Oliver Cromwell Zeller(s)

             "Higley, Steve" <>
    Looking for the parents of Oliver Cromwell Zeller (sometimes used Zellers).
Born 1833 in Washington County, MD.  Moved to Seneca County Ohio in 1855.
Died in 1899.  Wife's name was Margaret.  Any help appreciated.  I have lots
of info on Maryland Zellers which I can share.


Steve Higley 

BILL, Thank You -  would appreciate ALL info in letter -

And  did you read the Seneca Co,OH page and MD info sent to us - Many
marie, iowa

Peter5471 wrote:

> Marie, I have a Colonel Cromwell that I received some ZELLER
> information from,
> he answered one of my ads some time ago asking about the ZELLER
> family. Can
> dig up the address up if you want it.
> Bill Zeller