Shirley Thornton <>   (JULY, 2002)

William Sellers b.1832 Dauphin County, Pa  d. 1899 Fulton Co, Ohio.   buried
in Ottokee Cemetery. Fulton Co., Oh.  Married Rachel Wells b. 1831
Coshocton, Oh. d. 1912 St. Joseph Co., In.
Randall Augustus b.1855 Fulton Co., Oh. d.1932 Marshall Co., In
Mary b.1858 d. 1888
Andrew b. 1860 d. 1931
Albert H. b. 1865 Fulton Co, Oh d. 1938 Placer Co., Ca
Chester Stuart b. 1867 d. 1952 Marshall Co., In. (married-Harriet
  children: Vena, Lela)
Frank b. 1869 Marshall Co., In. d. 1924 Lewiston, Montana
Ulysses S. Grant b. 1872 d. 1872 Marshall co., In.

Randall Augustus married Elizabeth Thomas b. 1861 Marshall Co., In. d. 1934
Marshall Co., In.
William Lawrence b. 1882 Indiana d. 1962 North Dakota
Alma L b. 1884 Indiana d. 1960 St. Joseph Co., In. (married Dalyrmple)
Almon E. b. 1884 Indiana d. 1943 Indiana
Bliss Orville b. 1888 Marshall Co., In. d. 1946 St. Joseph Co., In.
Charles Welcome b. 1890 Indiana d. 1949 Kalamazoo, Michigan (married Orpha

Bliss Orville (name changed to Zeak Orville) married Marie Agatha b. 1892
In. d. 1975 Calif.
Children:   Albert Lyle (1912-1964)   Harold Leroy (1919-1986)   Beverly
Gean (1927-1990)

 Saint Joseph, IN   =   Floyd  or  Vanderburgh CO's

Also, I recently learned that my gggrandfather, William Sellers was buried
at Ottokee Cemetery; Fulton Co, Ohio. I speculate that he may be a son to
George Sellers and Nancy Haygood also buried at Ottokee.  He would also be
a brother to Elias Sellers.  Both Elias and William were born in Dauphin
County, Pa.  There is a chart for Elias Sellers, but I don't know where to
access  it.  Perhaps you can advise.

Thank again,
Shirley Sellers Thornton

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ELIAS SELLERS 1834- chart - I Think it was the one that Rita Sellers Rambacher sent

        Mon, 10 Apr 2000 20:34:57 -0700 (PDT)
        Shirley Thornton <>

Marie, the following is the latest info. I have. Please add to my
page--Dauphin Co, Pa.
Thanks, Shirley.

George b. 5/9/1783   Pa.                    d. 1/25/1860 Fulton Co., Oh.
 married Nancy Damoth b. 10/17/92    d. 6/29/1882 Fulton Co., Oh.
 children born:
Sarah  b. 1810-17 Pa.   d. 2/4/1854
Fredrick b. 4/18/1818 Pa.  d. 8/30/1882 Ashland Co., Oh
John b. 1821 or 22 Pa.   d. 1/12/1883 Ashland Co.,  Oh
Martha b. 1824  Pa.  d. 11/25/1902
Jacob b. 1825 Pa.  d. 1/10/1893
Elizabeth b. 1828 Pa
William b. 5/28/1832 Dauphin Co., Pa.   d. 11/2/1899 Bremen, In
Elias b.7/15/1834 Dauphin Co.,  Pa.   d. 5/7/1904 Ohio
Mary Jane b. 1839 Richland Co., Oh.   d. 8/8/1919

Sarah m 12/18/1845 Willard Robbins
Lucrecia b. 6/30/1847

Fredrick m 5/11/1842 Sarah Pinkley b. 4/22/1821 Pa     d. 3/23/1902 Ashland
Co., Ohio
David b. 3/17/1843 Oh.   d. 6/2/1864 Tenn.
Heli  b. 3/2/1845 Richland Co., Oh.   d. 12/24/1910 Ashland Co., Oh
Sylvester b. 12/25/1847    d. 11/2/1904
William b. 5/10/1850  d.2/16/1930
George b. 3/31/1852 d. 2/12/1915
Joseph b. 11/7/1853 d. 8/29/1926
Jacob b. 2/28/1857 d. 10/12/1942
Cyrus b. 5/11/1859  d. 10/6/1935
Thomas b. 3/2/1861 d. 6/28/1900

John m 6/7/1849 Lavina Sanford b. 1831 d. 1862-3 Fulton Co., Oh
Emaline b. 1855
David b. 12/26/1853 Fulton Co., Oh.   d. 9/3/1905 Fulton Co., Oh
Emeretta b. 3/15/1857   d. 8/29/1941 Fulton Co., Oh
Etta b. 6/1861   d. 12/19/1936

Martha* m. 1845 Harrison Whitman b. 1820 Pa
Levi b. 1846
Harriett b. 1848
Dilno b. 1852
Martha Jane b. 1857
William b. 1860

Martha* m. 1872 John Moore b. 3/27/1812   d.5/18/1885
no children

Jacob never married

Elizabeth m. unknown Chatfield

William m. Rachel Wells b. 5/1/1831 Coshocton Co., Oh  d. 10/16/1912 South
Bend, In.
Randall b. 4/7/1855 Oh.   d. 4/18/1932 Bremen, In
Mary b. 8/30/1858 Oh.   d. 8/1888
Andrew b. 1/4/1860 Oh.    d.10/18/1931
Albert b. 8/20/1865 Oh.   d. 1/10/1938 Calif.
Chester b. 10/26/1867 In.  d. 1/10/1952 Bremen, In.
Frank b. 12/6/1869 Bremen, In      d. 3/18/1924 Lewiston, Montana
Ulysses S. Grant b. 8/4/1872 In.   d. 1872 Bremen, In

Elias m. 3/28/1858 Emeretta Baldwin b. 10/4/1836 d. 1/26/1908
Effie b. 8/16/1859 d. 1938
Florence b. 4/26/1866  d. about 1946

Mary Jane m. about 1861 Jeremy Frank Buzzell b. about 1828
Mary Olive b. 12/1861   d. 5/30/1939
Henrietta b. 1866  d. 5/51921
Ella M. b. about 1869  d. 7/1/1954
Ira Frederick b. 10/13/1870   d. 1894
Lillian b. 1/5/1873
Arthur b. about 1879