SULLIVAN CO, TENNESSEE (made in 1779 from Washington Co,Tn made in 1777 and was PART of NORTH CAROLINA)

1779, Sullivan County, North Carolina was formed from Washington County, North Carolina (both now Tennessee), and the Henderson-Walker line run, resulting in the Old Blockhouse becoming part of Sullivan County, North Carolina even though only a year earlier, it was in Washington County, Virginia.*

Sullivan Co, TN (then still NC) was established in 1779, primarily from Washington Co, TN (then NC), although part of Sullivan, including the “North of Holston” and Carter Valley Settlements, was considered part of Virginia, and Tennesseans taxed by Old Fincastle, Montgomery and Washington Cos VA rather than by NC. (See Shelby's Fort and SQUABBLE STATE) In 1784, the ill-fated State of Franklin was created (records now mostly lost and/or duplicated in TN county records),

In 1784, the ill-fated State of Franklin was created (records now mostly lost and/or duplicated in TN county records), and in 1787, Hawkins County was created from the majority of Sullivan's territory (and then some). In 1790, NC ceded it's “western lands” and TN became part of the “Territory South of the Ohio River”, which it remained until 1796 and statehood. Sullivan Co TN remained generally the same (land) from 1787 to the present time. Sullivan is due west of Johnson Co, TN.

NEED a good map here to show area=  

WASHINGTON CO, VA (made in 1776/7 from Fincastle, Montgomery)
lays next to Grayson, Smythe, Russell, Scott Co VA
lays above Sullivan and Johnson Co TN

In 1784, the ill-fated State of Franklin was created (records now mostly lost and/or duplicated in TN county records), and in 1787, Hawkins County was created from the majority of Sullivan's territory (and then some). In 1790, NC ceded it's “western lands” and TN became part of the “Territory South of the Ohio River”, which it remained until 1796 and statehood. Sullivan Co TN remained generally the same (land) from 1787 to the present time. Sullivan is due west of Johnson Co, TN.



MARRIAGES = None shown!
A series of articles that were written by Mr. C. T. Hopkins and published in the Sullivan County News. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MR. HOPKINS TELLS STORY OF REVEREND WARREN STANDOUT WILD TURKEY HUNTER OF HIS DAYS There are some recollections and history of the Rev. H. Clay Warren who lived and died near Hickory Tree. Uncle Clay, as the youngsters of his period knew him, settled on Sellers Creek, and was a farmer and Free Will Baptist preacher. For many years he had charge of several churches and preached in many groves.



LAND GRANT #268 on 11-10-1784 Sullivan Co,Tn = ROBERT SELLERS
of Burke Co,NC - Book 15, page 280 = 300 Acres on south side of Holston River.
Wit. Alex MARTIN

LAND GRANT #1234= ROBERT SELLERS of Sullivan Co in 1784
also Charles GATES, Peter COCKE, David LOONEY, John McBROOM, Julius HACKER

10-20-1787 Sullivan Co, Tn, Robert SELLERS sells to Edward PAINTER 200 acres so side of Holston out of a Patent #268.
Wit. Joshua HALL, John SELLERS,SR



1787 Dec 8- Davidson Co., TN - File No. 705, Anthony Hart, Assignee of
Heirs of John Sellers (Military Warrant No. 2763)

Personal Names
Hart, Anthony
Sellers, John
Sellers, Isaac
Butcher, Thomas
Warrant originally issued to heirs of John Sellers for his service as a
private in the Continental Line.
Land Grant Information
Acres: 640
Grant No: 678
Issued: Dec. 8, 1787
Warrant No:
Entry No:
Book No: 63
Page No: 239
Location: South side of Cumberland River

It also appears that 1787 is when Robert Sellars, Sr moved Burke Co., NC
from Sullivan Co., TN:

1787 Oct 20 - Deed of Warranty; Robert Sellers of Burke Co., NC to Edward
Pointer of Sullivan Co., NC 60 pounds for 200 acres in Sullivan Co., NC on the south side of the Holston River out of a patent #268 of 300 acres. Witness:
Joshua Hall and
John Sellers Sr. [Sullivan Co., TN Deed Book 1:280]

             Hugh and Sandy Sellers <>
This land was granted by the State of North Carolina for Revolutionary War service.  This land lies in now State of Tennessee.

State of North Carolina (state archives, Raleigh, NC)

Book 69, page 167, file 289

No. 268 Know ye that we have granted unto ROBERT SELLARS three hundred
acres of land in Sullivan County on the South side of Holsten river
Begining at a white Oak and Sourwood on the river then dew South one
hundred and eighty poles to two white Oaks John Halls line dew West
two hundred and seventy poles to a stake thence dew North two hundred and
fifty poles to a stake on the river thence up the river as it meanders
to the Begining to hold unto ROBERT SELLERS his heirs and Asigned forever
dated the Tenth day of November 1784.
J. Glascow, Secretary                  (signed) Alex:  Martin



MARY JANE SELLERS born 6-20-1736 IRELAND/died 8-3-1803 ROWAN CO, NC
married when/where? to Rev War Wm SPURGIN 1734RowanCoNC/1806 Canada
 Rev War Heroine article written=)
son John SPURGEON 1753/1803 SULLIVAN CO,TN
 marie, iowa



from Charmaine Reel Ernst

I was recently contacted by a Hall researcher (she descends from Rev.
Joshua and Sarah Sellers Hall >Moses Wilkerson Hall) who sent me copies of some
letters written by John Hall to his relative Micajah Merryman in Baltimore
Co., MD dated between 1779 (Washington Co., VA(TN), to 1783 (Sullivan Co, NC
(TN). The letters are owned by John Hopkins Universtity as part of the
Merryman Family -Micajah Merryman collection.

There are a few references to Moses (Wilkerson) and Joshua (Hall) and one
reference made to Robert and John Sellers.

While I knew about the NC land grant to Robert Hall in 1784:

1784 - NC Grant #268 -Sullivan Co., NC/TN

Sullivan Co., TN, DB 1, p. 278: State of North Carolina No. 268 To all to whom these presents shall come greeting Know ye that we for and
in consideration of the sum of fifty shillings for every hundred acres hereby
granted paid into our treasuary by Robert Sellers have given and granted
and by these presents Do give and grant unot the said Robert Sellers a tract
of land containing three hundred Acres lying and being in our County of
Sullivan on the south side of holston River Begining at a white oak and sower
wood on the River thence Due south one hundred and eighty pole to two white
oaks John halls line Due west two hundred and Seventy pole to a stake thence
Due north two hundred and fifty poles to a stake on the River thence up the
River as it meanders to the Begining as by the plat hereunto annexed Doth
appear together with all woods waters mines minerals hereditaments and
appertenances to the said land belonging or appertaining to hold to the said Robert
Sellers his heirs and assigns for ever yielding and paying to us such sums of
money yearly or otherwise as our general assembly from time to time may
Direct provided always that the said Robert Sellers shall cause this grant to
be registered in the Registers of our said County of Sullivan within twelve
months from the Date hereof otherwise the same shall be void and of none
effect in testimony whereof we have caused these our letters to be made patent
and our great to be hereunto affixed Witness Alexander Martin Esquire our
govenor Captain general and Commander in Chief at New Bern the tenth Day of
November in the Ninth year of our Independence and In the year of our Lord one
thousand seven hundred and eighty four By his Excellency Com'd Alex MartinJ
Glasgow Secretary August 18th 1789 Reg'st

Prior to reading these letters written by John Hall I was not sure the John
Hall mentioned in the grant was the same John Hall who later appeared with
the Sellers in Burke Co., NC.

In a letter written 15 April 1782 Sulllivan Co., No. Carolina (TN)

"N. B. - Please tell John Corbin in my name not to sow any winter grain
this year on Moses place that your (Illegible) will (illegible)....."

JH -letter addressed to Micajah Merryman, Baltimore Co., MD

In a letter written 28 August 1783 Sullivan County No. Carolina (TN)

"Moses and Joshua has a mind to stay the winter in (Illegible) parts.
Should Moses sell his land as I expect he will, I hope that you will see to the
selling of it as he will not know the value of the lands. He may be at a loss
without your advise for which shall be greatly obliged unto you for the
same. Likewise should he sell the land by or with your consent then will I make
over all my rights to the land unto him or them that is the purchaser of
the same.

Betsy joins in our love unto you.

Jn. Hall

The envelope is addressed to Micajah Merryman Baltimore Co., MD and noted
on the envelope is that it is hand delivered by Moses Wilkinson.

In a letter written 21 November 1783 Sullivan County, North Carolina

"I am glad that Moses and Joshua has got down safe and that you would
acquaint them that we received your letter on the same, and also that Robertson's
has come back from Georgia and will start with their family over there in
about three weeks from date. Robert and John Sellers is gone with their
family's, the sound of Georgia is very extensive all over our parts. ..."

J - E Hall

Envelope addressed to Micajah Merryman, Baltimore Co., MD

I am hoping some of the great minds here on the Sellers list can help me
unravel some of the questions this has created....

1) Do you think John Hall and his family along with Moses Wilkerson did not
meet the Sellers until they both moved to land in Sullivan Co, Washington
District, NC(VA) (TN) after the Revolution? Apparently I have been looking in
the wrong location for the parents of Moses Wilkerson! I'm now trying to
discover the relationship between John Hall and the young Moses
Wilkerson/Wilkinson. Why would John Hall have to make over his rights to Moses Wilkerson's
land in Baltimore Co., MD?

2) Since no marriage bonds have been located for the marriages of Moses
Wilkerson to Rebeckah Sellers, or Joshua Hall to Sarah Sellers (both estimated
to have been about 1785/86,) could these marriages have actually taken place
in Sullivan Co., NC(TN) and not in Burke Co., NC?

3) The Robert and John Sellers mentioned can't be the sons of Robert
Seller, Sr - Robert and John who did not have families in 1783. This must be
Robert Sellers (Sr). Is John Sellers possibly the brother of Robert
Sellers...cousin..nephew....? There was a John Sellers listed in early Burke Co., NC
records prior to Robert Sellers and his children, John Hall and his children,
and Moses Wilkerson and his family appearing in Burke Co., NC. Could this be
the link to Burke Co., NC?

The letter isn't clear on whether the Robert and John Sellers families
actually moved down to the opening lands in Georgia or not, and it opens up
questions as to why all of them ended up in Burke Co., NC by 1790. While so many
were moving west into the newly opening lands, they turn around and move
eastward back into NC (pre-Revolutionary land). I find that curious. Some of
the children don't head westward again for 15 to 20 years, if ever.

This is a very circuitous route they wonder they have been such a
challenge to research. Any one with any insights?

Charmaine Reel Ernst



Thanks. I didn't have a couple of these land transactions. I will try to follow up on those.

I also am wondering, after the new John Hall/Moses Hall/Robert & John
Sellers information, whether the "John Sellars" found as a signer of the
"Petition of the inhabitants of the Western Country," dated Dec. 1787 and presented
to the December Legislature of North Carolina in the attempt to establish
the State of Franklin, is the Same John Sellers connected to Robert Sellers in
these documents. The time period/date seems to indicate it is most likely
the same person.

I also found an earlier reference concerning Robert Sellers applying for
the Sullivan Co. land grant:

On 16 March 1779 Robert Sellers requested a 300 acre land grant in
Washington County, North Carolina. The Entry Book recorded it on 17 June 1780 next
to “Humphrey Hogan’s old improvement on the south side of the Holston River ” in Sullivan County. On 10 November 1784, Sellers was granted 267 acres
of this land in Sullivan County, Tennessee on South side of “Holstein River
Goodspeed’s History of Sullivan County, Tennessee

Appears to be in the same area as John Hall's entries, which he wrote as
Shoat Ford in his letters. This is believed to be Choate's Ford which is
present day Bluff City, Sullivan Co., TN.



SAMUEL P. SPURGEN enrolled Blountville, commissary sgt. Co. B. 27








Mary B Sellers District 9, Sullivan, TN abt 1813 Tennessee White Female (ck1860WashCoTn), page 463
Nancy Sellers District 9, Sullivan, TN abt 1812 Tennessee White Female (age = 38 = ca1832
Martha C Sellers District 9, Sullivan, TN abt 1843 Tennessee White Female
Loretta Sellers District 9, Sullivan, TN abt 1846 Tennessee White Female
Sophia Sellers District 9, Sullivan, TN abt 1848 Tennessee White Female
Alvin S Sellers District 9, Sullivan, TN abt 1852 Tennessee White Male

Abraham Sellers District 9, Sullivan, TN abt 1842 Tennessee White Male , page 463
Deborah Sellers District 9, Sullivan, TN abt 1844 Tennessee White Female
Puslenah Sellers District 9, Sullivan, TN abt 1862 Tennessee White Female



SELLERS, Ethel and her child


SIMERLY, Tina Pierce b. 8-3-1909 Carter Co., TN age 91 d. 11-18-2000 Adel, GA. (Parents Arthur & Mattie Pierce. H= Virgil P. Simerly. Sons= Jerry M., Calvin F., & Gussie Leon Simerly. Daus= Thelma Sellers, Martha Hoffman, & Juanita Meeks. Preceded in death by her husband & a son Parks Virgil Simerly and a brother Harry Pierce.)