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My SELLERS/ZELLERS interests are threefold:

Eliabeth (Betsy) ZELLERS (b 1797 Virginia, m. 1816 in Preble Co, OH, d. 1878 in Monroe township, Preble Co, OH) m.George COPPOCK (B. ABOUT 1790 in TN, d. 1830 in Arkansas). Her father was Henry ZELLERS (d. 1820 in Preble Co, OH).

Christina (Ma) SELLERS (b. 1785 and m. 1801, both in Rockingham Co,VA, and d.1849 in Preble Co, OH. She is d/o John Perkey SELLERS (B.about 1759)

Louisa SELLERS (b.2 Dec 1803 and died in KY, probably before 1840) m. Alexander Dunnington (b. 1804 in Port Tobacco, Charles Co, Maryland and d. 1883 near Greencastle, Putnam Co, Indiana). I don't know who her family was and where they lived.

I would like to hear about any of these families.

Tom Weir

        Thomas Weir <>
        marie sellers hollinger <>

I have the following information about Alexander DUNNINGTON, born 6 Jan
1804, married his first wife Louisa [You have her as Lavisa] SELLERS, born
2 Dec 1803 and died in KY. 
        Children (born in KY):                  BORN
                Mary Elizabeth DUNNINGTON       30 May 1831             
                Eliza Ann                       21 Jun 1833
                Amanda Henrietta                18 Nov 1835
                Joseph Alexander                1837
Alexander Dunnington m. his second wife Sally Ann RANKIN in Indiana, 2 Apr
        Children (all born in Indiana):
                James DUNNINGTON                1 Aug 1841
                Susan H(oward?) DUNNINGTON      17 May 1843
                Harriet McELVAINE  "            1845
                Orville            "
                William            "
The above information is from an old unattributed typewritten family
letter. It doesn't mention his third wife and children who I take to be
Nancy YATES-RATCLIFF [the hyphen is mine because I presume that she had a
previous marriage]. They are in the "Marriages of Putnam County, Indiana"
as married on 16 Feb 1854. 
        Their children in the 1870 Greencastle, Putnam Co, US Census are:
                Alexander H. DUNNINGTON age 13  [about 1857]
                A. Lincoln      "        "   8  [ "    1862].

Tom Weir

On Tue, 11 Mar 1997, marie sellers hollinger wrote:

> TOM, thanks for joining us-
> if you will post/send me a small chart on your SELLERS connection, I
> will post it on your page and link it to the state/county you connect to
> helps others in the area work/connect with you -

        Fri, 11 Apr 1997 22:00:24 -0700 (PDT)
        Thomas Weir <>
        marie sellers hollinger <>

I have a copy of that Poplar Spring Church, Putnam Co, IN, listed as
organized on 8-16-1829 with the Roll from the beginning through 1840. I
only have a DUNNINGTON reference for Alexander with no mention of any of
his wives. My page is down at the bottom of the page, so I don't have any
SELLERS listed. If they are there, they are on the next page that I don't
have. From my old family record that I just sent you, I doubt if she ever
made it to Indiana, as she purportedly died in KY.

Tom Weir

On Wed, 12 Mar 1997, marie sellers hollinger wrote:

> Tom, thanks - 
> and Alexander DUNNINGTON
> H. Wallace LANE (1944 IN BOULDER, CO)  states his
> great grandmother was their daughter  
> This MAY have been Mrs Elizabeth DARNELL of Oklahoma City in ? who had
> an old family bible, goes the story - 
> LAVISA 1803 dau of JOSEPH SELLERS family of WOODFORD CO, KY-
> I didn't see marriage or census -
> I did see them - 1829 Putnam Co, Ind = Poplar Spring Church = Alexander
> Dunnington-
> Maybe if you write me the child you connect to, who married and where
> their children born - would complete this chart a little more -
> PLEASE - send what you can- I would really APPRECIATE - would help
> others connected to this family also, maybe in PUTNAM CO,IND! 
> ROCKINGHAM CO, VA (I didn't check her PREBLE CO, OH) 
> WE do have more info on these SELLERS - and I'll try and post same to
> our SELLERS/ZELLERS page- which may help prove other children!
> I did NOT see/prove a connection to Eliz 1797/COPPOCK-dau of HENRY
> ZELLERS died 1820 PREBLE?
> I see a HENRY ZELLER with WILL 1823 Mont Co, (need to read)
>         BARBARA with will 1828 PREBLE/connected to HARSHMANS
>         ADAM 1841 PREBLE will (connected to JOHN ZELLERS/Mont Co)
> Believe connected to Rockingham Co, VA
> CHRISTINA 1785, had a brother JACOB - went to WARREN CO, OHIO 1797/8
> with cousin JOHN SELLERS
> she had a brother HENRY SELLERS, that was to leave VA in 1804 when their
> dad JOHN died - brother HENRY born ?
> How old was the HENRY died 1820 in PREBLE CO,OH - I may NOT have posted
> ZELLERS when I did this list - 
> THANKS for sharing, Tom - I did post your info to our SELLERS FAMILY
> GENEALOGY list - AND as you will see, we need MORE links that connect to
> others - HELPS all of us-
> marie, iowa
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Date: Sun, 13 Apr 1997 10:02:29 -0700 (PDT)
From: Thomas Weir <>
To: Hugh and Sandy Sellers <>

This looks very good. Could you post the same for ZELLERS and SELLERS in
Rockingham Co, VA and Preble Co, OH? These are obviously my family names.
Many thanks.

Tom Weir
             Thomas Weir <>
Henry ZELLERS/SELLERS moved from VA to Preble Co, OH where he homesteaded
and died intestate in 1820. His heirs had a land dispute over  this land
that was settled in 1829 and is listed in the Common Pleas Court Records
of Preble County, 1810-1850. 

His children are listed as 

Ephrain (father of John, Mary, Isaac, Henry, Ephrain II)
William (f/o Sally, Reubin, Lucinda)
Polly who m. Jacob BEARD (m/o Lucinda, Matilda, James, Mary, Jane)
Christina Who m. Peter HARSHMAN (m/o Joseph, Peter III, John P., Barbara,
Sally who m. Jacob WEBBER
Elizabeth (Betsy) who m. George COPPOCK (m/o Louisa, Charles)
Peggy who m. Isaac HARSHMAN.

I would like to correspond with anyone about this family.

Tom Weir
Thomas Weir -
Tom, does the court records show a description of this land or tell
where it lays?
We have some land descriptions for the Adam/Andrew/John SELLERS/ZELLERS
who had land here in 1805-from Pa!
Henry did have some land in Fairfield Co-don't know if I have
WE need that land description to help prove which family!
We may have KY/VA/PA Sellers here or thro here-
BEFORE 1808 the PREBLE land area, was MONTGOMERY CO and the township
they lived = German twn, lays on the Preble co border -
ADAM ZELLER was appointed guardian of some of Henry Zellers children in
1824 -
have you read the 1820 census for ages?
we should do !
HOPE that land description is in there!
Thanks Tom,
marie, iowa
           Re: SELLERS / ZELLERS VA> Preble Co, OH
Thomas Weir wrote:
> Thanks for the land info that you sent me. I have assumed that they were
> from Rockingham County, but I will have to go back to check my data and
> see if I have any sources. Another way to check would be to look at the
> 1850 census and see where their birthplaces were in the children of Henry
> Tom Weir
> (206)747-8480

You do have another connection to ROCKINGHAM,VA on? 

do you have a history type file on EACH FAMILY =or chart on family you
could send to me to copy to your page?

BUT, I have NOT connected these SELLERS(PA) to (va)-YET-
BUT, I believe HARSHMANS may have been???

These LAND deeds look a lot like PA - but, Va ZELLERS came from PA-
perhaps, some came later?
WE need ALL land deeds/ wills that are available -

AND perhaps, I should look at your Rockingham ,VA SELLERS/ZELLERS again-
don't like to work two families at one time-
BUT, go back and make chart/= 

1850 CENSUS = posted some and YOUR new info and the wills will help show
whos kids are whos! 
AND sometimes the next census changes/as did the land/states and
counties and townships - THIS IS CRITICAL = 

WE need to post your last letter to these counties -
please - - if I don't get first letter posted to web-
or make CHART on him and children would be nice! RESEND INFO-
- worked many hours trying to connect! can' t prove yet! getting closer!
marie, iowa

Hugh and Sandy, If you still have that tape and you plan to go look at it
some more, are there any DUNNINGTONs listed in it? Alexander H(amilton?)

DUNNINGTON was married thrice. Firstly to Louisa/Lavisa SELLERS, who was
born in KY, probably in Woodford Co., on 2 Dec 1803. She died in KY. He
next married on 2 Apr 1840 Sally Ann RANKIN near Greencastle in Putnam Co,
IN (She was born in KY 23 May 1812 and died 16 Feb 1850 in Independence,
[unreadable]). His third marriage was also in Greencastle?, Putnam Co., 
IN about 1855 to Nancy (Ratcliff) YATES, who was also born in KY about

Thanks for any assistance,

Tom Weir
(425) 747-8480

   TOM, could you send me copy or exact wording of the court dispute? is the land description included?= Is there a wife mentioned? any minor children? (we have Adam ZELLERS land description) 11-10-1831 Adam Zeller of Mont Co,Oh  buys 82 acres in Sec 27, W1/2, NE1/4, Adam ZELLERS will of 1841 Preble with 2nd wife Sarah. Barbara ZELLERS will of  1828 Preble with Peter HARSHMAN,Adm I've been kinda thinking she might be his first wife? BUT, Montgomery lays next to Preble Co (Preble Co was made from it) AND, Henry ZELLERS has an estate in 1823 Mont Co, Oh and Geo ZELLERS estate is in 1818 Mont Co, Oh I have Preble Co wills, estates But, NOT, Mont Co, Oh Should have - will try and find info/abstracts or order. These counties were all made from Hamilton Co,Oh land - have some info on them and didn't check the names today. We need ALL these counties info sometimes to prove families Thanks for sharing - marie, iowa Thomas Weir wrote: > My next question is whether or not Johannes ZELLERS' son Henry > ZELLER/SELLERS is the father of: > > Ephrain, William, Richard, Isaac, Catherine who m. Peter HARSHMAN, > Polly, Christina, Sally who m. Jacob WEBBER, Elizabeth (Betsy) who m. my > Charles COPPOCK, and Peggy who m. Isaac HARSHMAN? > > This is the family involved in the Settlement of a Land Dispute; Preble > County Ohio 1829 Common Pleas Court Records, 1810-1850, compiled by Ruth > Bowers and Anita Short, from the State Library of Ohio: Peter HARSHMAN vs. > Richard ZELLERS and others. Partition filed 5-25-1829. It lists all heirs > of Henry ZELLERS, who died intestate in 1820. > > Tom Weir > > (425) 747-8480
Tom Weir <> Subject: SELLERS / ZELLERS VA> Preble Co, OH You are in luck. The description of the land is included. The entry  is as follows: Sept. 1829 - Peter HARSHMAN vs. Richard ZELLERS and others. Petition for Partition. Filed 5-25-1829. Land, NW 1/4 Section 21, Township 8, Range 2, 160 acres. Henry Zellers, dec'd, died intestate in 1820. Children: Ephrain Z [which I will use for Zellers], dec'd, his children--John, Mary, Isaac, Henry and Ephrain Z, all minors; William Z, dec'd, his children--Sally, Reubin, and Lucinda Z; Richard Z, Isaac Z; Catharine Z, dec'd; Polly formerly Z, dec'd, wife of Jacob Beard, her children--Lucinda wife of Abraham HARSHMAN, Matilda, James, Mary and Jane Beard; Christina formerly Z, dec'd, wife of Peter Harshman, her children--Joseph, Peter, John, Barbara, Christina and Moses Harshman; Sally formerly Z wife of Jacob Webber; Elizabeth formerly Z wife of George Coppick; Peggy former Z wife of Isaac Harshman. (121) Tom Weir (425)747-8480
TOM- I'm sure this ZELLERS/SELLERS connects to MONT Co, Oh = PREBLE CO., OHIO was MONT CO, OH before 1808= CAN'T prove thro now - ordered Mont Co, Wills and perhaps will connect (2 weeks?) MONT CO, OH 3-2-1824 Guardian Court,Mont Co,Oh = Adam ZELLER grd'n of Henry Zeller, age 12 Adam Zeller, age 10 heirs of HENRY ZELLER, dec'd,Case #637 ----- Lewis SUEY , apptd guardian of Catharine ZELLER, 7 YRS of age Daniel ZELLER, 2 yrs of age heirs of Henry ZELLER, Case #638 --- 9-28-1829 Mont Co,Oh= Henry ZELLER ,aged 18 and Adam Zeller aged 14 , heirs of HENRY ZELLER, chose Michael GUNCKEL grd/s Case #982 AND I have more I posted - NOT proven - from Preble Co wills, et ---- TOM - I just see = you have NOT sent a chart on children of the THREE? connections to SELLERS/ZELLERS- SHARE info - how can others connect to you in WHAT counties of OHIO! PLEASE send a chart on any of these children and their kids = names, ages, born, when/where, married when/whom/where their kids names/ages= I worked many hours on these files and right here in front on me - NOT proven - just info - AND I can't believe you haven't sent YOUR info for others to share!!! NAMES - DATES -  COUNTIES = marie, iowa
   From:          "Tom Weir" <>     Marie-- I made out this message before, but I fear it got lost. This is the information that I have on my tree for this surname.  This includes: 1. Christina (Ma) Sellers 1785-1849, d/o Johannes Zellers and Elizabeth  PIRKEY (BERKEY / PERKEY), and w/o William PENCE (1808-1880);  2. Elizabeth (Betsy) ZELLERS 1797-1878, d/o Henry ZELLERS and ____, W/o  George COPPOCK 1786-1830, and _____PENCE; 3. Louisa (Lovisa) SELLERS  1803-1839, d/o Joseph SELLERS of Woodford  Co., KY. She was the first w/o Alexander Hamilton DUNNINGTON 1804-1883.  His second wife Sally Ann RANKIN 1812-1850 was my ancestor. His third  wife was Nancy YATES RATCLIFF. Tom Weir