Steve Zeller []


APRIL 2005


My Zeller line begins with my ggg-grandfather and is as follows:
Johannes (John) ZELLER - b:abt 1776 unknown location, m: Margaretha SEITZ in 1798 (Shrewsbury Twp, York Co., Pa)
Henry S. ZELLER - b:15 Feb 1805 Shrewsbury Twp, York, Pa; d:8 Feb 1881 Medway, Clark Co., Ohio; m: Maria MILLER
John Miller ZELLER - b: 31 Aug 1828 York Co. Pa; d: 8 Aug 1909 Medway, Clark Co., Ohio; M:Ester Hattie HARNISH
William H. ZELLER - b:Aug 1869 Clark Co., Ohio; d: 12 Mar 1949 Fairborn, Ohio; m: Rosa Adaline HORNICK
George H. ZELLER - b: 12 Mar 1903 Bath Twp, Green Co., Ohio; d: 12 Apr 1979 Middletown, Ohio: m: Mabel Corine GAISER
Stephen William ZELLER (me) - b: 6 Dec 1938 Middletown, Ohio

We would like to determine if there is a connection of Johannes ZELLER to other Zeller/Sellers families. Since Johannes Zeller lived relatively close to the Fort Zeller Zellers (Johann Heinrich Zeller) and other early Zeller settlers in Berks Co. and Lancaster Co. Pa, there is a curiosity as to whether my Johannes Zeller was related the any of them.

From your other email to me, do I understand correctly that you have a Sellers who is a male direct descendant of Johann Heinrich Zeller (Fort Zeller) who would be willing to participate in the DNA test if someone pays for it? If this is the case, I would be willing to pay for his and my 37 marker DNA tests as part of your Sellers DNA project (but I want to have both of us use the 37 marker test).




Further to my April 26, 2005 email to you in which I said that I would be interested to pay for a Zeller DNA comparison test for myself and a Fort Zeller descendent, I am not ready to proceed with this at this time due to an unexpected higher priority use of the funds that I had expected to use for the tests. I will have to delay these tests and get back to you when I am ready. Sorry for the false alarm.

Stephen Zeller