COLORADO CO, TEXAS (made in 1837 from OldMexicanMunicipality)
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From: Christine Smith [] Re: Isaac Sellers 1842/1930 letter 3-27-1922 to his Nephew Frank > Andrews > about Sellers and Andrews family


1860 Colorado County, Texas

Ridge Post Office

Robert Sellers, 59, M, farmer, TN

Nancy  S. Sellers, 48, F, TN

Isaac Sellers, 17, M, TN **************

Nancy A. Sellers, 13, F, TX

Robert F. Sellers, 10, M, TX

Angeline Sellers, 8, F, TX

Leathy Wallace, 24, F, TN

John H. Wallace, 21, M, TN


next door is

L. Wallace, 28, M, farmer, TN (Laird Wallace, son of Nancy Seller and Samuel Wallace)

Mary G. Wallace 21, F, TN


1870 Fayette County, Texas

Town of LaGrange

enumerated on 01 July 1870

Isaac Sellers, 27, M, W, lawyer, TN (ck 1880 Caldwell Co, Tx)

Eugenia H. Sellers, 25, F, W, AL

Robert S. Sellers, 3, M, W, TX

Elizabeth Deckard, 40, F, W, TN


1880 census =

J.S. SELLERS, PAGE 406, E.D.50

J. S. Sellers Pauline Precinct 4, Colorado, TX abt 1833 Kentucky Self (Head)
Pauline Sellers J. S. Precinct 4, Colorado, TX abt 1836 Hanover Wife
Farson Sellers J. S., Pauline Precinct 4, Colorado, TX abt 1859 New York Son
Maud Sellers J. S., Pauline Precinct 4, Colorado, TX abt 1867 Texas Daughter
Pauline Sellers J. S., Pauline Precinct 4, Colorado, TX abt 1869 Texas Daughter
Robertson F. Sellers Nola Frelsburg, Colorado, TX abt 1850 Texas Self (Head)
Nola Sellers Robertson F. Frelsburg, Colorado, TX abt 1852 Louisiana Wife
Fluellan S. Sellers Robertson F., Nola Frelsburg, Colorado, TX abt 1876 Texas Son
Richard Sellers Robertson F., Nola Frelsburg, Colorado, TX abt 1877 Texas Son

Nanny Sellers Frelsburg, Colorado, TX abt 1848 Texas Self (Head)
Annie Sellers Frelsburg, Colorado, TX abt 1852 Texas Sister


Sellers, Nancy S.; born: 1812; died: Sep 3, 1883; Married Robert Sellers, Burial Place Unknown



Sellers, Pattie Holman; born: Nov 22, 1854; died: Nov 16, 1924; Masonic; Lot #208; Grave Space 1 Married Hatch York in Dec 1894, married Rev. Isaac Sellers Jan 12, 1912

WW 1

1920 Colorado County, Texas

City of Weimer

enumerated on 07 January 1920

Isaac Sellers, head, M, W, 77, married, TN, TN, TN, minister Baptist

Pattie A. Sellers, wife, F, W, 65, married, VA, VA, VA


It looks like Rev. Isaac Sellers was married 3 or 4 times after first wife, Eugenia Blanton died.  I did not find him in 1930 but he died in January 1930.




September 2, 1921

Bible in Loot When Weimar Home Boldly Burglarized

A burglar with use for a family bible was discovered by Rev. Sellers, Baptist minister at Weimar, Tuesday morning, when he found that sometime the previous night, intruders had ransacked the lower floor of his home while himself and family were sleeping upstairs, and stolen among other things, the cherished volume. Two watches prized by Rev. and Mrs. Sellers were among the loot carried away. Incidentally, the nocturnal prowlers entered the pantry and consumed two fried chickens.

In the same town and night, presumably the same parties entered the home of Antone Beck and carried away several pairs of trousers.

Sheriff J. F. Wegenhoft was notified of the occurrences and made an investigation, but at this time no arrests had been made.

Colorado County Citizen
Transcribed by
Judy Talkington


Eagle Lake Masonic Cemetery 

Gerardi, Annie Sue; born: Apr 17, 1906; died: May 8, 2000; (tombstone photo) Née Frazar, married Sellers Wallace, married Nicholas Gerardi in 1946