>  Hi Pat.
>   I found this entry on a website that  you had listed.  I am new to
>  geneology and have begun tracing my family history.  I am a descendant
of a
>  Calvin Sellers and Elizabeth Talbot.   Do you have any more information
>  this couple?  The ones I am looking for had a son by the name of George
>  Monroe Sellers who was born in Butler County, AL in March 1860.
>  thanks for any help you can provide.
>  Scott Taylor
>  Raleigh, NC

thank you for this information!! It is exactly what I was looking for.
is the family I am a descendant of.  I just started researching this and
really excited that I found this info.  Are you related to this family at
all?  Lucille Esther(daughter of George Monroe)  is my great grandmother.
am actually going to a family reunion in 2 weeks and will be sharing this

thanks again!

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> George Monroe Sellers was born March 22, 1860.  He married Emma Bell, a
> Virginian, Feb. 4, 1890.  Their children were:
> 1.  George Bell (Oct. 13, 1892-Oct.15, 1957), md Sadie Ginsberg of
> FL; 2.  Rosalie Emma born Aug. 16, 1894,single resided in Pensacola, FL;
> 3.  Ethel Miriam (Feb. 25, 1896-Oct. 16, 1905);
> 4.  Lucille Esther born March 16, 1898; md. Henry Keller, resided in
> Birmingham, AL; 5.  John Sidney ( May 26, 1900-June 5, 1900).
 George Monroe Sellers was intellectual and developed into an outstanding
> young Methodist preacher.  He died at home on April 14, 1904.  He was a
>> and belonged to Naval Lodge No 24 F & AM; was initiated Oct. 30, 1885;
> Nov. 7, 1885; raised Dec. 4, 1885.
> George was buried in the St. John's Cem., Pensacola, FL.
> Emma Bell Sellers was left with a few thousand dollars, so she built the
> house at 212 Gregory St., Pensacola, Fl and began taking in boarders to
> and educate her children.  On Aug. 23, 1956, Emma died and is buried in
> John's Cem, Pensacola, FL.
> Hope this is the information that you needed!!
> Good Luck!
> Pat

Hi!  I shared this information with a relative and they found a possible
in a piece of info you had.  George Monroe Sellers married Mary Emma Bell
2-4-1891, not  2-4-1890  as you had referenced.  Also, Mary Emma Bell was
born in Warrington, FL, not Virginia.  This information was confirmed by
of their grandsons who has been tracking this as well.  Not big a big
discrepancy, but thought you may want to be aware of that.

From the information I have obtained from my family and through the
my connection to the Sellers family is as follows:

Benjamin Sellers m. Sarah Hickman
Their son, Elisha Hugh Sellers m. Mary Willets
of this marriage came Matthew Sellers, who m. Sara Jane Ward
Their son, William Sellers m. Eleandor Edwards.
of this marriage came Calvin Sellers, who m. Elizabeth Talbot.
Their son, George Monroe Sellers m. Mary Emma Bell (who remarried a
of this marriage came my great grandmother Lucille Esthers Sellers.
Lucille married Gordon Keller and had 4 sons, one of which is Gordon H.
Keller, Jr.
His daughter, Susan Marie Keller is my mother.  My name is Scott Taylor.
currently live in Raleigh NC.

The keller family had information traced back to Calvin Sellers.  Beyond
that I obtained from sources online such as this subscription and
information on websites.  I do have dates, locations, etc up to Calvin
Sellers if any confirmation is needed.  I have only been researching for
about 2 weeks now, so any additional info available is great.  The
sons of Lucille) are having a family reunion in August.  I would like to
able to share as much new info as possible.