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Charles Willson Peale Page
 Subject: Re: Genealogy resources
 Date: Fri, 6 Aug 1999 07:49:49 EDT
 From: Tess1929@aol.com
 To: VicMacd@aol.com

 Dear Vicki,
     Thanks for all your email!  I thought you were so busy that I
wouldn't be
 hearing from you for a while yet.  I am attending a convention on
 in Washington at the moment and haven't really pursued your
 to the outside by phone is very expensive, so I only do it once a
 will get serious about all of this when I get back to Maine on Monday.
     I went to the Nat'l Portrait Gallery yesterday.  They have done a
 work on Charles Willson Peale over the past ten or more years and they
 almost at the end of it.  Their next research will include the Sellers
 family, so our pooled information will be very useful to them.  They are
 particularly interested in the Sophnisba branch--my line--and will be
 gathering what we have here.  However, one of their problems in reading
 letters are the references to friends and neighbors as well as
relatives.  We
 are going to try to sort out the ones from the others and then identify
 various relatives.  I have an idea that some of Sophonisba's descendants
 west, so I may be checking in with you to find out about those lines.
     At any rate, it was a very interesting meeting and I have made some
 useful connections.  Thanks again for keeping me on your mailing list.
 Triggs line I need to pursue predates 1740, so I think the names you
sent me
 may not work, but I certainly intend to give them a try.
     Best, Tess

    I certainly think your idea about a Sellers family page is a good one.
We have so much information here that it would be much easier for me to
contribute or find things we might need.  Concerning the Peale
descendant--that's Sophonisba, and she is my direct ancestor, so I know
a lot about her.
    Best, Tess

TESS - I will forward info received on these families from Our SELLERS
Save as Needed - marie, iowa

Dear Marie,
    You won't believe this, but I downloaded my email just after I had
in from a nice session outside reading the biography of Jessie Sellers
Colton!  I'm very glad to have this information, because I was just
how I would have to make notes from this book and was feeling very lazy
the task.
    Thanks a lot.  Tess


Dear Marie,
    I've just come back from my two weeks in Philadelphia and Washington
am full of fire concerning this Peale-Sellers stuff.  I am beginning some
work on Sophonisba Peale Sellers with the Nat'l Portrait Gallery; this
be an ongoing venture of several months.  The other excitement was to find
all the pertinent notebooks that my brother has accumulated on the family,
including pictures and annotated geneologies.  Vickie is sending me her
Reunion software and I hope to be able to correct some of the most glaring
    Please realize that I get sidetracked very easily, so if you want me
do anything for you let me know exactly what it is.  I'll be glad to
but you'll have to keep me on the right path.  I guess I just have too
irons in this computer/email fire!
    Best, Tess

TESS - We will Post Any Info on Sophonisba Peale Sellers  father Charles
Peales - It may take a while to assimilate/organize And we Can Always
change the
info format on Our SELLERS pages
You will Need to Send as you receive Or after you organize.

Vicki is a Great Helper - She is Busy, full Schedule - BUT, when You Need
her -
She is There!
AND I'm sure others connected to this family, if you need help - Send a
chart=names/dates/places and ASK for INFO wherever You need it!
WE NEED as many children connected to this family as we can find. MANY
and THEY
will ALL be interested in your COLLECTION.
We would kinda like Your or Nicks connection = Small Info Chart - will
post on
Your Page as Nick - don't believe ever sent - marie, iowa

        Sophonisba Peale Sellers

Dear Marie,
    What a huge project you are laying out for me!  I have two complete
geneologies of the entire Sellers family which are updated to the latest
generation, at least in our line.  These books are absolute inches thick!
    What I am trying to find is who Charles Willson Peale's mother was.
know all about his father, but she is a mystery which defies discovery.
name was Margaret Triggs (otherwise Matthews) b. 1710, and she came from
Annapolis, the daughter of a woman whose last name was Sullivane.  No luck
the MD Hall of Records.
    If you have access to Charles Coleman Sellers' various biographies of
Charles Willson Peale, there are geneologies in the back of most of them
which take the family down through at least two generations, including the
Sellers line.  The National Portrait Gallery in Washington has been doing
magnificent 5-volume work on him and will be starting the next series, to
on his children.  In a couple of years they will reach Sophonisba and they
are already beginning to collect bits and pieces.
    I think that if you want me to help, you will have to bite off a few
simple questions for me to begin with.  I can answer them one at a time
instead of having to copy quite so much--which you might already have.
about sending me what you do have, or the relevant part anyway?  I noticed
something Vickie sent me that there seemed to be some errors.
    Summer is still with us in New England, and this is our busiest time
with all these summer visitors. When the days grow shorter and darker I'll

SENT DAR records

Dear Marie,
    This is one of these postings that I find very confusing.  Charles
Willson Peale was the son of Charles Peale and Margaret Triggs of
MD and had two sisters and two brothers.  He married three times, and had
children.  Elizabeth dePeyster Peale m Patterson was #16.  Her oldest
Sophonisba m Geo. Hergeshimer.
    I found it difficult to understand, I guess, because I'm used to
things laid out in the opposite direction--ancestor before descendant.
seems backwards to me.  In any case, the spellings are confusing: Willson,
not Wilson, and Sophonisba, not Sophronisba.  CWP served briefly in the
but he didn't like it and soon left, suffering perhaps a minor nervous
breakdown as a result?  Anyway, he was never referred to as Captain
preferring not to dwell on that activity, even though there is a small
painting by him of himself in that capacity.
    So the line she is referring to has nothing at all to do with the
Sellerses, who are connected only through CWP's daughter Sophonisba.  She
called that, if you don't already know it, because he named most of his
children for famous artists, and Sophonisba Angusciola was a renowned
    To clear up my connection:
CWP--Sophonisba m Sellers--Coleman--Horace Wells--Lester Hoadley--Me m
Parrish--four children, eight grandchildren.  Details upon request.
    Best, Tess

            marie sellers hollinger <mari@netins.net>

TESS - Thanks , yes I sent a couple DAR charts - thinking you may be
working on
the kids!
They Are very hard to read, Unless You Know the Child -
I only have the charts sent in on this family - I haven't checked Vickys
and others versus this family -
Where did you think the Error may be - Can look- And Check-

We have a few differant charts sent my differant members and posted on

And am collecting PEALE info on Charles Wilson -
But, our best connections should be posted on these PA boards/members-

SHOW me When/Where to Start Check and will look and advise,
THANKS, marie, iowa
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