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Matthew Bacon Sellers, landowner, planter, possibly a physician, lived from the late 1700's to mid-1800's, married Elizabeth Cash, owned a large plantation in Lake Providence, Carroll Parish, LA.
When he lost his plantation during the Civil War, he supposedly returned to Baltimore where he died.
His wife supposedly died in Philadelphia, where she is buried.
Conflicting information shows a man by the same name from Kentucky who lived in Baltimore and was president of a railroad, apparently had nothing to do with Louisiana.
Would like to hear from anyone who can help straighten out this mystery - same person or not ?. Thanks!


STEVE, thanks for questions.
YOU MUST show dates/places with names

OR show/send the articles you are referring to = so we can help understand, etc

yes, his (one we are posting) dad died in KY.
and yes, I believe ONE/TWO were named Mathew Bacon Sellers with diff ages of birth!
Another Mathew B. SELLERS = Bacon?

But, you have to post/show/know EACH child with Name/Age!

IF you connect to ANY child of theirs, PLEASE send INFO=
oldest PROVEN child =
and will try and help,
marie, iowa

The Matthew Sellers born 1869 MD living in 1880 BALT CO, MD
appears to be same as our
1880 BALTIMORE CO, MD Census Place: 19th Ward, Precinct 8, Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland
Source: FHL Film 1254504 National Archives Film T9-0504 Page 203C
Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
Matthew SELLERS Self M M W 85 LA
Occ: Railroad Clerk Fa: LA Mo: LA
Annie L. SELLERS Dau F M W 31 LA
Fa: LA Mo: LA
Mathew SELLERS Son M S W 11 MD
Occ: At School Fa: LA Mo: LA (born ca 1869)
Harvey SELLERS Son M S W 7 MD
Occ: At School Fa: LA Mo: LA
Samuel SELLERS Son M S W 6 MD
Fa: LA Mo: LA
Fa: LA Mo: LA
Grace CUMMINS Other F W W 58 ENG
Occ: Servant Fa: ENG Mo: ENG
Anna MYERS Other F S W 22 VT
Occ: Servant Fa: VT Mo: VT
Bridget HINLEY Other F S W 25 IN
Occ: Servant Fa: IN Mo: IN
John GOINGS Other M M B 35 PA
Occ: Coachman Fa: PA Mo: PA


Thanks for sending that census data.

What I posted, about my Matthew Sellers having lived between the late 1700's to the mid 1800's in Lake Providence, Carroll Parish, LA., is pretty much all I have on dates/places with names. I do not even know if he had children, so don't have any names. I'm related to Matthew's brother, John, whom I know very little about. I'm hoping that, since Matthew was more "famous", I can track the parents this way.

The only specific date I have is that Matthew's wife, Elizabeth Cash, died 28 January 1867 in Philadelphia, which would fit the apparently widowed Matthew from your 1880 census.
Sources for this:
Sandy L. Schmitz, "Murder, Mayhem, & Misc. of Carroll Parish, La.", (Barryville, AR), p.42.
Georgia Pinkston, "A Place to Remember, East Carroll Parish, 1832-1976", (Claitor's, 1977), p.234.

It's not impossible that my Matthew is the same one as on your 1880 census. The 1850 Carroll Parish census reports him as being 50 years old (therefore born 1800). He purchased a large plantation in Lake providence in 1832 for $20,000. Doing this at age 32 indicates he was either very shrewd or had inherited some money.

The 1850 census also shows Ann, "Rosanine", and his brother John. Matthew also shows up in 1860 in Lake Providence.

Matthew is mentioned frequently in the court records at the Ouachita Parish Courthouse in Monroe, beginning around 1822. He left his plantation when the whole of Northwestern Louisiana was devastated by Northern troops just before the Siege of Vicksburg. Pinkston's book on p.259 claims that Matthew's plantation home was used as a headquarters for the Union troops. I would suspect this is when he went to Baltimore, although without any apparent ties to Maryland up to that time, I don't know why a Southerner would travel North during the war, unless it was some connection via his wife.

Any other information I have on Matthew comes from the succession and conveyance records of Ouachita and Carroll Parishes, which have been filmed by the LDS. Matthew's middle name "Bacon" is explicitly written on a conveyance record dated 10 May, 1831.

I found the will of a Matthew "Sellars" of Livingston Co., KY on the Internet, died 1807, wife Ann, children Ann, John, Rhoda, Salome, Mary, Samuel and Matthew. This youngest son Matthew might be my own Matthew B. Sellers. However, the will indicates that, although they were better off than most, they were not exceedingly wealthy, having about 500 acres, some slaves and a handful of cows and horses.

Others I've communicated with are certain that these are all the same Sellers and came from North Carolina, then Kentucky, went to Louisiana, and ended up in Maryland.

Searching on the name "Matthew Bacon Sellers" on the Internet brings up a lot of links to the son, Matthew, (born in 1869) and related to aviation, but back in Kentucky. If I didn't know any better, these Sellers remained in Kentucky except for a brief period in Baltimore, and no mention is made of Louisiana.

Just trying to sort this all out and specifically to find out more about John Sellers.

What is your relation? Do you have anything on John?


STEVE, thanks.
I would like to have a copy of the court record of John Sellers with Mathew as adm.

I don't believe Mathew 1800 had any kids before 1869 when he is living with Anna B. 1845 KY. Yes the 50 yrs old is very plain, but, he had just married a new young wife 25 yrs old?
maybe he felt 50! and her "B" is also very plain

The 1880 census does list her as ANNIE L. 31 LA, dau, but, it is marked married for both of them.
copy of marriage license would help.


A. L. 47 KY, - 1853, WD, 4/3, MOTHER, BOTH PARENTS KY

JOHN SELLERS had 3 daus 1810/20 and one 1804/10 in 1820 Warren Co. I did see your Mary Jane? in 1850 . When/where did they go in TX?
We/I don't have very good LA marriages . that might help.
didn't see his wife again. a John Sellers married an Elizabeth Kirkwood Oct 1, 1807 Livingston Co., KY
Her daughter may have a death certificate or obit?
I will look at these LA marriages again. give me as much TX info as you can and perhaps can check death records or you may already have?

Thanks for sharing. marie, iowa


I think I'm beginning to understand more of this.

If we are to believe that the 1880 Baltimore, Maryland census you sent contains Matthew B. Sellers born 1800, --and I think it is--, then there are some serious errors by the census taker.

First - I believe this "Annie L.", age 31, is not his daughter, but is indeed Angeline Lewis, his second wife. The age is correct plus the initial "L." fits her maiden name. There seems to be a real trend with the Sellers men preferring wives half their age, as Matthew Jr. did the same thing!

The "Anna B." from the 1870 census may well be Angelina Lewis as well, with an error on the "B." since the age and birth location fit. I think one would initially assume this Annie is one of the Sellers from Kentucky, but since young Matthew born in 1869 is present, and could not be the child of Elizabeth Cash who died 1867, Matthew must have married already.

Matthew's age of 85 doesn't exactly match the 1800 birth year, but it's within reason.

Both Matthew's and Annie's birth locations as well as both of their parent's are all shown as Louisiana, which is wrong. Maybe they told the census taker "We're from Louisiana" and he took it literally. So far, I don't believe any of the Sellers I'm investigating were actually born or married in Louisiana.

Matthew was 50 in the 1850 census, and then he was still 50 in the 1870 census. Maybe this was some sort of running joke with Matthew. I need to find him in 1860, which I don't have access to online.

I did re-review the 1820 census I have for John Sellers and agree that he had 3 daughters, at least one of which does fit the known birthdate I have for Mary Jane of 1811. Perhaps only 2 survived. I also agree his wife probably was the Elizabeth Kirkwood married in Kentucky 1807.

I'm not sure, however, if John and Matthew were still in Kentucky in 1810 or had moved on to Vicksburg. My notes even show a John and Matthew Sellers still in Kentucky in the 1820 census but that reference has since disappeared from the Internet.

That 1900 Carter Co. census does confirm a story I found on the Internet about the younger Matthew Sellers in that his widowed mother purchased the land in Kentucky where he began his experiments in aviation, therefore it's not surprising she is found living with him - as "A.L.".

I've never had any luck with Louisiana marriages. John's daughter supposedly married in 1839 and her daughter married in 1857, but neither record has ever been found. Again, I understand all of these early records may have been taken to New Orleans. There shouldn't be any related Sellers marriages in Louisiana.

The 1830 Ouachita Parish census is online but, strangely, no Sellers are listed. In 1820 they seem to be in Mississippi and by 1840 it was Carroll Parish.

The Sellers line in my direction ends with Mary Jane Sellers who married James Phelon. Their daughter, Indiana, married Hartwell Harris, a surgeon in the Civil War, whose family came from Vicksburg and Virginia. Hartwell and Indiana lived in the town of Floyd, south of Lake Providence. Floyd was completely burned to the ground by Union troops, so the Harrises fled to Texas sometime during the war. They don't appear in the 1870 census anywhere. No Sellers I know of are in Texas. It's unknown where John or his wife or even their daughters are buried, but assumed they all died in Louisiana.

Early Carroll Parish conveyance and succession records are found in the courthouse at Monroe in Ouachita Parish, which was the parent for Carroll parish. The LDS film for Carroll Parish begins at county formation in 1832.

Conveyance records Ouachita Parish
F164: 21 May 1822, Matthew B. Sellers held for security against a debt for Thomas Collins
F172: 4 Nov., 1822, conveyance to Matthew Sellers, land in Lake Providence
G170: 14 Apr., 1828, negro named Hercules sold to Matthew Sellers for $550
G200: 29 Nov., 1828, M.B. Sellers appointed administrator of estate of John Sellers, dec'd.
G350: 1 Feb., 1831, property belonging to succession of John Sellers, dec'd.
G370: 1 Feb., 1831, sale of property belonging to succession of John Sellers, dec'd., at house of Geo. Guier.
G386: 10 May, 1831, Matthew Bacon Sellers, "brother John Sellers", conveyed land on Miss. River for a negro named Peter, value $600. Lots 52 & 53, T20N, R13E, 351 acres, belonging to succession of John Sellers. Continues with tutorship of Martha Sellers, daughter of John Sellers.
G387: 2 May, 1831, indenture between Matthew Bacon Sellers and Wiley Taylor, sale of "all of the plantation", Lots 18, 19, 20, 21, of T21N, R12E, plus cotton & corn crops, horses, mules, oxen, cattle, hogs, 26 Negroes, for $20,000.00.
This was apparently the "Oakland Plantation" at Lake Providence.

Succession of John and Elizabeth Sellers Dec 4, 1832
Heirs: Mary Jane Sellers, wife of William G. Osborn; Elizabeth Sellers; Martha Sellers; John Sellers; Elizabeth Sellers, grandchild representing her mother, dec'd.

Succession Record of Carroll Parish, Book A, p.198, No. 56, entitled "Tutorship of Martha A. Sellers, a minor", 7 Oct., 1835, "Martha A. Sellers, minor daughter of the late John Sellers, deceased" and later "Matthew B. Sellers, her uncle".

Other sources:

"Warren County, Mississippi Probate Index" by Ragland, 1993
p.162, Number 260, probate for John Sellers, M.B. Sellers, Admn.

"Mississippi as a Province, Territory and State with Biographical Notices of Eminent Citizens" by Clairborne
p.534, "The southern part of Warren County ... was first settled by the ... Sellers ..."
p.536, "The Sellers moved to Lake Providence and became very wealthy".


STEVE, thank you.

Your John Sellers age=
married when/where/whom=
kids = names, born when,where
and where they went.

and let me and see what info/documents we have on him.

Mathew 1800 had an older brother John.
but, I don't see him in 1850. So you must help me .

Thanks for understanding. This goes thro our SELLERS discussion group which has members connected to some of the kids.

marie, iowa


That 1880 census sparked a renewed interest in an otherwise dead end. I re-reviewed some old data that I had otherwise ignored and also checked the Internet for Matthew B. Sellers and think I'm now on the right trail.

Based on what I've found, I think it goes something like this:

Benjamin Sellers of Virginia married "Sarah" in North Carolina, had son Matthew, whom we'll call Matthew (1).
Matthew (1) married Ann Corbett in NC and settled in Christian or Livingston Co., KY.
They had sons Matthew (2) about 1800 and John about 1795, among others.
Matthew (1) died 1807, leaving the will in Livingston Co. which names the children and such.

I'm guessing that when John and Matthew (2) came of age, they went to Vicksburg sometime prior to 1820 (in Warren Co., MS census). Most likely, they probably sold their inheritances and took their mother and siblings with them and I suppose they went down the Mississippi on a steamboat. Sometime before 1822, they went across the river to Lake Providence, LA., where Matthew began buying properties.

John didn't seem to do very well and died early, but not before marrying an "Elizabeth". I have no dates at all on his birth nor marriage, nor her birth/death - only that John must have died before Nov., 1828 based on court records of that time which mention Matthew as his administrator.
I think vital records of this time period were all stored in New Orleans and I've never been there for research (hopefully they survived Katrina).

John had at least 2 daughters - Mary Jane, b. 1811, which is my line, and Martha, unknown. Court records show that Matthew took in the 2 girls after John died. Mary married James Phelon about 1839 and children came to Texas. Very little is known about what happened to James and Mary either, nor their marriage date nor other vital records.

The mother of Matthew and John, Ann, apparently died and is buried in Lake Providence on the old plantation. Matthew's wife, Elizabeth Cash, died in 1867 in Lake Providence, but asked to be buried in Philadelphia. She supposedly asked Matthew to sell the plantation and leave Louisiana. I have no marriage date for them.

The 1850 Louisiana census shows Matthew, age 50, born "unknown" location and Elizabeth, age 40, b.PA, in Carroll Parish, childless and net worth of 59,000. A daughter, Ann, age 31, appears in that 1880 census, so perhaps she was born just after the 1850 census. Family trees on the Internet show that Matthew remarried an Angelina Lewis, probably in Baltimore, which seems logical as the 1880 census shows several young children - but on the other hand the same census shows no wife.

Matthew's son, Matthew (3), is the one born in 1869 who returned to Kentucky to work on airplanes and is somewhat famous for that. I found what is probably him in the 1920 census for Manhattan, NY, age 50, wife Ethel, age 22.

One problem is that a Matthew B. Sellers appears in the 1870 census for Baltimore, age 50, born KY, with Anna, age 25, b.KY, and Matthew B., Jr., age 1, b.MD. This Matthew, born 1820, doesn't fit into the scheme at all, but Matthew, Jr. fits the one born in 1869. No relationships are stated, so it may be that this is NOT father and son. Else, Matthew, Sr's. age was simply wrong. To fit the children shown in the 1880 census born after 1870, this census must have caught the elder Matthew just in between wives. On the other hand, who bore Matthew, Jr. in 1869 if the first wife died in 1867?

I found about a dozen family trees for Matthew Sellers on Rootsweb's WorldConnect - only 4 which have him correctly as being born in KY and died in MD.
Some state that John's wife's surname was Kirkwood, and that they married in 1807 - curiously the same year the father died.

I need to check a lot more census data when my local LDS FHC opens on Tuesday. After that, I'll put everything in my database and see if it fits.


STEVE, thanks.
I would like to have a copy of the court record of John Sellers with Mathew as adm.

I don't believe Mathew 1800 had any kids before 1869 when he is living with Anna B. 1845 KY. Yes the 50 yrs old is very plain, but, he had just married a new young wife 25 yrs old? maybe he felt 50! and her "B" is also very plain

The 1880 census does list her as ANNIE L. 31 LA, dau, but, it is marked married for both of them. copy of marriage license would help.


A. L. 47 KY, - 1853, WD, 4/3, MOTHER, BOTH PARENTS KY

JOHN SELLERS had 3 daus 1810/20 and one 1804/10 in 1820 Warren Co. I did see your Mary Jane? in 1850 . When/where did they go in TX? We/I don't have very good LA marriages . that might help. didn't see his wife again. a John Sellers married an Elizabeth Kirkwood Oct 1, 1807 Livingston Co., KY Her daughter may have a death certificate or obit? I will look at these LA marriages again. give me as much TX info as you can and perhaps can check death records or you may already have?

Thanks for sharing. marie, iowa


STEVE, thank you Very Much for the documents info.

AND , yes, after we find them, it is important to document them!

I just sent you a copy of a SELLERS discussion group message. Hope you can understand and help.

AND this link is very helpful on JOHN and his brother SAMUEL SELLERS

AND there may be info I didn't extract on the girls!
Thank You for sharing SELLERS.
marie, iowa


STEVE, thank you for so many documents on our SELLERS families.
I have NOT had time to follow all thro, but they will help our SELLERS working on these families.
I did see where DAVID contacted you and he will be very helpful.

There is also a gal that stayed in KY? I didn't see much on a fast search, but, it should be noted.
I will make a few notes to your info below.
THIS info you sent WILL help, may not make a complete link/circle right now, but, it will.
marie, iowa

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Thanks for the link to your website. I'd found it before, but up to now,
hadn't bothered to look into any other siblings for John and Matthew (didn't
know who they were). Looks like this might turn into a long-term project,
chasing down all of the family. It indicates that more than just John and
Matthew went to Mississippi - maybe the whole family went together.

In my last message, I was speculating that John and Matthew may have gone to
Vicksburg as early as 1810, but forgot that I had seen the 1810 Livingston
Co., KY census which shows Ann with one male child over 10 - which must be
Matthew. But where were the rest of the siblings in 1810?

I only show the early church records in Warren Co, MS

NO LAND PURCHASES, are we missing something here?
What is the FIRST child birth in MS? =

It's odd that there's a 15 year age gap between Matthew and the next
youngest child. There's no reason to doubt it yet, but when I've
encountered such a situation in the past, it usually meant I had that child
attached to an incorrect parent or wrong family altogether, else there were
missing children in between. Matthew, Sr. and Ann Corbett had children
almost every 2 years up until Matthew B. - then a big gap. Sometimes it's
correct, but sometimes not.

I don't have exact ages of the kids. but, if she was ca 50 and she probably was, she could be mother.

I input the data from those 4 WorldConnect family trees that I mentioned
earlier and can't find too many logic errors yet. On Elizabeth, I have two
conflicting stories - one that she died in Louisiana and body transported to
Philadelphia, the other that she died in Philadelphia as well as being

I do see the copy of obit stating this. BUT, who is her sister. = don't have the Thomas Cash history/census, etc. NEED

buried there. Also found a statement that Matthew abandoned his plantation
home during the war - and therefore must have relocated to somewhere else -
but most stories indicate he stayed at the plantation until 1867. Have also
seen Matthew referred to as "Doctor".

marie, iowa

I did see the

Southern Loyalists in the Civil War
Southern Claims Commision
Gary B. Mills Matthew B. SELLERS, Carroll, LA Comm # 17833 Office # 437
Report: 8 Yr. 1878
status: Disallowed

PS - who is "Rosamine" Sellers who appears in the 1850 LA census ?

My QUESS = this WALTER SELLERS BORN 1800/1810 =1840 CARROLL PAR., LA= had a child after 1840 =
Walter Sellers 1847 that seems to have stayed in LA




I have those 1860 and 1880 censuses which show Hartwell Harris and James
Phelon. Yes, that's my line. James is found in 1840 through 1860 censuses
in Carroll Parish but otherwise a mystery - when and where born, married or

JAMES PHELON consistenly states he is born INDIANA
CAN'T find marriage, etc.

YOU proved time frame of death. BUT, it may NOT be 1869?

Hartwell is in 1880 Ellis Co., Texas, and 1900 Motley Co., Texas, died
& buried there in 1902, and not found in 1870. In 1850 he's a child with
his widowed mother in Warren Co., Mississippi. I suspect James Phelon came
from Parke Co., Indiana, but no proof yet. The surname is commonly spelled
"Phelan", but James seems to have used the unusual spelling "Phelon".

Family tradition says the Harrises and Phelons fled Louisiana during the war
and first went to Arkansas, then to Texas. I've found no evidence for this,
but there's a related family line, Alsobrook, which can be found in
Arkansas. Hartwell is kind of interesting in that he always seemed to live
in small towns, some of which no longer exist. He did a lot of land
speculation while in Carroll Parish, so there's loads of conveyance records
to be found. The first town they lived in in Texas was called "Burnam
Square", which was near Ennis and was slated to actually become the state
capital of Texas but lost out to Austin. It no longer exists. They kept
going west, first to Crowley, near Ft. Worth, and ended up in the town of
Matador, south of Amarillo, which was home to a large cattle ranch, and is
still famous today (they even have a website!). Hartwell actually lived in
an even smaller nearby town called Whiteflat, which no longer exists. I've
got a picture of my grandfather on a horse when he was working at the
Matador ranch. Hartwell was my gr-gr-grandfather.

Possible related record - never pursued it:
1870 Census, Ellis Co., TX, Cummins Creek PO, Pct. of Burnham (Old Burnham
Sq.), page 11, line 4, house 104
Sellers, Nolan(?), 39, M, W, Carpenter, b.Louisiana
Kline, 16, M, W, at home, b.Louisiana

I haven't checked him out, but, we should, msh

On the Iberville Parish census and questions you sent, sorry, but I don't
have anything. The whole Sellers line has been a dead-end mystery up until
you contacted me, so I haven't accumulated much of anything. Don't know any
Richardsons at all except that Mary Richardson, b.MS in the 1880 census with
Hartwell Harris. I've no idea who she is though.
PS - my transcription has her age as 53, not 69 and father from SC, not NC?.
Can't confirm 'til after Tuesday.

Her age on census appears to be 59, dad SC, MOM NC (my extraction) Read the other ages on this page, msh
INFO posted was from and I do believe an Error.

I did find this old reference in my notes that I'd been hanging onto: Ellis Co., Texas Marriage Records, Vol. 1, Book B : p.27 : Mary J. PHELON to John T. RICHESON, Sept. 6, 1866

This looks like it might be Mary Jane Sellers, especially since it's not
only Ellis County, but it has the spelling "Phelon" instead of "Phelan" as
well as Mary Richardson being in 1880 with Hartwell. However, James Phelon
lived on until at least 1869. It's not impossible that Mary divorced
James - came to Texas with the Harrises and left James in Louisiana.

I believe we should follow up on this gal and when she died, etc OR Richardson? family history may help?
I am NOT too sure we have the correct death date on James Phelon

COULD WE spell in those days? OR just the Census Taker could Spell and wrote it as it Sounded?
wouldn't worry about spelling, Get those Kids together.

I noticed an error on the 1850 Carroll Parish census you sent below showing
Mary Richardson, that if she was 28 in 1850, then her birthdate would be
1822, not 1811.
THANK YOU, corrected.
Her death, etc should be followed on.

BELOW are wonderful/Great documents, WE/I didn't have. that STEVE has shared with us , so freely.

ANYONE connected to ANY child, please send us a small chart of where went/married, etc, msh
found at
Marriages: Marriage Book 1832 - 1858
Submitted by: Carolyn Avery 1/03
Source: East Carroll Parish Clerk of Court
Page 29&30
Emilius Morancy (Doctor) to Martha Ann Sellers (M) 28 May 1838
>Could be Mary's sister?

Did a map on Iberville Parish and I feel like it's much too far south to be
the same M.B. Sellers (near Baton Rouge). It seems pretty certain they were
in Warren Co., MS and Carroll Parish is just across the river, so I can't
see that he'd go all the way to Iberville then back up to Carroll Parish.
Besides, Matthew has Conveyance records in Ouachita Parish in 1828 and 1831,
as well as land grants in
It's always possible he was just visiting, if she proves to be the widow
Elizabeth Kirkwood as Ms. Fletcher suggests.

I have NO other info on this document, but a M.B. SELLERS was there and we should include info

Prior to her marriage to James Phelon, Mary Jane Sellers was married to a
William G. OSBORN, est. 1830-ish. William died in 1835 and is in the 1830
Ouachita Parish census, p.188. (Don't have it available, so can't confirm
Mary in that census as yet). They had 3 known children. Succession records
found at Monroe show "Mary Jane Osborn" as the wife of James Phelon by 1835,
and show his petition to be appointed tutor of her children, as well as
confirming Indiana as his daughter. Apparently there was some debate over
the estate of Mary Jane's first husband and what portion would go to Indiana
Sellers Phelon. Little more is known of the Osborns.


This might be overkill, but here's some records on the Phelons, Harrises,
Osborns, and Sellers while in Louisiana:

YOU can NOT send too much SELLERS documents = they help some of our SELLERS.

THESE are Records We/I didn't have posted./collected.

NOW, when the record below shows (Mary Jane Sellers Osborn) is that your writing OR the exact extraction from Record??

WE need Exact Extraction from Record. We need copy of same also.

(This is a note for which I didn't write down the date or source,
Succession of William G. Osborn, who died in Jul, 1835. Surviving wife Mary Jane Sellers Osborn and three minors: Sarah Elizabeth,
Ichabod Lewis, and Benjamin F. Osborn. Mary J. Osborn confirmed as
Tutrix. Family meeting and Petition of James Phelon to be appointed Tutor
of minor children, Sarah Elizabeth and Ichabod Lewis Osborn, children of the
late William G. Osborn dec'd and Mary Jane Osborn, survivor, now wife of
James Phelon. Attending the meeting were William Benjamin, Edmond R.
Travis, Alexander G. Trimble, Achilles Jeffries and James Galloway.

Summary of Records found in LDS films for East and West Carroll Parishes :
Succession, Conveyance and Notarial

Conveyance - 14 July, 1834 -"Mary Jane Sellers, wife of William G. Osborn" Succession - 30 July, 1835 - "Estate of William G. Osborn, dec'd." - Mary
Jane Osborn ... her late husband, William G. Osborn,

Succession - 7 Oct., 1835 - "Tutorship of Martha A. Sellers" - Mary Jane
Osborn appears, states Matthew B. Sellers is Martha's uncle.
WHO is this Martha A. Sellers? msh

Succession - 6 June, 1836 - "Tutorship of Elizabeth Sellers " - James
Phelon, husband of Mary Jane Sellers, late widow of William G. Osborn,
deceased, now the wife of the said James Phelon,

Succession - 9 April, 1838 - "Succession of William G. Osborn, dec'd" -
James Phelon is now husband of Mary Jane Sellers, late widow of William G.
Osborn, deceased
Conveyance - 19 Dec., 1839 -"James Phelon and Mary Jane Sellers, his wife" Succession - 15 July, 1840 - "Succession of William G. Osborn, dec'd" -
Petition of James Phelon, tutor to minors Sarah Elizabeth Osborn and Ichabod
Lewis Osborn, children of his wife, Mary Jane Sellers, and heirs of late
William G. Osborn, dec'd

Succession - 22 April, 1842 - "Tutorship of Elizabeth Sellers, minor" -
minor Elizabeth Sellers, daughter of Nancy Sellers, dec'd - in Acc't. with
James Phelon

VERY INTERESTING, Can we find a Marriage?

Succession - 5 Sept., 1846 - "Tutorship of Elizabeth Sellers (minor)" -
James Phelon "Paid Expenses, Steamboat, clothing, etc., trip to Indiana" -
interest in the succession of her grandfather, John Sellers - represents
that he (James) is a poor man

TRIP TO INDIANA?? ( Where James Phelon familiy was from)

ELIZABETH SELLERS = (born bef 1846
Grandfather JOHN SELLERS, = SON of JOHN SELLERS had a dau Elizabeth born before 1846
WE could be on an 1850 CENSUS??

LA/INDIANA marriages?

Gap in Records------
Succession - 4 April / 14 July, 1856 - "Tutorship of Indiana S. Phelon" -
daughter of James through marriage to Mary Jane Osborne. Conveyance - 16 Dec., 1856 - James Phelon Conveyance - 17 March, 1857 -James Phelon and Mary Jane Sellers his wife Conveyance - 22 Oct., 1857 - Indiana Sellers Phelon, minor daughter of James
Phelon and his wife Mary Jane Sellers Phelon
Conveyance - 15 Feb., 1858 - James Phelon
Conveyance - 22 June, 1859 - James Phelon and Mistress Mary Jane Sellers his
Conveyance - 28 Sept., 1859, - James Phelon
Notarial - 22 Aug., 1859 - James Phelon, Hartwell H. Harris as security Conveyance - 10 Oct., 1859 - from James Phelon to Hartwell High Harris,
approval Mary Jane Sellers, wife of James Phelon
Conveyance - 16 Nov., 1859 - James Phelon with Hartwell Harris Conveyance - 10 Feb., 1860 - James Phelon and his wife Mrs. Mary Jane
Notarial - 11 Feb., 1860 - Hartwell H. Harris, witness James Phelon Conveyance - 20 Feb., 1860 - land belonging to James Phelon in Floyd seized
by Sheriff and sold at auction
Notarial - 21 Feb., 1860 - Sheriff's Seizure belonging to James Phelon Conveyance - 13 April, 1860 - James Phelon Conveyance - 21 May, 1860 - James Phelon Conveyance - 1 June, 1860 - James Phelon to Theodore G. Wallcott Conveyance - 2 June, 1860 - Hartwell High Harris, Acknowledged by Indiana S.
Phelon, James Phelon witness
Notarial - 7 June, 1860 - Hartwell High Harris, approval of Indiana S.
Phelon, witness James Phelon
Conveyance - 23 March, 1861 - James Phelon
Conveyance - 13 April, 1861 - James Phelon , daughter Mistress Indiana S.
Phelon, wife of Hartwell H. Harris, Mary Jane Sellers, formerly widow
Osborn, now wife of James Phelon
Conveyance - 18 June, 1861 - seizure and sale of a negro woman, property of
James Phelon
------ Gap in Records------
Conveyance - 4 June, 1867 - James Phelon
Conveyance - 13 March 1871 - seizure & sale of property of James Phelon

Additional conveyance records found in Monroe, Louisiana at the Ouachita
Parish Courthouse:
I-299: 17 June, 1839, James Phelon, sale to John Kellam, SE 1/4 of Sec. 6,
T21, R12E, $400
O-327, 2 May, 1859, Chas. Morrison to James Phelon, for $376.82,
O-490: 3 Jan., 1860, Theodore Goodlett to James Phelon, deed. This record
has James' signature, but being a bad copy, is indistinguishable between
"Phelon" and "Phelan".

Records from Lake Providence Courthouse, East Carroll Parish (apparently not
Conveyances, "Drawer 50"
Administration of Succession of James Phelon.
Robert J. Loudon, a creditor, appointed administrator 27 Sept., 1870 . Date of filing 26 Sept., 1870, James Phelon, referred to as dec'd. Oath of Admin. dated 24 Apr., 1869, "sometime during the year A.D. 186_, James Phelon of said Parish departed
this life, intestate". The last digit of the year is actually blank, but it
must be 1869.
Also included in the same bundle of papers is the Tutorship of Indiana
Phelon, Apr. 3, 1856. "James Phelon has a daughter by his marriage with Mary
Jane Osborn, towit Indiana S. Phelon". James confirmed as natural tutor,
Apr. 4, 1856.

(More notes for which I didn't write down the source): Succession of John and Elizabeth Sellers Dec 4, 1832
Heirs: Mary Jane Sellers, wife of William G. Osborn; Elizabeth Sellers;
Martha Sellers; John Sellers; Elizabeth Sellers, grandchild representing her
mother, dec'd. (I sent this in an earlier message)

This should be the kids of John and Elizabeth Sellers?? and a son/child of his that had a dau Elizabeth born before 1832?

Petition of James Phelon that he has a daughter by Mrs. Mary Jane Sellers
Osborn, to wit Indiana S. Phelon; that she is a minor and that by the death
of her half brother Ichabod L. Osborn, who died Nov 1863, she became one of
his heirs; that there is a certain amount of money in the succession of
William J. Graham, a portion of which is hers, etc.

Succession of James Phelon - a creditor's petition to open the succession
since Phelon died in 186__ leaving a small succession composed of lands and
owing many debts (09/1870).

Not sure who is "Elizabeth Sellers, daughter of Nancy Sellers" in the 1842
record. Too young to be referring to "Nancy" Ann Corbett. She's referred
to as the granddaughter of John Sellers, therefore he must have had a son
besides the 2 daughters Martha and Mary Jane, and the son married a "Nancy".
According to the Dec. 4 record above, this Nancy was deceased by 1832.

******Can you please confirm that the 1860 Carroll Parish census you sent
has Matthew as "SELLEN" along with the Richardsons? This must be why I've
never found him!

THE INDEX (ancestry? picks it up that way,

But actual census shows SELLERS = more clear under her name.

PS - found at least one link on your site not working - Rhoda Sellers.

THanks, BUT, don't know which page ?
I am SORRY, we /I have several links Not connected.


marie, iowa

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GEORGIA, thanks for sending the 1830 Iberville Parish, Louisiana below. I didn't do a search on this Wilson/Chestnut, SOMEONE needs to find out who she is = connected to our SELLERS family or??

Sending a copy on to Steve and see if he has any info.
(steve, this is a copy from SELLERS discussion group == any replies you send to this , will be forwarded on, msh)

I believe a couple of John and Mathew Sellers sisters are probably the same as living in 1820 Warren Co., MS and may be same or connected to Carroll Co., La.

I don't believe I have sent this census thro = need INFO on RICHARDSON family and I didn't follow thro in 1910, etc

F B Richardson Western District, Carroll, LA abt 1822 Louisiana , MERCHANT MARY E. 28 MS (ca 1811) MARY F. 5 LA LOLA S. 2 LA (ca 1848) with EDWARD B. TRAVIS 34 MS, PLANTER ELLA 3 LA JOHN T. FOSTSON? 28 AL, MERCHANT


Hartwell H Harris Ward 6, Carroll, LA 27 1832 Mississippi Male
Indiana S Harris Ward 6, Carroll, LA 19 1840 Louisiana Female (Mary
Jane Sellers Phelons's dau, per Steve)
James C Harris Ward 6, Carroll, LA 1 1858 Louisiana Male
Mary E Harris Ward 6, Carroll, LA 4.12 Louisiana Female

James Phelon Ward 6, Carroll, LA 51 1808 Indiana Male
Mary J Phelon Ward 6, Carroll, LA 49 1810 Mississippi Female (John Sellers dau, per Steve) Living alone (she is living with him in 1850 also with dau Indiana,msh)

Mathew B Sellen Ward 2, Carroll, LA 55 1804 Kentucky Male , 320,000/117,000 Elisabeth Sellen Ward 2, Carroll, LA 48 1811 Pennsylvania Female LILLA RICHARDSON 12F LA, WARD (ca 1848) TAMMY RICHARDSON 10F LA WARD ROBERT RICHARDSON 8M LA WARD

WHERE is F.B.and MARY E. RICHARDSON? = didn't search, msh

HOW are these kids or RICHARDSONS' connected to 1880 below

MO extraction = MS
Hartwell HARRIS Self M Male W 47 MO Physician VA VA
Indiana HARRIS Other M Female W 39 LA Keeping House IN MO

Samuel HARRIS Other S Male W 17 LA At School MO LA
Clara HARRIS Other S Female W 15 TX At School MO LA
Cook HARRIS Other S Male W 13 TX At School MO LA
Hartwell HARRIS Other S Male W 10 TX At School MO LA
Jessie HARRIS Other S Male W 7 TX MO LA
William HARRIS Other S Male W 6 TX MO LA
Minnie HARRIS Other S Female W 1 TX MO LA
Mary RICHERSON Other W Female W 69 MO NC NC (ca 1811)
John Sellers dau?? CK TX DEATH
Liza PANE Other W Female B 60 NC NC NC

ANY help appreciated.

marie, iowa

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1830 Iberville Parish, Louisiana
M. B. Sellers and widow C or E Wilson now Madame Chestnut 0-1-0-0-5-1/0-1-0-2-2-1-0-0-1 the older female is 60 and under 70 years

Georgia #1


Marie / Dave,

I was lucky enough to find the only LDS FHC that opened for one day during this week - all the others in the area closed all week.
Unfortunately I didn't do very well on the census. Ancestry doesn't seem to have loaded the early census for Kentucky or Mississippi (at least for the free LDS subscription), so I'll have to look at HeritageQuest sometime next week. Thanksgiving is beginning to "intrude", so this research is coming to a halt for a while.

-Anything else I found on the Sellers in the census is pretty much what we already have except for some slave schedules below.
-I don't have any land, church, or tax records from Kentucky or Mississippi.
-Don't have anything else at all on Thomas Cash - just the name.
-I kept seeing that Walter Sellers pop up in the Carroll Parish census, but have no idea how he fits in, so haven't pursued it. Must be a relative, though.
-I re-reviewed that 1880 census record for Hartwell Harris yesterday with a clear copy from Ancestry and now I agree with your first assessment that Mary Richerson's age is 69 and it's clear that the father and mother are North Carolina - not South.
-On the conveyance record showing "Mary Jane Sellers Osborn", I do not know if the original was written that way. That was a note that another researcher sent to me a long time ago. I may or may not have found the original, but unfortunately, all my records are in deep storage in another town and I can't get to them right now. I would tend to doubt it's written that way, but I just don't know. They seem to refer to married women sometimes that way, for example, Mary Jane Sellers is referred to as "Mary Jane Sellers Phelon" in 1857.
-On the marriage of James Phelon, my great aunt started the research on our family back in the 1950's and from her I got a marriage date of 1839 more or less. Unfortunately, all her references and other material was lost after she died.

It is entirely possible that the death date for James Phelon is incorrect. I've never found a death record, grave, probate, or anything except the one conveyance record of 24 Apr., 1869 which states "sometime during the year A.D. 186_, James Phelon of said Parish departed this life, intestate". I've seen this original record and the last digit is actually blank. James seems to have lived at least until 1861 and there's one record which mentions his name in 1867, but there's a gap in the records during the war years and up to 1867.

There's a few "Phelons" to be found in New Orleans in the census records, but I've been ignoring them as being in the wrong place. Might be worth looking into. It was probably an easy trip down the Mississippi from Lake Providence.

"Martha Sellers" is mentioned in this conveyance :
Ouachita Parish G-386: 10 May, 1831, Matthew Bacon Sellers, "brother John Sellers", conveyed land on Miss. River for a negro named Peter, value $600. Lots 52 & 53, T20N, R13E, 351 acres, belonging to succession of John Sellers. Continues with tutorship of Martha Sellers, daughter of John Sellers.
And of course there's the Succession of 7 Oct., 1835 where she's referred to as "Martha A.", which I think is probably "Martha Ann" - maybe after Ann the grandmother.

John Sellers, b.1779, have census for 1820 only. Can't find either John nor Matthew in 1830 anywhere.
There's a John Sellers in the 1850 Carroll Parish census, born 1828, which is probably the son of John. This younger John also appears in some of the Carroll Parish court records. I'd like to prove this relationship. The following might be relevant:

Ancestry_com - Louisiana Marriages, 1718-1925
Name: Elmira Haynes
Spouse: John Sellers
Marriage date: 06 Jan 1861
Marriage place: East Carroll

1870 Federal Population Census (Ancestry)
8th Twp., Calaveras Co., California, p.18, 21-June, line 35, house 222
Sellers, John, 61, M, W, Gold Miner, Louisiana

On Matthew, b.1800, I'm more or less satisfied that I have his census records from 1820 through to 1880, even though some of them have wrong ages and/or birthplace.
I'm going to backpedal a bit on that 1830 Iberville Parish record for "MB Sellers" - at first I doubted this could be him, but in doing a nationwide search through Ancestry, there simply isn't any other "MB" or Matthew Sellers anywhere in the country. Since the age is reasonable and they're at least in the same state, for now I think that must be him. Maybe indeed he was visiting someone and the census taker just happened to catch him. It's possible though, that Ancestry is still missing some states or counties, I don't know. I need to see what Sellers exist in Iberville before and after 1830. If "MB" is still there in 1840, it's not ours.

I did manage to find his 1860 census which is mis-indexed as "Sellen" as you said. Thanks for that!!! (Sometimes I think Ancestry must have outsourced the census indexing to India!)

From Ancestry:
1850 Slave Schedule
The Western District, Carroll Parish, Louisiana, 20-Sept.,
"M.B. Sellers"
Total of 68 slaves, males & females from 8 months to 45 years.

1860 Slave Schedule
Ward 2, Carroll Parish, Louisiana, p.105/330, line 17, column 2
"Matthew B. Sellers, & in trust for 3 minors(?)". Must be the Richards children in the 1860 census.
His slave count takes up 3 pages - grand total of 107 males and females ranging from 6 months to 82 years old.
Last page has notations "Hospital, 4 rooms" and "2 story". Unknown what this means.

There's now some confusion over Mary Jane Sellers. I can't resolve the following data I've accumulated:

-Mary Jane b. abt. 1811
-Married William Osborn sometime before 1830. Wm. died 1835.
-Married James Phelon abt. 1839 (according to my great aunt - no source).
-James Phelon died abt. 1869.
-A "Mary J. Phelon" is shown to have married a "John Richeson" in Ellis Co., TX in 1866.
-In 1860, Matthew Sellers has taken in 3 young wards named "Richards".
-A "Mary Richerson" appears in the 1880 census with her son-in-law, Hartwell Harris, in Ellis County, no relation stated.

If the Mary J. Phelon who married in Texas in 1866 is actually Mary Jane Sellers, then she must have divorced James Phelon before his death. James had indeed seem to have fallen upon hard times according to the conveyance records, and this, plus the Civil War, may have driven Mary off. It's possible as well that James sent Mary away to Texas with the Harrises for safety, and James stayed behind, then Mary assumed he died and remarried. On the other hand, Mary was 55 years old in 1866 and, while not impossible, it seems unlikely she'd be marrying again at that age.

I did a search on Ancestry for Richardson and "Richerson" in Texas from 1860 to 1880 and found nothing convincing for a John or Mary. I did NOT do a search on "Richards", so need to go back and try that. So far, it seems like they disappeared from Texas. I've never been able to find Hartwell Harris in 1870 in Texas, but I know he's there by at least 1877 from tax rolls. Whenever Hartwell is found in 1870, I imagine Mary will be there, too, probably a widow already.

I've tried to find the Phelons back in Indiana, but no luck. The closest I've come is several records on a William Phelon out of Parke County, but so far, no mention of a son James.

Here's some books in my references which might help with early Sellers in Mississippi, but I don't remember which library I found them in. I'll have a look for them next week.

-Mary Lois Ragland, Fisher Funeral Home Records, Vicksburg, Mississippi, 1854-1867, (Heritage Books, 1992)
-Mary Lois Ragland, Warren County Mississippi Probate Index (Heritage Books)
-Betty Couch Wiltshire, Marriages and Deaths from Mississippi Newspapers, Vol. 3, 1813-1850, (Heritage Books)
-Newspaper Notices of Mississippians, 1820-1860, Mississippi Genealogical Society, 1960
-Jean Strickland, Residents of the Mississippi Territory, Miscellaneous (1995)


DEC 2005
from STEVE
sksmith []

Just dug these out of storage. Not much to look at, but this is a photo I
took of the former site of Matthew Seller's Oakland Plantation in Lake
Providence last year, described as Lots 18, 19, 20, 21, of T21N, R12E
. This
is looking southwest from the highway. I didn't walk out there as I didn't
know Ann's grave might be out there at the time.
Turning to the right, you see the lake itself, an old "oxbow" of the
Mississippi, in the "Lake Providence" photo. The "Town of Lake Providence"
is a view of the town from on top of the levee looking southwest. The
Mississippi river is out of the picture to the left on the other side of the

PS - minor spelling correction - it's "Ouachita", not Quachita, pronounced
"WA-shi-taw" (local Indian tribe).