Teri Templeton [ttempl75@hotmail.com]
JULY 2003

Hi all,
I'm researching Ferdinand Sellers (1824-1911) & Rebecca Hormell (1828-1887)
of Warren County, Ohio. In tracking back the Sellers tree, I found many
results on Ancestry.com for Jacob and his father and grandfather, all of
which have very different dates and such. Then, I found this mailing list
and thought someone here might know the ancestry tree that is most accurate
for these Sellers to date? I'd appreciate any advice, as well. I'm new to
the list, so I apologize if this question has been asked a million times


TERI, thanks.
WE like to have a small chart of your Direct Family = Names Dates/Places, so we can link you to those counties/states.
Please send a small chart.
YOu are getting a LOT of here. Very Nice.

Please Share YOUR family.
marie, iowa

Sellers.Michael [msellers@acresgaming.com]
You've certainly come to the right place to find out more info on this line of the Sellers tree.  I'm fairly familiar myself with this line that includes Jacob, his father, and his grandfather as it runs parallel to my own.  Both Jacob's line of Sellers and my line descend from the same ancestor, Heinrich Zeller (Aug. 17, 1704 - circa 1773).

The Ferdinand Sellers you mention was born May 3, 1824 in Lebanon, Warren County Ohio and died February 8, 1911 in Springfield, Clark County, Ohio.
 He married Rebecca Hormell (May 27, 1828 - March 9, 1887) on February 18, 1847.
 Ferdinand was the son of William Runkel Sellers (July 19, 1795 - Sept. 28, 1870) and Elizabeth Aughe.
William Runkle Sellers was the son of Jacob Sellers (Mar. 3, 1766 - Feb. 11, 1853) and his first wife, Christina Runkle (March 2, 1771 - 1807).

In turn, Jacob Sellers was the son of Johannes Zeller (John Sellers) (Circa 1735 - March 1803) and Elizabeth Pirkey.
John Sellers was the son of Heinrich Zeller (Aug. 17, 1704 - Circa 1773) and Anna Maria Fechter.

Two good sources for tracing the family tree is Frank Sellers book, "A Preliminary Discussion of the Descendents of Heinrich Zeller", which was published in 1984.  Its out of print but perhaps your local LDS family center has a copy or can get one.
A second source would be Mary Marie Koontz Arrington's book, "Cradled by the Massanutten:  The Zeller-Sellers Family", which was published in 1986.  It, too, is out of print and a bit more difficult to obtain copies of. 
I believe there is a third source that might be helpful since it is mostly about Jacob's line was by David Randolph Sellers.  Written in 1964, it was titled something to the affect of "The Sellers and Allied Families".  I don't think that's the exact title, but perhaps someone reading this can correct me.

I think most of us lurking here that are part of these lines of Sellers would be more than happy to help.  As I said, I'm fairly familiar with this line as Jacob's father, John, was an older brother to my ancestor, Adam Sellers.  Both lines went to Ohio at about the same time, so I've spent a good amount of time tracing both.  And, recently, I came across Bible entries for several of Jacob's line in Ohio that I'm trying to wade my way thru.  Perhaps some of these individuals are ones you are looking for and that I can help with.

I'm sure there are many, many others that are more than happy to help as well.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Michael Sellers
6 Great Grandson of Heinrich Zeller

Wow, thanks so much for all this information, Michael! I am 7th great
granddaughter of Heinrich Zeller by way of Ferdinand Sellers and Rebecca
Hormell's daughter Mary Etta Sellers. Would anyone be willing to share a
GEDCOM file with me? I don't have your Adam (brother of John Sellers). I
have a million questions. Was it Heinrich and Anna Maria who came to America
from Germany or was it John Sellers? Does anyone know about the Fechter,
Pirkey, Aughe, or Runkel sides? Does anyone have pictures of these
ancestors? I guess I've got to get a hold of these books you've mentioned.
Thank you, thank you!! I wish I had something to offer in return. I'd be
glad to share what little I have on my side.

july 22, 2003
Thanks again, for your wealth of information, Michael. I'd be glad to share
what little info I have. I've not confirmed everything yet, but just from my
web hunting, I've gotten good leads to start from.

I have a list of 9 children of Ferdinand Sellers (I have Ferdinand's death
cert) & Rebecca Hormell, one of which was Mary Etta Sellers (b: 26 Sep 1857
Oakland, Clinton Cty, Ohio and d: Feb 1913 in Xenia, Greene Cty, Ohio).

Mary Etta married Frederick Price Lucas for whom I have a death cert I think
(b: 17 Sep 1855 Huntington, Indiana and d: 21 Nov 1935 in Springfield,
Clarke Cty, Ohio). Frederick Price & Mary Etta Lucas had 8 children, one of
which was Louella Mae Lucas (death cert shows b: 9 Aug 1891 Xenia, Greene
Cty, Ohio and d: 13 Dec 1936 Piqua, Miami Cty, Ohio).

Louella Mae married Benjamin Harrison Folck abt 1910/1911 (death cert shows
b: 29 Aug 1889 Yellow Springs, Greene Cty, Ohio and d: 3 Aug 1947 Piqua,
Miami Cty, Ohio). Benjamin Harrison & Louella Mae Folck had 7 children, one
of which was Erma Mae Folck (death cert shows b: 11 Jan 1914 Xenia, Greene
Cty, Ohio and d: 10 Mar 1965 Dayton, Montgomery Cty, Ohio).

Erma Mae first married William Kronenberg in May 1931, had 3 children,
divorced, then married John Harvey Stump (death cert shows b: 13 Jul 1900
Darke Cty, Ohio and d: 29 Oct 1967 Troy, Miami Cty, Ohio) about 1951. John
Harvey & Erma Mae Stump had two children, one of which was Debra Mae Stump,
my mother (b: 1 Sep 1953 and d: 12 Apr 2002).

I can't imagine all that being of much interest to you all at this point,
but that's what I've got so far. I have lists of all the other children, but
no proof of their names and dates and such yet. Much of it I gathered from
the Tangles Roots web site by Pat Hormell last fall. Just let me know if you
have any questions!
Thanks to all those willing to share your information. I just love meeting
more cousins!
Miamisburg, Montgomery County, Ohio