In regards to the above marriage 31 july 1815 in Lincoln County, NC, I believe this to be the Elizabeth Sellers b abt 1799 NC who married Henry Beaver 1796

of Rowan County, NC. They went out to Butler County, OH and then on to

Hamilton County, IN. She died in 1838, and Henry remarried an Anna Branham.


Also travelling out to Hamilton was Abraham Sellers b 1805 NC and wife Lydia

Rumple, whose mother was Mary Beaver, older sister of Henry.


Remaining in Butler was Henry Sellers b 1797 in NC, who may or may not have

been a son of George Sellers of Lincoln, b 1756. However I believe all of these

Sellers to be connected in some way.  What I am looking for is their

parentage. Does anyone know, or has anyone figured out who the Michael Sellers listed

in the marriage record was?   Thanks!  Tracy

jan 20, 2004



WE needed this NC/OH/IN connection.


Yes, we should try and find out who  this MICHAEL SELLERS is in 1815 LINCOLN CO, NC.

Is he listed on ANY records in this county or surrounding?


AND ABRAHAM SELLERS 1806 NC and Lydia did name a child MICHAEL!!


Please send a small Name, Date, Place of your connection to this family.


do you have a time chart from 1810/1820/1830 on these families?

Might help us fill in some gaps in these counties.

WE will ADD the BEAVER info to these counties.


THANKS for sharing SELLERS.

marie, iowa

Jan 21, 2004

Hey Marie, this is what I have theorised from what info you have on your site and in conversation with Mel Green He wrote the following to me, which verified my belief that the names I have (see below) are all children of George Sellers and Susannah Best, or perhaps the latter two boys(Abraham and Samuel) are grandchildren through Jacob or Michael. Note that Abraham is a family name; one of George Sr's brothers.


" From the 1814 will of John Sellers (brother of George, probably unmarried) we know that George had two sons named Henry and John; and from John's estate record, purchasers listed were John, George, Elizabeth, Jacob, and Peggy Sellers. These are all potential names for George. Sr.'s children."


also: from Lincoln Cty marriage records:

Philip Cellars m. Barbara Fronebarger 16 Sept 1815, Jacob Sellars bondsman
John Fronabarger m. Caty Sellers 11 May 1809

Georg  Sellers  m. Anna H. Froneberger 3 March 1818; John Sellers bondsman
John Sellers m. Mary Rush 2 December 1818; Isaac Price bondsman
Henry Beever m. Betcy Sellers 31 July 1815, Michael Sellers bondsman.
John Baker m. Margaret Sellers 3 Jan 1816; Jacob Sellers bondsman.
Jacob Baker m. Susannah Sellers, 10 Jun 1819; Henry Sellers bondsman.

"Bondsmen were usually a relative who put up money for the marriage bond...
I also have a memory of an Isaac Sellers from early Lincoln County records, but I could not at the moment find my documents on him...)"  (Mel Green)

        (Note that there was an Isaac Sellers in Butler OH 1830- Tracy)

Below is what I have in my file on the Sellers.  Note that my connection is through the Rumple and Beaver lines. My gggg grandparents were Daniel Rumple and Mary Beaver, who were parents to Lydia Rumple, Abraham Sellers first wife, and Catherine Rumple, who was known to be connected to Henry Sellers. (ie this according to family legend, they had an ongoing affair, even though both spouses were living). Mary Beaver was an older sister to Henry Beaver, who married Elizabeth Sellers. Still more (quite unproven) family rumour has it that a Rumple cousin b 1780 married a Sellers, possibly in PA. The Rumples were from Northampton originally, the Beavers (Biebers) from an adjacent area in Berks. However it is unknown if they actually knew of each other before moving down to NC. They migrated down between 1785-1790. Daniel Rumple married Mary Beaver in 1792. The Beaver clan, along with many in-laws (Rumples, Hilemans) migrated out to Butler County between 1811-1817. They mostly settled in the german speaking settlement of Hanover Township and Ross, usually quite close to each other. Elizabeth Sellers and her husband were among them. I believe Abraham and Henry Sellers came out after 1822. About 1828-1833, several Beavers and related kin then moved out to Hamilton Cty, IN. Among them were Abraham Sellers/Lydia Rumple and Henry Beaver/Elizabeth Sellers.


Regarding the children I have listed for George and Susannah, the names mentioned were all present in some form of documentation in Lincoln County, NC (except for Abraham, who I am assuming). Whether these names were all children of George or perhaps children of an elder son of George is uncertain. The names Philip, John, Caty, George Jr and Henry are all believed to be offspring of George and Susannah. The other names for Michael, Jacob, Elizabeth, Margaret, Susannah, Abraham and possibly Samuel and Isaac were gleened from marriage records, or association to Lincoln, NC.

(I found Samuel listed on an Ancestry site.)


i. PHILLIP SELLERS, b. Abt. 1785; d. Abt. 1852; m. BARBARA FRONEBERGER, 16 September 1815.
ii. MICHAEL SELLERS, b. Bet. 1785 - 1790; d. Aft. 1815.
 Notes for MICHAEL SELLERS: mentioned in an 1815 marriage record between Henry Beever and Betcy Sellers.  I am assuming the relationship. There may have been a Michael Sellers living in Burke County in 1810. However there were several; perhaps cousins or offspring of an elder brother?


iii. JACOB SELLERS, b. Bet. 1785- 1790; d. Aft. 1816, Lincoln County, NC.
 Notes for JACOB SELLERS: mentioned in 1815 and 1816 Lincoln County, NC marriage records.

iv. CATY SELLERS, b. Abt. 1792, Lincoln County, NC; d. Lincoln County, NC; m. JOHN FRONEBERGER, 11 May 1809, Lincoln County, NC.


v. GEORGE SELLERS, JR., b. Abt. 1794, Lincoln County, NC; d. Abt. 1825, Lincoln County, NC.


vi. JOHN SELLERS, b. Abt. 1796, Lincoln, NC; d. Abt. 1857; m. MARY RUSH, 02 December 1818.


vii. HENRY SELLERS, b. 23 August 1797, NC; d. 23 February 1879, Butler County, OH.


viii. ELIZABETH ANN SELLERS, b. Abt. 1799, Lincoln, NC; d. 28 May 1838, Hamilton County, IN.


ix. MARGARET SELLERS, b. Abt. 1800, Lincoln County, NC; m. JOHN BAKER, 03 January 1816.


x. SUSANNAH SELLERS, b. Abt. 1803, Lincoln County, NC; m. JACOB BAKER, 10 June 1819.


xi. ABRAHAM SELLERS, b. 05 January 1805,NC; d. 10 March 1875, Lawrence Twp, Marion Cnty, IN.


xii. SAMUEL SELLERS, b. 07 April 1807; m. AVALINE MOORE.


Generation No. 2


HENRY SELLERS was born 23 August 1797 in Lincoln County, NC, and died 23 February 1879 in Madison Township, Butler County, OH; age 81 y 6 m.  He married (1) ANNA CATHERINE YEAKLE 10 January 1827 in Butler County, OH, daughter of MICHAEL YEAKLE and JULIANA BOBB.  She was born 12 October 1794 in Mahanoy Township, Northumberland County, PA, and died 29 July 1871 in Trenton, Madison Township, Butler County, OH.  He is also associated with (2) CATHERINE RUMPLE, daughter of JOHAN RUMPEL and MARIA BEAVER. She was born 22 February 1795 in Rowan County, NC, and died in Butler.


Jacob Baker and Susannah Sellers, 10 Jun, 1819; Henry Sellers (witness); James T Alexander
{according to this Lincoln County, NC marriage record, Henry was most likely still present in Lincoln, NC. I believe he did not leave until about 1821-1825 for Butler County, OH with his brother Abraham. He married there in 1827.}


Sellers, Henry  fc  1830 census St Clair Twp, Butler County, OH    100111/101001   
Sellers, Isaac  fc  1830  Cen    9  City of Hamilton  Butler also present 


1850 Madison Township, Butler County, OH Census   p. 330
HENRY SELLERS      53     NC    
JACOB DESCOMBES 5 --- (an orphaned nephew of of Catherine Yeakle)


1870 census Wayne Twp, Butler County, OH
Sellars, Henry(head), Catherine, & Jacob
Sellars, Michael (head) Henrietta, & William


Henry SELLERS was probably the first blacksmith in the eastern part of the township (of St. Clair). His shop was near BUSENBARK's, on the farm now owned by Robert RICHTER.


Horse Rangers became a popular organization and in Ohio were governed by Ohio Statutes enacted by the General Assembly that provided that "any number of persons not less than 15 ... residents of the state of Ohio" were authorized to become a group recognized "for the purpose of apprehending and convicting horse thieves and other felons including counterfeiters." Jeremiah Marston was the first president and Ezra Potter, the first secretary of the Madison group. During its early years the following men served as leaders (Captains): ..., Henry Sellers, ...  from Madison Twp sketches, Butler County


In 183?, Ezra Potter purchased a tract of land now known as the Henry SELLERS farm in Madison Township. There was a log cabin upon this land, and two or three acres partially cleared when he purchased it.


Among the most important of churches in Ross Township has been the United Brethren, erected about 1822, on the hill above Millville, on the south side of the old dirt road. This house, like the one built in the village in 1851, was a brick building about thirty-six by forty feet. For many years this society was by odds the leading congregation in this vicinity. It led in membership the famous Bethel Society, until some ten years ago, when the latter organization took the lead, since which time it has held it.  Some of the most distinguished of the early ministers were Henry KUMLER and Mr. SELLERS


Burial: Aft. 23 February 1879, St Peter's Cemetery, Trenton, Butler County, OH
Census 1: 1830, St Clair Twp, Butler County, OH
Census 2: 1850, Madison Township, Butler County, OH


Found at:


More About ANNA CATHERINE YEAKLE:  Burial: St Peter's Cemetery, Trenton, Butler County, OH
Children of HENRY SELLERS and ANNA YEAKLE are:
i. GEORGE SELLERS, b. Abt. 1828.
ii. MARGARET SELLERS, b. Abt. 1830.
iii. MICHAEL SELLERS, b. 07 March 1833, Butler Cty, OH; d. 29 March 1907, Butler County, OH.
iv. JACOB SELLERS, b. 24 December 1835, Butler County, OH; d. 12 June 1884, Butler Cty, OH.
v. SUSAN C. SELLERS, b. Abt. 1838.


4.  ELIZABETH ANN SELLERS was born Abt. 1799 in Lincoln, NC, and died 28 May 1838 in Hamilton County, IN.  She married HENRY BEAVER 31 July 1815 in Lincoln County, NC, son of HEINRICH BIEBER and EVA DRIESS.  He was born 21 July 1796 in Rowan County, NC, and died 12 December 1874 in Hamilton County, IN.


More About ELIZABETH ANN SELLERS: Burial: May 1838, Highlands Cemetery, Hamilton County, IN
Nicknames: "Betsey" and "Annie"


BEAVER (Henry, George, Christian, Henry jr., John) St. Clair and Ross Twps. 1813 to 1833. From: - Ron Stoner (May 16, 1999) 


Butler County, 1820 census  John, George, Christian in Ross twp, Henry and Henry Jr. in Hanover.


"entered a tract of government land containing half a section, and lived on this farm until his son, William H., was about 35 years of age. "Henry Beaver, Justus Scott, and Wm Brown came in the same year (1830), each having entered land in 1829." A land patent issued to Henry in 1829 for Indiana land showed he was a resident of Butler County, Ohio"  email excerpt from




i. ANNA  BEAVER, b. Abt. 1818, Ohio; m. JOHN BROWN, 21 January 1836, Hamilton/Marion Cty, IN


ii. SUSAN(NA) BEAVER, b. 1818, OH; d. Bef. 1915; m. ROBERT P. KIMBERLIN, SR., 18 February 1836, Hamilton (formerly Marion) Cty,IN; b. 1810, IN13; d. 31 July 1860 - 5 January 1866, Hamilton, IN


iii. JOHN BEAVER, b. 24 November 1819, OH; d. 13 August 1901, Indianapolis, Marion County, IN; m. DESIRE (DIGIOS) LACKEY, 20 December 1843, Hamilton County, Indiana; b. 1824; d. 1912.


iv. PHELIX BEAVER, b. 1820-1822, OH; d. April 1883, Hamilton, IN; m. RACHEL BROWN, 16 Mar 1843, Hamilton Cty, IN; b. 1822,IN; d. 1 January 1876, Hamilton Co, IN
v. LYDIA BEAVER, b. Abt 1829,OH; m. JOSEPH H. EMRY, 25 October 1849, Marion Cty,IN; b. 1829, OH


vi. SARAH BEAVER, b. 1832; m. THOMAS N. PARKINS, 20 October 1851, Hamilton County, Indiana.


vii. MOSES BEAVER, b. 28 May 1833, Hamilton Cty, IN; d. 10 September 1886, Hamilton Cty, IN; m. ELIZABETH MAXWELL, 22 August 1864, Marion Cty, IN; b. 26 September 1844, near Oaklandon, Marion Cty, IN; d. 12 June 1924, Kokomo, Howard County, IN.


viii. WILLIAM HENRY BEAVER, b. 13 January 1836, Fall Creek Twp, Hamilton Co., IN; d. 28 October 1916, Hamilton County, IN; m. (1) SARAH EMILY GRICE, 24 November 1879, Hamilton Cty, IN; b. 1842; d. 1890, IN; m. (2) CATHERINE GRICE, Abt. 1906; b. 1847; d. 5 February 1912, Fall Creek Twp, Hamilton Cty, IN.
ix. PHILIP BEAVER, b. 1838, Ohio; d. 1910 - 1915; m. JANE HIDAY, 25 September 1869, Hamilton Cty, IN; b. 1842; d. 27 October 1925, Hamilton County, Indiana.
   Children of HENRY BEAVER and ANNA BRANHAM are:
x. THOMAS BEAVER, b. 1840, IN; m. MARY SHAFFER; b. 1844, PA.
xi. REBECCA A. BEAVER, b. 1841, IN.
xii. ELIZABETH "BETSY" BEAVER, b. 1843; d. 1895; m. JAMES D. MCCARTY, 12 May 1869, Hamilton Cty, IN; b. 1844; d. 19 June 1933, Hamilton Cty, Indiana.
xiii. JOSEPH BEAVER, b. 1844, Hamilton County, IN; m. KATIE; b. 1858, OH.
xiv. MARRION LINDSEY BEAVER, b. 24 May 1848, Fishers, Hamilton, IN; d. 11 April 1906, Hamilton, IN; m. NANCY OLIVE MCCARTY, 24 December 1866, Hamilton Cnty, IN; b. 10 May 1850, IN; d. 1937, IN.
xv. JOSHUA BEAVER, b. 1851, Hamilton Co, IN; d. Aft. 1880; m. MISSOURI JANE FRENCH, 25 April 1868, Marion County, IN; b. 1852, IN; d. Aft. 1880.
xvi. JOANNA BEAVER, b. 1854, Hamilton Co, IN; m. THOMAS LINSEY CRAIG, Abt. 1862.


Notes for IN BEAVER courtesy of:  Margie von Marenholtz,




 vii. WILLIAM HENRY BEAVER, b. 13 January 1836, Hamilton County, IN.


"William H., returned home to manage his father's farm as Henry became older. Before he died, Henry gave each of his children some of his property, dividing the farm among the children, or rather giving them notes for $500 each, which were to stand as liens against his estate. Son William H. Beaver acquired his father's farm by paying off every note."
email excerpts from; Margie von Marenholtz


William H. Beaver was one of the more prominent farmers of Hamilton County, Indiana. He was the last of nine children of Henry Beaver and Annie Sellers. His father remarried when he was two years of age and nine more children joined the household.
William married two sisters, Catherine and Sarah Grice. No children were born to either union. In 1880, he and Sarah were living in Fall Creek township with Newton Craig, a nephew and an unknown laborer, whose name is undecipherable on the printed page of the census [to this family historian]. He lived between the dwellings of Joseph and Joshua Beaver.
In his old age, his nephews took him to court to have him declared not competent to handle his affairs. A nephew took care of him for awhile and then returned control of his affairs. When William died, his two wives had already died. He excluded the children of his half-brothers and sisters from his vast estate, valued at $75,000 in 1917. Those children sued their cousins that were mentioned in the will. In July 1927, after ten years in litigation, the Indiana Supreme Court decided that Will Beaver's estate be distributed as he willed.


ABRAHAM SELLERS was born 05 January 1805 in NC, and died 10 March 1875 in Lawrence Township, Marion County, IN.  He married (1) LYDIA ELIZABETH RUMPLE 10 May 1827 in Butler County , OH, daughter of JOHAN RUMPEL and MARIA BEAVER.  She was born 24 July 1809 in Rowan County , NC, and died 23 January 1851 in Marion or Hamilton County, IN.  He married (2) MARGARET SNYDER 21 May 1851 in Marion County, IN, daughter of JOHAN SNYDER and MARGARET BARTHOLEMEW.  She was born Abt. 1824 in Walker Twnp, Clinton County, PA, and died 19 October 1878 in Lawrence, Marion Cty, IN.


1840 census for Lawrence Twp, Marion County, IN 111101/002001


1850 census for Lawrence Twp, Marion County, IN; living close to Henry Beaver (son of Christian?)
Abraham 44
Lydia 39
Henry 16
Daniel 11
George 09
Margaret 07
John 05


1860 census for  Lawrence Twp, Marion County, IN   Series: M653  Roll: 279   Page: 214
Sellers, Abraham     55  M  W  NC     farmer     7500/941
Margaret  33   F   W  PA     house keeping
Daniel  21
George  18
Margaret  17
John  14
Delilah  06
Jacob  04
Marshall  01
Jacob Snyder 68


1870 Census for Lawrence Twp, Marion County, IN    Series: M593  Roll: 337   Page: 412
Sellers, Abraham    64  M  W  NC   farmer     6000/820
Margaret      46
Delilah A  16
Jacob H.   14
Marshall A. 09
A. Clay  07


Burial: March 1875, Highlands Cemetery, Marion County, IN
Census 1: 1840, Lawrence Twp, Marion County, IN; living with extra people, possibly younger siblings or farmhands
Census 2: 29 August 1850, Lawrence Twp, Marion County, IN
Census 3: 02 July 1860, Germantown, Lawrence Twp, Marion County, IN


Possibly died in childbirth as infant Sellers died Oct 1851, only 5 months after Abraham remarries.  Most likely that Abraham remarried so soon (4 mos after Lydia died) because he had several small children and baby.


More About MARGARET SNYDER:  Burial: October 1878, Highlands Cemetery, Marion County, IN
i. POSSIBLE SELLERS, b. Bet. 1828 - 1830.
ii. HENRY SELLERS, b. Abt. 1834, Indiana; d. Abt. 1911.
iii. DANIEL SELLERS, b. Abt. 1839, Indiana.
  More: Census: 1870, age 31, living in Indianapolis with bro John age 25, harness makers
iv. GEORGE SELLERS, b. Abt. 1841.
v. MARGARET SELLERS, b. Abt. 1843.
vi. JOHN SELLERS, b. Abt. 1845.
vii. SARAH SELLERS, b. Abt. April 1848, Marion County, IN; d. 23 August 1848, Marion Cty, IN.
viii. INFANT SELLERS, b. Bet. 1849-1850, Hamilton Cty, IN; d. October 1851, Hamilton Cty, IN.

 ix. DELILAH SELLERS, b. Abt. 1854.
 x. JACOB SELLERS, b. Abt. 1856.
 xi. MARSHALL SELLERS, b. Abt. 1860.
 xii. A. CLAY SELLERS, b. Abt. 1863.


Generation No. 3


6.  MICHAEL SELLERS was born 07 March 1833 in Butler County, OH, and died 29 March 1907 in Trenton, Madison Township, Butler County, OH.  He married HENRIETTA Aft. 1860 in Butler County, OH.  She was born 28 October 1839 in Hessen Darmstadt, Germany, and died 18 March 1924 in Trenton, Madison Township, Butler County, OH.
 More About MICHAEL and Henrietta SELLERS:
Burial: both buried at St Peter's Cemetery, Trenton, Butler County, OH, along with Henry and Catherine Sellers and several others.


i. WILLIAM SELLERS, b. Bef. 1870.
ii. LILIA CHRISTINE SELLERS, b. 02 December 1870, Trenton, Madison Township, Butler County, OH; d. 15 February 1873, Trenton, Madison Township, Butler County, OH; age 2 y, 2 m, 13 d..
Burial: St Peter's Cemetery, Trenton, Butler County, OH


7.  HENRY SELLERS (Abraham) was born Abt. 1834 in Indiana, and died Abt. 1911.  He married RACHEL Abt. 1857 in Indiana.  She was born Abt. 1836 in Indiana.


Notes :     SELLERS  HENRY   36  M  W  IN  IN  MARION  LAWRENCE TWP  1870 
Children of HENRY SELLERS and RACHEL are:
 i. MARY E. SELLERS, b. Abt. 1858.
 ii. JOHN SELLERS, b. Abt. 1862.