Joshua And Sarah Sellers Hall's daughter Sarah Hall Truet (Truitt) who migrated to Texas

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            Tue, 23 Jul 2002 01:12:01 EDT
       From: CHARMAINE

I noticed that you don't have a link for Joshua And Sarah Sellers Hall's
daughter Sarah Hall Truet (Truitt) who migrated to Texas.

I've been working on this group lately, and thought you might like to add
this line to the Sellers family information:

Sarah Hall, dau. of Rev. Joshua Hall (buried Cowee Baptist church cemetery,
Macon Co., NC), and Sarah Sellers Hall, bur. Cowee Baptist church cemetery,
Macon Co., NC) was born 29 July, 1796 in Burke Co., NC.

Sarah Hall married James Truet, (possibly Burke Co., NC, but can't find a

James Truet b. 25 October 1795 Rowan Co., NC, the son of Levi and Susannah
Morgan Truet. (Susannah Morgan Truet is either the younger sister or niece of
Rev. Permenter Morgan of Rutherford Co., NC.  Still trying to find
documentation to clarify the correct lineage).

Levi and Susannah Morgan Truet and James and Sarah Hall Truet appear as
households on the 1820 Buncombe Co., NC census.  (I can send census abstracts
if you want)

The families are living in Macon Co., NC by 1828 (when Macon was formed from
Haywood Co., NC)

After the Removal of the Cherokee to Oklahoma (Trail of Tears) which James
Truet served as 1st Lieut. Co. F., Macon Co., NC Volunteers, the family moved
to Texas.  Arriving in San Augustine Co., Texas in April of 1839. Moved to
Shelby Co., TX in 1840.

James and Susan Hall Truet had these children:

Alford Marion Truet (Truitt) b. abt. 1817 Rutherford Co., NC, d. 19 June 1864
Shelby Co., TX m. Susanna E. Todd

Andrew Jackson Truet (Truitt) b. abt. 1819 Buncombe Co., NC, d. Shelby Co.,
m. Elizabeth Johnson

Mary Minerva Truet (Truitt) b. 17 April 1822 Buncombe Co., NC, d. 26 Sept.
1873 Shelby Co., TX  m. Julius N. Garrett

Sarah Caroline Truet (Truitt) b. 27 Nov. 1824 Buncombe Co., NC

Levi Marion Truet (Truitt) b. 7 July 1827 Buncombe Co., NC, d. 25 Sept. 1907
Shelby Co., TX m. Louisiana Morris

Joshua Hall Truet (Truitt) b. 21 November 1829 Macon Co., NC

Susannah Truet (Truitt) b. abt. 1829 Macon Co., NC

Clarissa A. Truet (Truitt) b.  14 April 1834 Macon Co. NC

James Morgan Truet (Truitt) b. 24 June 1834  San Augustine Co., TX

Many of this family are buried at the Truitt family cemetery, Shelbyville,
Shelby Co., TX.