NAME: Tricia Fortney
SURNAMES: Sellers, Wareheim
DATE: Jan 24 1999
QRYTEXT: George Wareheim who married Magdelena was son of Henrich and
Catharina thus brother to Henry who married Gertrude(Charity) Born; both
George and Mary MAgdelena were born in 1776
their children :
Catherine b. 1800 m. AdamWentz
Elizabeth b. 1801 m. George Strevig
Anna Maria b. 1803 ? died as a child
John b. 1807 m. Anna Maria_______
Mary b. abt 1809 m. William Hoffman
George b. 1810 m. Abarilla Zing
Phillip b. 1813 never married
Samuel J. b 1815 never married
Susannah b. abt 1816 m. John Downey

George and Mary MAgdlena were sponsors for Peter and Betsy's daughter
Elizabeth b.1801;
Katherine Seller, single,is sponsor for George and Mary
Magdelena's daughter Elizabeth b. 1801; also appearing at the same period
are George and Anna Maria Seller and Andreas and Johanna Seller as
parenets and sponsors for each other's children from the record of the
German Church in Manchester, Maryland.

I am looking for Mary Machtalena _____  -- surname is probably Sellers b.
1776 southern PA or Baltimore County MD; married George Wareheim. I cliked
on the Wareheim surname in the Sellers genealogy list but the link does not
Several of George and Mary's children are spnsored by Sellers -- Peter and
Betsy, or Katherine -- and conversely they sponsor Peter and Betsy's
children. Records are from German Church in Manchester MD.
Please email me

Thanks, published the WAREHEIM link and hope that helps. PLEASE send us copy of contact.
SHE shows a closeness of families also.

WILL gladly post / link your connection = Send a names/dates/places ANY of these kids went.
There are several good Carroll and Baltimore CO, MD records.
CAN we Help Each other.
marie, iowa

Marie, I did not remember contacting you before but now that the Wareheim
link works I saw that it is my query.
I don't know any more about the link to Sellers than I did when I wrote that
I do know that I had an error in the family listing -- Anna Maria and Maria
are one in the same. She was born 12 Nov. 1803 married William J. Hoffman of
Hoffman's Mills, Baltimore County.
I hope this is what you were asking for with regard to the children:
Mary and her husband William Hoffman lived in Baltimore County.
Elizabeth and George Strevig lived in the Reisterstown area of Baltimore
Susannah and John Downey lived Baltimore City/County
John and Anna Maria Wareheim, George and Abarilla Wareheim, Samuel, and
Phillip all stayed in the Mancheter/Hampstead area.
Catherine and Adam Wentz lived in southern PA just above Lineboro, MD
If we can prove Mary Machtalena was a Sellers I have an extensive family to
add to your family record.
If this is any help, or if I can do anything else let me know, Tricia

TRICIA, Thank you. I think I see where you are = CARROLL CO, MD =

where many of the county spellings were WEHRHEIM, WERHEIM and think I saw
with a Y in there.
I don't know if we know who the Wives of these SELLERS are or NOT.
PETER and GEORGE SELLERS children were sponsered by  Georg and Magdalena
Wehrheim in 1801/6.

Maybe one of our members could refresh us. YOU don't see the name
very often. Although , it could be picked up as Magdalena sometimes?, I


GEORG FISCHER had a dau MARIA MACHTALEHNA born Nov 6,1774 bap Dec 12 and
sponsers were MICHAEL BORNN and wife.(Baltimore Co, MD)
DID we have a BORN/SELLERS marriage?
DID we have a FISHER/SELLERS marriage?


TRICIA, do you have the census years/places for WAREHEIM's? We could Add
them to
our SELLERS pages and see which of our SELLERS are living there in the years
they may have married.
Thanks for sharing, marie, iowa