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Does anyone have any info on the Sellars family in Delaware?
Nicholas Sellars fought in the Revolutionary War.  He and his 3 sons can
be found in the 1790 Delaware census:  Nicholas, John (my ancestor, Jacob,
and George.  Nicholas made a will and mentioned his wife Susannah and his
3 sons.  He died about 1797.  John m. Elizabeth Rankin and they lived and
died in Wilmington, where they raised their children:
Louisa, Harriet Caroline (my  ancestress), Matilda, Ann, William.
I would love to connect with anyone having any information on this family.
Thank you,

SUSAN, Thanks - We Do NOT have much info on DELAWARE SELLERS=
lays between the Thin Strip of Land of MD and NJ-

BUT, Very Interested and NEED your Family Info = Names/Dates/Places=
Is Your NICHOLAS the Immigrant born ca     on Ship SAMUEL?

WE NEED to Work Together on these Families, I am sorry we don't have much
DID your family continue the name of SELLERS or?

IF you can Share Some Delaware State info=
Can You Send an 1850 Census on Your Family

OR Send Names/Dates/Places =
Thanks, IF You Share, Perhaps Others Can Find You and will connect=
It does work-
marie, iowa

Here are the dates for my Sellars from Delaware:
Nicholas Sellars b. abt  1742  place unknown
wife Susanna  m. abt 1760-65
Nicholas d. abt 1797 in Wilmington, Delaware.
Nicholas and Susanna had 3 sons:
1.  John  b. Oct 1767  Wilmington
m. Elizabeth Rankin  abt 1790  b. May 1767  d. 26 May 1841
John d. Feb 1828
2.  George  nfi
3.  Jacob  nfi

John & Elizabeth's children:
1.  Louisa Maria Sellars b. 1793 Wilmington m. Joshua Franklin Vaughn 29
May 1830  m. (2) Strachan Ray  Nov 1826
2.  Harriet Caroline Sellars b. 1 Jan 1795  d. 12 Jun 1852  m. Thomas
Fisher Pim  22 Oct 1818  (my line)
3.  Lavina Caroline Sellars  b. 1797
4.  Anna Matilda Sellars b. 1799
5.  George Sellars b. 1801
6.  William Rankin Sellars b. 1803  d. 1853 m. Anna
This is all I know about my Sellars in Delaware.

Samuel Sellers in Pennsylvania was a Quaker and so were his descendants
for a few generations.  I have Quakers in CHester county and have done a
lot of research there.  I can find NO connection with my Delaware
families to the Sellers in CHester County.  When Thomas Fisher Pim
married Harriet Caroline Sellars he married "out."  Meaning she was not a
Quaker and the ceremony was performed by someone not of the Quaker faith.
I sent you ALL the information that I have on my Delaware Sellars.  I do
have the will of Nicholas.  It does mention two grandaughters, but I
cannot remember if they belong to GEorge or Jacob.
I wish someone somewhere knew something.  ANYTHING.
Thanks for your desire to help.

SUSAN - Thanks , Thought perhaps these two early SELLERS marriages in New
Castle DE might lead to something - Believe they lived in Phil,PA
and YOUR NICHOLAS SELLERS and sons appear to stay in DE!
But, Do we have an extra JOSEPH SELLERS = WHO is he?

HOW about the immigrant NICHOLAS SELLERS =
There is a NICKLAUS ZOLLER, 30 yrs old in 1740 on SHIP SAMUEL
SELLERS,etc used in Census, and NO Nicholas shown in my ZELLER info,msh
CAN we trace Where he came from?
Naturalization Papers ?
BUT, this JOSEPH SELLERS stayed - for a while -
And we have Another PASCHALL SELLERS son of ? to  Phil, Pa?
Someone help fill this in! msh=

HANNAH SELLERS  b. 2/7/1758
(exactly like written ,msh)
13/6/1764 = To Darby MMtg= JOSEPH SELLERS, for wife Hannah and two
children, Hannah and Sarah, being young
WHO is this, msh?
JOSEPH SELLERS/SELLARS= paid for damages done by British Army in New
Castle Hundred in 1777
NICHOLAS SELLERS, paid by State for his attendance on schooner VIGILANT
in 1781
Several of the PA SELLERS lost their Quakers , by marrying out also -
Don't believe I saw anything on our Phil,Pa page which should show a link
to PASCHALL SELLERS and his families and LINK may Not show on the Chester
and Delware Co, PA pages?
COULD this be another SELLERS family came over in 1740 - related to ones
that had already came?
OVERSEAS Church Records? that's all I can think of - marie, iowa

Hi Marie:
I was so excited to get this message from you.  It contained some things
that I had never seen before.  I didn't know that John and Jacob Sellars
were twins.  Nor had I ever seen the Sellars spelled Zeller.
I do have the will of Nicholas Sellars.  I keep hoping to find a relative
from John's brothers, Jacob and George, or from some of John's children
other than Harriet Caroline.
Thank you for sending this to me.
I live in West Jordan, Utah, 14 miles from the LDS Family History Library
(FHL) and would be glad to do some lookups for you.
take care, and thanks again,

SUSAN - Thanks, hope it helps . Please look up Any/All info on this ship
of NICHOLAS SELLERS and If you Know how to Search other countries, Some
have Good Church Records and we sure could use them. Best Wishes,
marie, iowa


We have corresponded previously.  I am the same Susan with the deseret
mail address.  Except I don't use that one
any more.
My Sellars line is:  Nicholas and Elizabeth Sellars of Wilmington, New
Castle, Delaware.  He fought in the Rev. War.
Their children:  John (my line), Jacob and George.  All 4 are listed in
the 1790 census.  John had a daughter named Harriet Caroline Sellars and
she married Thomas Fisher Pim, a Quaker.  They moved to PA, and then to
Ohio, Louisiana and finally MO, where both of them died.  Their son
Thomas Fisher Pim, went to Colorado to explore Pike's Peak in the 1850s.

SUSAN, Thank you. Now, I remember your family. Don't know if we have much census for his kids that stayed in DE!
We just have to keep collecting census, etc. and with your name linked to that page, someone with kids here should be able to find and contact you. Hope it helps.

Did you ever get more info on immigrant NICKLAUS ZOLLER, 30YRS OLD that came Dec 3, 1740 on ship SAMUEL, (memory). He is listed on the 1740 PHILADELPHIA CO, PA , now I used to think this was a tax list (cd136) But, I wonder if it could be a naturalization or maybe an immigrant chart?
YES, he came on ship SAMUEL, same ship name as HANS JERG ZOLLER came in 1733.
But, I don't know if we know who he is?
Does ANYONE have info on him.

NOW, regarding the POOLE connection = a Very fast look= married 1792 PHIL,
We have Some Phil, Pa records = hardest, is getting the correct families
together. We have some members that have worked on these families.
But, NoOne has sent me a chart on the WM SELLERS of hall & sellers, possible
son of SAMUEL died 1754 Chester Co,PA

BUT, You have a FARRIS, ETC connection?  When/Where? Just a small
names/dates/places , so I can see them, etc.
Thanks again, marie, iowa
Thanks again, marie, iowa