Deeds, Heirs of John Sellers

             Norma Wade <>

   Carroll Co., TN, Deed Book L, Page 273

Whereas by descent from John Sellers Dec'd, We John W. Sellers,
Catherine Gulledge, Mary Sellers, Candice Tosh, Martha Sellers,
Henrietta Parsons, formerly Henrietta Sellers but now intermarried with
Vincent Parsons, Hardy S. Sellers, Zelpha Wilson, formerly Zelpha
Sellers, but now intermarried with J. W. P. Wilson, Isaac P. Sellers,
Richard C. Sellers, Wm. R. Sellers, Frances M. Sellers and Candice Tosh,
formerly Candice Sellers, but now intermarried with Arthur Tosh have
divided title to and now hold equal and undivided interest in a tract of
land in the State of Tennessee Carroll County and District No. 13,
Bounded as follows: Beginning at Henrietta Sellers South East corner
near a Branch on the East side of the Road and One Hundred and Twenty
Four poles to Josiah C. Sellers South West corner.  Thence West with
John Sellers old line to his corner one hundred and twenty poles.
Thence North with said old line one hundred and twenty four poles to
Mrs. Henrietta Sellers South West corner.  Thence one hundred and five
poles East with his line to the Beginning, containing by calculation
Eighty Seven acres and Thirty poles be the same more or less.  Now we
have Bargained and Sold and do hereby transfer and convey all our right
title interest in and to said land to Arthur Tosh and his heirs forever
for the sum of Three Hundred and Forty Eight Dollars and Seventy Five
Cents and we covenant and agree for ourselves and heirs and
representatives to warrant and defend the title to our undivided
interest in said land against any claim to be made by and or any person
claiming through or under us but no further, given under our hands and
seals this 28th March 1845.  Signed in presents of us

G. I. Faulkner)
Wm. I. Wilson ) John W. Sellers (Seal)  Katharine Gulledge (Seal)
                Mary Sellers (Seal)     Martha Sellers (Seal)
                Richard C. Sellers (Seal) Vincent I. Parsons (Seal)
                Henrietta Parsons (Seal) J. W. P. Wilson (Seal)
                Zelpha Wilson (Seal)    Hardy Sellers (Seal)
                William R. X Sellers    Isaac Sellers (Seal)
                Josiah C. X Sellers (Seal) Frances M. X Sellers (Seal)

State of Tennessee   )
Carroll County       )  Personally appeared before me, W. H. Grans (?)
Clerk of the County Court of said County, G. I. Faulkner one of the
subscribiing witnesses to the deed who being duly sworn depose and say
he is well acquainted with John W. Sellers, Katharine & Mary Sellers,
Martha Sellers, Richard C. Sellers, Vincent I. & Henrietta Parsons,
J. W. P. Wilson & Zilpha Wilson, Hardy Sellers, William R. Sellers,
Isaac Sellers, Josiah C. Sellers, and Frances M. Sellers who
acknowledged he signed the above deed for the purposes therein contained
and on the day.

             Deed, Heirs of John Sellers

             Norma Wade <>

Carroll County, Tennessee
Deed Book Q, Page 5

We the under signed heirs and distributors of John Sellers, Dec'd, have
this day bargained and sold and do hereby transfer and convey unto
William R. Sellers for and in consideration of five hundred dollars to
us paid the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged all our interest in
and to a certain tract or parcel of land laid off and later [?] as dower
by Henrietta Sellers, widow of the late John Sellers and bounded as
follows: Beginning at a stake on the west Boundary line of her deceased
husband 146 poles south of his north west corner and running east 105
poles to a chesnut corner with two red oak and one chesnut pointers
thence South 160 poles to a stake the East side of the road two black
oak pointers thence West 105 poles to a stake on the west boundry line
of the late John Sellers and thence North with said line to the
beginning containing by estimation 105 acres more or less, it being the
same on which the said Henrietta Sellers now lives.  We do bind
ourselves our heirs and representatives to warrant and defend the title
to the above described tract of land against any claims by us or any
person through us but not further, this 3rd March 1863.

Test.                           /s/ G. I. Falkner (Seal)
Burton W. Brandon               /s/ H. S. Sellers (Seal)
Harrison Simpson                /s/ J. C. X his mark Sellers (Seal)
                                /s/ Mary I. X her mark Holmes (Seal)
                                /s/ Zelpha A. X her mark Springer (Seal)
                                /s/ Martha X her mark Sellers
                                /s/ Wm. R. X his mark Gulledge
                               /s/ Elizabeth J. [?] Gulledge
                                /s/ John W. Sellers
                                /s/ Vincent I. Parsons
                                /s/ F. M. Sellers
                                /s/ Susan Jane Parsons
                                /s/ Isaac P. Sellers
                                /s/ Candace X her mark Tosh
                                /s/ R. C. Sellers
                                /s/ Nancy Phillips