Chalkley is not without its problems, as Daphne Gentry of the Publications and Educational Division of the Library of Virginia has pointed out. Not all documents are included. There are not only errors of omission, but errors of transcription have also been documented. This simply means that the careful researcher should send for a copy of the original document, as with any secondary source, and should not assume that because it doesn't appear in Chalkley it does not exist.


FEBRUARY 12, 1745/6.
  (13) Robert McClenachan--Ordinary license at Co. Ho. David Stewart, Sty.
  (13) John Hutchison--same.
  (13) Andrew Pickens, Peter Scholl, Richard Woods recommended coroners--and Pickens to act
until appt.
  (13) Wm. Thomson, security for Alexr. Thomson.
  (14) Enis Young, security for James Davis.
  (14) Wm. McCandless security for Ro. Galloway.
  (15) Robert Seyers security for John Patterson.

NOVEMBER 21, 1747.
  (334) John Zetter, convicted of gambling and cheating at cards.

MAY 23, 1750.
  (365) Isaiah Harrison, admr. of Joseph Harrison, removed to Carolina.
  (365) William O'Briant, servant of John Harrison.
  (366) Sarah Wilkins, wife of Samuel Wilkins relinquished dower in deed Saml. W.--to Alexr.
  (371) Road ordered from Ezekiel Calhoun's to Wood's River thence to Top of Ridge between
Wood's River and the South Fork of Roanoke. John McFarland and Joseph Crockett to be
surveyors of former, and Wm. Crisp and Wm. Pellam, of latter part, with tithables, and the
following: Henry Batton, Mordecai Early, John McFarland, Jacob Goldman, John Downing, John
Goldman, Charles Sinclair, Nathaniel Wilshire, Wm. Sayers, Jacob Goldman, Wm. Hamilton,
Humbertson Lyon, Frederick Carlock, Robert Norris, James Miller, James Cave, Saml.
Montgomerie, Steven Lyon, John Conley, Andrew Linam, James Willbey, Saml. Stanlick, James
Maies, Robert McFarlin, James Harris, John Vance, John Stride, Robert Miller, Alexr. Sayers, John
Miller, Jacob Castle, Robert Alcorn, John Forman, Wm. Miller.
MAY 28, 1751.
  (569) John O'Neal and his son, Thomas, presented for larceny.
  (571) Road ordered from Caleb Job's to James McKay's, crossing the river at a place called the
Brush Bottom Ford, and so along the river by Henry Spears' plantation, and that the said Spears,
with Mason Combs, John Sallers, Richard Sheitz, William Hurst, William Overall, Thomas Hues,
Zachariah McCoy, Torrance Carroll, Wm. Dickenson, Steven Philips, Alexr. Gunnod (?), James
McNeal, John Hawkins, Benj. Grider, Ephraim Leath, Charles Williamson, Josiah Parent, Wm.
Parent, Thomas Parent, Edmond Bollen, Adam Coningham, Francis Grubbs, keep it in repair.
  (574) Road ordered from John Davis's mill to Wood's New Cleared Gap, and John King, with
Andrew Erwin, John McGill, Wm. McGill, Robert Fowler, Hugh Campbell, John Erwin, Edward
Erwin, Robert Carscaden, Francis Erwin, Edward Erwin, Wm. Frame, Benj. Erwin, Charles
Campbell, Robert Campbell, Wm. Brown, Michael Dickey, Robert Brown. Henry Smith, Hugh
Diver, Charles Diver, David McCummins, John Davis, Danl. Smith, James Anderson, John Francis,
Wm. Alexander, Robert Gamble, Andrew Combe, James Patterson, Francis Brown, Gabriel
Pickens, keep it in repair.

NOVEMBER 17, 1756.
  (242) Robert Armstrong, with two other tithables, added to list of tithables. Hannah, widow of
Robert Sayers, refuses to administer, and David Sayers qualifies.
  (243) John Fleming, servant of John Paxton.
  (244) County Levy.

                            NOVEMBER 20, 1756.
  (251) Will of Robert Sayers produced and disputed by David Sayers because not signed, but
ordered to record. Admr. granted to David Sayers as next of kin. Hannah, the widow, refused to

MAY 18, 1762
 (215) John Duncan to be bound to John Moore to learn trade of a joiner, and Moore qualifies
guardian of Duncan, who is orphan of James Duncan.
  (215) David Sayers qualifies guardian of Joseph, orphan of James Duncan. Janet Duncan, same as
to James Duncan

APRIL 23, 1763.
  (51) William Grymes, James Neilly and William Robinson to be road overseers from Grymes
Clearing to the head of the run above Madison's plantation; John Craig from thence to New River
on the lands of John Buchanan, gent., and Alexr. and William Sayers from thence to Fort Chiswell;
Wm. Preston is to apportion tithables as far as Fort Lewis, and Wm. Thompson from thence to Fort

AUGUST 25, 1764.
  (118) John Sallord, returned no inhabitant.
  (120) One large English-bodied wagon attached.
  (139) Nathaniel Lyon, returned not found in bailiwick.
  (143) James Johnston, Henry Harmon and Mathew Lindsey, returned no inhabitants.

OCTOBER 16, 1765.
  (8) Catherine, wife of Jeremiah Harrison, priv. examination commission.
  (8) Jacob Harper, Alexr. Painter, John Seller, Augustine Price, Jacob Parsenger, Henry Lung and
Michael Neese--Naturalized. { The order says they qualified justices!
  (8) Mary, wife of John Maxwell, private examination commission.
  (8) Mary, wife of Nathaniel Evans, private examination commission.
  (9) John McKnight, orphan, to be bound to James Campbell.
  (9) Margaret, wife of Alexr. Hamilton, priv. examination commission.
  (10) Action by David Sayers against Robert Sayers, an infant, son and devisee of Robert Sayers,
  (10) ---- ----, the wife of Peter Cockran, priv. exn. commission.
  (12) Handley vs. Thomas Kelley } Walter Cunningham, garnishee, states that if defendant's pay as
a soldier comes into his hands he will have 8.
  (12) 220 acres of Hugh Lusk added to tithables.
  (14) Bowman vs. John Benson and Margaret } Dedimus to take deposition of Isaac Johnston a
witness, about to remove to Carolina.

MAY 19, 1773
 (106) Margaret Sollas petitions that her husband, Nicholas Sollas, bound out their son, James
Sollas, aged 13 years, to Henry Hall and ran away.-- James could be better educated if bound to
Adam Wall (a son of Margaret by another husband) with whom Margaret now lives-- ordered. 
  (109) Sarah Campbell, aged 13, orphan of Robert Campbell--Elijah McClenachan appointed

MAY 22, 1773. 
  (128) Hemp certificate: Nicholas Sollas.--See page 106, supra. 

To Sellers bunch/esp to those with tolerance for McDaniel
     These are from Ancestry online databases except as indicated.  
If someone wants citation, let
me know.  Just putting them together, as I go.  Almost all here is 
Chalkley.  Not all records done. 
Have to check Peaked Mountain Church, for example, but these show 
some possible connections. 
Taken from...
Chalkley (I have not bothered to list volume here.).
4.  Database of PA Marriages
I have interwoven Chalkley material to provide a chronological survey.
I have used ellipsis for brief omissions (...) and added comment if I 
eliminated a lot.
I have written out the word "pounds" to indicate the British currency 
I believe that () indicates signed with x.
I have used " NOTE" whenever the commentary is mine.
I have not copied every note that pertains to these individuals
I have added some SELLERS which may relate, and will check Peaked Mtn.
  Think some
Germans mingled with Scotch-Irish in these records.  Might be worth 
looking at.  I am just
beginning to draw the connection
1749, November 20th--John McDonel, 400 acres near Thomas West, and 
400 on North River
1750.  NOTE: Names extracted from list of Delinquents/Administrator's 
Bonds--many omissions. 
James Dailey, runaway; Neal McNeal, twice charged; Hugh McBride, 
9th April, 1751.  James Robinson's will, yeoman--Wife, Mary, and her 
daughters; two youngest
sons, Isaac and Jonathan (Isaac is the older); son James, son David, 
200 acres on Shanando River
where he now lives.  Executors, wife Mary and son David.  Teste: 
James Williams, John Miller,
John McDonald.  Proved, 28th May, 1751, by McDonald and Miller, and 
Mary qualifies
executrix, with sureties John Bryan and John Dobikin.
NOTE: Seem to recall Morgan Bryan appraising estate of a John Dobikin 
about 1755 but would
have to doublecheck.
17th November, 1752.  Benjamin Borden to Andrew Bird, 174 acres, 
Brock's Gap, on North
Shanando; the Chimney Rock.  Delivered to Abraham Bird, 27th January, 
13th March, 1753.  Benj. Borden to Charles Dayley, 76 acres on No. 
Shanando, North Shanando,
Brock's Gap.  Delivered: Jno. Thomas, August Ct., 1777.  
2d February, 1754.  Andrew Bird to Abraham Bird, 174 acres in Brock's 
Gap on North
Sharrando River, the patent line to the Chimney Rock.
19th May, 1756.  John Bingaman's bond (with jacob Nicholas, Henry 
Seller) as administrator of
Jno. Bingaman.
17th August, 1758.  Peter Kenders' (Kinder? Ginder?) Estate.
     NOTE: Break in chronology.  This speculation about the name is 
in original.  This family sold
land to Francis McBride (look for him in processioning) as I found in 
Crumrine. Crumrine lists
Michael Kintner and Catherine; George Kintner and Susannah.  They are 
also listed as Ginder. 
Could account for a PA marriage to a McDaniel.  Have to doublecheck 
database but found
Sophia Kitner and John McDaniel Dec. 20, 1777.  The age is right for 
my John but purely
speculative at this point.  Have no idea who Francis McBride is.
     There is also a will on p. 327 of Crumrine.
Catharine Lamb of Yohogania; dated Jan. 22, 1779; attested by Peter 
Swath, Henry Devore,
Jeremia Washburn; proved March___, 1779: Beneficiaries, Catharine 
Kintner, Susannah Kintner;
executor, George Kintner husband of daughter Susannah.
     Continuing with chronology...
21st November, 1759.  John Burk to John McDonald, of Orange County, 
North Carolina, 35
pounds, 108 acres on Boon's Run, part of 400 acres surveyed for Jno. 
Burk.  Delivered Jno.
Burk, May, 1760.
2d May, 1760.  John McDaniel of Orange County, North Carolina, to 
Stephen Greerrod, 30
pounds, 180 acres on Boon's Run of Shanando, part of 400 acres 
surveyed for Lewis and Jno.
Neal and transferred to Burk.  Acknowledged by John, 2d May, 1765.  
Delivered: Stephen, 20th
January, 1761.
no date, 1760.  Processioned by Abraham Bird, David Robinson, viz: 
for Jacob Trumbow, for
John Miller, for Joseph Dicktum, for Uriah Humble, for Jacob Bare, 
for Conrad Lamb, for
Abraham Bird, for Adam Rieder, for Mathias Reeder, for Alex. Painter, 
for John Bare, for James
Baggs, for John Phillips, for Alex. Buchanan, for Daniel Davison, for 
Jacob Woodley, for Thomas
Logan, for Zebulon Harrison, for John Harrison, for John Harrison, Jr.
, for John Davison, for
Michael Weron, for Thomas Moore, for Francis Hughes, for Jonathan 
Hodges, for Andrew Bird,
for Thomas Milsaps, for William McGee, for John Blizard, for Jacob 
Rambow, for David
Robinson, for Martin Shumaker, for Charles Dayley, for Francis 
McBride, for John McDaniel, for
John Bryant, for Macoy---, for Robert Cravens, for George Spence, for 
John Miller, for Wm.
Pickins, for Isaac Robinson, for John Capter.
NOTE: I did not eliminate any names.  The --- is from original.
1st June, 1761 (1760?).  James Pritchard and Abigail (), of Orange 
County, North Carolina
(Abigail was one of the daughters and devisees of Benj. Border), to 
Joseph Borden, of Frederick
County (Abigail was Abigail Worthington). 90 pounds, 1000 acres given 
to Abigail (then
Worthington).  Test: John McDaniel, Jacob Layton, Levi Branson, John 
() Alexander. 
Commission for privy examination of Abigail executed, 1st June, 1761. 
 Delivered: Joseph, 10th
March, 1763.
15th November 1760.  Thos. () West and Christina to Marten Witsell, 
45 pounds, 120 acres
patented to Thos. 16th August, on North Branch Shanandore above 
Brock's Gap; cor. Jno.
McDonel's survey.  Teste: Wm. () Glasgoro (Glasgow?)
18th August, 1761.  Henry Seller to son John Seller, 5 pounds, 130 
acres on Price Run between
Shanandoe River and the mountain.
18th August, 1761.  Henry Seller to Peter Seller, 30 pounds, 123 
acres, 100 acres whereof
patented to Henry 10th March 1756; 23 acres part of tract whereon 
Henry now lives, on
Shanando River.  Delivered: Jno. Seller, August Court, 1776.
18th November, 1761.  John Bowden's additional appraisement by John 
Dayley, John McClure,
Neal McNeal.  Recorded.
October 16, 1765.  Jacob Harper, Alexr. Painter, John Seller, Jacob 
Parsenger, Henry Lung and
Michael Neese--Naturalized.
7th July 1767.  Conrad Lamb, farmer, and Catherine () (Cathrina) to 
John Thomas, 150 executors of Benj. Borden Jr., part of 800 
acres patented to Benj. 1747. 
Teste: Adam () Haverstick, Mathias House, Michael () Ginder, George 
() Ginder.  Delivered to
Jno. Dunbarr, November, 1769.
NOTE: I shortened the entry, eliminating a previous list/wonder if 
Stalp is Stalcup.  Processioned
by Isaac robinson, James Johnston, 1767-68, the Forrest: for Mathias 
Reader, for Michael Hover,
for Charles Dayley, for John Bare, for Joel Robinson, for James 
Johnston, Milborn Maden,
present; for Nathan Dayley, for William Stalp; for Adam Painter, 
Michael Niece present; for
Martin Shoemaker, Philip Dayley present; for Isaac Robinson.
NOTE: A few pages later which may indicate geographic separation.  
List shortened also.
1767-1768:...Processioned by Thos. Beggs and Michael Humble from 
Brock's Gap to Hampshire
Line, viz: For Abraham Bird, present Rudy Mauk and Teter Couts; for 
Teter Coutts, for Conrad
Custer, for Rudy Mauk, for Conrad Lamb, for Isaac Beackfield, for 
John Miller, for Charles Man,
for Thomas Witsell, for Conrad Custard, Sr., for Jacob Trumbo, for 
Thomas Beggs, for James
Beggs, for Jacob Bare, for James Marshall, for Andrew Trumbo, for 
Martin Witsell, for Adam
Reader, for Uriah Humble.
Patent to John McDaniel, 10th July, 1767.  Teste: John Smith, David 
() McDonald, Isaac
18th November, 1767.  John Harrison's estate settlement recorded--
Cash paid Iowel (Joel)
Roboson, Thomas Wales.  Sold, viz: to John Nedomtoone, John McDonnald,
 Alex. McDonald,
Robert Dickey, Joseph English, John Needham, Jacob Decoson, Jacob 
Grub, Joseph Langdon,
Danl. Prentice, Danl. Ponder, Jonathan Langdon, Jacob Peters.
NOTE: Think Joel Roboson is Joel Robinson.
11th September, 1768.  Henry Seller to Adam Seller, 60 pounds, 168 
acres patented to Henry, 1st
June, 1750 on Shanando, Philip Long's land; corner Peter Sellers'; 
also205 acres patented to
Henry 30th August, 1763, between Peaked Mountain and Shanando River; 
corner Stephen
Hemsberger.  Teste: John Seller, Daniel () Price, Jacob Hammer.
17th August, 1769.  Settlement recorded of estate of Stephen Conrad 
(Geo. Conrod,
executor)--Paid, viz: Jacob Bear, John Fudge, Jno. Michl. Stophelmire,
 Mathias Kersch, Michl.
Summy, Jno.
Seller, Valentine Mitcher, Paul Lingal, Mauks Swadley, Jacob 
Archinbright, Peter Smith, Saml.
Maggot, Michl. Shirley, Jacob Shell, Christian Pikle, Jacob Peters, 
Conrad Peterfish, George
Fullingar, Geo. Mallo.
10th August, 1773.  Martin () Whitzel and Elizabeth () to John Rhuble,
 above Brock's Gap,
adjoining land formerly belonging to Thomas West, patented to Martin, 
10th July, 1767.  Teste: 
Ben. Forsythe, Joseph Goare, John Fitzwater.
22nd--, 1774.  Christopher Kislinger's estate appraised by Jacob 
Nicholas, John Seller, Jacob
7th October, 1774.  Henry Deck's estate appraised by John Seller, 
Daniel Price, Jacob Bare.
21st March, 1775.  Recorded.  Francis Kirtley's appraisement by Wm. 
Nalle, Martin Nalle, Jr.,
John Seller
29th November, 1776.  Arnest Armone's estate appraised by John Seller,
 John Huntman, and
18th March, 1777.  Recorded.  Steen Hansbaig's appraisement by Geo. 
Carpenter, John Zoller (  
Stultz vs. McKinzey's executors...Deed, 5th February, 1799, by Judith 
Fitzwater, widow and
relict of John Fitzwater; Thos. Fitzwater and wife Mary, heir 
apparent at law of said John
Firzwater of Harrison County, KY., to Thos McKinsey of Rockingham, 
131 acres in Brock's
Gap, patented to Thos. West, June 10, 1760, and by him conveyed to 
John, who died 17--,
intestate, and 1/3 goes to widow and 2/4 to heir-at-law.  Recorded in 
Rockingham, July, 1799
Deed, 5th February, 1799, by Thos. And Mary above, to Thos. McKinsey, 
46 acres in McNeal,
1st Sept., 1780, and by McNeal's executrix conveyed to said Thos. As 
only and sole heir of his
father, John, 24th October, 1791, duly recorded.  NOTE: The rest not 
Henry Seller to Henry Munger, between Shanando River and Peaked 
Mountain.  Delivered:
grantee, 3d April, 1812.

Contributed by SHERRY

From Circuit Court Records, Section "I" on page 55, there is Simpson 
vs. Marshall--from Hardy Co--Bill filed 6th August, 1800.  Involves 
title to land in South Branch Manor belonging to Fairfax.  Following 
are tenants in the Manor, 15th August, 1793 (copied only a few 
names):  Isaac and Jacob van Meter, 933 acres; F. Sellars, 95 acres; 
G. Kellar, 127 acres; Jacob van Meter, 379 acres.

Vol. I-Order Book #X--JOHN SALLER vs Charles Hays--SALLER lives on Roanoke, Aug. 1749 [didn't give anymore info.]

Ibid: JOHN SALLERS- on list to repair road-North side of South River of Shenadore.

Ibid: 16 Oct 1765--on list-JOHN SELLER-naturalized and qualified as justices.

Ibid: Sept. 1747--GEORGE SELLERS of Frederick Co., VA vs Abraham Miller and Christopher Miller of Frederick. Bond date 8 Oct 1747 [no more info.]

LuJuana, TX
Lu Juana Cartwright Lipscomb []


Mike and Amber Sellers []

Ironically, the Zacob Zeller to Barbara Fudge marriage mentioned in Chalkley's is the only ZELLER etc. record I have found with the surname as ZELLER. Looks like the extractions already done for SELLERS, etc. got the rest.

1794--October 6, Jacob Zeller and John Fudge, surety. Jacob Zeller and Barbara Fudge, daughter of John Fudge.

I believe the above may have been incorrectly indexed as Jacob ZEILER but clearly reads as Jacob ZELLER within Chalkley's itself.

If a transcript of Jacob's will would be helpful, please let me know.

I'd love to find some evidence towards proving that Jacob was indeed the son of Peter Sellers, Sr., of R'ham County, VA ...

Mike and Amber Sellers []