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JOEL LEWIS SELLERS 1841/1922 family pictures
Can you help identify?

I think I've found my gr-grandfather as a young man with very black hair =
and big mustache. Also my first gr-grandson, Brycen Lane Napier, b. =
3/12/2005 in Alaska looks so much like these younger children, very =
blonde hair, blue eyes. =20
LuJuana Cartwright Lipscomb


JAN 14, 2007

Hi Marie, I have attached the pictures I have. Here's how I fit in the mix:

1) Almond Lewis Sellers md Prudence Robbins
2) Elizabeth Margaret Sellers md Isaac Brown Young
3) Artie Patience Young md James Edwin Neel
4) Evelyn Hope Neel md Earl Tidwell Pate
6) Edwin Troy Pate

I appreciate any help on the pictures. I'd love to learn more about the Seller family. Troy Pate


Thanks Marie. I appreciate your help. I also replied on the SELLERS board on Ancestry. I am so excited to find this message board and find others researchers. Thanks again. Troy

marie sellers hollinger <> wrote: TROY, thank you for the nice collection of pictures. I hope some of our SELLERS members can help identify. Let us know possibilities and perhaps we can add the info. There was suppose to be copies of pictures in the original Joy Wilson article. (150 years of Sellers) Does anyone have copies of same? marie, iowa


Please help me. My family line is on this page with my living mothers maiden name. Is there a way to remove my line from public view? I am happy to share pictures and even records of the deceased, but I am not comfortable with my line with living people by name.
Thanks. Here's the site:

sept 2010

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okay, deleted, sept 7, 2010, msh