CALDWELL CO, TX (made in 1848
Caldwell County, 120 miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico in south central Texas, is bordered by Bastrop, Fayette, Gonzales, Guadalupe, Hays, and Travis counties

By 1847 the population in the northern part of Gonzales County had increased so much that residents petitioned the Texas legislature to establish a new county, Plum Creek County, with Lockhart Springs as county seat. In March 1848 the legislature approved the formation of the county from Bastrop and Gonzales counties but named it Caldwell instead of Plum Creek;

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I found an old photo of Robert F. Sellers (abt 10 yrs old) in a McKinney, TX antique shop. I will scan it and send it to you if you are interested. I am interested in obtaining a photo of his brother Isaac Sellers and perhaps Isaac's wife Eugenia. I have found a lot of info about the family, but no photos of Isaac. Do you have any you would be willing to share? Do you know of any living decendants of Isaac & Eugenia Sellers? Thank you in advance for your help. My e-mail address is Please write when you have time. Dan Morick

My wife and I want to fix it up like it was still sitting there in 1920 or earlier (old books, letter openers, ink wells, photos, etc). We spent all day yesterday walking through antique shops in McKinney TX where we found Isaac Sellers’ old Bible. In that Bible was a photo of Robert Sellers. Later I learned that Isaac was a Baptist minister and Robert was his brother. I see that Isaac passed away in Dallas in 1930 and somehow his Bible got to this antique shop in 2010. The front cover broke off of it and it needs some repair. I am gathering some of his personal items to put with it. I want others to know the history of Isaac and the book. I really hope to get a photo of him to put with his Bible. I found a great letter he wrote to his nephew and also a story he wrote about his mother. I have printed those and will keep them with the Bible. He was very literate and a joy to read. I have a lot of respect for the man, despite never having met him.

I am going to try to take a photo of the Bible and the photo of Robert laying next to it. I will also try to get a decent photo of the inscription in the Bible, although it is somewhat difficult to read. Photoshop should be able to help pull out the text. Dan Morick -


Thank you,
Dan Morick

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Isaac Sellers 1842/1930 letter 3-27-1922 to his Nephew Frank Andrews about Sellers and Andrews family

Robert and Nancy Stuart Sellers = Robert Sellers 1809/1893 and Nancy Stuart Sellers 1812/1883

Robert Franklin Sellers 1849/1935

BIBLE of Robert and Nancy Stuart Sellers 1812/1883 given to son Isaac Sellers in 1859

BIBLE of Robert and Nancy Stuart Sellers with Robert Franklin Sellers 1849/1935 picture


From Bill & Shelia Sellers

Eugenia Sellers, Isaac Sellers' first wife. Do not know the date of this picture.

Isaac Sellers 1842 in The First Baptist Church of Abilene, TX has a display of pictures of all the ministers who have pastored there. On a visit to Abilene many years ago, my cousin, Marigene Sellers Milch, stopped by the church and the secretary was kind enough to Xerox the photo of Isaac Sellers. Unfortunately, the copy was made while the photo was in a frame, etc. I hope to get there one day and ask if I might have the photo long enough to have a "real" photo made. I tried to lighten it up as much as possible. Bill & Shelia Sellers

Isaac Sellers 1842in his Civil War uniform. Do not know the nature of the book he is holding - bible, maybe?
Bill & Shelia Sellers


The headstones are located in Comanche, TX. Shelia made notes on the back of each picture.
From Bill & Shelia Sellers


Early Days in Luling, Texas
A Pioneer Citizen
(Anne C. Huff Bridges)
with corrections and some additions
by her daughter
Mary Louise Bridges Witt

page 51
The Baptists altered their church entrance to protect late comers from
the weather and called Rev. Isaac Sellers to succeed Rev. Pinckney Harris.


About this time Rev. Isaac Sellers built on the location of Dr. Nichols'
home (now Crockett St.) and his mother and sisters, Mrs. Wallace, Miss
Liela Wallace, Misses Annie and Nannie Sellers
, bought the Onnie Harde-
man place when the family moved to Austin. Bill Evans sold to Shelt
Dowell, a Gonzales County man from Rancho.


Census Place: Luling, Caldwell, Texas
Source: FHL Film 1255294 National Archives Film T9-1294 Page 248C
Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
Isaac SELLERS Self M M W 36 TN Occ: Minister Fa: TN Mo: TN(ck1900Taylor, Texas)1870 ColoCo,Tx
Eugenia H. SELLERS Wife F M W 33 AL Occ: Keeping House Fa: TN Mo: TN
Robert B. SELLERS Son M S W 13 TXOcc: At School Fa: --- Mo: ---
Ellen S. SELLERS Dau F S W 8 TXFa: --- Mo: ---
Jessie B. SELLERS Dau F S W 6 TXFa: --- Mo: ---
Eugene SELLERS Son M S W 4 TXFa: --- Mo: ---
Willie H. SELLERS Son M S W 1 TXFa: --- Mo: ---
Mary E. BLANTON MotherL F W W 56 TNFa: MD Mo: MD

321 / Sellers, Nancy S., dec'd, will probated & Robert Sellers apptd exec / 4 Aug 1884 / D217
390 / Sellers, Robert, dec'd, Will admitted to probate / 25 Nov 1893 / E257

Nannie A Sellers Luling, Caldwell, Texas Dec 1846 Texas White Head , both parents TN
Annie Sellers Luling, Caldwell, Texas Mar 1852 Texas White Sister

Annie K Sellers Luling, Caldwell, Texas abt 1852 Texas Head , single, both parents TN ,school teacher, owns
Nannie A Sellers Luling, Caldwell, Texas abt 1848 Texas Sister , SINGLE, both parents TN, no occupation

Nannie A Sellers Luling, Caldwell, Texas abt 1847 Texas White Self (Head)
Annie K Sellers Luling, Caldwell, Texas abt 1853 Texas White Sister

Alva Sellers Luling, Caldwell, Texas abt 1906 Texas White Grandson
Lola G Sellers Luling, Caldwell, Texas abt 1909 Texas White Granddaughter
Earline Sellers Luling, Caldwell, Texas abt 1918 Texas White Granddaughter
living with
Mattie C Wyatt 66 GA, BOTH PARENTS GA , WD
Minnie M Wyatt 26 TX, DAU, SINGLE, DAD TX, MOM GA



from S Sellers


Looking for any information on Rev. Isaac Sellers (Baptist. Rev. Sellers relocated to Palestine from Abilene, Taylor Co., Texas during 1901. Rev. Sellers left the First Baptist Church in Abilene for a calling to Palestine (church unknown). Rev. Sellers (to the best of my knowledge) was born in Tennessee in 1845 and was married to Eugenia Howard Blanton. I also known that Rev. Sellers was ministering in Luling, Caldwell Co., Texas in the 1881 timeframe (recording in the Gonzales Inquirer newspaper). The Sellers had at least one son, Eugene Veazey Sellers, born in LaGrange, Texas - my husband's grandfather. Trying to find any information on Rev. and Mrs. Sellers (dod, place of burial, etc.), any information on his ministry in Palestine, and any information on other children. Thank you in advance for any help!!!


july 2006

HI ! Hope you are still on-line- your posting is old.
But I have the History of the First Baptist Church of Luling, TX. According to the history, " Rev. Isaac Sellers was the pastor for six years (1880-1185) Rev. Sellers will be remembered by the pioneers as the one who was intensely interested in agricultrue, and introduced Johnson Grass to our San Macrcos Vaeely"
No other info on him, but bless him for the johnson grass. It has been feeding our cattle well for over 100 years.


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