Susi <>
     Washington County Md.

Surname: Seller, Sellers, Seiler, Huffman, Hoffman

Have a Seller m to a HUFFMAN in this area..
John Huffman/ Hoffman father of this person, dcd 1792/3.

female Huffman male Seller......later moved to what was Washington Co PA

Looking for the will of JOHN HOFFMAN _ HUFFMAN dcd about 1793
was from Maryland VA lived Westmoreland PA for awhile moved back home
to letter>?? HOME?? dcd..

some data said they were originally in MD others say VA

I found children in Shanandoah Valley and Berkeley VA and SW PA or OLD
MONONGAHELA CO VA>> Augusta Co .. 1760 forward ..for children proven..
have bible record and copy of letter that both state JOhn was father and
his father was JOHN also dcd 1750's.??

SUSI - Very interested in these SELLERS and connection from MD to PA.
Can you give us a few Names, Ages, etc? And will send thro our SELLERS
group for any help.
Thanks, marie, iowa

YEs I will give me time to do it up cleanly..  and IF you made it to IOWA
your kin. LOL .. Susi

SUSI - Thanks - Waiting -
BUT, was reading some files tonite and haven't time to Reread Sort - We should Check out=

ALL - Any help - input appreciated -

Either Chalkley's History of Aug Co, VA  or an addition to PURSLEY CREEK =
BUT, believe it was an excerpt from Chalkleys

HENRY HUFFMAN, member of family?, Deeds in 1791, Wash Co, PA
of BERKELEY CO, VA and Brother JOHN HUFFMAN, SR and Nephew John HUFFMAN , JR

Mentions Gasper POVATOR , neighbor , widow  and wife of Henry Huffman

OR is this part of a later Correction?

ARE These Deeds in the Records=
Or just in the History?
marie, iowa
This Henry is my ancestor.. I also need to tell you that the land records I
have a copy of..I also have copy of land he sold 1805 from VA he bought
Brother George 1769  I think..
One of the books every one uses for references is not correct. I have yet
get my hands on Chalkeys book. OUR library does not have it.. Might try
library loan..
I have found lots of data about this family .. Some can't prove ours but
circumstances put us to be that family, by association ..MUCH of what I use
is hard evidence.. wills, probates, land records, bible records etc.

A cousin in WI has a letter that indicates that fathers name is JOHN and
fathers name was JOHN written about 1840 I think. Another cousin in MI has
letter refering the same only under the line of JOHN, her direct line...

George's Bible records say his father is JOHN..  :) also that on file at
in OHIO.


SUSI - Thanks,
This is Henry HOFFMAN?
That had land in 1805 VA where=
He lived in VA in 1805 when he sold the land?
Do you know when/where he went? Or Where any Kids Born?

TEN MILE COUNTRY is where I extracted the info re: mentions Chalkleys
history of
Aug Co, VA and  Geo and John SELLERS .
Then it continues with possibility of this being PURSLEY CREEK FAMILY
(don't know if this remark was made by Chalkley or perhaps LEKLEY)
(And don't know of further prove as same - Unless we could prove same land
in Berkeley? msh)

Then states  Evans and Waychoff  info referring to a Young Huffman and They

Then it states = A deed recorded in Wash Co, PA on  MAY 16,1791 - DB 1-E
pp ***
indicated HENRY HUFFMAN was of Berkeley Co, WV and had gone to that place
he had a brother JOHN HUFFMAN SR and nephew JOHN HUFFMAN, JR

THIS DEED we should be able to OBTAIN and READ. - ANYONE have Extractions
these DEEDS?

AND try and compare with the Tax Records and Census in Berkeley ,VA and
Wash, PA
Need More Tax Lists, etc for Berkeley Co, VA - I have a few, but , can't
seem to
Continue to find them here?
AND didn't extract HOFFMANS when I did originally - didn't know this.

We have extracted a few in early Wash/Greene Co, PA, but, without someone
This Hoffman family - can't really prove same.

PART of CHALKLEYS is on line on the Augusta Co, VA page

SUSI, Share what you can and perhaps we can prove or disprove - marie, iowa

        Tue, 14 Mar 2000 00:35:37 EST

1. I have the deed s.. YES Pursely Creek White OAK bottom... he had
lands there.
2. I have the deed for VA too
3. I have the sale records of Va land in 1805 while he in PA
4. Ten Mile Country is the book with good but not good data..
   have terrible time getting people to believe its not God written in that
5.  I have copy of Bible records of George from OGS and his wills
6.  I have letter about Rudolph saying John Huffman was his nephew..
7.  Have Rudolph HUffman ancestry data. will also
8.   have much of George Huffman ancestry data
9 copy of  letter from Mason from WI kin with letter staying JOHN is from
JOHN and his father of George and Henry.. and JOHN..have copy of letter
very old
10.  Cousin in MI has data saying father of JOHN was JOHN and grandfather
JOHN. have her basic letter
11.Have tax list for Washington Co PA and later Greene Co PA and VA
12.  had ghostly experience with Henry and daughter about Mary Provator's
strange at best. But want to tell you about it..
13. Henry was ma to Mary PRovator wdw of Gaspar Provator..  divorced  gave
her land to daughter ..
14. this daughter was HENRYS' not PROvators.. if apparition etc is true ,
books are in dispute about this.. I no longer am but have not found more
15. have Mary HUFFMANS will with land data on it.
16. Henrys second( third wife)  Catrouch Fry is my ancestor  she did
after Henrys death in Dec 1811 or Jan 1812 probated will in end of JAN 1812
have records
17. cousin dcd  was DAR regent believed Henry was married before Mary
Provator and had kids in VA before moving to washington Co PA 1787 or so..
married Mary dvd her went to Berkeley VA and mar Catrouch Fry or at least
that area..about 1793>
18.. They were east before Berkeley.. Have land records. trying to remember
what name of county ..  near NORTH MOUNTAIN...  Sleepy CREEK area.. phew
brain almost didnt give me that

Sellers and Huffman HOffman were neighbors there.. wow  tons of them
that is where I learned Henrys sister m a Sellers.
20.  when Henry left VA he went to Washington Co and lived with Sellers..
  indicating relationship.. they were there before Washington Co,
today this area is Greene Co MORRIS township.. Some day want to see if I
find his grave.. Family not been lucky at this yet. HE was DAR served with
PIGMAN and with '
o blank again.. look on my web site.. data up there..
<A HREF="">My
Family Histories Homepage</A>
<A HREF="">My Family

There is an entire section on Huffman it was to be a HUFFMAN web site

Cousin likes doing web work lots of stuff there.. MOST OF my work isnt on
line but what is up on webpage 35 years of research and mostly on paper..

O that cousin was MILDRED RUSSELL and her sister now has Henry and Leonard
Sellers discharge paper from the REV WAR... Mildred dcd some years now..

I have actually held it gently... :) VBG.. so exciting....

 I have list of most of Henry Huffman (Sr_) children.. not all
on DAR application from MILDRED...

Nancy, Philip, Jacob and girls I am sure.. these born VA :then JOSEPH b
1801then my Henry b 1803 m to Elizabeth HIGGINS and girl and then Reason
HUFFMAN.1805.  these born PA

I also have the names of some of Henry oldest sisters.. One married a
one married a LEWIS one ma a SELLERS... have data on all three not much..


USI  - Thank You for sharing so much - I hope our SELLERS can help also.
study your HOFFMANS,etc on your page ,tonite,tomorrow.

AND perhaps our SELLERS can share additional info - Mainly, I'd like to see
probate papers of JACOB SELLERS estate in Fayette Co.

Our Green Co, PA documents =
Our Wash Co, PA documents =

CAN we CONNECT families here?
We have had another connection (trying to prove, maybe) to KY from one of
ANYTHING on that?
Thanks again.
marie, iowa

RE= this sentence in your letter
( O that cousin was MILDRED RUSSELL and her sister now has Henry and
Sellers discharge paper from the REV WAR... Mildred dcd some years now..)

ANY info, places, etc on info you have - ANY INFO- But esp where enlisted,
ANY File #'s so we can order for our SELLERS pages - Thanks,
marie, iowa

Okay I have to dig out some books and get Seller data together but I know
Henrys sister was Sellers wife .. it was even in a book I read...
before I realized the link... UGH .. cool cool .. Susi

yes a Sellers  went south so did Huffman LOL and others from this group..


IT was exciting but not like todays data at all. Its a piece of paper that
the commandant wrote their discharge from and  their names   I am not sure
now if there is a date but think date was found in other records..

They belonged to the Ranger units that PA didnt want to recognize but
governemnt did .. if you have Mildreds book on Rev war people a picture of
is in there..

I will see if I can find here...


SUSIE - Thank YOU - send whatever info there is - Officers may be helpful also.
I have Not had a chance to study your page you sent us - I will - And I'm sure it will be Helpful to our SELLERS.

We have these HOFFMAN/HUFFMANS connections around here for Years - But, Not the documents, which may help us Prove

A member did send something on Huffman family they had extracted from this area and when I get to that email, I'll try and send a cc to you -
I send All Info (non-subcribers also)  to our Sellers Discussion Group
Otherwise, All our Info is posted on the County/State pages like the Greene and Wash Co, PA pages I sent #'s on.
Then the members/persons connected to these areas have their pages Linked, so others can contact them and in turn, we ask All to share the First Letter of Contact with us, so it will help others who  shared in the first place.
Always Check Members Pages = Much Info and connections.

Sometimes, we work on a family Hard when we get New Info and then it Sits till someone sends us something new - But Each One of These New Families, Help So Much - It makes a Family - Picture We can See.

We have several Greene/Washington Co , PA members - that have Not come forth on this, perhaps later And Perhaps, they have nothing new either.

You mentioned MILDRED before and perhaps this info is on your page?
And I believe Your  HELEN DURBIN shared info with us before on the LIVENGOOD families connected to these counties.
HER info should be Linked to these counties also.

MANY THANKS for sharing and I hope we can help each others families.
marie, iowa

Contact this DENNIS and please ask him to tell us whom's will he Henry
Huffman witnessed pLEASE>>>>>>  So JOHN the son married a Book then... if I
read this correctly...  see slowly it s coming to gether... I dont have

Thats Why We Share, huh? msh

DENNIS  - CAN YOU Help Us any More-

WE Do Need to DIG into these families and Search and ASK where we haven't
Otherwise, we'd have the answers - ? msh

I have been following some of this Sellers
Huffman correspondence that you have had on line. For what it is worth, I
have some "Abstracts of Wills of Washington County, Registered At Little
Washington, Pa. I know that there were a lot of Huffman's living in
Washington County. Hear is what I found.--"John Book, dated April 27.1779,
proved June 10, 1786; wife Margaret; children, Jacob (oldest ), Michael
(youngest, not yet 16 years old), George and other not named; executors,
Jacob and son in law John Huffman; witnesses, Benjamin Frye, George Moyers,
Martin Swegart and Samuel Swegart. 1,pg 63.--
I also have a Will written up
May 30, 1787, and proved 1788  that one of the witnesses for this Will was,
Henry Huffman. You may do with this information as you see fit.
 fdh. Dennis H.

SUSI - Thanks - Yes, I have your web page # and WILL READ/STUDY -
Just haven't taken the time - I DO APPRECIATE your SHARING-
I like documents also to go by And it is Slow checking these out=
So Many Same Names in Different places - Please try and understand
And Stay in Here - WE Need this HUFFMAN/SELLERS connection from
MD? to PA

WE have SELLERS members that Stay on these Subjects Longer than I do And are Very Helpful, Sharing - It does take TIME -
And for me - I have to study and See this family and where came from and went And thats where I am
Our Sellers  will respond, I am sure -

FRYS - What OHIO county?

Some of our SELLERS from this went to MONROE CO, OH (these over the county line areas)
BUT, from memory an Older HUFFMAN went to/thro KY

YES, I must study your chart - to Know where/who we are-
marie, iowa

Best Wishes - marie, iowa
======== wrote:

 did you  go to our web page .... Marie   <A
HREF="">My Family
Histories Homepage</A>
some where in here is the HUFFMAN data .

Henry Huffman was mar to Mary Provator, Gaspars widow he divorced her 1789.
HE moved to Berkeley Va again and m Catrouch FRY FRYE      named Catherine

Much of Catrouch /Catherines family in this area also...

NOW for fun George his brothers, Henry his son m  a Charity FRY and they
lived in OHIO..


YES on going to KY also   Boy your files must be full like mine .. bo xes
data ..

some link some not yet link   Susi