DEKALB CO, TN (made in 1837-8 from Cannon, Warren, White)
lays next to Smith Co.

The upper part of Dry Creek/DeKalb Co was in Warren Co. till 1836

by Fran LAAKER

William M SELLERS 5-12-1815 - 2-4-1890
wife Frances M. SELLERS 10-30-1825-10-21-18--
Paralee Sellers 1847-
Laura Sellers 1849-

N.G.Spencer Jennings (female) 11-6-1854-10-25-1883
?Martha G. Fuson born 1-6-1851-(no death date) 

Sat, 6 Jul 2002 16:25:58 EDT
"Matthew Sellers was an early settler of land now in DeKalb Co., TN, but
which then may have been Wilson Co., TN.  Several of the earliest settlers
here came from the Isle of Wight, VA." Pg. 548.

"The Lloyd Sellers family settled about 1800 on the banks of Fall Creek in
Wilson County, Tennessee."  Pg. 626.

Howell Sellars (sic) settled in Robertson Co., TN on Buzzard Creek at an
early time, about 1800.  He may have been from Caswell Co., NC."  Pg. 692.

>From Tennessee Cousins, A History of Tennessee People, by Worth S. Ray,
1966, Baltimore.

Frank Sellers

(Is he the oldest or  JOHN SELLERS? and possible father? msh)

HISTORY = the Sellars family were Drury, Archiblad, Mathew, John and his son Jordan.

(This John SELLERS father of DRURY SELLERS age =   (where did this info/proof  come from,msh?) MAYBE
this should read as above, John father of Jordon!!! - RECHECK

CHECK  other above counties for ages - they are DEKALB Co before 1837)

FRAN LAAKER ,San Diego,Ca, 1983 extracted this info=
4/1812= JOHN SELLERS received by experience
5/1812= CHARLOTTE SELLERS received by experience
8/1813= LAREATA SELLERS received by experience
7/1818= CLEO SELLERS received by experience
4-1820= DREWRY SELLERS, nominated deacon
(Does original show WHERE these SELLERS came from? usually? shows church/location,msh


 some of the other families seem to connect to NASH CO, NC and
there, we have some info on John SELLERS and his land.- BUT, no direct
relation to the SELLERS there! msh 









Contributed by JEAN OWENS
I have the books for the 1850 and 1870 from Dekalb Co. Indexed.
Also have Dekalb Co. Marriage book (1848-1900) and the Dekalb Co.
They are indexed also.

Thomas Grey Webb
Contributed by JEAN OWENS

                               A Bicentennial History of Dekalb Co. TN 
                               by Thomas Grey Webb
Sellers Archibald    page   37
Sellers Charlie                302
Sellers Drury                    37
Sellers John                     37
Sellers Jordan                  37 
Sellers Mathew                37, 93, 149Page 37
The old Indian boundrey crossed Dry Creek somewhere in the vicinity of the 
Wilder Hollow, so the land above this could not be occupied until after the
Third Treaty of Tellico in 1805. The earliest recorded settler on the upper
part of Dry Creek was Ebenezer Snow(a brother of the Snows on the lower
part of the creek), who came with his son William from NC in 1806. Williams
wife was Mahala Brasswell, who was probably related to Sampson and Aaron
Brasswell. Sampson Brasswell was on Dry Creek by 1813: he and Aaron both
married daughters of William Williams Sr.. A Mill had been early
established where Cripps Mill now is: in 1813 it was owned by William
Johnstone. On the creek below the mill the Melton and Sellars families were
neighbors to each other in 1811. There were several in both families:
Mathew , Thomas, amd Cooper  Melton: the Sellars family were Drury,
Archiblad, Mathew, John and his son Jordan. Mathew Spurlock also lived near
the mill, and Peter Etheridge and Joseph Graham were living on upper Dry
Creek in 1812. Moses Wilder came to this area from Bedford Co. in 1818 and
probably settled in the hollow which still bears his name. The upper part
of Dry Creek was in Warren Co. until 1836, so probably much of the business
of early residents was carried on in McMinnville. However, Liberty was some
what closer and undoubtedly drew some of thier trade.(Liberty appears to be 
in WILSON CO,check for sure,msh)  GNIS shows it in DeKalb Co,TN,msh
page 302
page 93
Talking about how many hogs etc were raised in Dekalb Co.
Ten drovers could manage about a thousand hogs: the trip took a month or
more, depending on how far south they went. Several of these traders lived
around Liberty: Among them were William B. Stokes, Mathew Sellars, Edward Robinson
and Francis Turner. 
page 149
Talking about how many slaves owned.
On Dry Creek Mathew Sellars Owned Eleven and his neighbor Sampson Brasswell an even dozen.
Will check for Meltons.

EBY ? SELLERS, PAGE 240=01122-0011001
MATHEW SELLERS, PAGE 239=00012001-01210001
WILLIAM WILLIAMS, PAGE 239=03111001-01010001
GUILBERT WILLIAMS, PAGE 239=12010001-1011001
GUILBERT WILLIAMS, PAGE 239=000001-10001

pg 47. 7 Dec 1847. To Gilbert Williams. It appearing to the County Court now in session that Mary Williams has died in the County of DeKalb having no will and the court being satisfied as to your claim. Letters of administration to be issued to you. 

8-8-1849 DEKALB CO,TN =


MATHEW CELLARS 67 NC 453-62 (4th district),page 31 (born ca 1783)
Canzada 22

WILLIAM CELLERS 36TN,485-66 (1814 Tn),page 33 (born ca 1814 TN)
Thomas SPENCER 21

Sophronia 10
Pleasant C. 8
Leroy 3
Nancy 1 

        "Jean Owens" <>

1850 Dekalb Co. TN Census
All info. in (    ) already  in the census book and not written  in by me=jo)

No Sellers with a S
Pea Ridge District 3.
page 17
# 281 Adams, Jacob        35 W M Farmer(son of Abraham Adams) TN
                     Lucrecia     35 W F (dau of Sampson Brasswell)       TN
                                               (married Nathan Sellers First)
                     Saphronia   10 W F  School                                     TN
                     Pleasant C.  8 W M  School                                     TN
                     Leroy           3 W M                                                 TN
                     Nancy          1 W F                                                  TN
       Cellers,   Sampson    18 W M farmer/school                             TN
       Cellers,   William       17 W M farmer/school                             TN
       Cellers,   Elizabeth P.13 W F  school                                       TN
# 282 Braswell Samuel      38 W M  farmer                                      TN
                      Mary W.     30 W F  (dau of Abraham Adams)            TN
                      Peter S.     10  W M school                                      TN
                      James M     7   W M  school                                     TN
                      Sampson    5    W M  school                                     TN
                      Cintha J.     3    W F                                                 TN
                      Jacob L.     8/12 W M                                               TN
Dry Creek District 4
page 23
# 421   Braswell,Lemuel     35   W M   Farmer (son of Sampson Braswell)
                        Elizabeth  23   W F                                                  TN
                        Nancy P.    2   W F                                                  TN
                        Angeline     1   W F                                                  TN
page 25
# 453  Cellers,   Mathew      67   W M None Insane      $1200             NC
                        Carlotta      64   W F  (Dau of Thomas Hart)               NC
          Williams, Leroy Lee  24   W M  farmer   (married this year)       TN
                        Canzada    22   W F  (dau of Mathew)                       TN
# 454   Brasswell, Sampson 68  W M  farmer                $1400            NC
                          Pricilla      62  W F   (dau of William Williams)          NC
           Cubbins,  Unicey      32  W F (Wm's widow)(dau of Sampson Brasswell)
                          Emery      10   W M   school ( grandchild)                 TN
                         Paralee      8   W F    school (grandchild)                  TN
                          Jane          4   W F   (grandchild)                              TN
# 455   Brasswell Aaron       63   W M  Farmer                    $300          NC
                          Nancy      55   W F   (dau of William Williams Sr.) $50 NC
                          William     24   W M  farmer/school                            TN
                          Henry       22   W M   farmer/school                            TN
                          Mikajah    17    W M   farmer/school                           TN
                          Lucresia    13   W F    school                                     TN
                          Duane       13    W M    school                                    TN
                          Leroy          8    W M                                                  TN
#462   Brasswell,  Leroy        39   W M    farmer (Son of Sampson Brasswell)
                           Mary         41   W F                                                   TN
                           Mathew     18   W M farmer/school                              TN
                           Demerous  17   W M   school                                      TN
                           Chairty       12   W F    school                                     TN
                           Sampson    10   W M   school                                     TN
                           Paralee        7    W F    school                                    TN
# 463 Brasswell,   William       41   W M   farmer (son of Sampson Brasswell)
                           Clarissa      33   W F     school                                    TN
                           Nancy C.     16   W F     school                                    TN
                           Harriet A.     14   W F     school                                    TN
                           Martha         12   W F     school                                    TN
                           Mary            12   W F     school                                    TN
                           Louisa          10   W F     school                                    TN
                           William J.       8   W M    school                                     TN
                           Sampson        5   W M    school                                     TN
                           Priscilla J.       3   W F                                                   TN
                           Elizabeth       4/12 W F                                                  TN

page 28 Dry Creek District 4
# 485  Cellers,   William        36  W M   farmer                            $40  TN
                        Frances M.  24  W F                                                TN
                        Paralee        3   W F                                                 TN
                        Laura           1   W F                                                 TN
          Spencer, Thomas       21   W M
page 3 Alexandra District 1
# 37      Cooper, Isaac           23   W M   Wagonmaker       $350            TN
                        Talitha          22   W F                                                 TN
                        James . W.  7/12 W M                                                 TN
page 13 Liberty district 2
# 226    Cooper, Rachel         60    W F                               $300            NC
                        Bethel          27   W M                                                  TN
                        Lavinia         19    W F                                                   TN
page 80  Helton District 11
# 358     Cooper, Charles       39    W M  farmer                    $400            NC
                         Saluda A.    26    W F                                                  VA
             Burnett, Sarah         28    W F                                                   VA
                         Agness       27    W F                                                   VA
             Payn,   James         36    W M   farmer                                       VA
             Kyle,    David           10    W M   school                                      TN
           Payn,   Mary             4    W F                                                   TN
page 70 Indian Creek district 10
# 839 Braswell,   Elizabeth    38     W F                                                   TN
                         Ann              7     W F                                                   TN
                         Avert             1    W M                                                   TN

page 58  Smithville district 9
# 959     Melton, Thomas       57    W M   farmer                        $75         NC
                         Temperance 49   W F                                                    NC
                         James W.    20   W M    farmer/school                            TN
                         Robert W.    17   W M    school                                      TN
                         Mary J.        15   W F     school                                      TN
                         Elvira P.       14   W F     school                                      TN
                         Sarah A.      12  W F     school                                       TN
page 61 Smithville district 9
# 995        Milton, Cooper        35  W M    wagonmaker                   $200    TN
                           Mary           32  W F                                                     TN
                           Sarah E.       1  W F                                                     TN
                           Temperance 15 W F                                                     TN

hope I got this right.
Jean  "Jean Owens" <>


1852 = PHARRIS LAWRENCE= R39-1-244

pg 35. 29 Jan 1853. Margaret William, widow of Richmond D. Williams, dec'd given year's support
for her and her family. 

 Mathew SELLERS ca 1783/1861 will of Dekalb Co,Tn dated and SIGNED  April 27, 1857
wife Charlotte

And FIVE living children





Wit in 1857 - James A. Dunhann, John C. Cris, Mason M. Brien
Wit in 1860=Joseph Clark, Edward Roberson, Francis Turnerd


and codicil  dated Sept 25, 1860=




Extractions  from

COPY of Original Will and Codicil  of
MATHEW SELLARS will dated APRIL 27, 1857 (TN wills = 1861,wb-b-84)

Wife, CHARLOTTA who has been with me so long and hape me make what we have be well pronected? For as long as she may live. 
          to have pare/five?  of my choise slaves and my land as I do not desire the land sold as long as she may live and at        her    death to be despersed of as herein after named all the balance of my estate to be equally divided among my FIVE LIVING children


I DO NOT desire any of my grandchildren of my children that is now DEAD shall have any portion of my estate. THEREFORE I will them NOTHING.

POLLY BRASSWELL now has negro boy SAM in her possession woth about $1000
DAU DEMIRAS SMITH  has negro girl PRICILLA JANE worth  $1000
(reread several times and dau Charity Kithcart is Not mentioned)


APRIL 27,  18--
(copy of original in court house probably isn't cut off?msh)

Called EDWARD ROBESON, FRANCIS TURNER, JOSEPH CLARK to value and distribute following negros among my following MARRIED children

AND also to dau MARY BRASWELL and her heirs of her body at her deth my NEGRO WOMAN ALGIER? and NEGRO BOY LEONARD and NEGRO GIRL CHARITY DOOY (capital D like a surname,msh)

and to my dau DEMERIS SMITH and to children of her body at her death NEGRO WOMAN CHARLOTTA and her infant child LUCY

and to my dau CHARITY KITHCART and at her death to the heirs of her body my negro man HENRY AND NEGRO WOMAN MARY AND NEGRO GIRL HARIET

and to my dau CANSADA WILLIAMS and at her death to her children my NEGRO MAN MUNROE AND MY NEGRO GIRL MARTH N?

CHILDREN to take immediatey into there possession of control the said negros
dated SEPT 25, 1860

Sept 2003
patricia crawford []

Page 1 and PAGE 7 THRO 20 = Middle, Tn, Supreme Court, Box 165

FEB 18, 1867



            Names Jury =

Next PAGE is # 7 thro page 20. (complete? More? msh)

Was executed and could not find the beginning corner? As it was gone and they could not tell where to start and MATHEW SELLARS came to them and showed them where the corners once stood and they started thence and found it correct.

Witness (Not directly named on this page, msh)  regarded MATHEW SELLARS as of sound mind and desposing memory. Never saw any dependence in him from first acquaintance with him till the time of making the will except what is common to age. He always regarded Mathew SELLARS as a singular man in talking he would frequently refer to his son WILLIAM and say is not that so WILLIAM.
WILLIAM was his ONLY LIVING SON. MATHEW SELLARS gave as a reason why he disinhearted the grand children. That they were leaving/lucuing?  him? for same/some? Land as/an/ NATHAN SELLARS children were? And that HENRY SELLARS heirs had been turned against him by his wifes people and have about leaving? Him to declare him as lunatic . he stated that the present dependant/defendant  was NOT then of age. He stated that BUNGER? THER /THEN UNCLE OF Depts. WAS THE Lawyer in the Thretened? Lawsuit.

Page 8

BRIEN stated that WILLIAM SELLARS never? Said anything to him or to MATHEW SELLARS in his presence about how the WILL should be made. WITNESS says he always  regarded MATHEW SELLARS as a man of weak mind. Though some/said Witness says he lived about seven miles from said SELLARS. Witness says he has not yet been paid anything for writing the WILL but the Executuer WM SELLARS has since the old mans deth told him he would pay him for so doing. The old man signed the WILL freely and Volunturly.

JOHN L. CRIPS said he saw MATHEW SELLARS sign the will and he witnessed it in the testatars presence at his request. Saw nothing wrong? With him at the time. Witness stayed a quarter of an hour . saw JAMES A. DUNHAM sign as witness and that he is now dead. Proved? About MATHEW SELLARS sharing the concern? Spoken of by JUDGE BRIEN.

Witness thinks there was some change in MATHEW SELLARS since the Funentier? Law suit. Thought him not right some times and at other times he thought he was


Witness thought he had mind sufficient to transact businesss. That he had sound /loned witness many/money?. And witness always found him correct in his statements about the amount and witness would pay the money back to MATHEW SELLARS.

Witness did Not see WM SELLARS intipears? In making the will. Witness stated that he? Is a Brother IN LAW to two of the Beneficiries if the will is set aside.

The defendant proposed to prove? By N.C. CRIPS the same facts proven by DANIEL SMITH in his secured/second deposition as the statements of the DEC’D subscribing Witness JAMES A. DUNHANE? As to the acts of the Testator and the canceltiance? Of this ------at the time he executed the will which was objected to and the objection sustained and the evidence ruled out by thew court and dept excepted.

Plaintiff then read the papers writing proparting? To be the last will and testament of MATHEW SELLARS .   =  (same as above, msh)

INDEX to 1860
Amanda SELLARS, PAGE 106



HENRY SELLARS 27, 51-106

W.W. SELLARS 26, 27-94


1861 WILL of MATHEW SELLAR =1861/wb-b/84
dated 1857, codicil 1860=(probated=?)

OTHER children with issue, deceased by 1857 and disinherited.
MANY slaves
(NO probate papers?msh)

excerpts by Fran LAAKER-
ORDER original will and read-

by Fran LAAKER

William M SELLERS 5-12-1815 - 2-4-1890
wife Frances M. SELLERS 10-30-1825-10-21-18--
Paralee Sellers 1847-
Laura Sellers 1849-

N.G.Spencer Jennings (female) 11-6-1854-10-25-1883
?Martha G. Fuson born 1-6-1851-(no death date) 

Contributed by JEAN OWENS
1870 Dekalb Co. TN Census

page 48 Liberty (Dry Creek) district 4
# 11 Sellers, Henry     36 M W  Farmer        TN
              Mary      40 F W                TN
              Caroline  16 F W                TN
              James     14 M W                TN
              Sarah     12 F W                TN
              Minta      9 F W                TN
              Mary       5 F W                TN
              Louisa     2 F W                TN
page 52
# 44 Sellars, Stephen   56 M B  Farmer        TN
              Eliza     45 F B                TN
              Elizabeth 20 F B                TN
              Harriet   18 F B                TN
              Dinay     16 F B                TN
              Lenard    14 M B                TN
              Mary      12 F B                TN
              America    7 F B                TN

page 53
# 51 Kithkart,Nicholas  53 M W (Cathcart)     TN Farmer
              Chairty   47 F W (dau of Mathew Sellers)
              William   23 M W                TN
              Parilee   18 F W                TN
              Allen     15 M W                TN
              Kent      12 M W                TN
              Sarah      9 F W                TN
              Mathew     8 M W                TN
              Luther     4 M W                TN
     Kithkart,James     12 M W                TN
page 54
# 62 Sellars, Jack      33 M B Farmer         TN
              Louisa    25 F B                TN
              Frances    7 F B                TN
              John       5 M B                TN
              Virginia   2 F B                TN
page 60
# 123 Sellars,William   55 M W Farmer         TN
              Frances   45 F W                TN
              Maggie    14 F W                TN
              William   12 M W                TN
              Robert    10 M W               TN
              Mollie     8 F W                TN
              Charles    2 M W                TN
page 95 Smithville (Jefferson) district 7
# 21 Sellers Wm. W.     36 M W Farmer         TN
             Sarah      28 F W                TN
             Willie      1 M W                TN
   Cantrell, Thomas     20 M W                TN
page 182 Liberty district 13
# 12 Cellers,Wilson     50 M B Blacksmith     TN (PAT'S PAGE)
             Mary       43 F B                TN
             Peter      19 M B                TN
page 124 Smithville district 9
# 57 Melton,   James    39 M W Laborer        TN
               Martha   38 F W                TN
               William  18 F W                TN
             Sephronia  15 F W                TN
# 56 Melton    Sarah    37 F W Keeping House  TN
     Tarell,   Lidia    12 F W                TN
page 144
# 246 Melton,  Cooper   55 M W Farmer         TN
               Mary     51 F W                TN
               Sarah    18 F W                TN
               Mary     12 F W                TN
      Martin,  Caroline 35 F W                TN
page 15 Alexandria district 1
# 153 Cooper,  James    20 M W Clerking       TN
               Rebecca  17 F W                TN
page 20 Liberty district 2
# 7 Cooper,    Isaac    44 M W  Farmer        TN
               Telitha  43 F W                TN
               Pemela   16 F W                TN
               William  12 M W                TN
               Isabelle  9 F W                TN
               Mary Jane 7 F W                TN
               Thomas    2 M W                TN
page 167 Helton district 11
# 57 Cooper,   Charles  61 M W Farmer         NC
               Seludy   40 F W                VA
     Burnett   Sarah    45 F W                VA
               Agnes    39 F W                VA
     Kyle,     Mary     30 F W                TN
               Barkley  11 M W                TN
               Arabella  9 F W                TN
               Docy      7 F W                TN
page 209 Laurel Hill district 16
# 17 Cooper,   William  25 M W  Day Laborer   TN
               Michael  26 F W                TN
               Nancy     1 F W                TN
     Smith,    Martha   68 F W                VA
page 211 Laurel Hill district 16
#33  Cooper,   Jacob    54 M W  Farmer        VA
               Nancy    43 F W                TN
            Cinderilla  22 F W                TN
               Sarah    17 F W                TN
               Mathew   14 M W                TN
               Marinda  12 F W                TN
               Tennessee 9 F W                TN
               Matilda   5 F W                TN
               Martha    5 F W                TN
       Holley, Sarah    50 F W                TN
page 1 Alexandra district 1
# 4  Brasswell,Fannie   30 F B Keeps House    TN
               James    15 M B                TN
               Nina     13 F B                TN
               George   12 M B                TN
               Isaac     6 M B                TN
               Letha     4 F B                TN
page 49 Liberty(Dry Creek)_district 4
# 13 Brasswell,William  26 M W                TN
               Amanda   19 F W                TN
               James     3 M W                TN
               Susan     1 F W                TN
page 55
# 75 Brasswell,William  61 M W   Farmer       TN
               Mary     48 F W                TN
              Elizabeth19 F W                TN
               Andrew   18 M W                TN
               Amy      13 F W                TN
               Virginia 11 F W                TN
               John      9 M W                TN
               Louisa    2 F W                TN
page 56
# 76 Brasswell.William  45 M W    Farmer      TN
               Elizabeth35 F W                TN
               John     12 M W                TN
page 60
# 122 Brasswell,P.S.    31 M W (Peter Sampson)TN Farmer
                Martha  31 F W (Moser)        TN
                Monroe  11 M W                TN
                John     4 M W                TN
                Samuel   2 M W                TN
                Mary    16 F W (Cantrell)     TN
page 136 Smithville district 9
# 164 Brasswell,Samuel  59 M W Farmer         TN
                Susan   46 F W (Sweeney)      VA
                William  8 M W                TN
      Kirley,Washington 16 M W                TN
page 202 Temperance Hall district 15
# 38 Brasswell, Jef     24 M W   Farmer       TN
                Mary L. 30 F W                TN
                Isaac H. 3 M W                TN
page 216 Laurel Hill district 16
# 72 Brasswell, William 39 M W  Farmer        TN
                Amanda  37 F W                TN
                John    17 M W                TN
             Monticella 15 M W                TN
                Eliza   13 F W                TN
                Arthusa 11 F W                TN
             Tennessee   9 F W                TN
                Andrew   6 M W                TN
                Ulyssia. 4 M W                TN
                Skiles   2 M W                TN
    Brasswell,Elizabeth 63 F W                TN


1880     Census Place:    De Kalb, Tennessee
    Source:    FHL Film 1255252  National Archives Film T9-1252     Page 115A    
    Relation    Sex    Marr    Race    Age    Birthplace
Jacob ADAMS    Self    M    M    W    65    TN
    Occ:    Farmer    Fa: VA    Mo: VA
Canzada ADAMS    Wife    F    M    W    52    TN
    Occ:    Keeps House    Fa: NC    Mo: NC

Susan O. ADAMS    Dau    F    S    W    27    TN
            Fa: TN    Mo: TN
P. Frank ADAMS    Son    M    S    W    25    TN
    Occ:    Farmer    Fa: TN    Mo: TN
James B. ADAMS    Son    M    S    W    22    TN
    Occ:    At School    Fa: TN    Mo: TN
Andrew J. WILLIAMS    SSon    M    S    W    14    TN
            Fa: TN    Mo: TN


Administrator's settlement Book, 1870-1873

pg 3-4. 26 Oct 1870. Martha Cantrell et al vs Aaron Cantrell et al. The separate answer of B. M.
Cantrell, guardian ad litum to Charles S. Cantrell, minor heir of James Cantrell, dec'd. Dower has
been set off for the widow

Contributed by
Tom Simpson

In the name of God, Amen, I William Williams In of the County of Smith and State of
Tennessee Being Sick and weak of body but of Sound mind a Disposing memory & on which I
thank God & Calling to mind the uncertainty of human life and being Desirous to make this a part
 of my Last will & Testament Rote by Adam Dale Esqr. and to author the same in manner and form asfollows that is to say I give and bequeath to my three Grand Children Drucilley Robinson, JonasRobinson, Ambros Robinson one negro boy named Mason In the Room of James that Died in
my Lifetime and also I give to my beloved Daughter Priscilla Braswell one feather bed and
Furniture that was not included in my Last will 1821 and no other altterations in my Last will
Seald published this 4 Day of December and acknowledged in preasent of us.
Wm. Williams
Robert Forester
Hugh Hays 
State of Tennessee Smith County Court February Term 1822. 
     When this Codicil to the last Will and Testament of William Williams Senr. and was
produced and duly proven in open court by the oaths of Robert Forester and Hugh Hays
witnesses thereto, and orderd to be recorded. 

(page 334) 
     In the Name of God Amen. I William Williams Senr. being week in body, but of sound and 
perfect mind and memory, and considering the uncertainty of this mortal Life, Blessed be
Almighty God for the same do make and publish this my last will and Testament in manner and form following
(that is to say): 
     1st I give and bequeath to my well beloved wife Lucreasy Williams during her Natural Life
the House wherein I now Live with twelve acres of the cleared Land ajoining said House, with all my
House hold and kitchen furniture, one Negro man Named Abram and one Negro Woman Named
Nan and all my stock as it now stands. 
     2nd I give and bequeath to my beloved Daughter Betsy Griffin the above named Negro
Woman from & after the decease of my beloved wife. 
     3rd I give and bequeath to my beloved Daughter Cloe Milton one Negro girl Named Burk. 
     4th I give and bequeath to my Beloved Daughter Mary Williams one Negro man Named
Abram at the Decease of my beloved wife and one feather Bed and furniture of. 
     5th I give and bequeath to my beloved son Samuel Williams one Negro Girl by the name of
     6th I give and bequeath to my Beloved Daughter Pricilla Brasswell one Negro boy by the
name of Isaac. 
(page 335) 
     7th I give and bequeath to my Beloved son William Williams all my Lands, and
Improvements on the West side of the Dry fork it being the Lands where on I now Live and one
Negro boy Named Carl. 
     8th I give and bequeath to my Beloved son Gilbert Williams one Negro boy by the name of
     9th I give and bequeath to my Beloved Daughter Lucreacy Hartt one Negro Girl by the
name of Rachel. 
     10th I give and bequeath to my Beloved daughter Nancy Brasswell one Negro Girl by the
name of Marie. 
     11th I give and bequeath to my beloved grand Children Jeremy Robertson, Jonas
Robertson and Ambros Robertson one Negro boy by the name of James to be Equally divided
among the three Grand- Children and one feather bed to the said Jeremy after the decease of my
Beloved wife. 
     12th I do Leave one Negro boy by the name of Sam one other boy by the name of Mason
with all the House hold and Kitchen furniture and of all Descriptions which my beloved wife may be
possessed with at her decease to be Equally Divided among all my beloved Children above Named. 
     13th I do herely appoint my beloved sons Samuel Williams & William Williams my sole
Executors to this my Last Will and testament hereby Revoking all former Wills by me made. 
(page 336) 
     In Witnesses I have hereunto Set my hand and seal this fourth day of November In the year of
our Lord one thousand Eight Hundred and Nineteen. 
     Signed, Sealed published and declared by the above named William Williams Senr. to be his
last will and Testament in the presence of us, who have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses
in presence of the Testator. 
(signed) Wm. Williams 
Adam Dale
Hugh Hays
Thos. Beckwith 
State of Tennessee
Smith County Court 
     February Term 1822 When this will and testament of William Williams decd was produced
and duly proven in open Court by the Court by the oaths of Adam Dale and Hugh Hays two of
the witnesses thereto, and ordered to be recorded also Samuel Williams & William Williams
were As Executors therein named qualified, letters testamentary is granted them. 
J. Puckett, Clerk of Smith County Court
The inventory of the estate wns dated 12 Dec 1821.
Contributed by
Tom Simpson

                                WILL OF
                       William Williams, Junior,
        9 January 1850, DeKalb Co., Tennessee Will Book A Page 91-100,Co. Clerk's Office, Smithville, Tennessee. 

    Proven, 4 March 1850. Transcribed from a copy of the original line for line.
     In the name of God Amen. I William Williams, being weak in body but of sound and perfect
mind and memory do make and publish this my last will and Testament in manner and forme following
Item first. 
     It is my will and desire that all my just debts be paid,-- 2nd. I will and bequeath to my beloved
wife Rachel Williams a generous Support from my home plantation where I now live and that she
have the use of my dwelling house, barne, and stables with other out houses for her benefit during her
natural life; also it is my will and desire that my wife have the Benefit to and Labour of my black man
cary and also the benefit and labour of my black woman Arminta during her natural life and at the
death of my wife this plantation and negros above named to be equally divided among my Sons and
daughters also it is my will and wish that my beloved wife have two head of horses, two cows, one
Yoke of Oxen and cart also three breeding Sows also twelve head of Stock hoggs for next Years
provission also two beadsteads with two feather beads and furniture also I wish my wife to have
twoploughs and two callars harnes, and Two pare of chane traces, also it is my will and desire that my
wife have a Sufficient Support for this present year out of the crop on hand at this time Including corn
fodder bacon & c Also I wish her to have a sufficient quantity of wheat at next harvest to answer her
family use also I will to my Beloved wife all my personal stock of geese also I give my beloved wifefive of my breeding Sheep Say Ewes, also I give to my beloved wife my Cupboard and cupboard
furniture also my beaureau also Kitchen furniture, such as pots ovens Kettles and Skillets sufficient to
do her cooking and washing also one loom and geer also I give my wife two cotton wheels with twopare of cotten cardes also it is my will and desire that my wife have Salt, sugar and coffee, to do her
and family this present year, and at or after the death of my beloved wife Rachel Williams it is mywill and desire that all I have herein willed to my Said wife be equally divided amongst my sons and
daughters after my wife having been supported as before named; 
Item the 3rd 
     I will and bequeath to my beloved daughter Elizabeth one black woman named Vilet with her
increase, during life unto the said Elizabeth her heirs, and assigns forever 
Item the 4th 
     I will and bequeath to my beloved daughter Rebecca my black woman named rose, with all her
increase unto the said Rebecca her heirs and assigns forever, 
Item the 5th 
     I will and bequeath unto my beloved daughter Nancy my black woman Milla, with all her
increase unto the said Nancy her heirs and assigns forever, 
Item the 6th 
    I will and bequeath unto my beloved daughter Parale my black girl named Amanda with all her
increase unto the said Parale her heirs and assign forever, also one horse with bridle and saddle onebead stead bead and furniture. 
Item 7th 
     I will and bequeath to my beloved Son Leroy one beadstead, bead and furni- ture,
Item the 8th 
     I will and bequeath to my beloved Son Vinson one beadstead bead and furniture, 
Item the 9th 
     I will and bequeath to my beloved Son James Monroe and horse bridle and saddle also and
beadstead bead and furniture, 
Item the 10th 
     I will and bequeath to my beloved Sons and daughter, Mariah,(towit) Matthew, John W.,
Leroy, Thomas Jefferson, Vinson and James Monroe Williams, The following named black boys,
(towit) the first named Sam, Mason, Isom, Alfred, Henry, Neas, Nelson, and Jasper, all black
boys, now it is my will and desire that my Sons and my daughter above named draw for the above
named black boys, putting Neas and Jasper together making seven lots one lot for my daughter
Mariah and one lot for each of my Sons above named to be drawn for by the above named Sons and
daughter, and then Value by disinterested men and those which have drawn the most valuable to payover to those that have drawn a lot or one of less value untill all are made equal, in value (Explanation) It is my will and desire that all the negros named in this will first and last Except, those given to my
wife, be valued by disinterested men, and that my Gray Tract of land be sold on a Twelve months
Credit and the money applied to making up to those which have drawn negros of last value
(Explanation) It is my wish and will that the four first named negro women given to four of my
daughters be valued only as aforesaid and not drawn for, 
Item 11th 
     It is my will and wish that a portion of the Tract of land on which I live be Sold on twelve
months credit Say the portion where Washington Bane now live Running round with the old lines on
the west and on the east running to the top of the rige Including said Banes Improvement 
Item 12th 
     I will and bequeath unto the heirs of my Daughter Temperance (towit) Parale, William and
Temperance Fite the Sum of five hundred dollars, say, to Parale & William, two hundred and fifty
dollars, and to Temperance two hundred and fifty dollars, to them their heirs and assigns forever
(Explanation) My son James Monroe has a coalt which I gave him, the coalt unaltered now if said
coalt should die from being altered it is my will that the said James monroe should be made whole for
the loss of said coalt.
Item 13th 
     It is my will and wish that all my Stock of horses, cattle, Sheep hogs with all my farming
untenteals Corn wheat oats and fodder And all Kitchen, and household furniture not willed or given to
my beloved wife or otherwise disposed of in this will be sold on twelve months credit and the proceeds
thereof to go to making my children Equal in Value or as near so as may be wright 
Item the 14th 
     I will and bequeath to my grand daughter Temperance one horse sadle and bridle for her her
heirs and assigns forever provided nevertheless If it can be done without interfering with the provisions
heretofore made in making my own children equal in the division of the negros 
Item the 15th 
     It is my will and desire that my two oldes Sons Matthew and John Williams be the executors
of this my last will and testament and that they execute the same agreeable to the provision thereof 
     Signed and sealed in the presents of the subscribing witnesses this 9th day of January 1850 

                                William Williams
John W. Williams,
Leroy Williams,
T.J. Williams, 
     State of Tennessee. DeKalb County
     On motion a paper writing purporting to be the last will and testament of William Williams
deceased, late a resident citizen of DeKalb County Tennessee, which will or paper writing was
presented in open court by Thomas Durham sealed up, which will or paper writing was broken open
in open court by the said Thomas Durham Said will or paper writing was then presented in open court
or probate, and was duly proven in open Court by the oaths of John W. Williams and T.J. Williams
two of the subscribing witnesses to Said will or paper writing who being first duly Sworn in open courtdepose and Say that they were acquainted with William Williams the testator who died in DeKalb County, Tennessee and that the said William Williams was a resident citizen of said County at the
time of his death and that they signed said will or paper writing as such witnesses in his presence and
by his request and that he acknowledged the same in their presence to be his last will and desires, at
his own dwelling house and that he was in his right mind and capable of making this his last will and
Testament, when it was further ordered by the Court That Thomas Durham be sworn whereupon the
said Thomas Durham being duly sworn in open court depose and say that he was acquainted with
Williams the testator and that he wrote the will or paper writing of the said William Williams at his
request at his own dwelling house in the county of DeKalb and by the said William Williams request
and that he saw him Sign said will or paper writing and at the same time he spoke and said to his family
that said will or paper writing was his will and request and that he the said Testator requested John W
Williams and T. J. Williams to sign their names to said will or paper writing as witnesses which they
did in my presence and that he was in his right mind at the time of making and signing said will or paperwriting and that he requested me to take said will or paper writing into my possession which I did and it is the Same that I have here presented in open court, whereupon it was ordered by the court that said
will or paper writing be recorded When on motion Matthew Williams and John W Williams the
executors named in said will or paper writing of the said William Williams deceased came into open
court and was duly qualified in open court as such executors by taking the oath as the law directs and
entering into bond together with William B. Stokes, John Robinson and Edward Robinson their
securities appointed by the court in the penal sum of fifteen Thousand Dollars conditions as the law
directs which law Decrees duly acknowledged in open court and ordered to be filed and that letters
testamentary Issue to them the said executors, 
Test a true copy W.J. Isbell Ck
of DeKalb County court
State of Tennessee DeKalb County 
     To Matthew Williams and J.W. Williams of DeKalb County, It appearing to the courts that
William Williams has died leaving a written will in which you are appointed executors which has been duly proven in open court and you have given bond and quallified according to law and it having been
ordered by the said court that letters testamentary Issue to you these are therefore to empower you the said Matthew Williams & John W. Williams to enter upon the execution of said will and take into
your possession all the property and to make to the next Court a perfect Inventory thereof and make
due collection of all debts and after paying all Just demands aganst the testator and settling up the
business according to law and pay over and deliver the property and affects that may remain in your
hands and do all other things that may be required according to the provisions of said will and the lawsof the land witness W.J. Isbell clerk of office the 4th day of March 1850 and the year of American
Independence the 74 year W.J. Isbell Clk of DeKalb County court 
                               Leonard J. McCown
                             217 West 14th Street
                             Irving, Texas 75060-5903

                            E-Mail:Leorard J. McCown 
                            MY LINE OF DESCENT 
                               William Williams Jr.
                         Elizabeth Williams and John Simpson
                     Emma Emeline Simpson and Archibald Hunt Sr.
                     Archibald Hunt and Manasa Emma Lee Skates

                     Geneva Eveline Hunt and John Mitchell Turner
                    Hazel Lee Turner and Clarence Eugene McCown
                              Leonard Joe McCown 
Index to Will T. Hales 1915 "History of Dekalb County, Tennessee."
Hart,                             143

 Hart,             D. P.                             83

 Hart,             Henry,                             28, 101, 134

 Hart,             M.                             204

 Hart,             Mrs. Mary                             28

 Hart,             T. J.                             204, 205

 Harts,             Seaborn                             133, 156

Sellars                            Charlotte                                       134
                 Sellars                            Dave                                       99
                 Sellars                            Jordan                                       28, 54
                 Sellars                            Matthew                                       13, 29, 46, 236, 143
                 Sellars                            Prudie                                       150
                 Sellars                            Sams                                       35
                 Sellars                            Samson                                       134, 150
                 Sellars                            William                                       99.


        1860 DeKalb Co, TN Williams , Braswell
  Date:         Sat, 19 Jun 1999 22:29:48 -0500 (CDT)
   From: (Crosstitch Grandma)
     To: (marie sellers hollinger),,,,,,,,,

Okay, I scrutinized for about the umpteenth time the 1860 census --
luckily  had kept it for an indefinite time  (LDS).  I may have skipped
one or two , but tried to get them all.  Still looking for parents of my
James Monroe Williams;  is it William Williams ;& Lucretia?
Note:  1st Dist Alexandria has L. P. Williams & Canzada (Sellers)
       1st Dist, Alexandria:
56/54  C. D. Williams, 43, b. TN
Araminta M. 38, VA
Harriet, 18 TN
Oliver D., 13, TN
Minnie M., 7 TN
Daniel O., 6 TN
Victor H., 4  TN
also:  Thomas J. Williams, 22 TN           
          S.W. McClellan, male 16, Stu., b. TN
          Amanda Seay, 21, TN
          Susan M. Bryant, governess, 47, VA
141/138  Elijah Williams, 55 NC
Elizabeth 48, TN
Mary L.  27 TN
Elizabeth, 17 TN
Wm. T. 13  TN
Casandra D. , 10 TN
Calvin J., 4  TN
187/185  L. P. Williams 32, TN
Canzada   31, TN
Charlotte P.,   9 TN
William M., 5 TN
        3rd District, Liberty
277/275  Wm. Braswell , 33 TN
Naomi   E.  23 TN
John V., 2 TN
         4th District, Liberty
321/319  Thomas J. Williams, 33 TN
Elizabeth, 30 TN
Nancy P., 13 TN
Louisa P.  12 TN
Mary M., 10 TN
John E.  5  TN
337/335  Samuel Williams 48 TN
Mary M. 3 TN
Samuel D. L.  11 TN
Ellizabeth L.  9 TN
Laura C  6 TN
Mary A.  2 TN
(next door to Wesley Overall:
S. B. Williams  58  Tn
Tabitha M.  49 TN
Sterline M.  18 TN
Gustavus P.  16 TN
Sarah M.  12 TN
Elizabeth T. 7 TN
381/377   Elizabeth Williams, 70 NC
John Jones  29  TN
Hariett  26 Tn
Polly Johnson  20 AL
392/388    Samuel Braswell,  49 TN
Lemuel  22, TN
Martha,  22 TN
Milton  17  TN
Sampson  14  Tn
Cyntha J.   12, TN
Jacob  10  TN
Alonzo   9  TN
Abram  5  TN
Elizabeth V.  3  TN
408/463  Sampson Braswell  79  NC
Unicy Cubbin    40  TN
Emory    18  TN
Parilee  18  Tn
Jane   14 TN
417/412   William Braswell  51 TN
Cloe  43 Tn
Harriett R. 24 TN
Louisa  20  Tn
Wm. J.  18 TN
Sampson  15 TN
Presilla J.   13 TN
Elizabeth   10 TN
Andrew J.   5 TN
Demaris   6 TN
Anney/Amy L.   4 Tn
Virginia  B.  2 TN
John E.   (b. 1850)  TN
421/416  LeRoy Braswell 47  TN
Mary    50 TN
Sampson   20  Tn
Parilee   17 TN
446/440  Harden Williams  63 NC
Alzena   25  Tn
Harden   24 Tn
James C.  22 TN
Diappha   22  Tn
        District 6,  Smithville
646/635  Allen Winslow   29  TN
Lucinda  25 TN
James B.  5 TN
John B.  3 Tn
William B.  5/12 TN
          District 8, 
   /790  Zachariah Williams  73  NC
           District 9, Smithville
872/860  Green T. Williams  46  TN
Tabitha   42  TN
Nancy  18  TN
Helen   7 Tn
Albert H.   2  TN
889/877   Simeon Williams   37  TN
Manerva    6 TN
Mary A    12 TN
Francis M.   7  Tn
Rebecca 26  TN
1030/1018  Nathan Braswell 47 TN
Mahala   41 TN
Mary J.   20  TN
Nancy C.  7 TN
Sarah A.   16  TN
Willie (female) 14  TN
Mahala   13  TN
Louisa  11 TN
Dempsey  9  TN
Aaron 8  TN
William  5  TN
Parilee   4  TN
Martha E.    1  Tn
          10th District  Smithville
1025/163  Margaret Williams   39 TN
Martha J.  9  Tn
Robert G.  7  Tn
Rebecca Collins   37  TN, old maid
1080/069  Humphrey Williams,  66 TN, with
Isaac H. Hayes family.
          11th District  Alexandria
1243/1231  Leah Bean  53  NC
John J.  25  KY
Elizabeth 20 KY
Nancy J.  18  TN
Allen S. L.  2 TN
James M.  1 TN
Elizabeth Williams  89 NC
           12th Disrict  Liberty
1261/1249  Charles  Williams  32  TN
Sarah J.  26  TN
James B.  4  TN
Falby (female)  3  Tn
Martha E.   1  TN
             10th District Liberty
1277/1265  John W. Williams   40  TN
Orpha A.  27  TN
George W. 11  TN
Mary E.  9  Tn
James M.   6  TN
Oliver   3 TN
Timothy  2  TN
Elizabeth Simpson,  50 TN (old maid)
         15th District Temperance Hall
1462/1450  John Bryant   23  TN
Mary A.  21  TN
Louisa  3  TN
John W.  7/12   TN
1464/1452  Wm. S. Braswell  22 TN
Harriett   20  TN
George  10/12   TN
          16th District  Laurel Hlll
Jane Williams  52  TN
Catharine  30  Tn (old maid)
Henry B.  12  TN
Elijah Bryant   22  TN
Margaret J.  17  Tn
Charles Starnes  43  TN
Nancy   44  TN
Jeremiah  M.  16  TN
Burket  F.  13  Tn
Amanda H.  11  Tn
Miles J.  8  TN
Thomas  5  Tn
Rachel Braswell  40  Tn (old maid)
Bennet  Braswell  53  NC
Elizabeth  51  TN
Neter (?)  E. Starnes   14  TN
Amon D.  12  TN
1613/1601  William A. Braswell  27  TN
Amanda 23 TN
John W.  7  Tn
Monticello M  5 (female)  TN
Eliza A.  4  Tn
Darthula  C.  2  TN
          17th Dist.  Laurel Hill
Martha  Braswell 48  NC
Caroline  13  TN
James R. 11  TN
1645/1637  Andrew Willilams  61  NC
Mercillia   48  TN
Samuel  14  TN
Sereptha  10   TN
Licurgis   7  Tn
1650/1638   John Williams   27 TN
Wm. C.  5  TN
Susannah  2  TN
Arrena  1  TN
Wm. Carley 16  TN, apprentice
1684/1672  Anderson Williams  21  TN
Mary A.  18  MS
1697/1685  William Williams   37 TN
Cyntha  38  TN
Nancy  15  Tn
Sophronia  14  TN
Bethel  13  TN
Andrew  12  TN
Asa  3  Tn
Salinda McCarmack  43  TN , old maid
Hope I got them all - eyes and arm got tired!!
Cousin Mary
Mary Bryant Park