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         Looking for information on family on Nancy Sellers, born in Ky in 1810.
Married Andrew Blair,Jr. in Tenn. in 1830. Died in 1851. I believe her father
was Jacob Sellers.
Thanks.  Shirley 

SHIRLEY, thanks for sharing - Can you send us child info of Nancy Sellers Blair - 
born when= 
married when/where/whom= 
went where= 
her children= 
I have had  info from ancestor of her also, but NO chart on WHERE they are- 
Each Census could show relative/neighbor- 
AND her child info later could show connection! 
I don't see a JACOB SELLERS close, but, would like to see info you have and perhaps we can
prove/disprove = PLEASE SEND info 

AND I'll try and send what  we have on Gibson Co,Tn- 
The Ky birth in 1810 = could this  be land location? 
OR any of these other SELLERS in 1850 TN  born KY? 
READ census and send info= 
READ county info and sen= 
I have some Western Tn census - will look also. (sent GIBSON CO,TN web page)

Hi,    The following info is from my uncle, John Insley Blair lll, who has published some books on the Blair family. (Doesn't mean its all accurate I suppose.) Anyway here is what he found -  Nancy Sellers, born in Livingston Co. Ky  in 1810. She died in 1851. Don't know where but her last child was born in TN. (no date)     Children:   [ Elizabeth Blair (Blackshear) b. 1831 in TN. Assume she was not a child of Nancy because she was not in the family bible.  But listed living in the home in the 1850 census. ]                        Robert Donnell Blair  b. 5-24-1834  near Humbolt, TN                                                          d. 5-31-1910    Lamar, AR                        Tabitha Blair (Blackshear) b. 1837 TN   d.12-18-1898  TX                        Calvin Christopher Blair  b. 12-10-43 Nashville, TN                                                                d. 9-29-1929 Richmond, MO                        Andrew Blair lll  born in TN  The info on Jacob came from Georgia Fletcher  (       Jacob Sellers was the son of Robert Sellers, Jr. of Burke,Co NC       Jacob married Anna Scott 29 July, 1800 in Rutherford , Co. NC and they had six children including Nancy.   That's all I have. Will pass along more if I get anything else. I do have some info on Nancy's son, Robert Donnell, who made a fortune in mining. Let me know if you want that.  I so appreciate this web!  Shirley

Georgia, Gibson Co, Tn, Nancy SELLERS married 1831 Andrew Blair.
If you have worked out a chart on Nancy SELLERS parents, would
appreciate sharing info - I haven't tied her to anyone, except the Blair
family was closely associated with a John SELLERS in Gibson Co,  I
believe he died ca 1829.
This Robert SELLERS didn't have a child this age.
Isaac SELLERS has a daughter Nancy.
I believe we are connected to ROBERTSON Co,Tn.
ANY help appreciated, marie, iowa

Subject:               Robert D. Blair         Date:               Sat, 3 Jan 1998 22:40:27 EST        From:               Mimtu <> Hi Marie,   Am back from long holiday and ready to put together the information you wanted on Robert D. Blair's family. I'm not clear on what you are missing. Do you have information from my uncle, John I. Blair, in Tulsa? Do you want descendents up to today?  Will be happy to put together as much as I can. Do you want photos? This is all new to me so I'll need specifics.      E-mail address changed at request of husband who was over-whelmed by all the genealogy info. New address    Shirley
Subject:               Re:TN SELLERS/ Robert D. Blair son of Andrew Blair/Nancy          To:               Mimtu <>     SHIRLEY - I don't believe I have your/Uncles source of prove on Andrew BLAIR/Nancy SELLERS  to a JACOB SELLERS son of ? You can send me copies of his family connections- Names= AGES= born/where married where- kids born were= WE DO have a North Carolina SELLERS died in Livingston Co, Ky ca 1800- AND his children named in will.- posted on his KY page- I don't believe he had a son JACOB. DID one of his children have a child this age? I do believe wife and a young son stayed in Livingston co. Ky, - others went South? I HAVE SEEN your    INFO on a couple of SELLERS charts BUT, with NO PROOF- IF anyone wants us to connect to  this chart or take time/money,etc to check it out further= 0 AND if you only have 1 child connected - YOU are NOT going to get much help- unless you SHARE- AND if you only have ONE child , WE probably don't connect to you till 'further down the road" WE are still born in North Carolina - living in KY/Tennessee, marie, iowa UNLESS you connect others in family to this JACOB SELLERS born ?1780/90 IF anyone CAN prove to it, please send info/proof. IF PROVEN, could connect to the SELLERS in Gibson Co,Tn where Nancy Sellers? BLAIR is associated with JOHN SELLERS in Gibson Co, Tn court minutes SHIRLEY, send your proven chart from Robert Donnell BLAIR 1834/1910 to us with parents and his kids names - ages and born whre maarried whom/where AND where did any of them go? AND history of those children or him= History of his family=may help Civil War records=may help Thanks, marie, iowa --------
             Re: V.S.C. means?
SHIRLEY, thanks, NO ideas -
BUT, if you have an ANDREW BLAIR chart from NC to? - Please send=
WHERE in NC? any year you have any info on=
Where in TN or KY or? - any year you have info on=
Did he have son Andrew?= ages and info
Do you have an ANDREW BLAIR born about 1792/1828
married to Harriett 1796/1819
WE have an  ANDREW BLAIR died in MAURY CO, TN
and listed in willbook #177 1829 MAURY CO,TN
also same or another listed in 1829 wb #187 MAURY CO, TN
I copied this info from film and probably will info on there that I did NOT
DO YOU HAVE- advise -
I have film- can go back thro, BUT, it takes a lot of time and not easy to

Perhaps we can sort out the BLAIRS and where they were and came from?
AND SEE which SELLERS we are close to?
Thanks,  I started a seperate file for BLAIRS to kinda try and connect and
post info into-. marie, iowa

Mimtu wrote:

> V.S.C. Andrew Blair, Sr. is written on the back of the photo of my
> grandfather. He was born in NC in 1774.  Anyone know what it means?
> Shirley