Confederate Pension Application
Texas State Archives
Sellars, James Calman 23456
Claimant: Sellars, James Calman
Pension Number: 23456
County: Hamilton
Sellars, Laura Alice 33991
Claimant: Sellars, Laura Alice
Pension Number: 33991
County: Tarrant
Husband: Marcus D.
Pension Number: 32629
Sellars, Marcus D. 32629
Claimant: Sellars, Marcus D.
Pension Number: 32629
County: Wise
Sellars, William Erastus (Sellers) 13080
Claimant: Sellars, William Erastus (Sellers)
Pension Number: 13080
County: Tarrant
Sellars, Young M. 14286
Claimant: Sellars, Young M.
Pension Number: 14286
County: Hunt
Sellers, A. R. rej
Claimant: Sellers, A. R.
Pension Number: Application Rejected
County: San Jacinto
Sellers, Amanda E. 35622
Claimant: Sellers, Amanda E.
Pension Number: 35622
County: Tarrant
Husband: William Erastus (sellars)
Pension Number: 13080
Sellers, Elizabeth P. 35447
Claimant: Sellers, Elizabeth P.
Pension Number: 35447
County: Taylor
Husband: Allen Sidora
Pension Number:
Sellers, Elizabeth W. 28660
Claimant: Sellers, Elizabeth W.
Pension Number: 28660
County: Coleman
Husband: Christopher C.
Pension Number:
Sellers, Eliza rej
Claimant: Sellers, Eliza
Pension Number: Application Rejected
County: Nacogdoches
Husband: Madison
Pension Number:
Sellers, Finis E. 09686
Claimant: Sellers, Finis E.
Pension Number: 09686
County: Dallas
Sellers, Isaac 43844
Claimant: Sellers, Isaac
Pension Number: 43844
County: Travis
Sellers, James L. 10840
Claimant: Sellers, James L.
Pension Number: 10840
County: Borden
Sellers, Lucretia 46944
Claimant: Sellers, Lucretia
Pension Number: 46944
County: Collin
Husband: William Henry
Pension Number: 46037
Sellers, M. L. (Mrs) rej
Claimant: Sellers, M. L. (Mrs)
Pension Number: Application Rejected
County: Calhoun
Husband: James Calhoun
Pension Number:
Sellers, M. M. (Mrs) 07434
Claimant: Sellers, M. M. (Mrs)
Pension Number: 07434
County: Bell
Husband: W. S.
Pension Number:
Sellers, Margaret Ann 40650
Claimant: Sellers, Margaret Ann
Pension Number: 40650
County: Coryell
Husband: Edmon Eldred
Pension Number:
Sellers, Melvin C. 09025
Claimant: Sellers, Melvin C.
Pension Number: 09025
County: Gonzales
Sellers, Mollie 34716
Claimant: Sellers, Mollie
Pension Number: 34716
County: Gonzales
Husband: Melvin C.
Pension Number: 09025
Sellers, Peter 33236
Claimant: Sellers, Peter
Pension Number: 33236
County: Harris
Sellers, S. R. 20943
Claimant: Sellers, S. R.
Pension Number: 20943
County: Mcculloch
Sellers, Sallie W. 45437
Claimant: Sellers, Sallie W.
Pension Number: 45437
County: Dallas
Husband: Thomas George
Pension Number:
Sellers, W. A. 33903
Claimant: Sellers, W. A.
Pension Number: 33903
County: Fisher
Sellers, William Harvey 13120
Claimant: Sellers, William Harvey
Pension Number: 13120
County: Wilson
Sellers, William Henry 46037
Claimant: Sellers, William Henry
Pension Number: 46037
County: Collin
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Lots of Sellers here in Texas. Check it out.
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Company Unit Rank - Induction Rank - Discharge Allegiance

James E. Sellers

H Baylor's Reg't Texas Cavalry. Private Private Confederate


There was also a JAMES  E. SELLERS in a MS unit, msh
Confederate Indigent Families Index by Linda Mearse

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Seller, K | Harris
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Sellers, Finis | Fayette
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1890 Texas Union Soldier Schedule
Donated by: "Petra Wright" <>

Sellers George Pvt C 11 Mo Inf Wise 102 S462
Sellers Jessey L. Pvt C 7 Tenn Cav Fannin 99 S462
Sellers John L. Lt E 6 Ma Bosque 102 S462