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Sierra wrote:
> Hi Sellers researchers,
>  Hoping someone out there can help.
>  Looking for my husbands grandparents names and possible living
>  relatives.
>  (Long story and I won't bore you)
>  All we know is that they lived in Iowa. Probably born in the 1920's.
>  They had many children but all we know is one son (husbands father)
>  Larry SELLERS b. abt 1940's. Larry was in the Vietnam war.  Married
>  Grutrude Wallner and had one son: Jefferey, my husband.
>  Larry and Grutrude divorced and Larry remarried a Bea ?
>  Thank you for any help,
> -----------------------------------------

> WHERE, town, etc, was Jefferey SELLERS born?
> Where was Larry SELLERS BORN or DIED, - TOWN?
> Otherwise, could see what is available on the Vietnam war info
> Or perhaps Social Security index-
> SOME towns would help a lot!
> Thanks for sharing SELLERS.
> marie, iowa
Gee thank you so much for answering ;) scuse my typing..hands are all
infected and
in bandages from a cat attack ;( boy it's painful!

I don't know much about the Sellers because Jeff's mom turned him
against his
fathers family...and from what I understand his dad all but just ignored
him. So when his mom remarried she changed Jeff's last name.

I have no idea what town or anything...Jeff doesn't even want me to do
this but
you know us genealogy nuts ;)

Jeff was born in Ft. Riley, KANSAS in 1964...May 27.

His dad Larry was stationed in Germany and that is how he met Jeff's
mom. (nasty woman!)

Supposedly Larry was in some special forces unit and did interrogations
so heck, he might not even be listed?

I sure thank you for any help ;)

Have a great day,



You might try a death certificate on LARRY SELLERS in KANSAS-
OR an obituary would be the MOST help - 
Try the Library in that town for help - they keep copies of obits-

I will reread 1920 IOWA, but this in only an index, NOT ALL SELLERS, and
sometimes names are listed differantly! and sometimes only initials!


Have you tried the nationwide telephone book.  Larry Sellers is not a 
very uncommon name but there should be a limited number.

Eldon Edgin in Dallas, Texas

ELDON, thanks for helping- I did not find anything on SS, etc- forwarded your letter- Perhaps, she will get back to us- WILL be back in your area soon - IN FACT, working on BURKE CO, NC now and the ROBERT SELLERS that went to WASHINGTON CO, IN/and son to SHELBY CO,IL- You can check/read these links anytime on the SELLERS GENEALOGY PAGE= I am still working on some info that has NOT been published yet on the page- but soon- Thanks Eldon, marie, iowa
Thanks for passing it on. Wonder why I didn't see it? Anyhow, we are looking for the parents of Larry not Larry ;) Larry is alive in S. Carolina I beleive... Thanks again, >-------------------------------- I appreciate all your help, but this really seems too difficult. Since my husband doesn't care and I am working on so many of my lines I think for now I'll let this go till perhaps he shows some interst. So far I haven't seen any messages from the group so don't know if the list ever responds. Only you have and I've yet to see any message from any Sellers looking for help. I think I'll unsub. for the time being. Thanks again for all your help, Sierra