Marie:  Thanks for replying to my request.  Here is what I have.  I hope
it will help us make connections.  Thanks for the b.and d. dates for the
first James.  Most of the information Ersie Mason Sellers gave me and
most of the rest I got out of a Dent County Cemetery Book in 1966/

1  James Sellers, Revolutionary War Soldier, N.C. m. unknown. children
James, John, Ruth, Sarah, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Nancy and Margaret.  I
have no proof that these are brothers and sisters but I was sent the
information by email and I believe they are James siblings.  I don't
know when James went to Grainger Co. Tenn., it was before 1817. Ruth and
her husband Mr. Samuel Dotson came to Mo at the same time.

2  James Sellers, b. 1791, N. C., m. Elizabeth Brock April 22, 1817 in
Grainger Co. Tenn. Elizabeth died Dec. 28, 1839 in Grainger Co. Tenn.
Their children were Mary, Sarah, George, James, Elizabeth, Martha, Anna,
Dicy, Elender, Minyard and Minfrea Sellers. He and his family then moved
to Dillard No. where he died soon after in Dec. 1853.

3  James Sellers, b. May 8, 1824 Grainger Co. Tenn. m. Catherine
Bowers.  Children were Andrew J, William M. Elizabeth, George, Callaway,
Eliza, Laverna, Jerry, Minyard, Carneilius, Polly.  James later m.
Catherine F. Willhite in 1878 and their children were Namon, David,
Denny, Henry, Lee, James and Luiza. James d. April 5, 1900 and is bur.
Crawford Co. Mo.

4  Jerry Sellers, b. Nov. 13, 1864, m. Belle Cottrell, one child named
Viola.  He then m. Margeiline Turnbough of Crawford Co. Mo. in 1887.
children were Charley, William, Corby, Tom, Ira, Walter, Zona, Alice,
Ida and Fermin.bur. Boss Cem. Dent Co. Mo.

5  Walter Sellers, b. 1906 in Boss, Mo. m. Ersie Mason June 1924.  Thier
children were Dorman, James P, and Larry.  They moved to Sulivan, Mo. 
He died Feb 26, 1970.bur. Boss Cem. 

6  James Paul Sellers b. June 8, 1933, m. Ursula Ganninger (me) in
1961.  Children are  James Michael died 1966 at 5 years of age, James
Bradley and Mathew Paul. Paul died 1994 and bur. Boss Cem. 

    I found an old letter that was sent to my husband in 1980 by a Mr.
J. Bruce Murr of Sellersburg, Ind.  I kept it and now I think it might
help some other Sellers researcher.  It is 2 and a half pages long.
What would be the best way to get the information to you, so you could
see if it would be important.
Ursula  Ganninger Sellers

Hello Rolland, Marie and other Sellers Researchers.:
    Ganninger is my maiden name. With help of  some my cousins, I also am
researching the Ganninger, Dollinger, Doherty/Daughert,etc families.
    I married James Paul Sellers in 1961 in  Missouri. My husband is a
of Abraham?/ James/James/James/James/Jerry and  Walter.
    I have about half of the letter typed and will send it to the list
tonight.  It mentions Sellersberg, Indiana.  I wonder if Mr. Murr is
living.  I am not sure if my late husband got in touch with him again.

I am giving the facts that Mr. J.Bruce Murr wrote them in a letter  to
my husband James Paul Sellers.  By the way, myhusband is not descendent
of MOSES W. SELLERS. My space bar is sticking badly so I did not type
every sentence in the letter.  I hope this helps other family
researchers.  Ursula Ganninger Sellers
12 DEC. 1980
Family Information
From: J. Bruce Murr
To: Paul Sellers
I am related to some of the Sellers who may be tied to you if you of the
Sellersberg bunch rather than theCarydon bunch (and later the Utah
        STEWART SELLERS lives in Jeffersonville,Indiana.  His mother was
a SMITH and therefore a neice of my father-in-law, Lionel E.Dold, Sr.
Stewart is married and has children of high school or college age.   His
father was WARREN Sellers,who was one of the children of PINKE Sellers.
They are:
1.PAUL now 88 andhe livesin Florida, he has a daughter DOROTHY who
married a MCCLINTON and lives in Cincinnate.
2.  MURICE lives in Park Ridge near Chicago. Hehad ason also named
Murice and a daughterCarolynwho married a LEASE and lives in Raleigh,
3.  WARREN died when Steward was a baby.
4. VICTOR wastheyoungest boy, who became a Church of Christ preacher and
lives inChampaign-Urbana,Ill.
5. MARGARET married a DEWEY.Both she and her husband are dead. They
lived in Wood Riverand I do not know if they had any children.
        Now PINKE was the photographer, I told you about.  I have a few
of his pictures in a collection I am gathering for the museum.  Pinke
was the postmaster here in about 1910 or 1912.Pinke's father was ROBERT
Sellers and Robert was the son of  MOSES W. SELLERS.  Pinke had at lest
one brother ARTHUR.  Arthur married MARGARET  somebody and they had a
daughter EVA MAY and they may also have had a son CAPPY.
       I know that the SELLERS came from Burke County, N.C. I have the
1800census for N.C.and I did not expect to find MOSES WILKERSON SELLERS
in that year. I found an  EDWARD , 2  JAMES,  a JOHN and 3 ROBERTS and
all the names are spelled A-R-S.
    In BAIRD'SHISTORY OF CLARK COUNTY, written in 1909 and reprinted in
the late 1970's, I found very little personal Sellers information.  It
states that Hamberg was laid out in1837. There was a village about 2
miles away that was not laid out as a town until1846.  It was laid out
by Moses W.Sellers and John Hall, hence the name SELLERSBURG.  there
were 42 lots laid out but they were irregularly laid off. The excuse for
the town was a railroad was to run there.  The post office started
    I do not know if you are related to them.  Certainly you are not in
the direct line of this particular branch. However there are three other
groups of Sellers and what I privately suspect is that MOSES and his son
ROBERT had lots of children and that you and these other lines are
descended from Moses or thier own lines.
    I am sending Stewart a copy of this letter so if you write him he
will know what I told you.
Very Truly Yours J.Bruce Murr