8, 1795; bapt.
                         April 17 (1796)
John Zeller (Sellers)    (246) Margaret, born     Margaret Manger
                         Feb. 12, 1796; bapt.
                         April 17 (1796)
James Smith              (247) Joseph, born       David Manger
                         March 12, 1795; bapt.
                         April 17, 1796
Jacob Kissling           (248) Elisabeth, born    Margaret Ermentraut
                         March 4, 1796; bapt.
                         April 17, 1796
Christopher Wetzel       (249) Juliana, born      Peter Nicholas
                         March 30, 1795; bapt.
                         May 5, 1796
Adam Andre               (250) Elisabeth, born    Parents
                         April 19, 1795; bapt.
                         May 8, 1796
John Oche                (251) Hannah, born Jan.  John Megert
                         6, 1795; bapt. May 8,
Daniel Nunnemacher       (252) Anna Maria, born   Philip Reyer
                         June 27, 1796; bapt.
                         July 26
Julis Bertram            (253) Mary Elisabeth,    Martin Schneider
                         born June 14, 1794;
                         bapt. Feb. 11, 1796
Julius Bertram           (254) John, born July    John Bentz
                         22, 1796; bapt. Aug. 21
John Oche                (255) Abraham, born      Henry Manger
                         July 11, 1796; bapt..
                         Aug 21
John George Koehler      (256) John George, born  John Jacob Risch
                         July 27; bapt. Sept. 18
Peter Risch              (257) Anna Maria, born   Her grandparents
                         Oct. 2; bapt. Oct. 10
                         (died on same day) 
Jacob Algebrecht         (258) Henry, born Oct.   Henry Bentz
                         31, 1796; bapt. March
                         12, 1797
Christopher Ermentraut   (259) Mary Catherine,    Mary Catherine
                         born Nov. 12, 1796;      Ermentraut
                         bapt. March 12, 1797
Jacob Schaefer           (260) John, born Feb.    Parents
                         8, 1797; bapt. April 2,
Jonas Hain               (261) Eva Elisabeth,     John Beyer and wife
                         born April 12; bapt.
                         May 2, 1797
Christopher Kirchhoff    (262) John Frederick,    John Busch (Bush) and
                         born Nov. 29, 1796;      Cath. Mallow
                         bapt. May 14, 1797
Henry Zeller and         (263) John, born March   William Hedrich and
Magdalene                11, 1797; bapt. June     wife
                         24, 1797
John Bens                (264) John, born May     Henry Bens (Pence)
                         27; bapt. July 30
Philip Ryer (Royer)      (265) Elisabeth, born    Peter Ryer
                         July 2; bapt. July 30
George Mallo             (266) Anna Maria, born   Martin Schneider
                         July 26; bapt. Aug. 6
Daniel Nunnemacher       (267) Peter John, born   (?)
                         Aug. 2; bapt. Sept. 3
Peter Miller and         (268) Jacob, born Sept.  Elis. Koehler
Barbara                  28, 1797; bapt. Oct. 2,
Francis Reiner[t]        (269) Elisabeth, born    Philip Lung (long)
                         Jan. 24, 1798; bapt.
                         March 11
Jacob Schaefer and       (270) Jacob, born Jan    Parents
Mary                     12; bapt. March 11,
George Wagener           (271) Jacob, born Dec.   Jacob Nicklaus
(Waggoner)               30, 1797; bapt. March
                         11 (1798)
Jacob Reb                (272) John, born Oct.    George Mallo
                         8; bapt. March 11
Jacob Reb                (273) Anna Margaret,     David Manger
                         born Feb. 25; bapt.
                         April 8 (1798)
Henry Koenig             (274) Jacob
Julius Bertram           (275) John Henry, born   John Michael and Cath.
                         Feb. 19, 1798; bapt.     Laugs
                         April 8, 1798
John Hehn                (276) John Jacob, born   John Jacob Risch
                         Feb. 15, 1798; bapt.
                         April 8 (1798)
Christian Geiger         (277) Lydia, born Aug.   Margaret Bens (Pence)
                         29, 1798
Gottfried Spilke         (278) John Frederick,    George Koeler (Kaylor)
                         born Sept. 24, 1797;
                         bapt. Nov. 9, 1797
Thomas Brill             (279) Daughter, born     Jacob Nicklas
                         Jan. 11, 1798; bapt.
                         April 29
Conrad Becker (Baker)    (280) William, born
                         March 29, 1798; bapt.
                         May 25
Adam Flauers and Maria   (281) daughter, born     Eva Schuh
                         April 5, 1798; bapt.
                         Nov. 11, 1798
Peter Reusch and         (282) daughter, born     Charles Reusch and
Barbara                  May 29, 1798, bapt.      wife Mary Elizabeth
                         Nov. 11, 1798
George Koehler and       (283) daughter, born     Jacob Reb and wife
Catherine                April 18, 1798, bapt.    Catherine
Frederick Ermentrout     (284) Valentin, born     Augustine Ermentrout
and Elizabeth            Sept. 24, bapt. Nov.     and wife Margaret
                         10, 1799
Julius Bertram and Eva   (285) John George, born  George Melle and wife
                         Oct. 28, bapt. Nov. 10,  Catherine
Daniel Nummemacher and   (286) Jacob, born May    Jacob Argebrecht
Mary                     17, 1799
Peter Reur (Royers)      (287) Annie Maria, born  Catherine Reyer
and Elizabeth            Feb. 26, 1799
Philip Rey(er) and       (288) Philip, born July  John Koeler
Catherine                6, 1799
Peter Ayler (Eiler)      (289) John, born Nov.    John Resch
and Elizabeth            19, 1798
Jacob Nicklaus and       (290) daughter, born     Mary Risch
Elizabeth                May 28, 1798
Jacob Nicklaus and       (291) Mary, born Sept.   Mary Risch
Elizabeth                8, 1799, bapt. Nov 10.
Francis Reinert          (292) polly, born Dec.   Elizabeth Schneider
                         31, 1799, bapt. June 2,
                         1800 [note 16]
Jacog Elichelbrech       (293) Anna, born Dec     Peter Mueller and
(Elizabeth) and Mary     19, 1799, bapt. June 2,  Barbara
Henry Penns and          (294) John, born Dec     John Penns
Catherine                13, 1799, bapt. June 2,
Peter Zeller and         (295) Anna, born Nov.    Thomas Brill and Anna
Magdalene                2, 1799, bapt. June 2,   Maria
John Zeller and Eva      (296) Anna Maria, born   Anna Maria Zeller
                         Jan. 1, 1800, bapt.
                         June 2, 1800
Peter Miller and         (297) Henry, born Jan.   Jacob Ergebrecht and
Barbara                  18, 180, bapt. June 2,   wife Mary
George Koehler and       (298) Elizabeth, born    Philip Reyer and
Catherine                Oct. 21, 17999, bapt.    Catherine
                         June 2, 1800
Fr. Geiger and Barbara   (299) Catherine, born    Christian Geiger and
                         Feb. 17,1800, bapt.      Catherine
                         June 2
George Mallo and         (300) Anna, born March   Jacob Kisslnig and
Catherine                26, 1800, bapt. June 2,  Barbara
Jacob Nicklas and        (301) George, born Apri  John Nicklas
Elizabeth                3, 1801
August Ermentraut and    (302) Immanuel, born     Christian Leucke and
Margaret                 June 15, 1801, bapt.     Elizabeth
                         Aug. 9
Julius Bertram and Eva   (303) Samuel, born       Parents
                         1801, bapt. Aug 9
Anthony Saurbier and     (304) William, born May  George Panther
Catherine                9, 1801, bapt. Sept. 6   (Painter) and wife
John Zhrfass and         (305) William, born      William Hederich and
Elizabeth                June, 1801, bapt. Sept   wife Catherine
John Hehn and Dorothy    (306) Catherine, born    Fred. Hehn and wife
                         Aug 4, 1801, bapt.       Catherine
                         Sept. 6
Peter Eiler and          (307) Oliver, born July  Peter Eyler and
Elizabeth                9, 1801, bapt. Aug. 16   Catherine
Fred Ermentraut and      (308) Matthew, born      Geroge Ermentraut
Barbara                  Sept. 8, 1801, bapt.
                         Nov 1, 1801
Henry Christ and         (309) Sarah, born une    Peter Seich and
Catherine                27, 1801, bapt. Nov. 1,  Margaret
John Koehler and         (310) John Frederick,    Fred Hehn and
Barbara                  born Oct. 27, 1801,      Catherine
                         bapt. Nov. 1, 1801
Peter Miller and         (311) Nicholast, born    Parents
Barbara                  Oct. 28, 1801, bapt.
                         Dec. 27, 1801
Christian Becker         (312) John, born Feb.    Thomas Brill and wife
                         22, bapt. April 16,
George Keller            (313) John, born Jan.    John Keller and wife
                         26, bapt. April 16,
Samuel Geret             (314) Anna Catherine,    George Mueller and
(Garriott) and Sarah     born April 13, 1802,     wife Catherine
                         bapt. june 13, 1802
Christopher Wetzel and   (315) John Christopher,  John Beyer and wife
Ursula                   born May 19, 1802,       Eva
                         bapt. June 13, 1802
Henry Hoerner and        (316) John, born March   Henry Penns
Elizabeth                13, 1802, bapt. June
                         13, 1802
     Marriages in 1762:
     On March 2.  Jacob Kropp (Cropp), son of Christian Kropp and Anna
Barbara Metzger, daughter of Eroge Valentine Metzger.
     On March 2.  Peter Mueller, son of Henry Mueller, and Margaret
Kropp, daughter of Christian Kropp.
     On October 4, 1762.  George Schillinger, widower and Anna Elizabeth
Horning, widow of Mr. Conrad Stehlmann.
     On Dec. 7, 1762.  George Adam Mann, single and Elizabeth Hermann,
     On Saturday, Feb. 27, 1762 was received as member of this
congregation, wupon confession of her faith, Margaret Kropp (Cropp).
     On Saturday, April 24, 1762 were confirmed and On Sunday, April
25th admitted to the Lord's Supper:
John Henry Ermentraudt (Armentrout).
Catherine Gall wife of Jacob Guthmann, and Anna Barbara Deither
     Register of the catechisms, admitted for the first time to the
Lord's Supper, on April 22, 1792:
Jacob Geiger                         Frances Preiss (Price)
William Geiger                       Catherine Preiss
Peter Mann                           Elizabeth Reyer (Royers)
Philip Schaefer (Shaver)             Christina Baumann (Bernnan)
Michael Schaefer                     Mary Ermentraut
Henry Pens (Pence)                   Mary Schneyder (Synder)
----- -----                          Elizabeth Schneyder
Mary Preiss                          Elizabeth Reyer, Jr.
     The adult communicants were:
George Mallo                         Martin Schnieder
Peter Mueller (Millers)              Peter Preiss (Price)
John Ruesch                          Julius Bertram
----- -----                          Jacob Argenbrecht
Charles Ruesch                       George Schafer, Jr.
George Schafer                       Christopher Wirbel
Gottfried Spilk(y)                   John Reyer
Jacob Argebrecht                     John Jacob Kirch
Conrad Schneider                     Frederick Ermentraut
Christian Geiger                     Jacob Schaefer
Frederick Geiger                     Martin Kirsch
Catherine Mallo                      Nicholas Beck
Elizabeth Wagner                     Margaret Ermentraut
Barbara Mallo                        Mary Elizabeth Ruesch
Catherine Prett (Britt)              Catherine Ermentraut
Susanna Schafer                      Barbara Ermentraut
Mary Mueller                         Anna Kirsch
Margaret Geiger
Register of the catechisms, first admitted to the Lord's Supper on
October 19, 1794:
Peter Ahl                            Nicholas Neu
George Mallo                         Catherine Mallo
John Ruesch                          Mary Elizabeth Reyer
Augustin Preuss                      Catherine Reyer
Conrad Biedefish (Peterfish)         Catherine Biedefisch
John Weinberg                        Elizabeth Reyer
John Reyer                           Elizabeth Luecke
Peter Reyer                          Ann Maria Deschler
Christopher Wetzel                   Elizabeth Meili
Irene Priss
     Register of the members of the Peaked Mountain congregation, who
died and were buried in the grave yard of the church:
     Elizabeth Schaefer (Shave), born Nov. 21, 1727, died Nov. 6, 1795;
buried on the 8th inst.  Her age was 17 yrs. 11 mos. 16 days.
     Susanna Schaefer, born Sept. 30, 1770, died Nov. 12, 1795; buried
on the 14th inst.  Her age was 25 yrs. 1 mo. 11 days.
     Sarah Scahefer, born July 12, 1782, died Nov. 23, 1795; buried on
the 25th inst.  Her age was 13 yrs. 4 mos. 11 days.
     John Michael Schaefer, born Febr. 6, 1774, died Nov. 25, 1795;
buried on the (27th).  His age 21 yrs. 9 mos. 18. days.
     William Geiger, born June 30, 1776, died Dec. 20, (1795) buried
Dec. 22.  His age 19 yrs. 6 mos. 20 days.
     Elizabeth Ementraut (Armentraut), born in 1725, died Oct. 7, 1795;
buried on the 8th inst.  He are was 70 years.
     Conrad Schneider, born Dec. 10, 1715, died October 7; buried Oct.
9th.  His age was 79 yrs. 10 mos. 3 days.
     Anna Maria Risch, born eight days ago; died Feb. 2, 1796.
     George Wagner, born 1792, died Dec. 7, 1796; buried Dec. 8th.
     Barbara Mallo, born Sept. 26, 1726; died Jan. 17, 1797; buried on
the 19th.  Her age 70 yrs. 3 mos. 22 days.
     Register of the childen, who were admitted to the Lord's Supper for
the first time in the church at the Peaked Mt. on Easter of 1796:
John Bentz (Pence)                   Eva Bertram
Henry Bentz                          Elizabeth Risch
----- -----                          Barbara Ermentraut
Catherine Risch (Rush)               Emilia Schneider
Polly Risch                          Susanna Geiger
Margaret Hein                        Elizabeth Bentz
Elizabeth Rusch                      Bessy Schmidt (Smith)
Elizabeth Bredt (Britt)              Catherine Spreckelsen
     At the same time the following members attended the communion:
George Mallo and wife                Frederick Geiger and wife
Peter Miller                         Nicholas Becker (Baker)
Augustin Geruss                      Julius Bertram
Matthias Kirsch                      Jacob Risch
Charles Risch and wife               Catherine Schu(h)
George Eller                         Dorothy Dirsch
Peter Reier                          John Risch
Christopher Werbel                    Catherine Herman
Frederick Ermentraut                 Catherine Bredt
Philip Schaefer                      Barbara Mallo
Gottfried Spilke                     Christina Herman
Christopher Ermentraut and wife      Catherine Weber
John Ermentraut                      Martine Scneider
Catherine Singel                     Christian Geiger
     On October 16th (1799) the following members communed:
Matthias Kirsch and wife             George Schaefer and wife
Charles Risch and wife               Elizabeth Licky (Luecke)
John Risch and three daughters       Margaret Manger
John Algebrecht (Argenbright)        Juliana Nicolas
Nicholas Peck                        Catherine Lingle
Matthias Schneider                   Elizabeth Wagner
Julius Bertram and wife              Elizabeth Meinesten
John Ermentraut                      Elizabeth Koenig
Philip Reyer and wife                Catherine Ermentraut
Daniel Nunnemachr (Moneymaker)       Catherine Weber
George Kochler and wife              George Mallo and wife
Jacob Fries (Frease)                 Christina Herman
Gottfried Spilky                     Barbara Mallo
Peter Miller
     Communicants on April 16, (1797):
Peter Risch and wife                 Philip Schaefer
Charles Risch                        Matthias Kirsch
Christopher Kirchloff                John Bentz
Gottfried Spilky                     Elizabeth Bentz
John Penter, wife and daughter       Elizabeth Koenig
Martin Schneider                     Catherine Weber
Julius Bertram and wife              Emilie Geiger
Philip Lange (Long) and wife         Margaret Heyn
John Rish and two daughters          Catherine Ryer
Elizabeth Ruler (Eiler)              Barbara Ermentraut
Nicholas Peck                        George (?) Wagner and wife
Jacob Kirsch and wife                George Mallo and wife
Daniel Nunnemacher and wife          Peter Miller
Peter Ryer                           Christian Herman
Catherine Speckelsen
     Register of the couples married in the congregation at the Peaked
Mountain, from Nov. 15, 1795-Nov. 15, 1796:
                                    D. C. Stock, Minister
     Jacob Schaefer and the daughter of Peter Bietefisch (Peterfish), on
June 27.
     On Sept. 6th were married:  The widower Christian Geiger, Sr., and
widow Dindore (Dundore).
     On September 30:  George Schaefer and Elizabeth Vogt, daughter of
Martin Vogt, elder at Peter Ermentraut's church.
     On September 25th:  Christian Geiger and Emilia Schmidt.
     Rockingham County, Peaked Mountain Church, October 25, 1785.  The
two deacons, Augustine Prisch (Price) and John Risch (Rush) rendered to-
day in the presence of the undersigned an account of the money belonging
to the church and school and there remains in the treasury L2 8s -p.
     This we testify by our signatures:
                            Charles Schmidt, Schoolmaster.
                            Peter Nicklas,
                            Adam Herrmann.
     This certifies that on January 2, 1802 an account was rendered by
the deacons, Christian Geiger, Martin Schneider, John Seitz and Jacob
Niolaus, and there remain in the hands of George Mallo five pounds,
which his mother presented for the use of the church.
                            George Mallo,
                            Jacob Engenbrecht,
                            Peter Nicholas
[1]  The record was not begun in 1745, as might appear at first sight,
but in the spring of 1760.  At that time all the earlier baptisms were
made, Nos. 1-7 on page 1 of the record and Nos. 17-22 on page 3.  All
these entries are written by the same hand and with the same ink.  The
next baptism (No. 16) is written by the same hand, but with different
ink.  The first entries were, therefore, made before July, 1760. 
Moreover, from the fact that a whole page is devoted to the family of
Jacob Nicalaus and his own date of birth is added, which is done in no
other case, it may be concluded with some degree of probability that
Jacob Nicalaus opened the record.  Who else would be interested enough
in his date of birth to prefix it to those of his children?
     Baptisms Nos. 1-7, 17-23, 30-33 are made by his hand.  Of later
baptisms he entered 51, 52, 54-57, 59-63, 70-76.  He continued to enter
baptisms, therefore, till June, 1765.
[2]  Baptisms Nos. 8, 34-50, 53, 64-69 were entered by the Rev. I. C.
van Gemuenden, of whose life nothing is known at present, except that he
entered these twenty-five baptisms from February, 1762, to December,
[3]  Rev. John Schwarbach was a lutheran minister, pastor of the Hebron
Church, in the present madison county, from at least 1766-1772.  Both
dates are uncertain.  See "Hallesche Nachrichten", new ed., Vol. I., p.
[4]  Rev. Jacob Frank was pastor of the Hebron Church from the fall of
1775 to November, 1778.  See "Hallesche Nachrichten", new ed., Vol. I.,
p. 581.
[5]  Baptisms Nos. 117-124 are entered in a wretched script, probably by
the father himself.  Notice the date of his wedding.
[6]  Nothing is known thus far about this Rev. Mr. Schmidt.  Neither the
Lutheran nor the Reformed records mention his name.  He can hardly be
identical with the Rev. Mr. Schmidt, who labored in Virginia before
1747.  See "Virginia Magazine", Vol. XXI, p. 282.  Nor can he be
identical with Mr. Charles Schmidt, mentioned in the next note, who
signed himself as schoolmaster to the accounts of 1785.
[7]  From a later signature, placed un the accounts of October 25, 1785,
it appears that Charles Schmidt was the school teacher of the
congregation.  The chirography of the baptismal entries shows that he
made them from 1784-'89.
[8]  Rev. Gottlieb Abraham Deshler is mentioned in the record of the
Frieden's Church, near Harrisonburg, as the first Lutheran pastor of
that congregation in 1786.
[9]  Rev. Frederick Henry Giese was settled in Loudon county, Va., 1783-
1794.  He supplied during that time numerous Reformed congregations in
Virginia.  See "Fathers of the Reformed Church", Vol. II., pp. 314-16.
[10]  Rev. John. William Runkel was the Reformed pastor a Frederick,
Md., 1785-1802.  For a sketch of his life see "Fathers of the Reformed
Church", Vol. II., pp. 284-308.
[11]  John Jacob Weymer was the Reformed pastor at Hagerstown, Md.,
1770-1790.  See "Fathers of the Reformed Church", Vol. II., pp. 193-6.
[12]  Rev. Christian Streit was the Lutheran minister at Winchester,
Va., after 1785.  See "Hallesche Nachrichten", Vol. I., p. 31.
[13]  Rev. William Carpenter was the pastor of the Hebron Church, in
Madison county.  See "Hallesche Nachrichten", new ed., Vol. I., p. 582.
[14]  Mr. Peter Ahl appeared before the Lutheran Ministerium of
Pennsylvania in 1790, asking to be admitted as a member of the
Ministerium, but his request was not granted.  See "Documentary History
of the Evangelical Lutheran Ministerium", 1898, pp. 231, f., 241.  In
the record of the Frieden's Church, near Harrisonburg, Peter Ahl is
mentioned as the third Lutheran pastor of that congregation.  The list
of the Lutheran pastors, as given in the Frieden's record, between 1786-
1820, is as follows:  "Gottlieb Teschler, Johann Georg Bottler, Peter
Ahl, Adolph Stindel and Georg Riemenschneider.  They served, no doubt,
the Peaked Mountain congregation at the same time.
[15]  Candidate Carl Stock (Stochus is the Latinized form of the name)
presented himself before the Lutheran Ministerium in 1791, asking to be
ordained, but he was advised to continue teaching school for a while
("Documentary History", p. 241).  He was licensed by the Ministerium in
1793.  In 1796 and 1797 he is reported as serving the Peaked Mountain
congregation ("Documentary History", p. 283, 290).  He entered baptisms
Nos. 235-262, hence he was the pastor of the Lutheran congregation from
October, 1795 to May, 1797.
[16]  The baptisms after June, 1800, were most probably entered by the
Rev. John Brown, who was licensed by the Reformed Synod at York, Pa., on
May 12, 1800, on application from the congregations in Rockingham
county.  He served the congregation from 1800 to 1850.  The Reformed
pastors before Rev. Mr. Brown were do doubt the same as those of the
neighboring Frieden's Church, in whose record, begun in July, 1786, we
find the following names: "Andrew Loretz, Bernhard Willy, Daniel
Hoffmann and Johannes Brauns".  Rev. Andrew Loretz, Jr., was pastor in
Lincoln county, N. C., from 1786 to 1812.  From there he visited
Virginia.  The ministry of Mr. Bernard Willy began 1791.  He resided in
Woodstock, Va.  Rev. Daniel Hoffmann began in 1797, and continued to
serve the congregation for two years.
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              From: SHERRY

        Info on Peaked Mtn. Church extracted from
William J. Hinke and Charles E. Kemper.  File contributed for use by
Robert Shobe.
     While I've tried to be accurate, I recommend visiting the
website to check data for
yourself, if it is important to your research.
     Speaks of German Reformed and Lutheran churches.  First church
(German Reformed?)
located near the mill-race of Mr. Herrmann (1762).  A later reference
states, in a list of baptisms,
that the children were baptized in Augusta Co at the Peaked Mtn.
Towards the South Shenandoah
at the Mill Creek or in their homes.  The Mill Creek/mill-race
appears to be the homeplace of a
Mr. Herrmann.  The second church, Lutheran, was located (1769) near
the Stony Creek.  The
third church was dedicated in 1804 and shared by both Reformed and
Lutheran groups.  Not clear
to me, at least, where this was located. There is mention of the
"Brown Memorial Reformed
Church," recently established at McGaheysville, VA.  Sixteen notes (1
1/2 pages at the end to
specific ministers and a wide range of localities in which they are
mentioned including the Hebron
Church in Madison Co,  the Frieden's Church near Harrisonburg,
Winchester, VA, and York Co
PA.  These are not places where the baptisms, etc. listed for Peaked
Mtn. happened, just
references to minister's activities.
     There is a document/an agreement really signed 1769 by a long
list of men, including Peter Niclas (Nichols), Jacob Niclas
(Nicholas), and a number of others named below.  It ends with, "Done
in Augusta county, at the Peaked Mountain and the Stony Creek, on
October 31st, Anno Domini 1769.
See my note at end regarding extraction of names.  Too many to do
>From page 4         JACOB NICHOLAUS (Nicholas) married BARBARA ZELLER,
 dau of
HENRY ZELLER (Sellers) on December 7, 1752.  They had the following

SON (no name) born July 20, 1753; died without baptism for want of a
minister on July 29
ANNA MARIA born Sept. 8, 1754; sponsors Henry Zeller and wife Anna
JOHN born Feb. 6, 1756; sponsor John Zeller, son of Henry Zeller
JOHN HENRY b. Dec. 6, 1757; sponsors John Henry Zeller and wife Anna
ANNA CATHARINE b. Feb. 29, 1760; sponsors Anna Catharine Preiss, wife
of Daniel Preiss
PETER b. April 5, 1762; sponsors Peter Mueller (Miller) and wife Anna
SUSANNA b. Jan. 25, 1764; sponsors Jacob Argebrech (Argenbright) and
his wife
ANNA BARBARA b. April 22, 1766; sponsors Henry Zeller and his wife
ELISABETH b. Feb. 9, 1768; sponsors John Zeller and his wife
JACOB b. Dec. 1, 1769; sponsors Peter Mueller and his wife
MARGARET b. Jan. 1, 1772; sponsors Peter Meller and his wife

     John Jacob Nicolaus, wife Barbara (Zeller), and other family
members were also sponsors
for some "children," namely:

1) Jacob Kroph (Croop) son of Christian Croop and wife Rosina, nee
Kipp.  Baptism in 1762.
Jacob was 26 years old.
2) Jacob Argebrecht, son of Jacob Argebrecht and wife Susanna.  Jacob
b. Aug. 26, 1762; bapt.
Feb. 14, 1763
3) Anna Barbara, dau of Peter [sic] ueller and wife Maria Margaret,
nee Pick.  Anna Barbara b.
Sept. 23, 1763; bapt. Dec. 5
4) Anna Maria Bentz, dau of Jacob Bentz and wife Catharine.  Anna
Maria b. Feb. 28, 1763; bapt.
Aug. 29.  In addition to Jacob Nicolaus, wife Barbara (Zeller), dau
Anna Maria was also listed
alone as a sponsor for (the same/another???) Anna Maria Bentz dau of
Jacob Bentz (Pence) and
wife Catherine, nee Perschinger.  This child was bapt. on Wednesday,
Aug. 3, 1763 after the
sermon.  Looks like two baptisms, perhaps one at home???
5) Mary Magdalene, dau of Abraham Roo (Ruh) and Margaret.  Mary
Magdalene b. April 3,
1783; bapt. June 16; sponsor was Anna Maria Zeller (Sellers).
6) Anna Barbara Niclas, dau of Peter Niclas and Anna Elisabeth; Anna
Barbara b. Feb. 12, 1785;
bapt. April 20; sponsor was her grandmother Anna Barbara Niclas.

     There were a number of baptisms on May 4, 1788.  Looks like
entire Nicholas family
participated.  Minister was Rev. Christian Streit who was the
Lutheran minister at Winchester,
VA after 1785, according to a note.

7) Jacob Nicholas, son of Peter Nicholas and Juliana; Jacob b. Sept.
9, 1787; bapt. May 4, 1788;
sponsor Jacob Nicholas
8) Elisabeth Miller, dau of Peter Miller and Barbara; Elisabeth b.
Jan. 30, 1788; bapt. May 4,
1788; sponsor Elisabeth Nicholas
9) Anna Barbara Nicholas, dau of Henry Nicholas and Magdalene; Anna
Barbara b. Feb. 27,
1788; bapt. May 4, 1788; sponsor Grandmother Nicholas
10) Juliana Prisch, dau of Augustin Prisch and Margaret; Juliana b.
Dec. 15, 1787; bapt May 4,
1788; sponsors Peter Nicholas and Juliana
11) Anna Maria Nicholas, dau of Peter Nicholas and Juliana; Anna
Maria b. Oct. 9, 1788; bapt.
Oct. 19, 1788; sponsors John Risch and Anna Maria
12) John Peter Miller, son of Peter Miller; John Peter b. Aug. 3,
1794; bapt. Aug. 12, 1794;
sponsors Peter Nicholas and wife
13) Elisabeth Lichy (Luecke), dau of Christian Lichy (Luecke);
Elisabeth b. Feb. 23, 1796; bapt
last of March, 1796; sponsor Peter Nicholas
14) Margaret Zeller (Sellers), dau of John Zeller.  Margaret b. Feb.
12, 1796; bapt. April 17,
1796; sponsor Margaret Manger
15) Juliana Wetzel, dau of Christopher Wetzel.  Juliana b. March 30,
1795; bapt. May 5, 1796;
sponsor Peter Nicholas
16) John Zeller, son of Henry Zeller and Magdalene.  John b. May 27,
1797; bapt. July 30, 1797;
sponsors William Hedrich and wife
17) Daughter Brill, dau of Thomas Brill.  Daughter b. Jan. 11, 1798;
bapt. May 25, 1798; sponsor
Jacob Nicklas
18) Daughter Nicklaus, dau of Jacob Nicklaus and Elizabeth.  Daughter
b. May 28, 1798; bapt. ?;
sponsor Mary Risch
19) Mary Nicklaus, dau of Jacob Nicklaus and Elizabeth.  Mary b. Sept.
 8, 1799; bapt. Nov. 10,
1799; sponsor Mary Risch
20) Anna Zeller, dau of Peter Zeller and Magdalen.  Anna b. Nov. 2,
1799; bapt June 2, 1800;
sponsor Thomas Brill and Anna Maria
21) Anna Maria Zeller, dau of John Zeller and Eva.  Anna Maria b. Jan.
 1, 1800; bapt. June 2,
1800; sponsor Anna Maria Zeller
22) George Nicklas, son of Jacob Nicklas and Elizabeth.  George b.
April 3, 1801; bapt. ?;
sponsor John Nicklas
23) John Keller, son of George Keller.  John b. Jan. 26, 1802; bapt.
April 16, 1802; sponsor John
Keller and wife
     This ends the list of baptisms.  There is a short list of
marriages, followed by burials and
first communions.  Only Nicholas or Zeller/Sellers mentioned is
Juliana Nicolas who communed
October 16, 1799.  A note also lists Peter Nicholas as a deacon of
the church on Jan. 2, 1802.
Another note gives Prisch as Price and Risch as Rush.
     A final note suggests that because the entries start with the
family of Jacob Nichalaus, it
"may be concluded with some degree of probability that Jacob Nicalaus
opened the record....He
continued to enter baptisms, therefore, till June, 1765."
     Finally, if I get a chance, I will try to make a list of
surnames that appear in the record,
since only a portion of them appear with Zeller/Sellers or Nicholas.
Also, I believe that the record in Chalkley that includes the
naturalization of John Sellers also includes a Painter, a German form
appearing in these records.  Think it demonstrates that the two
naturalized were from this group.
     Hope this helps.  Again, best to check the whole document for
yourself, if interested.

Kathy Tindle wrote:

>          In looking at a map it looks like Peaked Mountain may
> have been the area that was once referred to as Peaked Ridge,
> which is right between the Blure Ridge and the North Ridge in the
> Rockingham/Augusta area. It may still be called that in fact,
> even though the map I'm looking at is from the 1600's. I notice
> that they were saying Otter Creek back then......
>          Anyway the children of  Jacob and Barbar Sellers
> Nicholas were :
> 1) Son born 20 July 1753; Died without baptism for want of a
> minister on 29 July - no sponsor.
> 2) Anna Maria 8 Sept 1754 -Henry Zeller and wife Anna Maria ,
> sponsors.
> 3) John 6 Feb 1756- John Zeller, son of Henry Zeller, sponsor.
> 4) John Henry 6 Dec 1767 - John Henry Zeller and wife Anna Maria,
> sponsors
> 5) Anna Catherine 29 Feb 1760- Anna Catherine [Priess] and wife
> (this must have been an error that was supposed to read husband.)
> Daniel [Priess.], sponsors.
> 6) Peter 5 Apr 1762 - Peter Mueller (Miller) and wife Anna Maria,
> sponsors.
> 7) Susanna 25 Jan 1764 - Jacob Argebracht (Argenbright ) and his
> wife, sponsors.
> 8) Anna Barbara 22 Apr 1766 - Henry Zeller and his wife,
> sponsors.
> 9) Elisabeth 6 Feb 1768 -Peter Mueller (Miller) and his wife Anna
> Maria, sponsors..
> 10) Jacob 1 Dec 1769 - Peter Mueller (Miller) and his
> wife.Sponsors.
> 11) Margaret 1 Jan 1772 - Peter Mueller and wife, sponsors.
> 12) Anna Elizsabeth 4 Jan 1774 - Anna Elisabeth [Risch?],
> sponsor.

  From: RHONDA

Virginia Vital Records - Indexed by Judith McGhan

On June 16, 1783 the following children were baptized in the Pickit
Church by Rev. Mr. Schmidt.

Parents                            Child                         Sponsors

Abraham Roo (Ruh)          Mary Magdalene         Anna Maria ZELLER
Margaret                          b. 3 April 1783

       Errors in Peaked Mountain Record?
       Mon, 17 Jun 2002 11:30:13 -0700
       "Sellers.Michael" <>
       <>, <>, <>

In re-reviewing the Peaked Mountain Church records, I came across what I believe to
be several transcription errors in listed names.  I'm sure someone has already
pointed this out, but I haven't seen anything written about it nor referenced.  What
I saw as errors is listed below:

Baptisms:  October 8, (1776)

Children                                           Sponsors
John Manger (Munger) and Anna                   (94)  John, Born June 2, 1776
John Heller and Elizabeth

* I believe this is Johannes (John) Zeller (son of Heinrich Zeller/Sellers) and wife
Elizabeth (Perkey) as sponosrs, not "Heller".

Children                                           Sponsors
John Heller and Elizabeth                                   (96)  Anna Maria, born
Sept 7, 1776         John Adam Heller and Barbara

* I believe this to again be Johannes (John) Zeller and wife Elizabeth as parents,
with John's brother Johan Adam Sellers and wife Barbara (Teeter) as sponsors, not
"Heller" as was listed for both names.  Both John and Adam were sons of Heinrich and
Anna Maria Zeller.

Children                                            Sponsors
Adam Heller and Anna Barbara                           (99)  Elisabeth, born March
15, 1776
        John Heller and Elizabeth

*Again, I believe the parents are Adam Sellers with wife Anna Barbara (Teeter),
Johannes (John) Sellers and Elizabeth (Perkey) as sponsors.  Adam Sellers' daughter,
Elizabeth, was born March 15, 1776.  This coincides perfectly with this record for

Overall, I think these 3 errors when corrected to read Zeller or Sellers give a
better picture of Heinrich and Anna Marie's offspring being at Peaked Mountain for
an extended period of time.
Again, I'm sure someone has pointed this out earlier, I just haven't seen anything
written about it so far.

Michael Sellers

MICHAEL, thanks.
WE needed  this info - it was NOT in our extractions and we do Need All variations
of Names on our SELLERS,etc=

They really are Not Errors =
They are the SPELLINGS and SOUNDS of the people who wrote them.
AND us = who can kinda spell = Knowing HOW to read/extract/find the Older spellings,

THANK YOU, I believe this info will be very helpful and will add to our Rock Co, VA
-PMC- page contributed by you.
marie, iowa