BRADLEY CO, TENN (made in 1836 Indian Lands) lays on south side of McMinn Co,Tn and on east side of Hamilton Co,Tn  and on the Georgia border) 




JAMES SELLERS, page 69= 00000000001-0000001
male 80/90 = 1750/60 (Rev War James SELLERS 1759)
female = 40/50 = 1790/1800

GRAYS? and check Grainger Co, Tn

SAMUEL DOTSON,page 69=32101001-0002001=
male 50/60=1780/1790
female 40/50=1790/1800
IS this Ruth SELLERS - to Mo 1850/60?*****(married when/where =

DAVID SELLERS,page 61= 10001-20001
1 male 20/30 = 1810/20
1 male under 5 = 1835/40
2 females under 5 = 1835/40
1 female 20/30 = 1810/20

SAMUEL DODSON, PAGE 61=001001-21001=
SAMUEL DODSON, PAGE 61=01001-21001

*****Is this RUTH SELLERS 1797? Where married?
Does ANYONE show a Cynthia SELLERS and Samuel DOTSON on a census?
Was Ruth's name Cynthia Ruth Sellers?
Was this his first marriage?
Did any kids have civil war files?
HOW? History ? is prove we have?

There is a DAVID SELLERS in 1840 BRADLEY CO, TN and 1860 CAMDEN CO, MO - just posted his census - If ANYONE has extracted the DOTSON census,  please send.
Don't believe we have David SELLERS 1814 TN marriage either- Do you have the list of CIVIL WAR files in MISSOURI - David SELLERS could be CW  and may tell WHERE he was born  and when and where married -
IF Ruth SELLERS isn't Cynthia - could be married same place!
Please SEND any info you have - thanks , marie

FROM:  Rebecca McGowan <>
Received this on the East Tennessee list today.  Wouldn't this be James
Sellers born 1759? I recall seeing a letter regarding his military
service (probably posted on this list) stating he had been in Chatham
Co., NC, Burke Co., NC, and Bradley Co., TN.

Rebecca Bowers McGowan

              BRADLEY COUNTY 

For those who are interested, this is what is on plaque in the
Bradley County Courthouse in Cleveland, TN.

Created by an act of the legislature, Feb. 10, 1836
     Named in honor of Colonel Edward Bradley 

 1840 Pensioners for                 1836 
Revolutionary Service          County Officials 
  Sarah Cry                William Carter, Sherriff 
  William Dodd             James Lauderdale, Trustee 
  Robert Forester          Frank Knicannon, Register 
  James Hamilton           John R. Robertson, 
  Charles Lane                   County Court 
  William McAllister       Henry Price, 
  Robert McCormick               Circuit Court Clerk 
  James Sellers 

           Placed by OCOEE Chapter, D.A.R. 
        1931 (or 1937--hard to read in photo)