Timothy M Branton <brantontm@juno.com>

Picked your names off the Sellers Family.  Not sure how old this stuff is
but wonder if either of you have followed up on any of the Branton line
from Horry Co., SC.

I am a Branton from Horry Co. and my parents came from the Dogwood Neck
area.  Am new at this but would be willing to share.  You wrote about a
Susan who died in 1876.  My Great grandfathers sister was named Susan, b.
about 1844.  Horry Co. was full of Sellers and Harrelsons when I
graduated from high school in 1967.

Any info you have would be appreciated.

Tim Branton

TIM - Thanks - Will send this info thro our SELLERS discussion group -
(Family Info Never Gets Too OLD to be Used)

Please Send a Few Names/Dates/Places so our SELLERS know Which Family you are and Where they Went =

I believe we have BRANTONS and HARRELSONS married into the same family of MICHAEL SELLERS 1812 COLUMBUS CO, NC and to HORRY CO, SC (Lays next to EachOther and Made from same land)

PLEASE, send a small chart of Names, Dates, Places and See if we can HELP Each Other!

ELSIE, was a Great Sharer, Researcher and shared her family and documents with us very willingly - We rec'd a letter recently that she has passed away - she had one or two sons that must have helped? or been involved in the research
(Some Letters were From Them - Bet SHE told/had them write/send?)

PLEASE send us Info and See Where we Are = WE may NOT BE Connected before 1800's in HORRY CO, SC = Is that Where we were married?
Will Post Your Info to These Counties/States that connect to our SELLERS and Where they Went.
So Others can Find Your Side of Family Also AND you can Share back with us!

THANKS for Sharing,
marie, iowa