FREDERICK CO, VA (made in 1738/43 from Orange, Augusta)
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If >your ancestor settled in Old Frederick County (including present-day >counties of Shenandoah, Page, Warren Frederick, Clarke, Jefferson, Berkeley, >Morgan, Hampshire, Hardy, Mineral and Grant),
secure a copy of the Fairfax >survey or grant, or County deed, whichever applies, and find a surveyor, >engineer, lay person, or do-it-yourself, to plot the boundaries onto a >United States Geological Survey map (USGS). Some people are doing this with >software, but I am not up-to-date on that subject. If you have a description >of surveyed land (compass directions, degrees, distances of the legs, etc), >and want the services of a professional who charges reasonable fees, write to:

Those interested in attempting to locate specific pieces of land described by "metes and bounds" in the Shenandoah Valley may want to look at my article which appeared just over a year ago in the National Genealogical Society Computer Interest Group DIGEST. The article, titled "Where Two White Oaks Used to Grow," is a case study in locating land owned by my ancestor, Henry Pence, and two of his brothers using the descriptions provided in the original Northern Neck surveys (availble from the Library of Virginia). The land was originally in Old Frederick County, later became a part of Shenandoah County and now is in Page County. Pinpointing the land involved the use of deed plotting software and other computer tools. Details on this and related software is given in the article, along with information on obtaining USGS 7.5 minute topographical maps, an essential element.

This article is on-line at the National Genealogical Society's website. I was unable to log onto that site just a bit ago to get the exact address, but the address for the homepage of the NGS is:

Under that you should find a link to the CIG DIGEST and the article. If that doesn't work, try searching under my name, Richard Pence or Richard A. Pence. For those interested in deed plotting software, I am aware of at least two decent programs: Mapper and DeedMapper. You can get further information on both from the above-mentioned article and an associated review in the same issue of the DIGEST. I also used a prgram called MapXpert in this project. It's a commercial program and fairly expensive. The plotting programs are relatively inexpensive. Mapper is, I believe, still available in a shareware version that jdoesn't have all the features of the newer commercial version.

The article also contains source citations for obtaining info on land grants in the Northern Neck (the area bounded on the south by the Rappohanock River and on the North by the Potomac River) given to Lord Fairfax. The original warrants and surveys for this land are in the Library of Virginia and there is a book abstracting them. The warrants and deeds are filed under the name of the person(s) who excersized the warrant. Regards, Richard Allen Pence 3211 Adams Court Fairfax, VA 22030-1900 Voice: 703-591-4243 Fax: 703-385-0971 e-mail:


1800 =

PAUL SELLERS,PAGE 355=00010-20100-00
PHILLIP SELLERS, PAGE 355=00001-02001-00 (where 1790/1800?)
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>From Court records of Augusta Co., VA, as quoted in Vol. 1, pg. 296 of 

Chalkley's "Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia":


County court judgements, September 1747:

"George Sellers, of Frederick County, vs. Abraham Miller and Christian 

Miller, of Frederick Co.  Bond dated 8th Oct. 1745.  The defendants  live near the

narrow passage, by Falkenborgh's old place."


Frank Sellers

Falls Church, VA



By Wilmer L. Kerns

OLD FREDERICK COUNTY, represents or includes 12 present-day counties, 7 of which are now in West Virginia. More than likely, the ferry was on the Potomac River in one of the WV counties, but there were also ferries on the Shenandoah and Cacapon Rivers. I believe that we know the names, dates and locations of all the ferries, because they were State approved. You asked for a rundown of the rivers:

There are 9 unconnected rivers that flow through Old Frederick County, and all empty into the Potomac River. From East-to West, the nine water basins (rivers) are:

(1) Shenandoah River flows through Page, Warren, Shenandoah, and Frederick Counties in Virginia, and Jefferson County in WV.

(2) Opequon Creek flows through Frederick County in VA and Jefferson and Berkeley Counties, WV.

(3) Back Creek flows through Frederick County and Berkeley County, WV

(4) Sleepy Creek flows through Frederick County and Morgan County, WV.

(5) Great Cacapon River flows through Hardy, Hampshire and Morgan Counties, WV

(6) Little Cacapon River flows through Hampshire County.

(7) South Branch of the Potomac River flows through Grant, Hampshire and Hardy Counties, WV

(8) Pattersons' Creek flows through Grant and Mineral Counties.

(9) New Creek flows through Mineral County, WV

When you visit the Handley Library in Winchester, check my book on this subject (Frederick County, Virginia: Settlement and Some First Families of Back Creek, 1730-1830). It contains a lot of detail about the rivers, and useful maps showing river basins and settlements. Also, ask to see (or you might want to purchase for $15) a copy of a book titled, The Story of Frederick County, edited by Sam Lehman. It's possible that the County Court Clerk's Office still has copies for sale. The book was published in 1988 to commemorate the 250th anniversary of Frederick County. Chapter 18 is titled Canals and Ferries. I wrote one chapter (wagon roads), and participated in the research for several other chapters.

If you're going to Winchester, you can purchase a copy in a local bookstore called the Winchester Book Gallery. Or you might want to use the copy in the Handley Library. The Archivist of Handley, Rebecca Ebert, is co-author of the book.

You will find lots of good records in both courthouses in Winchester, and friendly people.

Wilmer L. Kerns


List member, Wilmer L. Kerns, Ph.D. has published 3 books pertaining to the Old Frederick Co., VA area.

"Historical Records of Old Frederick and Hampshire Counties, Virginia " (Revised), Heritage Books, Inc, 1992. This book contains, among other things, Historical and Genealogical Records, Ministerial Bonds; Business Licenses - Ordinary Bonds 1795-1799; Ordinary Bonds 1800-1840; Mill Owners in Old Frederick County; Kidwell Genealogy and History of Little Cacapon Primitve Baptist Church. (Indexed)

"Frederick County, Virginia: Settlement and Some First Families of Back Creek Valley, 1730-1830", Gateway Press, Inc, 1995. History of settlement: Indians and settlers; wagon roads, ordinaries and taverns; site selection, housing, and old houses; naming of rivers and streams; mill owners; religion and churches, cultural and physical geography, with maps developed by cartographer Sam Lehman, and realtionship of Back Creek with surrounding settlements.

Some of the primary surnames, which cover 2-6 generatons of Genealogical history are: Adams, Allemong, Anderson, Babb, Dalby, DeHaven, Dunlap, Harris, Haworth, Jenkins, Julian, Kerns, Larrick, Lockhart, McKee, Peacemaker, Printzler, Pugh, Purtlebaugh, Shane, Sine, Taylor, Trowbridge, Walker, Whitacre, Wright and others. (Indexed)

"Shanholtzer History and Allied Families Roots in Hampshire County, W.VA and Frederick county, VA". Includes eleven generatons of desc. Of Johannes Schoenholtzer, the German immigrant who settled in Chester Co., Pa, in 1727. Contains 223 pictures, most of which represent the earlier generations of people born 1792-1900 and much, much more. (Indexed)

Dr. Kerns, a native of the Shenandoah Valley, Has done extensive research in the Old Frederick Co., VA area over the past several years and has gained a vast amount of knowledge of the area.

If you would like more information regarding these books, you can e-mail Wilmer Kerns

More Books

"A History of the Nurses' Training School of Winchester Memorial Hopsital, 1903-1964" Author of the book is Michael M. Foreman

"Life Along Holman's Creek", published in 1982 by Commercial Press, Stephens City, VA. Author of the book is Joseph Floyd Wine, a local historian.