LAND GRANTS = (we have on film/fische OR someone send)=


LOOSE RECORDS OF COUNTIES = Many counties are listed with same, but, don't show on our County Records.

WE MUST obtain these records.
You may want to ask the reference desk at the TN State Library. Phone #615-741-2764. (may be on line also, msh)

Kings Mountain Soldiers
Sellers, James

            Terri Leinneweber <mterril@rcn.com>

For anyone with early Tennessee Sellers ancestors,  I have a copy of
Charles Sherrill's "Reconstructed 1810 Census of Tennessee" and will be
happy to do lookups.


Terri Leinneweber

WAR OF 1812 TN =

           Fri, 5 Jul 2002 12:19:19 EDT
      From: JUDY
 Ancestry.com's database on War of 1812 service records:

SAMUEL SELLERS (possibly Mary Sellers Woodâ€ôs father), 1st Regt. (Wearâ€ôs)
East Tennessee Volunteers.

I think there may have been several Samuel Sellers, though, and I don't know
if this is the same one. If he was 50-59 in the 1830 Monroe County census,
he would be born between 1771 and 1780 (probably closer to 1771 since Mary was
born about 1795) and probably in his late 30s or early 40s during that war.

There is a Joel Wood in the same database (War of 1812) who seems to have
been from the same area:
WOODS, JOEL: Chiles Battalion, Mounted Gunmen, East Tennessee Volunteers,
Rank Inducted: Private; Rank Discharged: Private.

CIVIL WAR =http://www.state.tn.us/sos/statelib/pubsvs/pen045.htm#pt45

Contributed by BILL

 First permanent settlement in what is now TN was
along the Watauga River.  There was some dispute whether it was in NC or
but eventually claimed by NC.  North Carolina ceded the territory to the
on several occasions.  Part of the region claimed to be a separate state
(called Franklin) during the period 1784-1788.  In 1789 it became a U.S.
Territory (South of the River Ohio) and the State of Tennessee in 1796.
until Tennessee became a federal territory everybody born there was born
NC although I like to use "NC/TN" to distinguish the region. 

In 1776 the far western part of NC became the District of Washington, and
in 1777 this became Washington County.

In 1779 it split into Washington and Sullivan Counties.

In 1783 Davidson and Greene Counties were split off, I think from

In 1784 the settlers in this area started calling themselves the State of
Franklin, but this state was never recognized by Congress.

In 1787 Sullivan County was split into Sullivan plus Hawkins, and
was split into Davidson and Sumner.

In 1788 Tennessee County was formed from part of Davidson.

In 1790 the NC government gave this entire area to the US Government, and
in 1796 it became the state of Tennessee.

So the original Tennessee counties that were one part of NC were:

 Tennessee County no longer exists, and the others have
undergone a lot of changes.

Most of the records for these counties are in Tennessee, even from the
period when they were still part of NC.  There are a few land entries for
the 1783-1790 period on microfilm in the NC state archives, however.

Just to make matters confusing, I think, NC subsequently created counties
named Davidson, Greene and Washington.  These are completely different,
and nowhere near the TN border.

My understanding is that the early county records for the Washington
District are all housed in Tennessee, but that the NC state archives does
have a few state-level records.  Schweitzer's guidebook on NC genealogy
lists the following holdings:

land entries SS436-9.1 (1783-4)
land records SS737 (1777-1807)
suspended land grants SS748 (1780-1801)
land entries SS1080 (1783-1792)
western land records T&C lands 9 (1784-1793)
military land frands, T&C lands 9 (1798-1800)
NC governor's and legislative papers microfilm (1777-1790)
officers and magistrates, MC TR4 (1788)
Morgan District Continental troops MC TR4 (1782)
Glasgow land frauds @@753-6.1 (1798-1900)

This information comes from George K. Schweitzer's
book, "North Carolina Genealogical Research", copyright 1991.

Contributed by:CHARMAINE


I own a copy of The OverMountain Men, Battle of King's Mountain -
Decade - State of Franklin - Southwest Territory. Pat Aldrman, 1970,
Overmountain Press, Kingsport, TN:

James Sellers - p. 125 - listed as a soldier at King's Mountain  (Mr.
Alderman does not give information about where he collected information to
compile this list;  whether it is only militia, or includes Tories.  Draper
doesn't mention a Sellers in his account - King's Mountain and It's Heroes.
I cannot say whether this information is valid)

Sebert Sellers - p, 242 - listed on the first taxlist for Greene Co., TN
(This land was at that time still in NC, and those listed on the taxlist
primarily claiming Bounty lands.  Many were from Burke Co., NC, and some
the adjacent VA counties.  The land claims were along the Nolichucky river,
and so many of those men had served inthe Revolutionary War, they were
as the Nolichucky Rifles. No indication where Sebert Sellers may have been
prior to Greene Co., NC/TN.  Sebert sounds like a German name.)

John Sellers _ pg. 248 - listed as a signer on a Petition of Inhabitants of
the Western Country, December 1787 ( This petition does not say it is from
the "State of Franklin", and John Sevier did not sign it.  It states it is
from the settlers on the westside of the mountains, asking NC governmet to
let them form a new State or seat of Govermnment, and arguing why it is a
disadvantage for them to travel to court over the mountains 250 miles away.
Also stating that their tax money they pay to the state of NC is not used
any advantage for them. It is not clear where in NC (later TN) these men
residing.  Greene Co (at that time ran almost the full length of what in
the NC/TN border, with Washington, and Sullivan Co at the northern end
the VA border. In 1786 Hawkins County was created by the NC legislature,
which ran the length of (now TN) on the backside of the counties of Greene,
Washington and Sullivan.  The western settlers at that time looked as
settling on the west side of the French Broad river as one of the settlers
to that region.)


CHARMAINE - You are So Good at Explaining.

SEBRET SOLLERS is from MD and listed on his Dad's will as being in the Carolinas - he may also be the Sollis Sollars listed on the 1783 Duplin Co, NC tax list. Part of his family ended up in MO.

JAMES SELLERS, rev war of Grainger Co, TN was in the Battle of Stone

We do have a JAMES and a JOHN SELLERS listed in the NC Militia =
James Sellers, Lieut, Capt. Isaiah Hogan's Co. 19 Sep 1772
John Sellars, Pvt       "       "       "       "
But, don't believe any Pension Papers on either of these. And couldn't tell the location

We have a JOHN SELLERS born 1750/60 that is  in Jeff Co, TN with kids born 1795 TN -unproven parents.

Thanks again, marie, iowa

Just thought I would add that the John Sellers you mention born 1750/60 in
Jefferson Co., TN, could not have been born there.
Jefferson Co was created from part of Greene Co (NC/TN), and part of Hawkins in 1792.

King George III, proclaimed all lands west of the crest of the  Alleghanie
(Blue Ridge) Mountains as illegal to settlement by the whiteman in 1763.
Lands were designated Indian Territory.  While there was some white's
moving into those lands it was primarily explorers, Indian Traders and Long
Hunters.  After the Revolution in 1780 is when settlement began in ernest.

Tennessee became a state in 1796, although NC still retained part of the
border lands (part of Greene and Washington Co., TN) as part of NC.
Washington Co., was still being enumerated with the NC census as late as

Those settlers entering into the western portion of NC which later became
East Tennessee came primarily from NC or the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.


            Sun, 2 Jul 2000 22:17:19 -0500
      From: CINDY
            "lunaloba" <lunaloba@texas.net>
        Thanks for putting your attention to this. If you will reread my post you
will note that the book I refer to is not "County of Franklin" but
"Overmountain Men," by Pat Alderman.  As I said, I was told about these
entries by Marjory Watts, secretary of the Roane County Genealogy Assoc.
a professional researcher. I have not seen the book myself and do not have
page numbers. It is important to note, however, that the author was only
mentioning John in relation to Franklin, as you found. The other two men
were merely in the same general area (NC that became TN). Dorathy
makes the unproven (as far as I know) claim that John and James were
brothers, but she makes no definite connection to our line of the Sellers


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> I have and read "County of Franklin" and perhaps Don't have correct page
> I found = memory = JOHN SELLERS
> I Did Not Find James SELLERS = I only found ONE SELLERS.
> CAN SOMEONE send me exact pages where these others names are?
> SORRY, if I can't SEE something, I have a hard time understanding?
> SEBRET SELLERS was in TN - But, haven't heard his name connected to
> TN before?
> BUT, I have Read where SomeOne found JOHN and JAMES SELLERS on petition =
I only> found One name = believe, JOHN SELLERS
> HELP, me , all of us SEE IT.
> THANKS, marie, iowa
> ===
> lunaloba wrote:
> >
> >
> > It has been pointed out to me that in Pat Alderman's book,
"Overmountain > > Men" there were three Sellers men in the 1700's in the portions of
western > > NC that became TN. They were John, who was politically active and
signed the > > constitution of the State of Franklin, James, and Sebert. I have not
seen > > the book myself, but was told this by a Roane Co Researcher, Marjory
> > That may just muddy our waters, but I thought it was interesting.
> >
> > Cindy

FROM LuJuana Lipscomb [txcuz@hotmail.com]

Grant # 2080 to Matthew Sellers, 10/17/1796-warrant #3769 for 640 acres-Book D-4, p. 21, TN Co., on Red River.

The MO Circuit was added to Cumberland Dist. in 1807....Hartford: Benjamine Edge and Samuel Sellers; 1809 Hartford: Samuel Sellers and Jacob Turman.

Dec. 19, 1813: Daniel Pain; 113 acres on rutherford Creek; Robert Sellers of Maury Co., TN.

1820 TN Census" Selers, James and John, Maury Co., TN.

Pensioners 1812: Sellers, James; 1840 Census, age 85; drew pension in Bradley Co. "
1832: James Sellers, list age 75, served NC Line; drew pension in Grainger Co. 12/5/1839:

James Brown to ___Sellers executed 12/5 by Wm. Whitle, JP. 10/20/1845:
David Sellers to Margaret Brown. 10/29:
Alvis Sellers to Jane Cumings; Test. John Allcorn.


BILL, thanks, anyone know which county? marie, iowa

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Marie, a cousin (not the sellers line) sent me this note:

The TN DAR compiled a book of Bible pages index, there is one entry of George Sellers, Lizzie May, Lou Ella, Lou Tilley, May, Mitt, S E, Sue withe dates 1863 to 1967.

None of these names fit my George, however they may some day.

May be of help to someone else.

Bill Trott
Pasadena, TX