Tammy Fraser

I'm looking for info. on Simeon Sellers b. 1797 and married Martha Huett, Hewitt, sp., bo 1796 in NC.
The had 6 children the first Lydia being born in NC in 1828, the others were born in AL, they are
Benjamin E, Thomas L, Martha A, Sarah and Simeon. Any information would be appreciated.


TAMMY, Thanks - give us some PLACES and Dates= I believe we just had a query on this family?
But, don't remember answer, probably = NC Search. Please Share, what you can and I'll send thro
our Discussion Group. Thanks, marie, iowa

The only information I have is that Simeon was born in NC in approx. 1797 and married Martha Huett,
Hewitt, who was also born in NC in 1796. They had children Lydia 1827/28 born in NC, Benjamin E.
b. 1829/30 in Alabama, Thomas Leonard b. 1832 in Ala, Martha A. b. 1836 in Ala, Sarah b. 1838/40, in
Ala and Simeon b. 1844 in Ala.

I'm looking for more info. on Simeon/Martha and their parents if anyone knows.


Hi Linda,

I just read your post about Dr. Thomas Leonard Sellers and I guess we are distant cousins too. He
was my great, great, great grandfather on my mothers side and I think I may have a bit more
information you are looking for. He was actually married twice according to my records and your great
grandmother (Finetta Victory "Dora") was by his first wife whose name was Finetta Braxton and they
lived in Holmes County, FL (in fact she is supposed to be buried there) but I have'nt found the
gravesite yet. He and Finetta had four children, then she apparently passed away and he married Millie
(Mittie?) Andrews and had three or four more children. He and Millie are buried in Red Level, AL at a
church called Fairmount Baptist Church. I went yesterday and found their gravesites and took pictures
and can send you some when I get developed if you want. His son Simeon Moses is also buried there.
I have birthdates and some death dates for his children and also some spouse names and dates if you
would like them. Your great-grandparents (Dora and Daniel) are buried in Andalusia, AL at a
cemetary called Five Run, I also found it yesterday and took pictures. I would like to have the other
story you have about him if possible, I'll post my address at the bottom so you can write me if it is too
long to e-mail. I would alsol like to know your grandmother's brothers and sisters names and birthdates
and deathdates etc. whatever you may have and so on down the line as I don't have any of that. Any
information you have would be appreciated and I can give you more of what I have if you want it.
Sorry this is such a long e-mail but it is faster than snail-mail.



Eric Faust
                                                     Date: May 08, 2000 at 19:14:29
In Reply to: Re: Dr.T L Sellers 1832Fla>1918Ala by Tammy Fraser

Tammy, thank you!!!!
I have a picture of the good Doctor and his wife which we think is Millie Ann, I can attach it to a file
for you, if you want it.

I have the info about him and his first and second wives and their children.

Also, I know that Thomas' father was Simeon Sellers (b.1797 I think) and his mother was Patsy Huett.
According to an old family story, they both were born in Scotland, and met on the ship as they
immigrated, and married and worked their way to FL.

Anecdote: about the good Doctor.
Thomas L and Finetta Braxton had four daughters before Finetta died. She died during the Civil war
when TL came home on furlough (She had pnuemonia). His leave was up but Thos. stayed long
enough to settle his daughters somewhere after burying his wife. This was near the end of the war and
a lot of Confederate soldiers were deserting. If any "stray" Confederate was caught he was lynched --
no questions asked. Afraid to encounter his rebel comrades. Thos. gave himself up to the Union Army.
During a skirmish while extracting a bullet from a "salvagable" horse (Thos was a medical doctor, but
made a Veterinarian for the Yankees) while working on this horse a Confederate bullet hit him in the
temple causiing him to lose his left eye. He wore a patch for the rest of his life and drew a pension
from the Union of $30/month. The Confederate pension was only $10.00 per month.
1- a still born son
2- Franklin, b.May, 1881 died young
3- Dorcas Finetta b. June 27, 1882, died Dec. 17, 1978. b. near Pineapple AL (Monroe Co.); died in
Ft.Walton Bch, Fl where she is buried. Her spouse was Augustus Matthew Nixon, son of Matthew
Greenberry Nixon.
4- Ethell, b. 1884
5- Leonard Bury, b. 1886
6- Walker Demascas, b. Feb. 9, 1889
7- Millard, b. Feb.9, 1891, d. 1893
8- Johnny, b.Feb. 14, 1893 d. soon after birth.
9- Lena, b. 1896
10- Wm. Thomas (Willie) b. Dec. 20, 1899

I would love a picture of the grave stones that you just took. Any others, if you have them.

If you want Thomas And Millie, I can attach it to a file for you.

about the above children:
Millard died in his sleep two years after he was born. He was sleeping with Nettie and she remembers
not long before his death, the two of them had gone to the creek to get water; he would toddle behind
her with a small bottle of something to fill while she filled her bucket. One day at dusk he ran ahead of
her going back to the hosue and she looked up at him where he stood on a rise in the yard and he
wistfully looked back at her and she felt sick inside. His death greatly disturbed her.

Johnny died soon after birth and was not yet named, but would have been named Johnny.

Lena was sickly, did less farmwork than Nettie and was better educated. Netties formal "schollin'"
stopped at grade 3. Lena had delicate hands. She wrote poetry.

Ethel died in a diabetic coma.

Walker worked on locomotives for the L&M railroad in Montgomery.

Willie was only two when Nettie was married.

All of the sons chose their own middle names. (The "u" in Bury is pronounced like the "u" in bugle.)

Linda Miller Faust
239 E. Main St.
Clarksburg, WV 26301

TAMMY, We Need to DIG here in HENRY CO, AL or Holmes Co, FL and SHARE

Ordered Simeon and Mathew SELLERS files on the Creek War they were in ca
1835 HENRY CO, AL. Answered received = No pension applied.
I did NOT specify Living in FL when applied AND this May Make Diff -
Should REAPPLY =
ANYONE done? have?

WE NEED WHERE a Child born which will probably be Henry Co, Al as None
seem born before this date. or 1830?

ANY PROOF on Child Born before 1830 AL?
TAMMY, take  this info and study, Try and Connect with Any Family and
Get back to us, msh

SOMEONE had a Civil War file on a Thomas SELLERS in HOLMES CO, FL?
what was his Age and WHERE Was he Born?

A SARAH SELLERS in 1910? Holmes Co, FL was a CW widow = wife of
Benjamin? he may be born different PLACE ?

I believe we should order several of this CW files - maybe each family -
till we find out where Someone born, otherwise, We don't/can't

ADVISE, WHO has Which File, etc = So, We don't all order same one or

Notice the LYDIA 1828 name of Child = Can ANYONE show this name used in
HEWETT family?

WE  have a chart on a LYDIA HEWETT born ? Brunswick Co,NC married 1868
shown on chart as
shown as dau of
(don't think Chart showed parents )

NOW this NANCY ANN PEOPLES SELLERS/MINTZ  age on 1850 census =
and kids names/ages =

OR how about starting in 1800 NC census and Following Thro =

ELISHA SELLERS died 1801 Brunswick CO, NC  has dau on will =
Ann Peoples/Penples MINTZ  =
1800 CENUS =

WHERE is our First LYDIA?
PLEASE CHECK OUT these families and see if a lead
OR go back to AL/FL/GA
IT is Very Important to Share EACH Families info = NAMES/ DATES/PLACES
SO we can FOLLOW these Families.
THANKS for Sharing What you Can,
IT ALL HELPS trace/prove

I believe I have seen a LEONARD family connection - can't see/find
tonite - to Hewitts, I think, But, could be a side family.
SEND ON to Anyone connected these families And CC to our SELLERS group,

I did a Search on MOSES HEWETT as he was close to our Brunswick Co, Nc
SELLERS, but, seems All messages go to a Private address?
Have you tried? Advise
marie, iowa

The only information I have is that Simeon was born in NC in approx.
1797 and married Martha Huett,
Hewitt, who was also born in NC in 1796. They had children Lydia 1827/28
born in NC, Benjamin E.
b. 1829/30 in Alabama, Thomas Leonard b. 1832 in Ala, Martha A. b. 1836
in Ala, Sarah b. 1838/40, in
Ala and Simeon b. 1844 in Ala.

I'm looking for more info. on Simeon/Martha and their parents if anyone



Thanks for e-mail.  I can't tell if Simeon ever lived
in Fl, but he lived in Al as he had 5 children there.
His daughter Lydia was born in 1827/28 in NC, then
Benjamin was born in 1829/30 in FL and was Sarah's
husband.  I have a line on a confederate pension
application in the state of Florida for Benjamin, I
just need to go to the archives here and pick it up.

Thomas Sellers full name was Thomas Leonard Sellers
and he was born on Nov. 19, 1832 in Ala.  I know he
did serve in the Civil War.  I would like to get a
copy of that file if possible.

Lydia who was born in 1827/28 was the daughter of
Simeon Sellers and Martha Hewitt and she was born in
NC, but I don't know anything else on her.


            Sat, 1 Jun 2002 06:43:24 -0700 (PDT)
            Tammy Fraser <fraserjt@yahoo.com>


I know I have some pictures of Mary Jane and her
brother Cyrus.  I may have some of Perlie also, if I
do, I will get them scanned in and sent to you.  Did I
ever send you the one of Thomas and Finetta that I
have?  Do you have any information on Perlie's side,
such as her grandchildren's names and dates.  I think
I have all of her children, and I've been the cemetary
in Flomaton and visited the graves of her and Mac and
her daughter buried next to her (can't remember the
name right off now, sorry) and Rosebud is buried
further over, I found that one too and it looks like
Rosebud had a son buried next to her that I have no
information on, so if you would like to share, I would
appreciate it.  My husband and I are also working on
uploading all of our geneology onto a webpage in the
near future.  When we do, I'll let you know the
address, so you can go out and take a look at it.


sept 30,2002

Martha Ann Priscilla Sellers married William G.
Peterson on 3/10/1874 in Holmes County and is buried
in Campground Cemetary there.  I assume William is
buried next to her as there is a marker there, but no
writing.  I wonder if William is Daniel's brother.
Martha's sister Finetta Victory Liddie (Dora) Sellers,
I misspoke with my last message again about it being
Dorcas (there is a sister Dorcas also, but she married
a Pierce) married Daniel Peterson in 1881 and they are
both buried in Andalusia, AL in Five Run Cemetary.  I
will have to check my records regarding the census.
Lydia was Thomas' sister that lived in his household
and helped take care of his four girls after his first
wife passed away.  To my knowledge Lydia never married
and I haven't been able to find out where she is

Hope this helps shed some light.


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> I know that Martha A. P. Sellers, daughter of T. L.
> married a Peterson.  In 1870 Holmes, FL, there was a
> 10 year Daniel Peterson living in the home of T.L.'s
> aunt's Lydia.  In 1901 Daniel Peterson gave an
> affidavit that he had known T.L. for 30 years.  I
> have never found the Peterson houshold in any census
> that can put a Martha and Daniel togeterh, but I
> have long suspected a relationship between Martha
> and Daniel.  What facts do you have?
TAMMY, thanks. do you have the 1870 census on these families you could send
1880 HOLMES CO, FL mite help?
marie, iowa

Dear Tammy,

Would you mind sending me what you have on the Thomas L. Sellers family?  I
have been concentrating on other lines for the past year and am way behind on
my Sellers research.

As you may remember, my husband is the gg-grandson of Thomas L. Sellers.  His
grandmother was Perlie Bardin daughter of Mary Jane Sellers.

Carol Mattison

OCT 3, 2002
My husband uploaded our Web page last night, it can be
accessed as follows:


This is still under construction as I have some
information that I haven't had a chance to type in
yet, but if anyone has any information or corrections,
etc. they can e-mail me through the list here or
privately at fraserjt@yahoo.com

TAMMY, Thanks!
I couldn't retrieve the 1870 census on our/YOUR SELLERS.
Please have hubby recheck/reload?
THANKS for understanding what we need and Sharing.

marie, iowa

FEB 4, 2003

Thomas Leonard Sellers was my ggg-grandfather.  He had
a granddaughter named Daisy (who is probably the one
you are looking for).  Daisy's parents were Simeon
Moses Sellers and Martha Adele Mason Sellers.  I have
her listed in the 1910 census for Red Level, AL as
being 15 years old.  Thomas was married to Finetta
Braxton and then after Finetta died he married Millie
Andrews and Simeon was their son.  Thomas' father's
name was also Simeon.  The birth and death dates you
have for Thomas are correct.  I would be interested in
any information you may have on this family.

Tammy Fraser
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> Robin--I'm trying to confirm Thomas Leonard
> Sellers's daughter, Daisy Sellers, is actually Daisy
> Ola Sellers, who married Malachi E. Rabren in
> Andalusia, AL [Covington Co.] Dec 15, 1917.  If you
> still want infor on Thomas's siblings contact me.
> Thomas was married to a ??? Braxton. Yes, his father
> was Eligh Sellers and Mother was ???. He had
> siblings. Thomas was born Nov 17, 1832, died Jan 17,
> 1913. Contact me via email address provided and I'll
> share what bit of info I have found thus far.
> Buddy