( SUSAN M BAKER) (Oct 2000)

My grandmother, Sarahn/Sarah Ann "Ann" SELLERS Mocsny Borne b 26 MAR
1897, Grant Parish, LA; died 22 NOV 1996, Los Angeles, CA.

Her parents: William Martin SELLERS 4 AUG 1868 Scott Co, MS; died 16
FEB 1897, Grant Parish, LA.  Married Faitha/Fatha Rosella EVANS b 26
AUG 1868 in MS?, died 2 APR 1901 Grant Parish, LA.  1st married
"Monk" BAKER, was widowed,  married William SELLERS in 1894.

After her mother died, Grandma went to live with her SELLERS
grandparents. She states that her mother's mother was an Indian;
various family members say Choctaw, others Chickasaw and that her
granddaddy went to OK to bring her home.  She told me that she was
afraid of the "Indian grandma" and the family shunned her for being
different.  She stated that she had to be buried outside the gates of
the cemetary because she was not "white".

Any ideas on how to prove (or disprove?) this persistent Indian story.
  This has been rattling around the family for years, and Grandma
swore it was true until the day she lost her memory.  A cousin in LA
is looking without any good results.

Susan Mocsny Baker


Hello, COUSIN!
I am the great-granddaughter of William Martin Sellers, granddaughter
of Ann (Sarahn or Sarah Ann) Sellers.  Grandma Ann was sister to Van.
 My father is Steven Martin Mocsny, son of Ann (Sarahn) Sellers and
Steven Mocsny.  I am one of five siblings, who are all married with
children.  I am in close contact with my cousin, Linda Sellers
Chrisman, who is Van's granddaughter, and lives in Louisiana. I
welcome any and all information regarding our family, especially the
Evans, Davis and Mc or MacKinzey families.

Susan Mocsny Baker
Massachusetts (born and raised in California)

             Re: Sarahn/Sarah Ann "Ann" SELLERS


Ther is an Indian in our branch of the family.  Her name was Dililah Wyatt
who married Gurley H. Sellers 31JAN1826.  They had eight children.


Hi, Mary Anna!

My grandmother was Ann (formerly Sarah Ann, also spelled Sarahan)
SELLERS Mocsny Borne, daughter of William Martin and Faitha Rosella
EVANS Baker Sellers.  Her grandparents on her daddy's side were Irvin
(also spelled Ervin) and Sarah Ann (Sarahn) DAVIS Sellers.  Their
children were (I think in order of age) your John, Irwin (or Irvin),
Jimmie, Reuben, Hiram and our William. My cousin Linda has done some
research on this family and says that Irvin's parents were John
Sellers from Orangeburg District, South Carolina and Sarah Joriah
McLEMORE from SC also.

According to my cousin, Sarah Ann DAVIS' parents were Loten (or
Loughton) and Mary McKENZIE Davis.

All of this is unproven that I know of and I have also heard the
rumors of a Jefferson Davis relationship, but have no proof of this.

As an aside, I was down in North Carolina last weekend and noticed in
northeastern South Carolina, there is a town called Sellers.  Anyone
have any information about that?

That aside, I am also anxious to have any news and especially proofs
about this branch of the Sellers!  There is also the longtime family
story that the EVANS great grandmother was Native American, member of
the Choctaws, which remains unproven.

Thanks y'all!
Susan MOCSNY Baker

As far as when Irvin and family arrived in Mississippi, I do know
that William Martin (my g-grandfather) was born in Scott County, MS
on 4 Aug 1864.  I'm not sure about whether they were in Covington
County first.

Susan MOCSNY Baker

I am a granddaughter of Sarahn (Sarah Ann) SELLERS, who was the
sister to Linda Chrisman's grandfather Vanburen Martin SELLERS.

Let me fill you in on her life.

Sarahn (Sarah Ann) SELLERS b. 26 March 1897 in Pollack, LA  (Grant
                                             m. 12 June 1923 Steven
MOCSNY in Dayton, OH
                                             Their child, Steven
Martin MOCSNY b. 9 Sept 1924 in Los Angeles, CA
                                             Divorced (date unknown)
                                             m. (?date)  Allen BORNE
                                             Widowed in 1967
                                             d. 22 November 1996,
just 4 months short of her 100th birthday, Los Angeles, CA
By the way, she told me she hated the name Sarah or Sarahn
(pronounced Sarah Ann) and had it legally changed to Ann.

My father, Steven Martin MOCSNY m. 24 April 1949 Agnes Marie DUFFY in
Glendale, CA
                                                    Their children:
Susan Marie

   Carol Elaine

   Janet Ann

   Michael Erik and

   Debra Ellen

Since this is a patriarchal line, that really ends it for us, but I
wanted to include some of this since Linda had mentioned Grandma Ann,
but didn't have the death date recorded.

Your Sellers cousin,