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Hi Wanda and Marie,

Well I don't know if you two are still researching genealogy on the
and Doke families but if you are I might be able to help you.  I've been
doing a little search on my family in the effort of joining the DAR and
came across your webpage on the Sellers family and was so surprised to
my name there.  Of course my address has changed (haven't been there for

Gosh it must have been 20 years ago that I worked on the genealogy of my
grandmother Auda Sellers (I'm 46), her grandfather was Dr. John Lafayette
Sellers who married Angelina Doke.  I was so lucky cause I found my
grandmother's 1st cousin and he being the baby  ( he was 70 at the time
I think must be deceased by now)of the youngest child of John and
had all the family photos and knew who was who.  I have copies of
with their names attached.  About 6 years ago my daughter and I flew to
Dallas for a family reunion and I had the opportunity to drive to Hico
to a cemetary just out of the town.......... that's where we found Dr.
and his wife buried.

I think I could be of some help to you and answer some of your questions
you haven't found out the answers by now.  Is the civil war picture you
mentioned having of John L. Sellers they one of him in uniform with
mustache and beard?  I also have pictures of the Doke family.

Ok let me know if I can help?

        "Wanda E. Anderson" <>
        "Sherri Clemens" <>

Hi,  Yes I am still here and would love any more info that anyone is
to share.  I have the James M. Doke family bible and pix that I would
much like to identify.  I am the gggranddaughter  of Orra Eunice Doke
Please, let me know how I can help.  I have not done any work on this
of the family for quite some time so need to refresh my memory, such as

Wanda E. Anderson
847 Bowman
Walla Walla, WA  99362-1038

SHERRI - Thanks, I hope Wanda still has the same e-mail - She'd love to
with you.Yes, the picture was in an uniform and believe she thought it
taken in CO. - We worked on CO for a while. Don't think we are any
further than
Abraham SELLERS in HAYWOOD and his dad? Conrad SELLERS. Or Conrad appears
to be
the oldest.
We do have a SELLERS discussion group - covers ALL SELLERS.  You don't
need to
be a member to write - and send your family chart = where the kids born
where they went to. Did you follow the links on Wanda's page to other
states/counties - Thats how it works.
Or if you want to subscribe - Great - It discusses All SELLERS - You just
the delete if not interested.

I'm sending this thro the SELLERS group - as we have had a few others
on this
family and they may contact you with a CC to Sellers group. We like first
contact letter for All to See and Share.
If you need any help contacting Wanda or a new e-mail - advise and will
what I have!
marie, iowa

(Sheri - if you'd like a newer chart - advise, msh 10/25/1999)
Submitted by Sheri CLEMENS, (1999 in Orange,Ca)

b Sep 28, 1838, son of Abraham SELLERS and Mary "Polly" MINGUS
d Jun 9, 1921, Hico, Hamilton Co, TX
m Sep 23, 1865,  Angelina Maria DOKE, b Jun 21, 1844, Edgar Co, IL,
       d May 9, 1910, dau of James and Lucretia DOKE


Quincy C. b Dec 18, 1866, MO, d Jun 28, 1934, m 1885 James HAMILTON
James A. b Aug 8, 1868, MO, d Dec 28, 1947, m 1903  Minnie WALKER
John Albert b Jul 20, 1870, MO, d Oct 12, 1871
Burt Justice b May 11, 1872, Newton Co, MO; m 1896 Amanda E. SAYE
Wm. Lafayette b  Dec 18, 1874, TX, d 1963; m 1) ___GRIFFITH 2) ___HALE
Ray Franklin b  Sep 13, 1876, TX, d 1934, m 1897 Minnie ROBINET
May Lucretia b Jun 16, 1878, TX, m 1899 Avery PETTY
Burrell Oscar b Jul 3, 1880, TX, d 1932, m Nov 1, 1904 Mabel CLYNE
Carl C. b Jan 18, 1884, TX, d 1951, m 1908 Bird MINTER
Hamilton E. b Jul 20, 1886, TX, m Clara L. BEATTY

Bert Justice SELLERS (same as child #4 above, although this chart shows
b May 11, 1872, Newton Co, MO; son of John L. SELLERS and Angelina M. DOKE
d Nov 8, 1896, Roscoe, Nolan Co, TX
m Dec 6, 1911 Amanda Emmaline SAYE, b Mar 31, 1870, AL; d Apr 25, 1954
       dau of Asbury Washington SAYE and  Phebe RICKS

Ila Marie b Nov 6, 1900, Cisco, TX, m John JOHNSON
George b Aug 1905, d 1964, m Elsa MCDONALD
Auda Angeline b Mar 23, 1903 Cisco, TX, m George APOSHIAN
Zollie  b June 9, 1909, m Clyde ELLIS

SHERRI - Thanks - I'm sure our members would appreciate reading the
Letter you
mentioned. Can you scan it to make a copy? Or do you already have it on
computer to send copy?
Your page = don't believe I have the links to states/counties - will do=
Wanda's page=
marie, iowa

Well I have exhausted my resources in trying to save this as a txt file,
don't have that option with the scan programs I have.  If there is one
there I'd love to know it.


            Sherri Clemens <>
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Hi Marie,

I haven't heard from Wanda, although it's been just a few days, do you
another e-mail or address.  I'm very interested in getting in touch with
her as she seems to have pictures of my ggrandmother Angelina Doke
and I have pictures of her ggrandmother as well, maybe we could share.

You wrote:
Abraham SELLERS in HAYWOOD and his dad? Conrad SELLERS. Or Conrad appears
to be
the oldest.

That this was an area you were working, I have that Abraham's father was
John Sellers............ I'm just putting it onto Family Tree how do I
this to you?  Also, a few days ago I was able to go into a "Sheri's page"
but can no longer do that, is this something you create?  I have a file
my attic that I'll have to get out, it's full of letters my cousin wrote
20 years ago.  He was my grandmother Sellers 1st cousin and a grandson of
John L. Sellers and Angelina Doke Sellers.  Because he was the youngest
of the youngest son he knew all the good stuff.  His mother lived to be
her 90's and had full recollection of her in-laws (those being the
and he sent me copies of all his Sellers aunts, uncles, grandparents,
grandparents, etc.  The best part being he and his 90 year old mother
identify who was who and I have that all on each picture.  So maybe I can
compare with Wanda Anderson and let her know.

Ok, tell me what to do and thanks so much.

(p.s. my grandmother's sister, my great-aunt, was Marie Sellers.)
HERRI - I feel the same way and the letters from ROOTSWEB, where I ask
help and Others Say it Can't be Done! -
There was a suggestion for separate web page, BUT, could link to Other
personal files!

I have copied off this first one and probably could retype and send to

In Fact (sorry) I haven't read completely thro to see Who this does
Will Continue-
OR Could list Names on Your SELLERS Page (with little info of contents)
And they can contact you -
I'm Exhausted also and Must catch up on older Sellers Messages -
We will Continue and We will Share and We will learn how to do it!
Best Wishes and Thanks,
marie, iowa
Sherri Clemens wrote:

> Hi Marie,
> Well I have exhausted my resources in trying to save this as a txt
file, I
> don't have that option with the scan programs I have.  If there is one
> there I'd love to know it.
> Sherri

            Re: my address
            Wed, 27 Oct 1999 17:20:45 -0500
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            Sherri Clemens <>
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SHERRI - okay on address
The jpeg file exhausted me - tried so many things! Wanda thought she had
figured out - maybe, I owe her a letter -
Just trying to catch up - If I think or hear of anything , will send to
you. I
may send a letter to the group and tell them anyone wanting a copy, could
contact me with private e-mail and then i'd forward the jpeg file. But,
doesn't let us post it somewhere for newer members later down the road to
view/share - Best we can do right now.
Thanks, marie, iowa

Sherri Clemens wrote:

> Marie,
> Could you take out of my page my old address, I haven't lived in Santa
> for 14 years, I'm now in Orange, CA.
> Thanks,
> Sherri
> p.s. any news on which program I could scan and save in txt format?