Hi Mari -

I've been a member of the Sellers email subscriber list for almost a year.
When I was younger I spent a lot of time going through my Sellers branch
my great aunt.  Now I've got all her notes, hand-drawn charts, lists, etc.
with me, and I've been intending to get it all recorded in some electronic
format.  I have a LOT of information.  The family tree, other than
was what she did, period. Recently, there were some emails back and forth
regarding the Phillip Henry Soller line in Pennsylvania, about how more
information on his childrens' families in PA was needed.  That's my line,
although at this exact moment I couldn't tell you how exactly we connect.
What I'm wondering is...how do I find out what the subscriber list already
knows?  I'm more than willing to pass on information, but I don't want to
unecessarily duplicate what's already out there.  I've scanned Sellers
subscriber list emails discussing "charts" ... where are these charts?  Is
there one central Sellers website, where the various branches are listed,
spelled out, etc.?  If you could just point me in the right direction so
I could provide the most useful information, I'd appreciate it.

Thank you -
Tina Sellers
formerly of Juniata County, PA