Susanne Thomas Sellers  09 Dec 1961 Married Robert Andrew Flora 19 Aug 1990 2 children: Andrew Thomas
Flora 08 July 1992:   Nicholas Alexander Flora 09 Dec 1993
my father
    Virgil Elmore Sellers 03 Jan 1933  in OK. his parents  Myrtle Elizabeth Sellars 07 Mar 1900 & William Andrew
Sellers 19 Mar 1890 Died 13 Oct 1964
Williams father had Coleman in His name we think it was Coleman Sellers.
Myrtles parents    Jefferson Davidson Sellars 13 May 1846 Mississippi Died 19 Mar 1935 harrisberg Stephens
OK. Married Verbaline  Holybee born 28 Mar 1846. Thats as far as I have gone.
                              Sue Flora

SUE, thanks, do you have any idea what town/county Jefferson Davis
SELLERS 1846 was born. Then we could try and read that 1850 census for
his parents. marie, iowa

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Please post as you see fit:
I am Sue (Sellers) Flora's husband.  I was pretty surprised when Sue
recieved this, because it was delivered to my BOUCHER mailbox.  My
was a Boucher whose parents were from Warren Co., KY, and I am a member of
an informal BOUCHER research group.  I have forwarded this info to the
group, in part because several members are interested in an Elisha BOUCHER
(Boughner?).  If any of the Sellers members have questions about Bouchers,
they may want to contact Nancy Hughes re. the "Boucher
Bunch" research group, and I'm sure the group would be interested in any
info you find.
Bob Flora