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Hi! I'm Stacey "McDaniel" John. I've been working on "McDaniel"line for a couple of years now. I'm just
learning the internet, so, bear with me.

I found you on
I'm working on Eneas also right now. I do have some info on him. My line comes from his son Francis. I
am actually on my way to work right now, but I will go through my book and see what I have . I'll be glad
to share whatever I have with you, if you don't already have it. I am in AZ. My Aunt in KY. has been
doing alot of the leg work in the early part of this search since she lives right there and could go directly
to the court houses!!!

I found Donald Macdaniel in Indiana. He has actually been to the McDaniel homestead in Bourbon
Co.KY, and has sketches of the home. It burned down a few years ago, so those sketches are a

I'll let you know what I have. Hope it will help. I'm excited to find someone else that I may be related to!

Stacey McDaniel John

STACEY - Thanks, I am sending your letter thro our SELLERS discussion
group, so anyone working on the MCDANIELS/SELLERS can share.
I am also sending a copy to our SHERRY =
Who has done the most work, that I know of, on our MCDANIELS.
Would Appreciate a small chart on any /all proven kids of ENEAS
MCDANIEL, who married and went where. Thanks for sharing, marie, iowa

And e-mail to JAMES

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The attachment is a jumping off point for the family of Enos and Sidney
McDonald/McDaniel.  It includes the male members of my direct line to
Enos (seven generations).
    The common ancestor for Stacey Lynn McDaniel John and myself is
Francis McDaniel, one of the seven known children of Enos and Sidney.
Stacey's direct line follows (eight generations):
        Francis McDaniel        b. 1768; d. 1829, Harrison Co., KY
        James McDaniel          b. 1812, Harrison Co., KY; d. 1880,
Kenton, Co., KYY
        Philip T. McDaniel       b. 1835, Cynthiana, KY; d. 1900, Kenton
Co., KY
        James Samuel McDaniel        b. 1862, Key West, KY; d. 1911,
Covington, KY
        James Griffin McDaniel          b. 1884, Key West, KY; 1954,
Belleview, KY
        James William McDaniel        b. 1912, Cincinnati, OH; d. 1969,
Dayton, KY
        Richard Allen McDaniel         b. 1940
        Stacey Lynn McDaniel           b. 1963

    Let me know what further details you need.  There are notes with
documentation which I can arrange to send as well as a McDaniel
GEDCOM.   am still searching for more information about the rest of the
children of En os and Sidney.  The attachment is in Word2000.  If you
have a problem with it, please let me know and I will redo it in a
format you prefer.

    Donald L. MacDaniel
    390 Richard Drive
    Connersville, IN 47331


of the


The Story of the Migration of a Pioneer Scotch-Irish Family
from Pennsylvania to All Points Westward; 1773 to the present

30 June 1998
Dr. Donald L. MacDaniel
390 Richard Drive
Connersville, Indiana 47331
Ph. 765/825-1242

Compiled by Donald L. MacDaniel
Connersville, Indiana

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 A full size, more traditional, family history is in progress.  The rationale for this Short History is to make this basic information immediately available to other researchers exploring the McDonald/McDaniel lines.  Copies will be sent to the libraries and historical-genealogical research facilities in locations to which the descendants of the family might have migrated.  This short history does not contain the small bits of details and human interest stories which have been, and are still being, collected for the formal version.

 Documentation has been collected for all pertinent points expressed; but for the sake of brevity, references are included in this work only as needed.

 This short history represents the research efforts of many individuals.  Some of the information came from various family traditions and documents.  Searching for, and delving into, public records required much time and dedication.

 It is hoped that errors and unintended omissions in this work will be called to my attention by others interested in this line.  All comments will add value to the in-progress larger version.  Please send them to me.

 Since the production of this history is a personal interest of mine, the first documents included are the four pages of family information found in the bible of my great-great grandfather, Enos McDaniel (1796-1888).  The direct descendancy material on the following pages traces the line from Enos and Sidney McDonald to my own immediate family.  To augment this basic structure a complete descendancy list from my computer files is also enclosed.  The program used is the Personal Ancestral File, obtainable from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  For those not familiar with the PAF program, each person listed in the files is assigned a Record Identification Number, or RIN.  This RIN is shown following the names of the persons noted in the family descriptions and can be related to positions in the Descendancy Chart.

 To prevent possible confusion when comparing the 1790 Census with other contemporary data which may be at hand, I want to point out that there were two individuals with the same name.  The 1790 Census of  Washington County, PA lists Enos McDonald.  The Horn Papers, Vol. III, shows his holdings as a grant on the south side of Mingo Creek.  (If Mingo Creek sounds familiar, it is because this was the seed-bed location for The Whiskey Rebellion.)  This Enos McDonald had a son named James who in 1811 had a $40.00 bounty on his head for breaking out of gaol.  The March 11,1811 issue of the Washington County, PA Reporter noted James as being the son of Enos, deceased.  A deed for the sale of his land gave his wife's name as Hannah.

 In the same time frame (1786) Enos McDonald and his wife, Sidney, in Bourbon County, KY, sold a small tract  from his Virginia Land Grant of 1784 to a neighbor named William Tucker.  We also find the name Enos McDaniel appearing twice in the 1830 Kentucky census.  One in Gallatin County and one in Harrison County.  The given names of Enos and Sidney appear is several census reports of several states as the descendants of Enos and Sidney McDonald/McDaniel migrated across the country.
 Following is a list of correspondents whose material has contributed to this project:

Wm. E. MacDaniel (my brother)  Dr. Patrick MacDaniel (my son)
5100 J.D. Ryan Blvd., Apt 1205 10500 Valley Forge, #236
San Antonio, TX    Houston, TX 78245

L. Terry McDaniel
650 1st Ave. NE
Carmel, IN 46032-1324
  (Published July 1995-The Michael J. McDaniel's McDaniel Family
  Journal, 1620-1995. Copy in the Tipton County, IN Library)

Joe Miller McDaniel   Mable (McDaniel) McAllister
Cynthiana 6, Box 233   Westminster Village North
KY 41031     11050 Presbyterian Ave., #181
      Indianapolis, IN 46236
        (deceased 19950

Mrs. Stacey John    Mrs. Cheryl M. Parker
2101 N. 201 Ave.    R.R. #3 Box 9, Oregon Landing Rd.
Buckeye, Arizona 85326   California, KY  41007

Mrs. Mary Alice (Bidgood) Raymond Rowena E. Curry
P.O. Box 2184    6683 W. 1100 N.
Eagle River, Wisconsin 54521  Fountaintown, IN 46130

Carole J. Davis    Frances M. Gaitskill
419 South Penn Street   147 E. 7th St.
Greenfield, IN 46104   Paris, KY 40361

Donald Heflin    Francine Keller
107 Madison Hills Blvd.   620 Broad Street
Richmond, KY 40475   Warrensburg, MO 64093-2413

Paul W. McDaniel
4295 Warren Way
Reno, NV 89509
  (Published: Autobiography of Paul William McDaniel; work in progress,
  My McDaniel Pedigree.)

Anna Poynter    Barbara W. Speed
R.R. #2 Box 91    R.D. #5 Box 660
Jamestown, IN 46147   New Castle, PA  16105

Janet K. Pease    Dorothy Tompkins
10310 West 62nd Place, 102  5055 E. University #P-7
Arvada, Colorado  80004   Mesa, AZ  85205

C. Pauline Walters
1812 Hillcrest Drive
Crawfordsville, IN 47933


ENOS McDONALD (84) = SIDNEY_________(90)
   (1724 - 1802)

Children: Alexander (92) John (93)  Rowland (94)
   Robert (95)  Francis (60)  Jane Devore (96)

 Sometime between 1780 and 1784 Eneas McDonald and his wife Sidney settled in Fayette County, Virginia on a preemption between Silas Run to the north and Townsend Run (or Creek) to the south.  This location is now known as being in Bourbon County, Kentucky.  In 1784 he received a 1,000 acre Virginia Land Grant verifying his preemption.  The survey , No. 4089, was dated 28 July 1784.

 In 1786 he sold a portion of this land to a neighbor, William Tucker.  The transaction is recorded in Deed Book A, Bourbon County, Kentucky.  It notes that Enos McDonald and wife Sidney conveyed the land and associated property rights to William Tucker.  The land was acquired prior to the establishment of Bourbon County and therefore is not shown in the deed book.  The acquisition is shown in the Virginia Land Grant Records and can be located in the archive volumes of the Kentucky Historical Society Library in Frankfort.

 His will was recorded in 1802 in Bourbon County, Kentucky under the name of Enos McDaniel.  In it are named the four sons, one daughter (giving her married name), and wife Isabella.  It is an interesting will (his wife is to receive produce to meet her needs and two barrels of cider per year.  A copy is attached as a part of this short history.  At about the same time, title to the land was conveyed to his sons with the deeds being recorded in Bourbon County.

 It is confusing going from the name McDonald to McDaniel; but a careful perusal of the land descriptions of the deeds, as well as other contemporary notes and depositions, will demonstrate this change in the name spelling.  Accuracy and consistency in names was not so important then as now.  The spelling of a name as recorded depended upon the accent of the speaker along with the hearing and education of the recorder.

 It has been stated that in Gaelic McDonald and McDaniel are spelled the same way.  Be that as it may, by the year 1800 it can reasonably be assumed that the family name had become fixed as McDaniel.

 The listing of two different names for the wife of Enos has created confusion for many who are tracing this family line.  Finding his will is relatively easy.  The original connection to the  land was more difficult to establish; but through it comes the conclusion that Sidney preceded Isabella and perhaps Isabella was a second wife.

 At least three of the five sons gave the names Enos and Sidney to their children.  These given names appear is several census reports of several states as the descendants of Enos and Sidney McDonald/McDaniel migrated across the country.

 A further complicating question is the record of a marriage in Bourbon County, Ky on June 15, 1797 of Enos McDaniel to Frances Campbell.  Records several years later show a guardian relationship of a McDaniel to a Campbell child.

 The remaining puzzle of, "Where did Enos and Sidney come from before Bourbon County?" is partially answered by some comments located in a 1939 History of Paris, Kentucky, Bourbon's County Seat.  It was compiled by Mrs. Wm. Breckenridge Ardery.

 Ref.: Complete Records Bourbon County and suits.  In 1802 (Eneas) McDonald stated he was 78 years of age and had previously come (to Bourbon County) with James Cooper and others in 1776.

 This was in reference to exploration parties referred to as Companies.  In March, 1775 the John Hinkston Company from Westmoreland and adjoining counties in Pennsylvania was the first company to improve on Hinkson's fork of Licking.  Members of the company included John Hinkston, John Haggin, John Townsend, Silas Train, James and John Cooper. This information came from depositions filed in Harrison County at a later date.

 James Cooper was killed by Indians.  The names of several of these men identify the streams or runs on which they settled.  So we have Hinkson's fork of Licking, Silas's run, and Towsend's Creek. The latter two are the landmark waters which help to define the location of the original Virginia Land Grant to Eneas McDonald.  Silas Run and Townsend Creek, in the north western part of Bourbon County, form a portion of the boundary between present-day Harrison County to the North and Bourbon County to the south.   Old maps and charts show a Silas Baptist Church on Silas's run--sometimes referred to as Mud run.  Many of these men journeyed into this untamed country several times in various companies.  Enos McDonald made the trip at least twice.

 A company headed by William Steele from Pennsylvania in 1780 included Eneas McDonald and John Hinkston as members.  The party started from Wheeling with a company "to the amount of thirty-three boats and canoes."

 Note:  1780 marks the year of the raid and massacre at Ruddles Fort.  The raid was led by a British Captain named Byrd.  Accompanied by British troops and a band of Indians they travelled from Detroit southward to the trails along the Miami River.  By the time the band reached the Ohio River it had grown considerably in size, with the Indians greatly outnumbering the regulars.   History tells us of the result.  A later deposition gave the names of persons residing at Ruddle's Station at the time included the entries; Robert McDaniel. Mrs. Robert McDaniel, McDaniel Children.  Several years later Robert McDaniel in a deposition stated that a named individual was held captive with him at Detroit.

 As many of these early pioneers made claims in this new wilderness, they made arrangements to sell their holdings back in Pennsylvania.  Westmoreland County was the place to begin the search.  Page 416, History of Westmoreland County, ed. Dallas, has the interesting entry of, "The house of Galbraith (on Galbraith's Run), formerly occupied by John the west side of Squirrel Hill..."  Hinkston sold his land in Fairfield Township to Galbraith 29 August 1774 as he was beginning his explorations in Kentucky.

 A GENEALOGICAL AND HISTORICAL ATLAS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA by E. K. Kirkham notes that in 1770 one third of the population of Pennsylvania was  Scotch-Irish and 500,000 came from Ulster to America.  In 1772 Scotch-Irish settled Squirrel Hill, West Fairfield Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.

 Deed Book A, Part 1, page 54, Westmoreland  County, Pennsylvania, Fairfield Twp. records a sale of a tract of land John Haggan to John and Thomas Woods on the eighth day of J....1773.  The land adjoined Enos McDonald on the north.

 The recording of deeds and other official records began with the establishment of Westmoreland County, February 26, 1773.  The ownership of the land by Enos McDonald was established prior to the existence of the county.  There is no entry in Westmoreland County deed records showing acquisition or sale of this parcel of land.  (Many times the early settlers just didn't bother with such formalities.)  It was hoped that a record of sale could be located which provide the name of the wife of Enos McDonald.  This would have definitely identified the family as being the Washington County (PA) or Bourbon County (KY) Enos McDonald.  A complete (and time-consuming) search of all contemporary land transactions in Fairfield Twp. of Westmoreland (carefully comparing land descriptions) may turn up this information.  The answer might also be hidden in tax records and/or county meeting records buried deep in some obscure archives.  The recorded deeds of other property holders in Fairfield Twp present names appearing, along with Enos McDonald, in the list pioneers departing from Wheeling to explore what is now Bourbon County, KY.

 Assuming that Enos McDonald was, as stated, 78 years of age in 1802, the year of his death, he would have been born in 1724--eleven years before Daniel Boone.  His years of physically trying exploration would have been between the ages of 52 and 60.  A family bible (now in the possession of Mary Alice Raymond, Eagle River, Wisconsin) gives the birth date of his son, Francis, as 1767 when Enos was age 43.  He must have been quite a rugged individual.

 By way of speculation, if he had emigrated to America from Ulster with an indentured contract, this would have delayed his starting a family by five to ten years.  The answer to this puzzle may lie in searching the passenger and indenture lists for the names of the other Scotch-Irish settlers of Squirrel Hill, West Fairfield Township, Westmoreland County in the year of Our Lord, 1772.


 Early records nearly always refer to the name as McDONALD and the spelling variants; McDonnell, McDonal, McDannell, McDanal.  Occasionally two or more variants will be found in the same document.  The given name might show up as Enos, Eanes, Eneas, Enoch, etc.

 Francis McDaniel is my gr-gr-gr-grandfather.  The line goes from:
  Francis McDaniel b. 1768; d. 1829 Harrison Co., KY
  Enos McDaniel  b.  1796 Bourbon Co., KY; d. 1887 Crawfordsville, IN
  Newton J. McDaniel b. 1831 Harrison Co., KY; d. 1927 Indianapolis, IN
  Jesse L. MacDaniel b. 1859 Lebanon, IN, d. 1927 Indianapolis, IN
  Cedric B. MacDaniel b. 1889 Indianapolis, IN; d.1974 Naples, FL
  Donald L. MacDaniel b. 1922-05-26 Indianapolis, IN

 Of the siblings of Francis McDaniel (Alexander, Rowland, John, Robert, Jane) death dates are known only for Robert and Rowland.
  Rowland McDaniel b. c. 1760; d. 1845, Missouri (intestate)
  Robert McDaniel b. c. 1760; d. 1845, Rush Co., IN (will recorder in Rushville, Indiana.
   Entry by: Donald L. MacDaniel
       390 Richard Drive
       Connersville, IN 47331