Terri Leinneweber [mterril@rcn.com] (MAY 2008)

          Terri Leinneweber <mterril@pipeline.com>
I am attaching a page from Elizabeth Perlina Banta McDonald Seller's bible.


ALLEN SIDORA SELLERS (Elizabeth Perlina Banta McDonald Sellers) CW pension


these pictures were collected by my aunt (Jewell Leinneweber Choate) and her mother
Rosalie Leinneweber Sellers.

My cousin Ann Choate got interested in family from her
mother, Jewell. I went down one summer, we dragged the boxes out of
hiding, and as best we could sorted and organized.

Allen Sellers and McDonald families

Allen Sellers _Six Sisters

Allen Sellers Group 1

Allen Sellers Group 2

Allen Sellers Brothers and sons

Ray Sellers

Ray, Rosalie, John

Mary _Felix

John Sellers and car

Isic Ray, Rosa Lea, John Sellers Mary Eliza Sellers, Felix Sellers, Elizabeth Perlina Banta McDonald Sellers

Sellers Clan

John Sellers unidentified four

Isic Ray Sellers

Sellers, Blackfoot, Montana

Elizabeth Perlina Banta and daughters






Wifes of Allen Sellers kids =
Oddly named: Description: I have left the handwriting on the front
of this picture so you can all see what I mean.
I don't know who Willie is. I believe John is Bessie Alice Porter,
the wife of John Sellers; I believe Ray is Annie Long, the wife of
Ray Sellers; Rosa Lea is Rosa Lea Sellers; Felix is the unknown wife
of Felix Sellers

mary, eliz, felix, eliz perlina Banta Sellers 83rd birthday =
Great Grandma Sellers is Elizabeth Perlina Banta McDonald Sellers.
Gr Grandma Sellers 83rd Birthday. Grandma Sellers in Middle. Her
son Ed on her right and second from her left is Jennie McDonald
Neel. econd from left is Rosa Lea Sellers (who married George W.
Leinneweber). She is almost as tall as Ed McDonald. The young man is
John Sellers the youngest son of Elizabeth Perlina.

Siblings: Description: Jennie McDonald, Mary Eliza Sellers, James
Edward McDonald, Annie Victoria M

I also have a cousin now moved away from the town where we grew
up. His side of the family kept handwritten diaries from -- as I
remember it -- the early 1920's through the early forties. These are
sitting molding. I tried and tried to get him to ship them to me so
I could at least transcribe them, but he would not. A crime against
family, but what can you do. Maybe he will let me have them long
enough to transcribe if I am there.


             Re: Allen Cedora SELLERS

 We have been unable to document any origin for our Sellers line.

 Allen Cedora SELLERS  (b. November 09, 1847 in Mississippi; d. January
29,  1918  San Angelo, Texas.)  They moved to Texas prior to 1854 and lived
in  Williamson County, Texas in 1860 and 1870.  He was a Civil War veteran.

 Married Elizabeth Perlina BANTA (b. April 05, 1846 Clarksville, Red
River,  TX; d.  November 29, 1935 San Angelo, Texas) on October 10, 1871 in
Fayette  Co.,Texas.

 Allen Cedora SELLER's father may have been Allen D SELLERS born about
 1818/25, in South Carolina married to Eliza Ann unknown.

 Any help appreciated greatly.

 Terri Leinneweber
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TERRI, believe this is JUANITA'S line, I'm sure she will contact you. I'm
not too sure where she is right now on her research.JUANITA=adacosta@ktc.com
She was working on the children of William and Eleanor Edwards SELLERS
Allen.- But, don't know what she proved/disproved.
Which Child do you connect and where did that family go? marie, iowa

       Allen D. Sellers (Juanita DaCosta's line)

       Terri Leinneweber <mterril@pipeline.com>
    I am a grandaughter of Rosa Lea Sellers who is a daughter of Elizabeth
Perlina Banta McDonald Sellers.  Juanita DaCosta was married to my first
cousin once removed,  Eric Edward Sellers.  In addition, my maternal first
cousin Wanda Jo Webb was married to Eric's brother, Ivan Sellers.

I have not been into family history for long.  I have looked at all
Juanita's posts.

I was looking for a "place" to start, since the death certificate for Allen
S. Sellers is so messed up.   Juanita is right about that.

I have Elizabeth Perlina Banta McDonald Sellers (EP) pretty well
established.  She was born in April 05, 1846 in Hunt Co, TX. Her history
ties in with a much published, documented line going back to the 1600's in
New Jersey. Her first husband, Zachariah McDonald Jr., was convicted of
murder in Fredericksberg, Gillespie Co., Tx. in 1870, and was sent to
Huntsville prison to serve a life sentence, and in fact died there.  I was
able to retrieve all the trial documents from Gillespie county (bless those
meticulous Germans!).  I have pasted his prison transcript below because I
found it fascinating.

At any rate, EP then married Allen Sellers.  The marriage license was
issued in Freestone County Tx, October 10, 1871, and Jim D. Miles, JP
joined them in marriage the same day. (I have a copy of the marriage
license).  I have not yet been able to come up with any record of divorce.
Her Civil War Pension Application states that she and Allen married on
October 10, 1872 (sic) in Navarro.  I have been unable to locate any
Navarro in Freestone County, but perhaps the county lines have changed.
Family legend has it that she and Allen knew each other from childhood, but
that has not been documented.

I next show on the 1900 census,  EP and Allen married and living in Hays
County, TX, with Eliza Barker Banta McDonald, who is EP's mother (father is
Isaac Banta who died in 1855).  Eliza Barker Banta McDonald's second
husband was Zachariah McDonald Sr., the father of Zachariah McDonald Jr.  I
don't recall offhand what the documentation for this marriage is, but I am
pretty sure that it is correct.

I next have the Civil War Widow's Pension Application for Elizabeth P.
Sellers.  In this application she states that her husband full name was
Allen Sidoras Sellers, that he died Jan. 31, 1918, and served in a
Mississippi regiment in the Civil War for 3 years.  She does not know when
he enlisted, nor under whom he served, but states that his service ended
with the end of the War.

I have all the children of both EP's marriages, and a considerable amount
of "contemporary" information.  EP was interesting in a religious sense;
she was first a Campbellite, then converted to the Christadelphian faith
(same as Lyndon Johnson's mother -- my cousin Joe Banta is still a
practitioner, and has copies of the write up from their church publication
of her conversion.  Very interesting stuff). I presume her Sellers children
were brought up in that faith.  Additionally one of her McDonald daughters
was captured by and lived with "the Indians" for a number of years
(newspaper article had no further info as to what Indians).

All that aside,  I have to get to the NARA office to get copies of the 1860
Williamson Co., Tx, and 1870 Fayatte Co., TX census records unless I can
print them from Genealogy.com, and write to Hays County to see if I can get
a copy of the birth certificate for Allen Sidoras that Juanita refers to.

I might be able to use Ancestry Com to search for Allen Sidoras' siblings
during the unknown years. (1870/1888).

If I am able to get these records in order, I can send you copies if you
are interested.  I would really like to get this family line documented;
after I am able to get copies of all the stuff mentioned by Juanita, I will
probably come back to you to ask you how you think I should proceed from
where I am then, if you wouldn't mind giving me some advice at that point.


The following information was kindly sent by:
Archival Services Staff/Bill Simmons
Archives and Information Services Division
Texas State Library and Archives Commission
512 463-5480

The information is filled in on a form; the original records were NOT
sent.  I suspect that they are not reproduced due to their age and

Number: 1581
Name: Zach McDonald
Age: 30
Height: 5' 8"
Complexion: Light
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Light
Marks on person: Not stated
Marital relations: yes
Use of tobacco: yes
Habits: Temperate
Education: Common
Occupation: Laborer
Nativity: Arkansas
Time of conviction: Springtime
Offense: Murder
Terms of Imprisonment: Life
County: Gillespie
Residence: Gillespie
Money: No
When received: June 10, 1870
Expiration of sentence: Death
Remarks: Died August 7, 1884


Number: 1581
Name: Zach McDonald
County: Gillespie (Life Term is written in left margin)
Location: Prison. Escape Aug. 2, 1883.  "Trusty". Voluntarily returned Aug.
6, 1883.  Prison. Punished Aug. 11, 1883. 39 Lashes.
I.G.T. # 1 Sept. 26, 1883.  Prison June 14, 1884.
Died August 7, 1884.
Ossification of the valves of the heart and debilitated from chronic

Terri Leinneweber

this should be sent thro our SELLERS discussion group so others working on these
COUNTIES in TEXAS that are close to these SELLERS may find us AND we could find a
New Lead?

BUT, yes you can write ME anytime, anything and tell me if PRIVATE or NOT to
PUBLISH , etc.

NOW, I Think WE KNOW all this family born in MS.
OR possibly a Close, Adjoining state ?
AND maybe ALLEN'S middle name D = ?
WE are NOT finding the INFO we NEED!

WE can't find them in 1850 on a census, etc.

JUANITA, at one time worked on the ALLEN SELLERS and LOUISA ------.
THEY are listed on an 1850 census  AND don't know if followed that family thro
1860 census? OR if it just didn't look like it connected? sorry

I have linked you
and I think you can follow thro to the census you want/need.

to some of the counties/states you sent info on and if you CLICK on these COLORED
names they should take you there to read, then hit your BACK button, etc.
WE do NOT have any HAYS CO, TX info.
SEND anything you collect or have extracted.

OTHERWISE, we may have them on each census to 1890 OK, CHEROKEE NATION.
IT aPPEARS that ALLEN D. SELLERS 1818/25 MS had a brother JAMES E. 1830 MS.
There was a JAMES E. SELLERS married 1848 COPIAH , MS that we haven't followed up on.
There was an IRVINE SELLERS 1828 MS that was in 1850 PERRY CO, MS = no info

DO YOU have the NATF 80 form Info of CIVIL WAR on ELIZABETH P. SELLERS #35447 on
or JUST this extraction.?
IF she collected PENSION, the PENSION FILE, may give us MORE info we need.
YOU may be able to get form on line = about $15 to get copies of pension file =
THIS is what we need, IF she collected pension.
DO search on CW or ADVISE.

HOPE this HELPS us ALL and thanks for sharing, marie, iowa

          Terri Leinneweber <mterril@pipeline.com>

At 09:20 PM 06/16/2001 -0500, you wrote:

>DO YOU have the NATF 80 form Info of CIVIL WAR on ELIZABETH P. SELLERS
>#35447 on

No, but I do have her full pension application etc., from the Texas State
Archives.  Confederate pension records are generally obtained from the
states, not the NATF as I understand it.

>or JUST this extraction.?
>IF she collected PENSION, the PENSION FILE, may give us MORE info we need.
>YOU may be able to get form on line = about $15 to get copies of pension
>file =
>THIS is what we need, IF she collected pension.
>DO search on CW or ADVISE.

There is no further information about Allen in the pension
application.  She just did not know or did not remember when she was
applying.  The pension records normally contain a query to determine if
there is any war record for the  CW soldier through which the pension is
being requested.  In her case, the local authority swore that she was a CW
widow, and it looks like they did no further validation.   Her first
husband had also served 4 years with her brother; that service can be

I confirmed the married name of one of her children from the pension
application.  She did eventually collect pension.

I can mail you copies if you are interested.  It is quite long  as there
was a problem with one of the payments she received -- it took 2 years and
many letters to finally straighten it out.  Or, I could scan it it, but it
would be a huge file to post on the web.


Terri Leinneweber

>Sounds like info from a civil war pension.

Info is from Elizabeth Perlina Banta McDonald Seller's application for a
pension as an indigenous widow of a Civil War Veteran.

>I do NOT know what a STATE file shows.

In the case of Confederate veterans, the pension was a state pension, not a
federal pension.  The federal government was not giving pensions to those
who fought against the Union.

>I do KNOW on REV WAR FILES a STATE extraction is NOT the same as the
>FEDERAL files.

Yes, I do know this.

>I do KNOW most States Civil War files do Not show this much info.
>TEXAS , does Show some Extra Info in Some of their files.

LOL.  I have only looked at Texas Civil War Files.  All my relative who
fought for other states (Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, etc.) moved to
Texas after the Civil War, or actually fought while residents of Texas.

>I would  NOT think obtaining TEXAS CIVIL WAR files would be diff than
>obtaining other State Civil War files from National Archiles on form NATF

I will send and see.  However they only let you put in one application at a
time, and I already have one waiting, so I will have to wait.

>AND ALL CIVIL WAR files I have ordered have been thro NATIONAL ARCHIVES
>and on form NAFT 80, etc. YES, States have Some Civil War file info , BUT,
>usually not this data.

>DON'T KNOW if diff in CONF and UNION?

For pension purposes, they are definitely different.

>COULD we get MORE info here?

I will submit application as soon as I get other returned.

>SOMETIMES shows BIRTH PLACE of KIDS, but , they would have been OVER the
>1818/1825 MS.

>EXTRACTIONS of NAMES from this pension application MAY help for neighbors,
>relation? known or unknown.
>DID ALLEN SELLERS apply/receive PENSION? I didn't see in our records.

As far as I can determine, Allen S. never applied for a pension.  His wife
did as a widow.   However, this opens a new line of inquiry.  I will send
look in the Texas State archives (online search exists for this purpose)
and see if any of the other Sellers applicants might possibly be related.

>THANKS for understanding What we Need  and Helping.

I live in New York City; there is a NARA office here. It has full census
records, and some other stuff particularly related to NY.  There is also an
LDS site which is very cooperative about sending for film and fiche.  And
the public library has a large genealogy section, but mostly related to NY
of course.

My problem is time, since none of these are available on Saturday or
Sunday.  However, I am taking a week off in August, and I will spend my
time looking through all the available records.  I will make it a point to
make the Sellers my priority that week.  I contacted you now to be sure I
had a clear idea of how I should focus my time.

Marie, if you send me your snail mail address, I will send you a copy of
this pension file, and a copy of another for an ISAAC Sellers, that I have
not been able to connect.

Were you able to read the Census snip I sent you?


Terri Leinneweber

Richard White wrote:

> All Union pension records are in the National Archives.  All Union and Confederate
> service records are in the National Archives.  All Confederate pension records are
> in the former Confederate state that the veteran lived in at the time he applied
> for a pension...  So, if a particular (hypothetical) Confederate veteran lived in
> Georgia before, during and after the Civil War, but chose to serve in a Florida
> Confederate unit, and in 1885 moved to Texas... his pension record, if any, would
> be in Texas and only in Texas.
> Richard White
> Tallahassee, FL

     This is what I have in my files for the first generation of children from
the marriage of Allen Sidora Sellers and Elizabeth Perlina Banta McDonald

Descendants of Allen Sidora Sellers

         1       Allen Sidora Sellers    1847 - 1918     b: November 09,
1847 in Texas
January 29, 1918 in Texas
.                     +Elizabeth Perlina Banta  1846 - 1935     b: April
05, 1846 in Clarksville, Hunt Co, TX

November 29, 1935 in San Angelo, Tom Green Co., TX.
                     m: October 10, 1871 in Texas
.....   2       Eva Weltheria Sellers   1872 -  b: September 16,
.........               +William M. Mohler      1863 -  b: 1863
.....   2       Mary Eliza Sellers       1875 - 1950    b: February 16,
1875    d: 1950
.........               +W.C. Taylor
.....   2       Felix Franklin Sellers  1877 -  b: November 07,
.........               +Unk
.....   2       Catherine "Katie" Sellers       1880 -  b: July 23,
.........               +Charles Douglas
.....           *2nd Husband of Catherine "Katie"
.........               +Unknown Vincent
.....   2       Rosa Lea Sellers        1883 - 1939     b: May 25, 1883 in
San Marcos, Hays, TX

November 21, 1939 in San Angelo, Tom Green, TX
.........               +George William Leinneweber     1879 - 1946

June 27, 1879 in ,,TX

December 21, 1946 in San Angelo, Tom Green,

- TX BVS, Tom Green Co., D.Rec 57517
.....   2       Isic Ray Sellers        1887 - 1918     b: July 17,

September 25, 1918 in Texas
.........               +Annie Long     1895 - 1933     b: Abt. 1895

December 11, 1933 in San Angelo, Tom Green Co., TX
.....   2       John L. Sellers 1890 - 1971     b: May 20, 1890 in San
Marcos, Hays, TX

August 04, 1971 in San Angelo, Tom Green, TX
.........               +Bessie Alice Porter    1895 -  b: Abt. 1895 in Texas

I have no documentation for this birth;

          Terri Leinneweber <mterril@rcn.com>

I talked to my first cousin Ann Choate (not on the Sellers List so far as I
know) who lived all her life with the one of our family members (her mother
-- my father's sister) most interested in the family history.  Ann was well
aware of the move to the Indian Territory of my Allen's father Allen with
some of Allen's brothers and uncles although she had no documentation.
Based on that, I am pretty sure that we have the right group in the 1900

It goes like this:

1860 Williamson County Texas Census shows Allen (D) and Eliza with children:
Allen S.  age 13
John R.  age 11
Mary E.  age 9
James E. age 7
Phelix    age 3
Margaret  4/12  born in Texas

1870 Fayette County Texas Census shows

Sellers John, age 20
married to Eliza J.  (born in TX) unknown living in dwelling 699 and head
of family 659  -- This should be John R. from 1860 census.
Sellers, Allen age 52 is in dwelling 700, head of family 660
married to Eliza Ann unknown
with children
James age 16
Felix    age 13
Margaret age 10 Born in Tx
Jeff Davis age 7  Born in TX
Allen age 22

All the above born in Mis unless stated born in TX

We haven't found any of them in 1880 census yet.

Allen S. married Elizabeth Perlina Banta McDonald Sellers in 1871.  We may
eventually find them in 1880 census, but I know that they travelled to Hot
Springs New Mexico for the Hot Springs for Elizabeth's skin condition
(based on my medical history, I would guess psoriasis), every couple of
years so maybe they missed.

 From dates of birth in 1900 census, it looks like they moved to the Indian
Territory around 1885.

Forget 1890.

In 1900, in Ok. Territory, I have posted all the records I found in the
Chickasaw Nation for what I believe is our Sellers - ages match, places of
birth match the Texas Census records of 1860, 1870.

In ED 183, we have Household 159, family 159 as Jeff D. Sellers, with all
of his children listed, and showing Allen Sellers, father, age 74 and James
E. Sellers age 69 living with them.

In ED 166, we find Sellers, John R, married to Liza J. in household 56,
family 59.
Children are James W. age 13, Eva, age 12,  Lyla M. age 10, all born in
Indian Territory.
In household 57, family 60, we find Sid Sellers, age 18, born in Texas in
July 1881, father born in Miss, mother born in Texas, which matches with
John R. and Liza J -- so I am pretty sure this Sid is their son.  Sid is
married to Clara in the census and this marriage is the farthest back that
Terri Carr's information goes.

TERRI, Thanks.
Terri Carr just joined the SELLERS discussion group as Active member
Juanita just sent letter as an unsubcribe member = I forward all messages

I would like to SEE this child of TERRI CARR'S connected TO ALLEN or ? family.
Plain/Simple so I can SEE on census.
Maybe she will send a connection chart
Maybe it is in your message and I didn't Study closer?

I WOULD NOT give up on 1890 = don't know if available for those states.
ALSO, some STATES/not Federal  have 1885 and 1895 census.
AND was someone in CIVIL WAR?
Thanks, marie, iowa

            More on Allen S. Sellers

            Fri, 06 Jul 2001 02:12:33 -0400
            Terri Leinneweber <mterril@rcn.com>

My thanks to Juanita DaCosta for locating Allen S.Sellers' father in
Oklahoma! I was able to go to NARA office today and get copies of 1900
Census records.

Does anyone have any idea if there is anyway to get something done about
unreadable microfilm in the census records?  Will the National Archives
refilm?  It seems a shame that you go to all the work to get there to get
copies, and find part of film is just not readable.

Anyway, I agree with Juanita about James N. and John R. also being sons so
I am pasting the records below.  I think Sid is a grandson of Allen D.   I
also had time to take a quick peek at 1910, and it looks like some of them
may be there also.  I'll try to get back next week to check and take copies.

Enumeration District 183, Supervisor's District 73, Sheet number 9B.
Indian Territory, Chickasaw Nation.  Township 4, N.R. 3 East,
Enumerated on the 18th day of June 1900

Number   Number of      Name               Relation    Personal
Description                                 No. Children Place
of   Fathers  Mothers
Of home  Family                                                  Race
Sex   Date of
Birth  Age  Marital  Years  All   Living      Birth        Birth       Birth

159         159           Sellers, Jeff
D.         Head       W    M        May,
1863      36   M         17                         Texas       Mis       Mis
                                             Berhiline(1)  Wife        W
  F        Jan,
1866       34   M         17        8         7    Texas       Tenn     Tenn
                                             Cora            Dau.       W
  F         May,
1885      15    S                                     Ind.Te.     Texas
                                             Joseph        Son        W
M         Apr.,
1888      13    S                                     "                "
                                             Allen           Son         W
    M       Nov.
1890        9    S                                      "                "
                                             Alvin            Son        W
    M       Dec.
1893        6    S                                      "                "
                                             Thomas       Son        W
M       July
1894         5    S                                      "                "
                                             Edna           Dau        W
  F        Apr.,
1897       3    S                                       "                "
                                             Myrtle         Dau        W
  F        Apr., 1900      1/12
S                                                        "              "
               "                              Sellers,
Allen           Father     W     M        Aug.
1825      74   Wd                                    Mis            SC
                                Sellers, James
E.     Uncle      W     M        Aug.,1830      69   Wd
                Mis             SC          SC

(1) I am not sure that the name is Berhiline.  It is very hard to read.

Enumeration District 136, Supervisor's District 73, Sheet number 23.
Indian Territory, Chickasaw Nation.  Township 2, North Range. 1 East,
Enumerated on the 25th day of June 1900

Number   Number of      Name                  Relation    Personal
Description                         No Children  Place of   Fathers  Mothers
Of home  Family                                                      Race
Sex   Date of
Birth  Age  Marital  Years      All   Living     Birth        Birth       Birth
   450           466          Sellers, James
N.      Head      W     M     Apr.
1849        51     M         2                             Mis          Mis
A.        Wife       W     F     Nov.
1875        25     M         2           4        4       Illinois     Ohio
F.       Son        W     M       ?               11/12   S
                         Ind. Te     Mis         Illinois
Rosa          StepD    W      F
I believe 2 other step children listed-- microfilm is unreadable.

Enumeration District 166, Supervisor's District 73, Sheet number 4  (33A is
printed number).
Indian Territory, Chickasaw Nation.  Township 1, S.R. 6 West,
Enumerated on the 18th day of June 1900

Number   Number of      Name                 Relation    Personal
Description                    No Children  Place of   Fathers  Mothers
Of home  Family                                                    Race
Sex   Date of
Birth  Age  Marital  Years  All   Living         Birth        Birth       Birth

    56            59            Sellers, John
R        Head      W    M     Feb.
1850        50         M     31                         Mis         Tenn
J.         Wife      W    F       Aug.
1852       47         M     31    13       9        Texas      Tenn
W.    Son       W    M      Dec.
1886       13         S                                  Ind.
Te.   Miss        Texas
                                               Eva              Dau      W
   F       Mar.,
1888      12          S                                  Ind.
Te    Miss        Texas
M.        Dau       W    F       Feb.,
1890      10          S                                  Ind.
Te    Miss        Texas
   57             60             Sellers,

Sid             Head     W   M       Jul.,
1881        18         M      1                          Texas      Miss
                                                Clara          Wife       W
   F       Nov.
1882        17         M      1      1        1        Texas      Missouri
                                                Melger(?)    Son        W
M       Nov. 1899     6/12         S                                  Ind.
Te.   Texas       Texas

(I'd take anyone's guess on what Melger really is.  Another case of
guessing at what the writing is.)


At 11:01 PM 1/26/2005, you wrote:

Not much. We have made no real progress since discovery of them in
Oklahoma. In fact, I missed the documentation about a brother John.

Descendants of Unknown Sellers

1 Unknown Sellers
.. +Unknown
........ 2 Allen D. Sellers 1819 -
............ +Eliza Ann Unknown
................... 3 William F. Sellers 1845 -
................... 3 Allen Sidora Sellers 1847 - 1918
....................... +Elizabeth Perlina Banta 1846 - 1935
............................. 4 Eva Weltheria Sellers 1872 -
................................. +William John Jr.
Mohler 1865 - 1947
............................. 4 Mary Eliza Sellers 1875 - 1950
................................. +W.C. Taylor
............................. *2nd Husband of Mary Eliza
................................. +William C.
Gregory 1871 - 1911
............................. 4 Felix Franklin Sellers 1877 -
................................. +Unk
............................. 4 Catherine "Katie" Sellers 1880 -
................................. +Charles Douglas
............................. *2nd Husband of Catherine "Katie"
................................. +Unknown Vincent
............................. 4 Rosa Lea Sellers 1883 - 1939
................................. +George William
Leinneweber 1879 - 1946
............................. 4 Isic Ray Sellers 1887 - 1918
................................. +Annie Long 1895 - 1933
............................. 4 John L. Sellers 1890 - 1971
................................. +Bessie Alice Porter 1895 -
................... 3 John R Sellers 1850 -
....................... +Eliza J. Unknown 1852 -
............................. 4 Sid Sellers 1881 -
................................. +Clara Unknown 1882 -
............................. 4 James W. Sellers 1886 -
............................. 4 Eva Sellers 1888 -
............................. 4 Lula M. Sellers 1890 -
................... 3 Mary E. Sellers 1851 -
................... 3 James E. Sellers 1853 -
................... 3 Felix Sellers 1857 -
................... 3 Margaret Sellers 1860 -
................... 3 Jeff Davidson Sellers 1863 -
....................... +Verbeline Holybee 1866 -
............................. 4 Cora Sellers 1885 -
............................. 4 Joseph Sellers 1888 -
............................. 4 Allen Sellers 1890 -
............................. 4 Alvin Sellers 1893 -
............................. 4 Thomas Sellers 1894 -
............................. 4 Edna Sellers 1897 -
............................. 4 Myrtle Sellers 1900 -
........ 2 James E. Sellers 1830 -

>TERRI, thanks.
>WHAT info do we have on ALLEN SELLERS brothers = JAMES and JOHN? memory.
>I don't believe either of your pages continue the brothers? memory
>I don't know as if Juaita's page is up to date with latest info?
>you have shared also
>WE appreciate.
>WE NEED these Brothers info.
>Please send what you have worked on and give us an up date.
>marie, iowa


TERRI, I believe James E. Sellers 1830MS is only documented brother of Allen Sellers 1819 MS
(James and John were sons of Allen )shouldn't use memory!

What info do we have on James E. Sellers 1830? We have him on a 1900 census.
Other census = ?

I saw a JAMES SELLERS in TX civil war and also MS civil war.
Do we have these files? should have.
I don't believe I saw in Pension files! but, should try.

Please make a chart on him also. And follow his kids thro also.
I wish we could find more MS documents = wars, land, etc?
This is what may prove family.

THANK YOU for helping.
marie, iowa


TERRI, great.

I send all requests thro our SELLERS discussion group, so you will see anyone you may be interested in. That would probably be the time to write and donate.

But, I think we should let all know we have willing sponsers.
Maybe we should let them know the areas? I haven't tried that yet.?

THANKS, appreciate your help, marie, iowa

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What I meant about off list is that if you need financial help for
someone that would do a DNA but can't afford it, I would always be
willing to put something in the pot for the DNA. I just don't want
to volunteer on the list, but if you think money is holding someone
from a line we don't have back, I'd be willing to do pay for part of
the test. Or if it doesn't happen frequently, all of the test.


>TERRI, you are doing fine.
>You don't have an exact match (neither do a lot of us)
>We probably all have some extra marital in our lines.
>Its also possible we Don't have the correct families with dna samples.
>IF for some reason you thought an extra father/marital = get another
>cousin do a dna test. Depends on where the extra came in? OR if this
>generation, go back a generation, work on those kids and their
>descendants for a dna
>It can be done, takes time and work.
>All dna should be done on line for others to check dna. What did you
>mean here? Off list?
>Yes, it gets frustrating, but, we keep on working!
>Thank you, best wishes, marie, iowa
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>Marie --
>I would always be willing to contribute to a DNA test, provided that it
>is done off the list. My Sellers is so unmatched that anyone is apt to
>be matched.
>I'm wondering if my Sellers line will ever match anyone. Somewhere
>along the way, we may have had some extramarital goings on.