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I am looking for descendants from Robert Sellers and Jane Surratt, lived in Alabama in the mid-1800's.

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Dear Ms. Hollinger,


I happened upon an internet correspondence between yourself and a Sellers decendant named Darla Hardage.


I too am a descendant of the Sellers family. I am the 4th great grandson of Robert Sellers (married to Jane Surratt).


I would love to learn more about my family tree.



Travis Nelson

Dec 11, 2003

TRAVIS, thanks. Send a small chart = names, dates, places your SELLERS, etc came and went, I'll send it thro the SELLERS discussion group and should get help.

Thanks for sharing SELLERS.

marie, iowa


Do you know if any Sellers live anywhere in the DC or Philadelphia area?


I will send a narrative list later.I can trace my path from me to Robert Sellers (m. Jane Surratt), but I cannot go any further.




TRAVIS, yes we have some links to these areas. I believe you will find some

cousins in our group. a small list, name, date, place is fine.

marie, iowa





Dec 15, 2003

I am new to the Sellers list serve, and I want to make sure that I am in the right group.


My great-great-grandfather was Robert Preston Sellers (b. 1868 in Mesa, AZ),

son of Samuel Sellers (b. 1845 Jackson County, Alabama), son of Robert Sellers

(b. 1808 Tennesee, m. Jane Surratt in 1830), son of John Sellers (b. 1783

Columbia, TN).





Travis, I note that you are referring to John Sellers born 1783 in

Columbia, Tennessee, which is in Maury County.My Sellers are from

Maury County, Tennessee, but not as early as 1783.Tell me what you

know about your John Sellers and Robert Sellers that were born in

Tennessee.I am a descendant of James T/Y Sellers that died in Chatham

County, NC circa 1805 through his son, Isaac Sellers that married Judith

Johnson.Isaac died in Maury County, TN in 1830.


We have many Johns and Roberts that we don't know what happened to them.



Georgia Fletcher []



Thatís interesting about your Isaac Sellers who died in TN in 1830.As his wife Judith was born in 1772, we can assume (for the sake of argument) that Isaac might have been born around the same time Ė the 1760ís or 70ís.My only guess is that my Sellers must have migrated from the east coast to Tennessee before yours did and that your Isaac and my John (died circa 1829 in TN) are somehow distant cousins.Our Sellers eventually migrated further into Alabama around the time of the civil war and then west toward Utah and Arizona in the late 1800ís.Johnís son Robert was born in 1805 in Maury County, TN and died in 1851 in Dekalb County, Alabama Ė it was this Robert that married into the Surratt family (distant cousin by marriage of the woman Ė Mary Surratt Ė that was hung for her involvement in the assassination of President Lincoln).


Unfortunately Maryland is a good hike from Maury County, TN so I cannot physically sift through the county records.




TRAVIS, YOU ARE in the right place.


But, YOU must start with your oldest PROVEN SELLERS in 1868 AZor

1845 AL=

1850 and 1880 census info =

Or place of anymarriage or Birth=


WE must have the documents proven to his birth, etc =

census/marriages, etc


WE must connect EACH family and others will KNOW you also,

OUR members will help,

BUT you must share your SELLERS info.

marie, iowa

DEC 17, 2003

Travis, I note that your Samuel Sellers was born 1845 in Jackson County,

Alabama.1850 Jackson County, Alabama census has a Young Sellers and

the name Young Sellers is very predominate in my Sellers line in Maury

County, TN.


1850 Jackson County, Alabama

District 19

Page 15

Image 29


Young Sellars, 61, M, blacksmith, NC;
Sarah Sellars, 47, F, TN;
James Sellars, 22, M, AL;
Juda Sellars, 17, F, AL;
Eliza Sellars, 15, F, AL;
Caroline Sellars, 13, F, AL;
Young Sellars, 11, M, AL;
Oran Sellars, 9, M, AL;
Crawford Sellars, 3, M, AL;
Michael Nicks/Wicks, 18, M, blacksmith, GA


Also is 1850 Jackson County, Alabama is Daniel Sellars, 20, M, AL living in the household of Samuel Williams, 65, M, TN


The index did not pick up your Robert Sellers in 1850 Jackson County,Alabama.Do you know where your Robert Sellers was in 1850?



1880 †† Census Place: Conejos Valley, Conejos, Colorado

††††††††††† Source:†††††††††† FHL Film 1254089National Archives Film T9-0089†††† Page 173A††††

††††††††††† Relation††††††††† Sex††††† Marr†† Race†† Age†††† Birthplace

Sam'l. SELLERS†††††† Self††††† M††††††† M††††††† W††††††† 35††††††† AL††††††††††† Occ:††† Farmer††††††††††† Fa: TN††††††††††† Mo: TN

Martha SELLERS†††† Wife††† F††††††††† M††††††† W††††††† 37††††††† AL††††††††††† Occ:††† Keeps HouseFa: AL††††††††††† Mo: MS

Betsy Jane SELLERS†††††††††† Dau†††† F††††††††† S††††††††† W††††††† 13††††††† AL††††††††††† Occ:††† At Home Attended School Census Yr.††††††††† Fa: AL††††††††††† Mo: AL

Robt. P. SELLERS††† Son††††† M††††††† S††††††††† W††††††† 12††††††† AL††††††††††† Occ:††† At Home†††††††† Fa: AL††††††††††† Mo: AL

Tennessee SELLERS††††††††††† Dau†††† F††††††††† S††††††††† W††††††† 8††††††††† AR††††††††††† Occ:††† At Home†††††††† Fa: AL††††††††††† Mo: AL

Florence SELLERS†† Dau†††† F††††††††† S††††††††† W††††††† 5††††††††† AL††††††††††† Occ:††† At Home†††††††† Fa: AL††††††††††† Mo: AL

Robt. SELLERS††††††† Nephew†††††††††† M††††††† M††††††† W††††††† 22††††††† AL††††††††††† Occ:††† Farmer††††††††††† Fa: AL††††††††††† Mo: AL

Alice SELLERS†††††††† OtherF††††††††† M††††††† W††††††† 19††††††† SCO††††††††††† Occ:††† None†† Fa: SCO††††††††† Mo: SCO =



RODA 3/12 AL



And kids AL.



1830 MADISON CO, AL =married 1830 MADISON CO AL = donít have original source




16336336 Cellris††††††† Robert†††††††† 40†† M†††††††† Farmer†††††††† 100


17336336 Cellris††††††† Jkane††† ††††††40†† F


18336336 Cellris††††††† Daniel†††††††† 18†† M†††††††† Farmer


19336336 Cellris††††††† James††††††††† 16†† M†††††††† Laborer


20336336 Cellris††††††† Martha†††††††† 15†† F

Alabama†††††††††††††††† X

21336336 Cellris††††††† Margaret†††††† 13†† F

Alabama†††††††††††††††† X

22336336 Cellris††††††† John†††††††††† 11†† M

Alabama†††††††††††††††† X

23336336 Cellris††††††† William††††††† 9††† M


24336336 Cellris††††††† Davis††††††††† 7††† M


25336336 Cellris††††††† Samuel S.††††† 5††† M


26336336 Cellris††††††† Robert†††††††† 3††† M





marie, iowa


DEC 19,. 2003


Travis, do you know if your John Sellers that was in Maury County,

Tennessee, could have moved to Hickman County, Kentucky?The only thing

I have on him was that he was in 1830 Maury County, Tennessee, and

married Eleanor Kenny.Theyhad a son named John Kenny Sellers born

February 1811 in Maury County, Tennessee, who died 1890 in Hickman

County, Kentucky.The only other identified child of John Sellers is a

daughter Jane Sellers, who married William T. Evans.


Here is my source information:

Battle, Kniffin and Perrin's History of Kentucky:


J. K. Sellars, Hickman County, Kentucky, was born in Maury County,

Tennessee, in 1811 and is a son of John and Eleanor Kenny Sellars,

natives of North Carolina. the father of English descent, the mother of

Irish descent.He came to Hickman County, Kentucky, in 1833 and settled

on the farm he now owns (1880). John K. Sellars was the third of nine

children, of whom but two are now living.Mrs. Jane Evans in Graves

County and John K. Sellars


The 1830 census in Maury County, Tennessee does have an unidentified

male born about 1809 in the household of John Sellers.Could this be

your Robert Sellers that married Jane Surratt?Did Robert and Jane

marry in Maury County, TN, in 1830 or in Alabama.


I have never been able to tie this John Sellers to the other Sellers in

Maury County, Tennessee.







FEB 2004

Regarding a Samuel Sellers, my brief family research inquiries has revealed a

Samuel Surratt Sellers (b. 6/3/1845 Jackson County, AL; d. 2/7/1916 Chandler, AZ). (Chandler = Maricopa Co., AZ,msh)


His father was Robert Sellers (b. 11/5/1808 in Tennessee; d. 11/8/1851 Grove Oak, AL).


Robert's father was John Sellers (b. 1783 Columbia, TN; d. 1829 somewhere in



Anyone share these common ancestors?I wish I could find traces of my family

(graves, contacts, etc), closer to the DC, MD, and VA area.








Do you know what cemetery Robert Sellers was buried in at Grove Oak, Alabama?Do you know who Robert's wife was?


Gina (Pruitt) Schiazza



FEB 2004



I do not know the name of the cemetary.Robert's wife was Jane Surratt (b.

12/27/1808 Madison County, AL; d. 11/16/1888 Manassa, CO).





FEB 2004

1824 Nov -- - State of Tennessee, Maury County:To the worshipps the

County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions now forMaury County now

setting the petition of Betsy Sellers, William Hart, Ratchel Hart his

wife formerly Ratchel Sellers, Jane Sellers, Polly Sellers and Elisabeth

Sellers and John Sellers, the two last of whom are infants under the age of twenty one years, who petition by their guardian, William Hart, and also thruthe petition of Ebenezer H. Sellers and Serena Sellers,

infants under the age of twenty one years whopetition by their guardian James Cathy respectfully represent to your worships; that John Sellers Senior,husband of your petitioner, Betsey, and father of your other petitioners, departed this life inMaury County on or about the month of _______ 1824


Is this the John Sellers, father of Robert Sellers?He died in Maury County, Tennessee in 1824.There is no mention of a son named Robert.Columbia, Tennessee is in present day Maury County, Tennessee, but did not exist in 1783.



Feb 2005
I am looking for connections and local historical sites through the Sellers line of Robert Sellers who married Jane Surratt.Robert Sellers' father was John Sellers of Muray, TN, but I don't know where the lineage goes up from there.The downward line for Robert & Jane's descendants is fairly well documented because the Robert's children joined the Morman church.Jane's upward line is also fairly well documented not only because of her Morman descendants but also because Jane is kin to the Surratts that allegedly conspired in the Lincoln assasination.


Washington, DC



> TRAVIS thanks. I believe you will get some help from our members working > on> these families.

> WHICH JOHN SELLERS is yours? Lincoln Co., Tn?

> marie, iowa



> 1820 MAURY CO, TN Census = (lays next to Giles Co., Tn)

> #69 John Sellers over 45 = bef 1775

> 1 male under 10 = 1810/1820

> 1 male 10-16 = 1804/1810

> 1 female under 10

> 1 female 10-16

> 3 females 16-26

> 1 female over 45


> 1820 LINCOLN CO, TN CENSUS = (lays next to Giles Co, Tn and Madison Co.,

> Al)

> 181 5 Sellers, John 110010/31010 F=0 A=1 C=0 M=0 Sl=0

> FC=0=

> male 26/45 = 1775/1794

> male 10/16

> male u 10

> female 26/45

> female 10/16

> 3 females u 10



It would be this one - I just can't figure out where to trace upward from John & Elizabeth.I am rather new at genealogy.


Here is what researchers say about the John Sellers that married



Mary Sellers born 1803 married Robert Craig(Cemetery Book of Maury


says she was daughter of John Sellers and Elizabeth Hart)

Miriam Sellers born 1805 married Simon Lemley

Robert Sellers born 1808 married Jane Surratt

Margaret Sellers born 1811 married Thomas Smith

John Sellers born 1813

Martha P. Sellers born 1815 married James Edge

Elizabeth Elvira Sellers born 1817 married Thomas Cobb

Frances Penelope Sellers born 1827 married James McMillian




YOUcould ask them (whoever lists Elizabeth McAdams) as wife and mother )

for their sources of proof =

A chart does NOT Prove a Family = YOU must check it out

BUT, we should Know Why they listed it that way = IF they had proof? that we

need to check out


YOU could make a TIME CHART=


LIST each child and find on an 1820 census=

1830 census =


LIST when/where married on each child.= NEED


ROBERT SELLERS 1808married 1830 MADISON CO, AL ( where we have unproven


MADISON CO, AL lays next to LINCOLN CO, TN and we have kids born in TN =

this land may be same in 1800/1810?


WHERE MCADAMS family (Elizabeth's parents ) in 1800? =


IS she the ELIZABETH SELLERS born 1790 SC died 1850 Madison Co, AL?

APPEARS to be same living close to ROBERT SELLERS in 1840 MADISON CO, AL?


WHERE is EACH child in 1850?


PLEASE SEND info = look it up or ask for Look Ups and Send info.


1820 LINCOLN CO, TN (lays next to Madison Co, Al and GILES/MAURY, TN)

kids/ages very close =

1815Sellers, John††††††††††††† 110010/31010F=0 A=1 C=0 M=0 Sl=0 FC=0=

male 26/45 = 1775/1794

male 10/16 = 1804/1810

male u 10 = 1810/20

female 26/45 = 1775/1795

female 10/16 = 1804/1810

3 females u 10 = 1810/20


AND dau FRANCES born 1827 = WHERE =

SO this JOHN SELLERS didn't die bef 1826!


and YOUR ROBERT SELLERS ca 1810 TN first male child was named DANIEL SELLERS

1832 AL.


CAN you send me the 1850 CENSUS on these kids?

SOMETIMES you can trace/prove better backwards.



THANK YOUfor sharing.

PLEASE send above info.


I started to delete balance of this letter and see GEORGIA has sent census

on some of these kids in AL. same?= will post

Will leave on here for you/meto study.


PLEASE send above info.


marie, iowa



Georgia L. Fletcher []


this is a Sellers line that is a mystery to me.There is a John

Sellers in Maury County, TN but he was married to Elizabeth Hart.This John

Sellers died about 1824 in Maury County, TN.


If Robert Sellers that married Jane Surratt was indeed in Maury County, TN,

I would venture to say he is related to James Sellers and Patience Parker of

Chatham but I don't know how.James' father, John Sellers, is very likely

the grandson of James and Patience but I can't tell you who the father is





Was he in Lewis County, Tennessee? (made from Maury Co, msh)

Here is what researchers say about the John Sellers that married Elizabeth


Mary Sellers born 1803 married Robert Craig (Cemetery Book of Maury County

says she was daughter of John Sellers and Elizabeth Hart)

Miriam Sellers born 1805 married Simon Lemley

Robert Sellers born 1808 married Jane Surratt

Margaret Sellers born 1811 married Thomas Smith

John Sellers born 1813

Martha P. Sellers born 1815 married James Edge

Elizabeth Elvira Sellers born 1817 married Thomas Cobb

Frances Penelope Sellers born 1827 married James McMillian


1850 Jackson County, Alabama

Township 6, Range 6 East

District #20

Page 74B

Robert Cellris, 40, M, farmer, TN

Jane Cellris, 40, F, TN (nee Surratt)

Daniel Cellris, 18, M, farmer, AL

James Cellris, 16, M, laborer, AL

Martha Cellris, 15, F, AL

Margaret Cellris, 13, F, AL

John Cellris, 11, M, AL

William Cellris, 9, M, AL

Davis Cellris, 7, M, AL

Samuel Cellris, 5, M, AL

Robert Cellris, 3, M, AL


1860 De Kalb County, Alabama

Division #2

Page 177

Lebanon Post Office

Jane Harris, 52, F, farmer, AL

John J. Cellars, 20, M, farm laborer, AL

Davis M. Cellars, 17, M, farm laborer, AL

Samuel Cellars, 15, M, farm laborer, AL


next door is

Daniel Cellars, 27, M, carpenter, $200, AL

Mary A. Cellars, 32, F, AL (nee Wilson; first married James Story, Sr.)

Hugh L. Cellars, 5, M, AL

Robert Cellars, 3, M, AL

James Cellars, 15, M, laborer, AL (this is James Story, Mary's son by first


Margaret Pate 60, F, TN



1850 Madison County, Alabama

District #35

enumerated on 09 November 1850

Page 401B

James J. McMellon, 26, M, farmer, AL

Frances McMellon, 29, F, TN

Mary L. McMellon, 1, F, AL

George R. Smith, 13, M, AL

Caroline F. Smith, 10, F, AL

Frances' sister, Margaret, married a Thomas Smith.


1860 Madison County, Alabama

South Eastern Division

enumerated on June 1860

Page 123A

New Hope Post Office

Frances McMillins, 38, F, domestic, $700/$100, TN (nee Frances Penelope


Mary McMillins, 11, F, AL

Martha McMillins, 6, F, AL


1870 Madison County, Alabama

Gurleysville Post Office

enumerated on 20 June 1870

Page 24A

District #50

Frances McMillan, 48, F, W, keeping house, $150/$100, AL

Mary McMillan, 20, F, W, without occupation, TN

Martha McMillan, 16, F, W, at home, AL

Martha McMillins, 6, F, AL



There are just too many John, James, Roberts to figure them out. Maybe





TRAVIS, I missed this when first came in , sorry.

IF you want his descendants = try his brother/sisters and aunt/uncles.

Go to Chandler, Maricopa, Arizona
And Order OBITS on these families and follow them backwards.
SOMEONE may have a bible, etc.

Did you send us your Dad, Granddad families and where lived/died?
Don't see. Please send a small name/date/place =

We need. Otherwise, Sellers have families In those counties/states and don't know who to contact!
WE need a time line on this family = Each Year that we can prove a child a certain place = census, marriage, death.
DO YOU see what we need?

Thanks for staying in here.

YOU/WE need documents = marriages, war records, obits, etc to help PROVE these families.

marie, iowa

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