GILES CO, TN (made in 1809 from Maury)
lays next to Lincoln Co ,
Giles County was created in 1810 in pursuance of an act of the General Assembly passed November 14, 1809, and at the suggestion of Gen. Jackson was named in honor of Gen. William B. Giles, one of the governors of Virginia. Giles County was formed out of Maury County and is bounded as follows: North by the counties of Maury and Marshall, east by the counties of Marshall and Lincoln, south by the State of Alabama, west by Lawrence County,


Giles' land warrants have been located in what later became District 2 as early as 1803 (and possibly earlier) in Williamson County (parent county of Maury):

Isaac PRICE's 1,000 acres at "mouth of Richland" is listed on the 1813 Giles List of Unpaid Taxes.

Richland Creek of Elk River
(Most of Richland (aka Smiths) Creek is in Surveyors District 2. The following land records are in Surveyors' District 2, Range 1, Section 1, Civil District 3)

North Carolina Land Entry No. 643: October 28, 1783. Elijah WITT. 400 acres "on a creek of Elk River known to some by the name of Smiths Creek and to others by the name of Richland Creek beginning at the upper corner of William RAINEY. Entry made on the sd creek near where Wm. LOGGINS and Fredrick STUMPS mares was killed." Warrant: 10 Jul 1784. Grant: (not located)

George W Sellers b 4 July 1799 d May 1842 Giles Co, Tn
John Wilson b 1819 d After Feb 26 1874
Irby and Buchanan
Bill Trott



marriages from 1865
land records from 1809?=

GREEN CO, TN in 1789 Land Grants

2424. Thomas Sellers

SULLIVAN CO, TN in 1784 Land Grants
1234. Robert Sellers

Giles County Court
November Session 1813
Entry # 24 on page 7

Amt Brought Forward $19.30 1/2, George W. Campbell 5000 Acres Land $12.50, Heirs Landon Carter 4000 do $10.00, John Childress 4700 Do $11.75, do do 1000 do $2.50, William Cockren 1 white poll $.25, John Crowson 1 do do $.25 Nathaniel Kimbro 1 do do $.25, Francis Childs 3000 Acres Land $7.50, Stephen Condroy 1 white poll $.25, John Dabney 950 Acres Land $2.32 1/2, William Dulin 1 white poll $.25, George Doherty 2500 Acres Land $6.25, do do 5000 Do do $12.50, do do 4969 1/2 do do $12.42 1/2, Do do 640 do do $1.60, Daniel Davis 1 white poll $.25, John Doherty 1 do do $.25, Joseph East 2000 acres land $.50, John Faris 1 white poll $.25, John Follis 1 do do $.25, Abrom Follis 1 do do $.25, John Frazier 1 do do $.25, John Garner 1 do do $.25, Thomas Glassgow 1 do do $.25, John Bamble 1 do do $.25, David Graham 1 do do $.25, Brice ? Garner 171 1/2 Acres land $.42 3/4, Joseph Green 1000 acres do $2.50, Richard Hightower 640 Acres $1.60, (total) $109.93


BUT, check county /court minutes/land records - MAY show WHEN they came
Check any county made from = Maury
OR surrounding counties =


4 - Entry 27 for Curtis TERRY, 60 A on waters of main fork of Sinking Creek; adj. on which TERRY lives; Samuel JORDAN. Surv. 4 May 1824. Samuel JORDAN and Vaulton CHILDRESS, C.C.

28 - Entry 91 for Vaulton CHILDRESS, 94 1/2 A on waters of S branch of Sinking Creek of Elk River; adj. William MENEFEE; MURRAH; FREEMAN; George WINTERBOWER; where MOSEBY lives; Wythe SIMS; CHILDRESS' line; (passing S fork of Sinking Creek); corner of a tract formerly owned by Jarrett MENEFEE; COLE S boundary line; on top of ridge in Samuel JORDON'S line; MURRAH. Surv. 3 Jul 1824. Luke LYTLE & William D. JENNINGS, C.C.

34 - Entry 46 for William D. JENNINGS, assignee of James K. MURRAH, 95 A, on S fork of Sinking Creek; adj. Reubin FREEMAN; William MENEFEE; JENNINGS; John HAWKINS. Surv. 8 Jun 1824. Reubin FREEMAN & Vaulton CHILDRESS, C.C.

35 - Entry 31 for John H. CAMP & William JONES, 150 A on head waters of Sinking Creek & on head waters of Piney Fork of Limestone River [Creek]; adj. James TEMPLE and on which Wythe SIMS died, then being his property; tract SIMS bought of Vaulton CHILDRESS; William H. WEAVER bought of CHILDRESS; William JONES; John H. CAMP; John WALKER. Surv. 10 Sep 1824. C.C. not given.

80 - Entry 32 for Josiah E. MADDOX, 174 A on head waters of Sinking Creek; adj. William P. RICHARDSON on which he now lives; Joseph CALVERT; Curtis TERRY; Samuel JORDAN; William P. RICHARDSON. Surv. 1 Jul 1825. Vaulton CHILDRESS & William P. RICHARDSON, C.C.

101 - Entry 136 for Raleigh HARWELL & James McDONALD, 150 A & 105 P on waters of Buchanan Creek, adj. Silas L. VUCHS; R. STIVERS; Robert CHILDRESS; James McDONALD; Raleigh HARWELL. Surv. 29 Mar 1826. Buckner HARWELL & Wesley HARWELL, C.C.

109 - Entry 149 for Samuel JORDAN, 4 3/4 A which is circumscribed on all sides on waters of Sinking Creek of Elk River; adj. William P. RICHARDSON tract on which he lives; MADDOX; JORDON; tract he lives on. Surv. 2 Jul 1825. Vaulton CHILDRESS & William P. RICHARDSON, C.C.

142 - Entry 209 for John CARMICHAEL, 50 A on waters of Wythe Branch of Elk River; adj. Vaulton CHILDRESS; Reubin FREEMAN; Rosanna PAINE. Surv. 25 Apr 1827. James MOSELY & Reuben FREEMAN, C.C.

161 - Entry 270 for George OLIVER & William DAVIDSON, 93 3/4 A on waters of Buchanan Creek; adj. A. McDONALD; George OLIVER tract he now lives on; DAVIDSON; R. L. CHILDRESS; John McDONALD; A. McDONALD. Surv. 17 Apr 1828. William DAVIDSON & L. B. DAVIDSON, C.C.

355 - For J. B. CHILDRESS, Samuel MCQUIRTER and J. H. TAYLOR, assignee of Allen JONES, by virtue of $70.05, Entry 2, 1,000 A in Rng. 2, Sec. 2, C.D. 4, on waters of Shannon fork of Sugar Creek, adj. A. M. BALLENTINE; Walton B. HARRIS; F. J. P GRACY. Surv. 22 Jul 1846. F. J. P. GRACY & William EZELL, C.C.

368 - For Robert MCLAURINE, Entry 116, 49 3/4 A in Rng. 2, Sec. 3, on waters of Egnew Creek, adj. J. GRAHAM; Jordon WHITLEY. Surv. 31 Jan 1828. Rofus M. CHILDRESS & Rode TIDWELL, C.C.

1830 GILES CO, TN =
ROBERT SELLERS =0120001-010101 (male 1780/90) =
MALE 5/10 (1820/25)
2 -MALES 10/15 (1815/20)
MALE 40/50 (born 1780/1790
FEMALE 15/20-
FEMALE 30/40 = 1790/1800

Jis Childress Not Stated, Giles, Tennessee
Robt Childress Jr. Not Stated, Giles, Tennessee
Roth Childress Jr. Not Stated, Giles, Tennessee
V Childress Not Stated, Giles, Tennessee
Valton Childress Not Stated, Giles, Tennessee

1840 GILES CO, TN (Married when/where? AND where on 1830 census)
George SELLERS, PAGE 118= 1010101-021001 =
male 40/50 (1790/1800)
male 20/30 (1810/20)
male 10/15 (1825/30)
male under 5 (1835/40)
female 30/40 (1800/10)
female 10/15
female 5/10
female 5/10

Eliza CHILDRESS, PAGE 106=11001-012011
Mary CHILDRESS, PAGE 143=101-00100001
R.B.CHILDRESS, PAGE 107=012001-020001
R.L.CHILDRESS,PAGE 107=0000000001-000102 


Georgia L. Fletcher []

1840 Giles County, Tennessee
George Sellers 1-0-1-0-1-0-1/0-2-1-0-0-1
1 male 40 and under 50 (1791-1800
1 male 20 and under 30 (1811-1820) (probably a relative)
1 male 10 and under 15 (1826-1830)
1 male under 5 (1836-1840)
1 female 30 and under 40 (1801-1810)
1 female 10 and under 15 (1826-1830) (probably a relative)
2 females 5 and under 10 (1831-1835)

1850 Giles County, Tennessee
enumerated 09 September 1850
District #12
Page 412A
Eliza Sellers, 39, F, $5,000, NC
D. L. Sellers, 21, M, farmer, TN
Frances Sellers, 19, F, TN
Mary Sellers, 17, F, TN
Americus Sellers, 14, F, TN
Henry Sellers, 12, M, TN

Here is Minerva Childress Reynolds, sister to Eliza Childress Sellers:
1850 Giles County, Tennessee
District #12
enumerted 09 September 1850
Page 412A
Giles A. Reynolds, 49, M, farmer, $37,050, VA
Manerva R. Reynolds, 39, F, TN
Lavinia M. Reynolds, 18, F, TN
Adelle Reynolds, 16, F, TN
David Reynolds, 14, M, TN
Victoria Reynolds 8, F, TN
Rufus Reynolds, 6, M, TN
Madora Reynolds, 4, F, TN
Giles Reynolds, 2, M, TN
Mary Watson, 72, F, VA (Who is this?????)
Mary G. Childress, 17, F, TN

1860 Giles County, Tennessee
Northern Subdivision
Lynnville Post Office
enumerated 28 August 1860
Giles A. Reynolds, 59, M, farmer, $100,000/$130,000, VA
Manerva Reynolds 49, F, TN
Vic R. Reynolds, 18, F, TN
Rufus Reynolds, 16, M, TN
Medora Reynolds, 14, F, TN
Giles Reynolds, 12, M, TN
Ellen Rhea, 14, F, domestic, TN
William Rhea, 11, M, TN

           William C Trott <>
George W SELLERS (how many were there?) as noted in Giles County TN
probate records of 1846: he died at his residence about 1842 or 1843
leaving widow Eliza (CHILDRESS), and children Demarcus L, Frances L,
Mary E, America and Henry O.  Other records show he was born July 4,



Name Slaves Value Land Value Location Polls

Sellars George W & Heirs 197 2364 Richland Cr
Sellars Eliza 7 3500 100 1200 Richland Cr.

Elizabeth SILLERS 39 NC (BORN ca 1811)(Where 1860?=)
D.L. 21 TN (1829 in Tn)= male or female? ckCoahoma, Mississippi ,msh
AMERICIUS 14 TN (1836)

1850 GILES CO, TN=
AMERICA SELLERS 14 (married whom and went Where=
living with IRA BROWN
WHERE did these kids go?

Richard Johnson 73 NC (District 12, Giles, Tennessee)
Erixenna Johnson 52 GA
John R Johnson 19 TN
Rebecca J Johnson 13 TN

Matthew Johnson 67 NC (District 12)
Sinai Johnson 64 NC
M M Johnson 22m tn
Drucilla C Johnson 18 tn

Abner Johnson 57 TN (district 17
Polly Johnson 55 NC
John W Johnson 22 TN

Stephen W Johnson 58 NC (District 1)
Elizabeth Johnson 50 SC
Benj Johnson 16 Laura A C Johnson 13

1860 GILES CO, TN=
HENRY O.SELLERS 21 (ck civil war?) married where?

111th Regiment Colored Infantry


Henry Lellas 35 District 16, Giles, Tennessee, po Comersville,
Susan Lellas 30 Jane Lellas 9 William Lellas 8 Belle Lellas 3 Owen Lellas 3/12

1880  Census Place: District 16, Giles, Tennessee
 Source: FHL Film 1255257  National Archives Film T9-1257     Page 322A
 Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
H. O. SELLERS Self M M W 41 TN
 Occ: Farmer Fa: VA Mo: TN
Susan SELLERS Wife F M W 40 TN
 Occ: Keeping House Fa: NC Mo: TN
Eliza SELLERS Dau F S W 19 TN
 Occ: Keeping House Fa: TN Mo: TN
 Occ: At School Fa: TN Mo: TN
 Occ: At School Fa: TN Mo: TN
Owen SELLERS Son M S W 10 TN
 Occ: At School Fa: TN Mo: TN
   Fa: TN Mo: TN
Francis SELLERS Dau F S W 1 TN
   Fa: TN Mo: TN

        William C Trott <>
Subject:  Re: [LCT] Mary McElroy and John A. Buchanan

Looking for Dr. John Buchanan who married Ca 1855 Fanny Sellers of Giles
County Died in Panola County MS Ca 1860.

         Wed, 10 Jul 2002 11:32:20 -0500
         Bill Trott <>

Marie, I have found some letters written to my mother in the late  50's
and early 60's from Frances Sellers, Giles Co TN., which contain some
information. Even a mention of a Bible belonging to Henry Sellers and
Elizabeth Hinkle, with birth dates of children and some marriages.
There is too much to type and Roots-L will not accept attachments. I can
either copy and mail or scan and attach to private e-mail (this would be
a long download and probably the mail would be just as fast).
Bill Trott

         Wed, 10 Jul 2002 21:59:36 -0500
         marie sellers hollinger <>
         1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 , 14 , 15
 BILL, I'm sorry.
I haven't rec'd any files from you or a letter the last day.
NOW, I'm not real bright on computers. But, try and answer this first.

YOU scanned a (one?)  letter from mom and saved it on your computer with a
name as = mom1956.jpg or =
YOU saved this one letter as a separate name on your computer?  =
TRY and explain how you have saved the letter , etc.

OK, you have 20 files.
These means you have 20 files with differant names?
SO, you could send me the ONE file that has moms letter or etc in it?
In ONE email?
LET me know where we are here. Sorry, I'm not too bright here.
marie, iowa
Bill Trott wrote:

> I attached two files to the last e-mail, it took over an hour on my
> phone line. The second file was refused because the message was too big.
> Could I put them on a CD and mail to you?
>  There are twenty files. They are large because I had to scan and
> enhance the writing so as to make it readable.
> Bill Trott


Vol. 61, Limestone Co., pg. 4 & 5: Sellers, Eliza and George. Sally Childress,widow of Rep. O. Childress, late of TN, dower in Limestone Co., AL to Rufus M. Childress, Eliza Sellers, wife of George Sellers, Maniva, wife of Giles A. Reynolds and Demarus Childress, being all the children of my dec'd husband that is now of lawful age; to give me a 9th part of the proceeds of a certain tract; quit claim to above; and William H. Childress, Rebeca B. Childress, Marion Childress and James Childress, being all children of my dec'd husband that have any interest in my dower. 8/11/1834


Descendants of Daniel McCallum

Daniel MCallum was born 14 March 1779 in North Carolina to Daniel and Isabella Sellars McCallum. Daniel married Sarah Smith, daughter of Neill and Mary Little Smith on 6 March 1803 in North Carolina. They were in Tennessee by 1812 and lived in Giles Co. Daniel died 24 October 1830 and is buried at the Bethany Cemetery near Elkton, Tennessee. Sarah was born 22 October 1780 in North Carolina and died near Elkton, Tennessee on 12 November 1861. She is buried next to her husband Daniel. Their children were as follows: 1. Anna McCallum b. 10 June 1804 in North Carolina
2. James McCallum b. 2 October 1806 in North Carolina. Died in Tennessee. Was author of early Giles Co. history.
3. Neill McCallum b. 23 May 1809. Buried at Bethany cemetery.
4. Mary Bell McCallum b. 13 November 1811 in Tennessee
5. John S. McCallum b. 8 Novemeber 1813
6. Sarah McCallum b. 18 June 1816 d. 21 September 1816
7. Elizabeth McCallum b. 20 July 1819 in Tennessee
8. Xantippe Little McCallum b. 23 September 1824 in Giles Co. TN Married Andrew W. Wilson on 7 December 1846 in Giles Co. and died in 1901, also in Giles Co. She is buried at Bethany cemetery.

Submitted by David Hobbs


The following is hand written and from:
_/Austin and Reed Papers, Manuscript Department, Duke University,
Durham. North Carolina/_

State of North Carolina
Burke County
To any regular licensed minister of the gospel having care of souls or
some Justice of the __________ Peace for said county. I do by the
authority in me vested by law authorise and impower you or either of you
to celebrate and Solemnise the rites of Marriage between John Johnson
and Lucy Payne and Join them together in holy marriage as man and wife.
Given under my hand at office the 15th day of January 1805
J Erwin Ck

This couple later went to Giles County TN ---I would like to correspond
with anyone with knowledge of their ancestors and descendants. I find a
lot of information on Giles County Johnson's, but having a hard time
separating them. I am descended from John Wilson Johnson and Frances L
Sellers. John Wilson Johnson first married Rebecca Johnson.

Bill Trott
Pasadena, TX
jan 2012